Orenchi no Furo Jijou: Episode 11

“The Seven Transformations Of My Bathtub”

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More like the transformation of his bathtub into a nabe hotpot. I was wondering when they were going to make that joke! XD


I’ve been waiting for an episode like this, when everyone crams themselves into Tatsumi’s student-sized tub, and frankly I didn’t actually think they’d all be able to fit, but they did! Basically, Tatsumi comes home one day, looking particularly happy – how does that stoic face look happy? – and surprises Wakasa with some kind of bathtub milk thing, which he’s suitably intrigued by. I suppose after bubble baths comes milk baths, but no, Wakasa, don’t drink the milky water you’re soaking in! And guess who else makes a surprise visit as Tatsumi investigates a particularly odd looking patch of water? None other than the most adorable eco-jellyfish, Mikuni! Can you tell I’m just super excited about anything to do with Mikuni? Because he’s such a cutie pie! And apparently Tatsumi thinks so too, as he allows him to try out any sort of bath mixture he likes, including a coffee, lemon tea and Aquari bath, which makes for an indignant and jealous Wakasa, yelling about how he gives in too much to Mikuni. How could he not, though? ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

While he’s got Wakasa and Mikuni enjoying their different baths, Tatsumi literally stumbles over the teeny tiny Maki, rolling around on a citron, leading to the inevitable citron bath~ Yet again, it’s adorable how easily Tatsumi just picks up a very reluctant little Maki and just drops him in the bathtub to enjoy with the rest of them. The only one missing is Takasu, who makes a casual entry through Tatsumi’s magical window and brings along a bunch of booze – such an alky, haha. Although Tatsumi initially tries to explain that he can’t bring all that booze into his house because he’s underage, the rest of the gang are quick to let him know that he’s the youngest out of the rest of them and he resigns himself to watching as they fill his tub with beer and wine and everything else.

Unfortunately, while everyone gets happily drunk, the fumes only make Tatsumi sick and he winds up passed out. When he finally comes to, everyone immediately apologises and they decide to have a calm evening soak with all five of them who again, magically fit inside his bathtub like some sort of seafood hotpot. Lol, Tatsumi, stop playing and swimming in your food!


5 thoughts on “Orenchi no Furo Jijou: Episode 11

  1. so glad for the return of the adorableness that is mikuni ^^ i understand your excitement towards anything eco-jellyfish related, lol. and maki, such a self-deprecating sweetheart, just aww~ what i found amazing (yes even more so than the magical window) was that they managed to change the bathtub water so efficiently! and lol at wakasa drinking the bath water – wouldn’t it be rather seafood tasting though?

    • I know right? Every time I so much as catch a glimpse of him and I’m all like “Mikuniiiiii~ And yess, Maki the self-deprecating sweetheart. ^^ That bathtub water did change so efficiently and I suspect whatever magic works on the window also works on bath water, haha! And ew, that would bean he was drinking salty milky water…>.< So gross…

  2. I love your nabe hotpot reference Komorebi!!! Lol I actually didn’t realise Mikuni had clothes since he’s so.. see-through… but he actually wears an oversized t-shirt!

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