Yowamushi Pedal Grande Road: Episode 06

“Those Who Have”

YP 6 - 1 YP 6 - 2 YP 6 - 3 YP 6 - 4 YP 6 - 5 YP 6 - 6 YP 6 - 7 YP 6 - 8 YP 6 - 9 YP 6 - 10 YP 6 - 11 YP 6 - 12 YP 6 - 13 YP 6 - 14 YP 6 - 15 YP 6 - 16 YP 6 - 17 YP 6 - 18 YP 6 - 19 YP 6 - 20 YP 6 - 21 YP 6 - 22 YP 6 - 23 YP 6 - 24 YP 6 - 25 YP 6 - 26 YP 6 - 27 YP 6 - 28 YP 6 - 29 YP 6 - 30

The third day of the race begins and Machimiya is a thorn in everyone’s side.

He’s a real creeper and his underhanded tactics are on par with Midosuji’s, but if possible there’s something even more distasteful about Machimiya. He really tries to get into everyone’s heads that he’s got some sort of magical power and the luck of the world, when really he’s just a con artist who, like Midosuji, uses people for his own advantage. The similarities between these two are amazing and I’d actually really like to see a little confrontation between them, just to see who I end up disliking more, haha. After all, a bitter backstory doesn’t makeup for being a jerk but it does make you a more interesting character.

When the race begins Kinjou gives his team one order: to catch up to him. And so with him and Fukutomi both in the lead and Midosuji in third place, Sohoku and Hakone banded together as a pack to make their way to their aces in a show of begrudging yet impressive solidarity. I really liked how Manami, Makishima and Jinpachi seemed to sense Onoda’s confusion and apprehension and went about trying to boost his confidence and just enjoy this teamwork while it lasted. It was such a cool thing to see all these characters all in one go and just being badasses.

But it’s not all smooth cycling as Machimiya has smoothly taken control over the pack of desperate and angry teams and banded them together in a formidable obstacle for those in front. The whole snake thing was kind of cheesy and I couldn’t help but laugh, but it was a pretty appropriate analogy and I can only assume that pretty soon they’re going to catch up to those in front and swallow a number in their way. I wonder who and I wonder how they’re going to make it out again!


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