Orenchi no Furo Jijou: Episode 07

“My Sibling Circumstances”

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Not the funniest episode by far but it was still pretty cute because the obligatory little sister with a brother complex comes to visit~


And of course Tatsumi and Wakasa agree that it’s probably best to hide Wakasa’s existence from her, but it was a study in failure from the beginning because little sister Kasumi is a clever little sass monster who adores her brother and is going to get to the bottom of his recent distance.

Kasumi is actually kind of cute and she clearly loves her brother a whole lot, so it’s hilarious to see when she finally walks in on Wakasa and her whole demeanour just darkens and she puts on her homicidal persona. From then on it’s a series of horrifying surprises as she initially intends to ‘exterminate’ this new ‘girlfriend’ of his, only for Wakasa to point out that he’s actually a guy, which clearly shocks her as she tries to defend her initial stance and say that it doesn’t matter whether he’s a guy or a girl but no insect is going to steal her brother away from her. Unsurprisingly dumb, Wakasa then points out that he’s not in fact an insect and poor Kasumi nearly has a heart attack when she finds out that he’s a merman. From then on it’s like she and Wakasa are intent on fighting over Tatsumi, with Kasumi scandalised and jealous that this strange creature gets to take a bath with her brother when she only had that right up until kindergarten… Yeah, brother complex. *shudders*

In an effort to placate her Tatsumi promises that if she swears not to tell anyone of Wakasa’s existence, she’ll be allowed to visit as much as she likes, effectively putting an end to that fiasco and brother and sister making up. ^__^ I loved how Wakasa was just so amused by their relationship and by Tatsumi’s surprising ease in dealing with his sister, and went so far as to call him a gigolo. I’ve gotta say, Tatsumi is one smooth talker, at least when it comes to his sister and I’m pretty surprised to find that in fact Kasumi’s wrapped around his finger rather than the other way around.

It was a cute little episode with its sweet Wakasa and Tatsumi moments and everyone except for Tatsumi acting like children, so, same old, same old~


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