Orenchi no Furo Jijou: Episode 10

“The Circumstances of Wakasa’s Friends: Maki Edition”

Orenchi 10 - 1 Orenchi 10 - 2 Orenchi 10 - 3 Orenchi 10 - 4 Orenchi 10 - 5 Orenchi 10 - 6 Orenchi 10 - 7 Orenchi 10 - 8 Orenchi 10 - 9 Orenchi 10 - 10 Orenchi 10 - 11 Orenchi 10 - 12 Orenchi 10 - 13 Orenchi 10 - 14 Orenchi 10 - 15 Orenchi 10 - 16 Orenchi 10 - 17 Orenchi 10 - 18 Orenchi 10 - 19 Orenchi 10 - 20 Orenchi 10 - 21 Orenchi 10 - 22 Orenchi 10 - 23 Orenchi 10 - 24 Orenchi 10 - 25 Orenchi 10 - 26 Orenchi 10 - 27 Orenchi 10 - 28 Orenchi 10 - 29 Orenchi 10 - 30

Turns out we’ve still got a couple more of Wakasa’s friends to meet, and this time it’s a teeny tiny snail with some serious lack of self-esteem.

Tatusmi found him being kicked around in his shell by a bunch of kids outside of his home and decided to take the strange object inside, not knowing that there was actually yet another sea creature in it. When he shows Wakasa, he’s introduced to a mumbling, self-deprecating and slightly short-sighted, green-haired creature named Maki, i.e. those little conch-shell snails you find crawling all over the glass in an aquarium. He really seems to hate humans, not having been treated well by them, and seems especially nervous of meeting new people, and puts himself down a lot, calling himself useless and unnecessary and saying things like maybe he should just die. Sounds heavy, but it’s also kind of sadly endearing and I just wanted to give him a bit of a hug. He’s also extremely sensitive to any sort of criticism, though, but actually shines when someone compliments him. Maki literally stress-ate all the dirt on the sides of Tatsumi’s bathtub, making it all shiny and clean, and, much like with Mikuni, Tatsumi was extremely impressed and told him that he’d really like to have him around, which really seemed to surprise Maki, and make him all bashful and adorable.

Not a moment later, though, he curled back into his shell when Tatsumi mentioned that his shell was a little slimy, and so Tatsumi made it up to him by giving his shell a nice, exfoliating scrub with a toothbrush, which seemed to perk him right up again. ^^ I know that Tatsumi’s a bit of a miser, and only likes Wakasa’s friends if they offer something or don’t take too much from him, but he’s also exceptionally kind and giving considering he doesn’t really put up much of a fight when they do come over. Some of them even get freebies, like the mini brush he gave Maki, and it looks like a little kindness towards the snail really brings out a very bright and bubbly personality in him. Yay, Tatsumi! Personally, despite Maki’s self-deprecation and bitter attitude towards himself, I think he’s pretty adorable and takes up very little space anyway, so he should totally be allowed to stay~


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