Durarara!!x2 Shou: Episode 01

“A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words”


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IT’S BACK! After four long years, one of the most popular urban fantasy-sci-fi shows is BACK!

We’ve got all the old faces and a whole bunch of new ones, a fabulous cast with all the lovable names, and so much wackiness and excitement for our colourful Ikebukuro gang! I was so excited about this that I was grinning practically through the entire episode! ^^

It’s been half a year since the end of the first season and Mikado and Anri continue their daily lives of school and suburban myths, waiting and holding out hope for Kida’s return. He’s still traversing around Japan with his girlfriend, Saki, but something tells me that it’s about time he comes back to Ikebukuro, where it all began. We know that he’s still keeping an eye on his friends through the Dollars group chat, so he’s keeping in touch, at least!

Meanwhile Kadota, Togusa, Yumasaki and Karisawa are their usual misfit selves, Yagiri Namie is still harboring her younger brother complex, and Ikebukuro’s #1 dysfunctional couple, Izaya and Shizuo, are still destroying the city in their perpetual fight. Celty and Shinra continue to be a happy couple, and their little family’s gotten a little bigger with Shingen’s new, young Italian wife, Emilia, a lively and bubbly personality. While we only got to see a little of Izaya’s younger, twin sisters, Mairu and Kururi (they are so weird, seriously), it looks like they’re going to have a much bigger role this season, and I wonder if they’re going to cause as much havoc as their older brother, especially due to their intense crush on actor, Heiwajima Kasuka. Seriously, that whole family seems to have a Heiwajima-complex, and I kind of hope they play it up this season and that we get to find out more about Izaya’s background and life story. I mean can we really have a Durarara show without Izaya trying to cook something up? He’s the most devious and warped out of the entire cast – barring the Yagari family, who are just plain twisted – and I’m wondering who he’s going to wind up targeting this time. It’s probably going to have something to do with waking up Celty’s head again, seeing as he semi-failed last time. Or did he?

Not having read the light novels I’ve no idea what the next few seasons are going to be about but I am thrilled to be taken along for the ride. I really hope that this new series lives up to the awesomeness that was the first series. It’s a little hard to tell so far, seeing as it’s only the first episode, but I can say that the OP and opening sequence are pretty hardcore, and I’ll admit that I did a little squeal when I saw the ending sequence, which is reminiscent of the first one, with all the characters balanced on one of Celty’s shadow trees.

So a somewhat plotless but nonetheless nostalgic beginning to what I hope will be an amazing season, and some really new and smooth graphics to follow. We’ve already got familiar tracks in the background, as well as some excitingly new OP and ED songs! ^^ (While Theatre Brook’s “Uragiri no Yuuyake” and ROOKIEZComplication” will forever be iconic Drrr tracks, Okamoto’s “Headhunt” is pretty darn sweet!)

I know there are a lot of people who are as excited for this second season of Drrr so fingers crossed that it lives up to expectations!


6 thoughts on “Durarara!!x2 Shou: Episode 01

  1. heiwajima-complex.. LOL well said, well said indeed! good golly i totally understand the whole grinning through the episode thing. try as i might, i could not stop the smile that appeared on my face when i heard hiroC speak. am looking forward to them izaya shizuo scenes, because it’s been too long since the last HiroC OnoD collaboration hehe ;D

      • だって… kamigami was two season’s ago and their characters didn’t interact much if at all! their shingeki combi’s probably the best so far, and drrr comes immediately after ^^ they were hilarious in the drrr event! and we can’t help being demanding because they’re such a riot together!

    • Ikr! I feel like it’s been a while since a HiroC OnoD collab too, seeing as I never saw Kamigami, and Noragami and Shingeki felt like aaaaages ago. Feels so nostalgic to be coming back to Drrr again, and I think every fangirl watching is super excited for some izaya and shizu-chan scenes, haha!

  2. so I finally got around to watching this first episode and like you said, it’s so nice to hear those familiar tracks from first season’s OST! Sense of familiarity through music was instant in bringing me back to the drrr world~ I thought the traffic policeman was hilarious for some odd reason, maybe cos it was Fujiwara Keiji lol. And I had such otaku moments when the group in the van talked about getting the latest light novels for Mahouka (ironically coming from Nakamura Yuuichi’s character lol) and then SAO’s death gun and Black Bullet’s gastrea cos those are all shows we covered in 2014!!

    really liked how since the first series 4 years ago some of the cast members have become even bigger names!

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