Orenchi no Furo Jijou: Episode 13 [END]

“The Circumstances of Wakasa’s Job”

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And so we’ve come to the final episode of the cutest ever short TV anime about a handsome merman who bunks in an equally cute high school boy’s bathtub. Sad, but it had to happen eventually, and I’m glad I got to fangirl about it all the way~

Wakasa spends more time learning about the modern human world by watching TV and unfortunately such shows include reality TV and trashy talkshows and he stumbles upon one where a man complains about his partner mooching off of him. Sound familiar? Well, apparently Wakasa thought so too and was immediately filled with anxiety and fear that his beloved Tatsumi would toss him out if he didn’t pull his fair share of the weight. Hence, he goes about asking Tatsumi to help him find a job! Unfortunately, Wakasa’s got nothing to put on his resume other than being a professional merman for twenty years. Whatever happened to being more than a hundred?

Anyways, Tatsumi recommends that he enters into a contest in order to win a little bit of cash but Wakasa, in a rather amusing turn of events, finds out that he can only read kanji and so has to wind up asking Tatsumi to help him write it. HOW, WAKASA, HOW? Wakasa ends up filling out a bunch of postcards but is dismayed to find out that he’ll only find out the results after a month, and worries about Tatsumi kicking him out some more, and confesses to Tatsumi that the reason he wants a job is because he doesn’t want to be seen as a moocher. I think my favourite line was where he defeatedly told Tatsumi that “A merman who can’t pay for his own food is nothing more than a decorative fish.” Isn’t that just so poetic? XD Aaanyways, this goes on until Tatsumi tells him in his usual flat tone that he doesn’t need to worry about that because, and I quote:

We’re both guys. Doesn’t that make us friends…? *cue blushing and bashful Tatsumi*

Tatsumi, babe… you jump through flaming hoops for your merman friend, I think that makes you waaay more than just friends, you poor, innocent little high school boy. *pets him* Lol, well done, writers, on not-so-subtly sliding past that one.

Needless to say, though, Wakasa is suitably calmed for the rest of the month until he gets a package in the mail and finds out that he’s won the contest. And while he mainly entered the contest to win some free meat – I suppose fish aren’t strictly vegetarians – he receives a scarf instead, and blushingly and warmly wraps it around Tatsumi, telling him that he’d intended to give it to him all a long – despite really wanting some meat – as a sign of their boy-friendship.

Basically, these two boys haven’t quite worked out the intricacies of merman-human courting rituals and still think that taking baths together and living within a small space with only each other’s company is nothing but platonic. Us fangirls know best, I think. Still, they’re still a bunch of cuties who clearly adore and care for each other very much, and I think that was stated quite nicely in the final episode, as short as it was. And all’s well that ends well, as, for New Year’s, Tatsumi and Wakasa are visited by Takasu, Mikuni and Maki – by the magical portal window – and they have a happy, fun new year’s party in a bathtub (New Year’s Nabe, anybody??).

The icing on the cake is when Tatsumi quietly tells Wakasa that they’re going to have a great and happy new year ahead of them, and if that isn’t a declaration of their inevitable boy-friendship, I don’t know what is. Oh well, I’m sure the rest of the gang will help these two love-fish figure it out~

And so comes the end to our beloved series! A much better episode than the last, but overall, I adored this show and all its silliness and randomness and utter cuteness. There were so many really adorable moments over the thirteen weeks it lasted and I’m so glad I got to write all about it! Thanks for sticking with me until the end and whether or not we’ll get another season has yet to be revealed, but in either case, the show was a fun addition to the Autumn 2014 seasons! ^^

Thanks again and see y’all later~ ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆


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