Shounen Hollywood: Episode 12

“Hello, World”

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The group is back together and everyone’s aiming for their best but there are still a few obstacles in the way before they’re ready for the Christmas concert.

Kira and Shun are still annoyed with Makki and Kakeru for their faffing about, even though Makki really was out there doing his best to get more people to come. Kakeru is still insecure about what he’s done and is trying to get back into the groove with the guys, but it’s no easy task when he’s so soft-spoken and the group is full of big personalities. They practice and practice but Kira and Shun still criticise Makki on his poor dancing, which I think really hurts his feelings and makes him feel worse about himself. Strangely enough, though, it’s Kakeru who steps in to defend him, saying that he’s not the best of singers but they all worked past that, so why isn’t it okay for Makki to not be the best dancer and still have the audience praising his drive to work hard and do his best? I thought it was really sweet of him to say that, even when the other two rolled their eyes at him, thinking taking it to mean that it was ‘okay’ to suck.

It’s not all on Makki, though, as the whole group finds it hard to sync at the end of their title song, ‘Hello, World’ and although Shachou tries to get them to simplify the moves, it’s Kakeru who steps in, saying that maybe they should do the original moves and that there’s a reason they’re not syncing. Though Shun and Kira try to talk him down, he perseveres, arguing that what they’ve been doing up until now hasn’t been teamwork or working hard. Makki has his back, though, and says that maybe they could try the song one more time and imagine their future fans and sync themselves with the audience instead, by feeling the energy of the concert and really connecting with them. They do it one more time and lo and behold, they finally manage to synchronise.

I think it was more than just choreography, though. I think that despite saying they’d gotten past it, they were all still a little bitter and nervous about their lack of audience and whether or not they were cut out for all this. But for this performance to work they had to put that out of their mind and focus on their potential and on each other. They had to trust each other not to mess up and to want it as much as each other. I think they succeeded with that in the end and managed to make up with each other and get back to being a team.

There’s just one more episode to go and that’ll be the Christmas concert and their first performance before a live audience. I think this will really determine their futures as idols and it’s pretty obvious from the get-go that this will only be the beginning of their career. Although they might just surprise us yet…


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