Shounen Hollywood: Episode 13 [FINAL]

“For All Eternity, We Can Be Reborn”

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And after all these months we’ve come to the end of Shounen Hollywood. A strange show and not always the most awe-inspiring, but an underrated show nonetheless, full of hard decisions and life advice and young boys trying to make it in a ruthless industry.


It’s the day leading up to the Christmas concert and the boys are trying to finalise the finishing touches. Daichi arrives to start the construction of the stage, and I think his proximity with Shachou – Gotto – brings back a lot of memories of their time with the original Shounen Hollywood. The boys have all kind of grown up a little, at least with each other, over the past few days, and maybe it’s the intensity of the upcoming event, but most of them come full-circle in their personal lives. Makki makes nice with his thug friends, who had initially come to make fun of him, but end up getting over themselves and agreeing to support him at the concert. Kakeru’s sister finally shows some support for her hardworking brother, giving him tips on how to address the crowd and how to make the most of his role as an idol and to be good to his fans and all those who came to watch. Kira gives his mother a break and agrees to help her host the party that she had planned in celebration for his breakthrough, while simultaneously deciding that he’s no longer a part of her dream, but that she’s now just a part of his. Tomii recalls the time when the former Tomii of the original Shounen Hollywood greeted him in the orphanage as a child and instilled in him the dream to become an idol one day, and reminisces on how he’s come so far over such a chance meeting. Shun finally admits that he’s sure the time that Makki and Kakeru spent away from practice meant something and hadn’t really gone to waste, and he agrees that this concert will change everything but no matter the outcome, the diligence and dedication they put towards it hasn’t gone to waste.

The day of the Christmas concert coincides, however, with Shachou’s birthday and so the boys decide to host a short birthday party for him. He’s clearly touched by their thoughtfulness but pauses when Tomii asks him how old he is. This was such an interesting moment in my opinion, because Shachou is such a reserved character and clearly has so much interesting backstory and feeling behind his desire to bring back Shounen Hollywood, that he asks Tomii to decide ‘which age’ he’s talking about. Tomii specifies that he means how old is the Gotto of the original Shounen Hollywood. It actually kind of melted my heart when his face morphed back into the Gotto of his seventeen-year old self, and he introduced himself as a young boy once more. It really showed just how much Shounen Hollywood meant to him and how much it still means to him, after all these years and after all his hard work, blood, sweat and tears.

That evening, the boys finally step out on stage to become real idols for the first time in their lives and whatever the outcome, they’re truly different from whom they started out as.

So, in the end we didn’t get to see their Christmas concert or find out what their audience thought of them, but I think this was a pretty appropriate ending point – especially with a second season coming out in 2015 – and as they all said, it was the journey that brought them to this point that matters. Whatever comes after has no bearing on what they’ve accomplished up until now.

After all this time, thanks to whoever stuck with me! It wasn’t the easiest of shows to cover but we got there in the end! Who knows? I might just decide to pick up the second season if I can handle having to dig deep to find the hidden gems in each episode. By then, I’m sure these boys will have at least sussed out a little bit on what it means to be an idol~

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Until next time, folks!


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