Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (Assassination Classroom): Episode 02

Baseball time 「野球の時間」

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As expected, Ansatsu Kyoushitsu‘s going the episodic character development mode and I don’t mind because everything works nicely together. First up is ex-baseball pitcher Sugino-kun~

It’s been awhile since we last heard Sugino’s seiyuu Yamaya Yoshitaka in anything significant so it’s nice to hear the newbie from Isshukan Friends voice Koro sensei’s first student to “fix”. As Ministry of Defence agent and soon to be PE teacher Karasuno (the guy’s got a proper teaching license! how?! lol) noticed this week, something’s massively wrong with the students in Kunugigaoka Middle School and with class 3-E now that they have the all important 10 billion yen mission to assassinate Koro sensei. Nothing’s wrong with the elite prep school. What’s wrong is how they isolate the “End” E class literally by holing them up in the old abandoned campus, using the supposed run-down premises as a warning to all other students that they better buck up and not fall to the tail End. The students are stripped of their dignity with adult educators shunning them and as we saw with Nagisa last week, blamed for pulling their good rep down. Classroom politics is a reflection of society but having the staff office politics trickle down to the students? That’s really scary. It’s degrading how the students of 3-E are reduced to their inferior complexes so much so that with this assassination mission, it’s become odd how the criminal act of murdering is now taken with pride like a badge of honour. That’s how twisted things are! But you wouldn’t notice it, not with the humour permeating these oxymoronic scenes!

Sugino-kun fell to E and because of that, he had to leave the baseball team. I really felt for the guy because you could see he had passion (I credit Diamond no Ace for showing me week after week what baseball passion means to teenage guys…) as a pitcher and for the game. How is it right to punish students who don’t do well in studies by taking away what they do well in outside of their studies? So Koro sensei literally feels him up with his hentai tentacles (refer to the NY newspaper headlines) and in his own warped indirect way, encourages his precocious student to continue pursuing his baseball passion by giving him some expert tips. As any good teacher does right? No. Nagisa noted that no other teacher has cared for them the way Koro sensei has nor has anyone treated them like students the way he has. So how can they try to kill the one person they can truly learn from?! Because of 10 billion yen baby! It’s LOL hilarious that Koro sensei has that perpetual smiling face even when he cries (out of joy?) as his students come to embrace him most ferociously! He commends them on their strategy, their teamwork and for their cunning deceptiveness. It’s a really warped show but darn is it funny while at it. Koro sensei’s always going on a new trip (Hawaii for breakfast; last week he went to China for lunch; NY for a baseball game) as one who can travel at the speed of Mach 20 does. But even he has to answer to the girls when he destroys their tulip flower bed. We got a sneak peak at sinister, all out evil and appropriately red-haired Akabane Karma (I so <3 Okamoto Nobuhiko especially when he’s sinister and eveeel) so can he do a one up on Koro sensei? Maybe with Karasuno joining the assassination team next week someone will land a hit on the octopus! They were so close this week!



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