Orenchi no Furo Jijou: Episode 09

“The Circumstances of Our Naked Bonding”

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Kasumi has decided to call in a loan during the most lewd episode of Orenchi yet!

The number of innuendos was scandalous but this was such a funny episode and I enjoyed it immensely! Kasumi has come to visit and demands that her brother make good on his promise and have a bath with her – seriously, brother complexes are so weird *cringe* – and Tatsumi flatly tells her NO because there’s another man in the tub – even if he is a merman – and that would be weird. As if none of this is already weird enough, I have fewer reserves with them including a merman in the tub because hey, let’s make this as outlandish as possible! It’s so funny how Kasumi takes Tatsumi’s reasoning so personally and blushes, thinking that he’s really jealous about not wanting other men to see her – it’s clearly not the case, but still, her obsession is astounding. A number of incidences later, including Kasumi tripping into Wakasa’s makeshift pool and knocking her head somewhere in the vicinity of his lap – causing him a huge amount of pain – and winding up with ‘sticky’ stuff all over her, gets Tatsumi smashing the hot water button to the tub and agreeing to her demands. Seriously, the way they drew that ‘sticky’ part…I didn’t really know what to make of it but I shuddered nonetheless at the weirdness. Tatsumi’s face during all this, though, was priceless.

They initially blindfold Wakasa while Tatsumi and Kasumi do each other’s shampoo and scrub each other’s backs, but Wakasa is a sucker for anything to do with pampering and essentially flings himself into the bathtub with them, not wanting to feel left out. Surprisingly Wakasa and Kasumi end up bonding over their shared love for Mikami bath products of all things, and Kasumi begins to warm up to him and actually blushes when Wakasa tells her that she’s the cutest child he’s ever seen. Oh dear, looks like her heart’s now torn between two very good looking men – both of whom are in the bathtub – and she’s all flustered and defensive when she tells him that her first love is still her brother. I laughed so hard when Tatsumi just went ‘What?’ having not paid attention, and Kasumi, still embarrassed, scolds him and smacks him on the head. I love how his chibi form looked, all passed out in the tub while his sister was having an internal love crisis.

Everybody except Tatsumi wins in the end, though, as Kasumi makes Wakasa promise to take as many pictures of her brother, from as many different angles as possible, and in return she’ll hook him up on Mikami products when she comes to get them.

…This show…

It should be relabeled ‘The Unfortunate Life of Tatsumi” because he is surrounded by strange people – except for Mikuni, of course. ^^


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