Psycho Pass 2: Episode 11 [END]


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The final episode of Psycho Pass 2 ended with a bang for the most part and left a lot of people feeling somewhat bereft and conflicted regarding its ultimate conclusion.


It’s one of those love/hate endings and it had some super powerful moments but also left a lot unsaid and unfulfilled, which did, in some ways, hark back to the end of the first series. There were a lot of similarities between the two endings, which again, left a little to be desired, but, well, what’s done is done.

We finished off the last episode with a three-way faceoff between Kamui, Togane and Akane, but in this case it’s two against one and Akane shows off her super badass side again and swiftly takes Togane down and ties him up. She’s got far bigger fish to fry and Kamui’s got the lives and consciences of the 83 people he’s carrying inside of him. What I liked about Kamui in this episode was that we got to actually see the different personalities and minds of the other kids – now grown up – and how they’ve affected Kamui over the years. He really isn’t just one single person – he’s many people all at once and it really is a little bit like the Sybil System, and like Kasei herself, who’s currently projecting Togane Misako’s personality. And Kamui’s face and sheer anger when confronting her and asking, “Sybil, can you see our colour?” was really intense and I really did feel the weight of all those dead children who’d grown and matured inside of Kamui. The confrontation between Kamui and Misako was, in some ways beautiful in terms of the sheer validation that he got from pointing his Dominator at her and seeing her true colours, but in other ways I felt like Misako/Kasei was a disappointment in the way she quickly lost her composure when the Sybil System rejected her mind and deemed her worthy of elimination. She lacked the finesse and the icy demeanour that I thought she would have upon accepting her fate. In the end Misako/Kasei was simply a selfish human being who had her own agenda and I suppose that in itself was a failing of the Sybil System, in accepting someone who could, in the end, be corrupted.

We did, however, learn a little more about Togane’s childhood, and how devoted he was – and still is – to his mother. I think that despite everything that was wrong with him – a lot of which wasn’t his fault but the result of really sick conditioning – his love and affection for his mother was something quite real, and so considering his violent tendencies, it’s almost understandable that he took the news of her being accepted into the Sybil System really badly, and that resulted in him killing her when he was a small boy. Her brain was still harvested, though, and I suppose she served her purpose of bringing the truth about the failings of the Sybil System into the open with the Kamui situation.

When Akane brings Kamui into the room with all the harvested brains so he can finally see the sad existence of the system, he barely bats an eyelash and there was this short but really intense moment where Kamui, and all the people residing inside of him, were stood around, pointing their Dominators at all the harvested brains. That was a really kickass moment, I’ve got to say.

One of the most…tetchy parts of the episode for me, though, was when the Sybil System finally spoke to Akane, accepting her logic behind exposing them to being scanned by the Dominator and finally seeing their true colour. Their collective crime coefficient ended up being pretty damn high at 300. Finally, though, they agree to acknowledge Kamui as a collective entity, and to destroy some of its own brains to lower its own crime coefficient. Now that Kamui’s collective crime coefficient is read, he’s seen as a target for elimination and he accepts his fate and agrees to be arrested by Akane. Unfortunately, however, Togane makes an appearance and attempts to increase Akane’s crime coefficient once more by using her grandmother’s death, but Kamui, in a strange and almost fond act, manages to calm her down and push her out of the way as he aims his Dominator at Togane and shoots. While Togane gets away with losing a whole arm, Kamui is sadly eliminated right in front of a stunned Akane.

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Though Togane tries to make a hasty escape, he’s incapacitated by his injuries and is found, rather fittingly, by Mika. When she aims her Dominator at him and finds his crime coefficient has increased to a shocking 899, she decides not to shoot, choosing instead to keep herself sane and to keep her betrayal a secret and her hue clear. Somehow it was just so right for her not to shoot, and for her to not reveal what she’d done, but in a conversation with Yayoi later on, it’s suggested that Yayoi knows the truth and she states firmly that she’ll never forgive the person who allowed Tsunemori Aoi to be found and murdered, but Mika agrees that neither will she. And I just thought that was a very darkly beautiful decision and Mika’s eyes have been both opened and her mind hardened. Whether or not she’s as clear as Akane wasn’t touched upon, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s criminally asymptomatic too.

The best and most satisfying part of the episode, was when Akane walked out and was inundated by Division 3, who attempted to place her under arrest after Misako/Kasei took away her Inspector rights. Ginoza and Shou were quick to intercept and reveal the rescission of that order and Akane flatly asks them to test her hue if they’ve got any suspicions. Ginoza, who just seemed to know the result, aimed his Dominator and declared her crystal clear.

What does this mean for the Sybil System and what does this mean for Akane’s future? She’s managed to plant the first seeds of creating a collective crime coefficient for their society but it’s not a decision that’s easily enforced and I can imagine a whole lot of outcry when this decision is made public. I can’t help but wonder whether Akane’s faith in society is too naïve, or whether she’s looking at how things will eventually turn out many years from now and once the hype has died down. One thing’s for sure; she’s single-handedly changed the entire Sybil System without laying a finger on it, making her the single most badass Inspector ever. The fact that she’s even managed to lower Saiga Jouji’s crime coefficient without even trying is only a testament to what more she could do for society.

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So. There are a whole lot of leaves still left unturned in this crazy, cyberpunk of a forest that is Psycho Pass 2, but there were a lot of very impressive results in the last few episodes. I thought Kamui’s death wasn’t entirely necessary, as he could have contributed a whole lot to this brave new world that he and Akane created, and there was also the fact that the rest of Division 1 still remain clueless to the system they’re working for. It was a very strong ending and made a big impact but I can’t help but wish some parts were different. Still, it was a wild ride and overall I’m decently satisfied with the series and its conclusion. ‘

Thanks for sticking with the show until the end and don’t forget that we’ve got the Psycho Pass movie – with a bunch of old and new faces – coming up this year, so Tsunemori Akane’s story continues! Until then, happy watching!


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