Psycho Pass 2: Episode 09

“Omnipotence Paradox”

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Seriously, everyone is out to get Akane and I just want them to stop hurting her!

Kasei and Togane have revealed the truth of the Sybil System to Mika, and are impressed by the fact that her hue has remained clear, and continue to use her as part of their plan. Mika, though looking like she’s about to crack at any moment, is surprisingly in support of the Sybil System and I’m beginning to wonder whether or not she’s kind of like Akane and Makishima Shougo, i.e. asymptomatic. She really is an interesting character in my opinion and I’m so intrigued to see where this show is going to take her. Through all this, though, Togane and Kasei decide to continue using her as part of their plan to turn Akane’s hue black and Mika, though quiet and seemingly trying to play her cards right, looks horrified by the idea. Togane and Kasei eliminate Masuzaki, whom they argue knows too much about her and the Kamui incident, and soon Togane asks Mika to locate Akane’s grandmother, Aoi. She looks extremely uncomfortable and guilty about being tasked with this, though, but I think her sense of self-preservation rules above all else. She’s a surprisingly resilient individual, really.

We also get to see what Togane’s childhood was like and he was one screwed up little kid. He was surrounded by doctors in an enclosed area and was extremely violent and had a knack for brutally stabbing puppies – puppies! – whenever he was handed one. It didn’t help that his mother encouraged him, telling him how wonderful he was being when he did, and he really did seem to genuinely love her as a kid and want her approval. Seriously, that whole family is just weird and psychotic and I was very disturbed.

Meanwhile, Akane and the gang learn about an official named Kuwashima Koichi, a young, 23-year old who had escaped the same plane accident that Kamui and his friends had suffered, and believe that going after him will somehow give them more insight into Kamui and his plans for destroying the Sybil System. At his mansion, Kamui is already there with Koichi, and they proceed to murder a bunch of corrupt officials at the table, who had somehow used illegal immigrants to further their own selfish goals, and then turned to Kamui when their hues began to cloud. He and Koichi despise them for turning a blind eye to the corruption of the Sybil System during the Year of Hell, when the suggested Panopticon was introduced to replace the Sybil System, but in fact only caused more inefficiency and accidents, one of which was the plane incident. They murder them in cold blood and Koichi stays behind to wait for the MWPBS, who were already on the way. Both Koichi and Kamui mention Akane as being the biggest obstacle in their path due to the clarity of her psycho pass, so she really does have multiple people trying to get her on all sides with no one to protect her except herself and hopefully the rest of her division.

They arrive at the scene to see Koichi’s home burning, with the illegal immigrants dying inside, but his hue remains clear. Koichi explains that both the corrupt officials and the illegal immigrants who left their home countries brought this upon themselves, but he seems oddly compliant when Akane asks if he’ll come with them. He agrees, but asks if he could show her something first, and hands her a box. Upon opening it she a severed ear inside and she physically attacks him, demanding to know what he’s done with her. Ginoza runs to her and tries to hold her back and Yayoi scans the ear, discovering it to be Tsunemori Aoi’s, her grandmother’s. In the background, Mika nearly breaks down when she realises what Togane has done and what she’s probably helped him do.

Back at HQ, Akane is distraught and angry and while Saiga interrogates Koichi on Kamui’s whereabouts, he says that he’s already within the guts of Tokyo. After scanning the surveillance cameras of the subway, Karanamori discovers Kamui and a number of his followers, all of whom had lost people during the Year of Hell, hijacking a train, thus openly beginning their attack on the Sybil System.

Right at the end, we see Togane opening the trunk of a car, with a tied up and not entirely lucid Aoi inside. She calmly asks him whether he’s one of Akane’s colleagues, and he says yes before bringing down his Dominator on her. Togane is an ass who beats up old ladies. Seriously, what a twat! He’s still such a fascinating character, though, and his role in all of this only gets more confusing as the weeks go by. How did Koichi get Akane’s grandmother’s ear when Togane and Mika were talking about it only hours before? How exactly are Togane and Kamui related in terms of their desire to make Akane ‘behave’ while they carry out their own plans? WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THIS SHOW.

We’ve only got a few more episodes until the end and more questions keep popping up along the way. I’m just really hoping that somehow Akane manages to stay clear and keep her position as chief inspector of Division 1 because she is just so good at it and the system needs someone like her at the top. I don’t know about the Sybil System toppling but I can imagine that a whole bunch of things are going to come to a head and Tsunemori Akane is going to be at the centre of it all, doing her best to contain it. Whether it’s going to be at risk to her career or her life, I’ve no doubt. I just hop that it’s her who comes out on top, along with the rest of the good guys on her team.

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