Psycho Pass 2: Episode 08

“Conception of the Oracle <AA>”

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And now things ALMOST make sense! But! Komorebi is still mighty confused because there were a lot of deductions flying around and not all of them made sense to her.


Saiga is now brought on board to interrogate Masuzaki, the doctor who helped to literally put Kamui back together after the accident. Kamui’s actions are explained through his own eyes: the way he was put back together using the 184 other dead bodies, including seven brains, which resulted in him becoming the so-called ‘ghost’ in the Sybil System. As the parts slowly integrated themselves into who he was, the Sybil System acted as if he didn’t exist because it was technically impossible for him to do so. We already gathered that Kamui’s goal was to over throw the entire Sybil System, which he, and those who support him, consider manipulative and a big lie. It was interesting though, to see another reason why he wanted to overthrow it and while they didn’t say it explicitly, it kind of feels like he’s doing it because he’s a selfish little boy and wants to get noticed. Basically, during his recovery he realised how he didn’t register on any of the cymatic scans and he wanted to be. I guess as a child it’s kind of hard to not exist in anyone’s periphery, much less the system that’s supposed to be able to identify everybody. Still, it kind of just sounds like he’s a bratty kid who wants to destroy the Sybil System for not noticing him and…sigh, it doesn’t really make much for a profound reason. Nevertheless, if you take into account the sheer controversy and corruptness of the Sybil System, and the fact that he clearly finds it such, it does sort of come together a little better. He doesn’t yet know the truth behind all those neutral brains governing the system, though, but if he did, I guess it would be a better ‘reason’ for his desire to see it all burn and expose how fake and fragile it really is.

Togane was a highlight of this episode and whatever his game plan is regarding Akane is, he seems to be doing his best to get closer to her in order to bring her down. He plays his cards pretty well, as the cool and charming guy who acts more of a friend to her than someone under her command, particularly when they’re alone – I personally think he’s flirting to sort of get her to lower her guard – and manages to discover that she’s got a grandmother in the hospital and seems to take particular note of that, which leads me to thinking that he’s going to end up using her as bait somehow.

In other news, Mika has been looking very deeply into Togane’s file and finds out that the Togane Corporation had patented some sort of technology during Kamui’s surgery all those years ago, for putting different body parts together, and particularly for putting different brains together. Sound familiar, anybody? She also believes that Kamui’s goal may be to get revenge on the Togane Foundation, and her search discovers that Kamui researched heavily into the workings of medical facilities and drug companies, particularly the drug LACOUSE. While researching the Togane foundation, though, she comes across a specific highlight – “proof of the congenitalness of ‘AA,’ an idiosyncrasy related to Psycho-Pass.” Despite knowing the dangers to her own psycho pass, Mika decides to continue her search and then ends up writing a report to Kasei herself, detailing how the Togane foundation, specifically Togane Misako, Togane’s mother, benefited from the plane crash in using Kamui as their first test subject for their brain transplant technology. She believes that Kamui’s goal is to retaliate against the company for this experimentation and believes they can get a closer insight into Kamui by looking into the company.

There are only two things in their way, though, and those are Akane and Togane, who has been spending a lot of time with Akane, and whom she believes is going to cloud her psycho pass, like he did all the other Inspectors he worked with. She found out that Togane Sakuya was test-tube baby created by Togane Misako who was trying to artificially create ‘AA’ i.e. the tech to control one’s crime coefficient, but this only resulted in him having the worst crime coefficient and blackening anyone else he associated with. He’s essentially the direct opposite of Kamui, who decreases people’s crime coefficient. She explicitly wrote that Akane should either be dismissed or suspended of her rights as an Inspector due to her close relationship with Togane and because she’s already got Inspectors and Enforcers alike killed because of her ‘bad decisions.’

And oh, Mika, but you’ve just damned yourself because not only did she badmouth her boss and place all the blame of everything that’s happened so far on her shoulders, but she’s put herself at risk while trying to find a way to get back at Akane. Unfortunately for her, while Kasei initially applauds her on her report, she calmly informs Mika that this ‘AA’ or a priori acquit is known as open-door data, i.e. a trap to lure in and fully understand those who are unfit for society and who will try to expose top secrets, and sadly Mika fell for it. Horrified by what Kasei tells her, she tries to make a break for it only for Togane to stop her, gauging that it only caused a slight fluctuation in her psycho pass. He then tells Kasei – his mother – that she could still be of use, and Mika realises that Chief Kasei is really Togane Misako.

So rather than kill her just yet, they decide to tell her the secret behind the Sybil System, their goal being to making it beautiful and pure, and the two standing in their way at the moment are Kamui and Akane, whom Togane promises to bring down. They two agree that she’ll be a good test subject for when they decide to reveal the truth about the Sybil System to the world.

And phew we’ve managed to get through ALL THAT INFORMATION. Basically shizz is going down and the world is going to burn and Akane and Ginoza and the rest of the team – those who are good, anyway – are going to have to stop it. I think before the end of it all at least a few members of Division 1 are going to find out the truth behind the Sybil System, in which case they might ask Akane why she hid something like this from everyone. We all saw what happened to Kagari when he found out, though, bless his gorgeous soul, so I think she had a pretty good reason. Whatever damage is going to result in the aftermath of all this is going to need some serious damage control, but first, we’ve got Kamui on the loose and he’s going to need dealing with.

So, just a few more weeks until the end and Akane’s got more than one thing to worry about! How is our badass heroine going to handle herself this time?


2 thoughts on “Psycho Pass 2: Episode 08

  1. like you said, shizz is going down~ my thoughts exactly lol. anw, chief kasei is togane mama? i thought she was sybil! i’m so so soooo confused. and oh man kagari, i really miss him. he didn’t even get a proper good bye, the poor dear. anw, kamui’s reasons are petty indeed. but wasn’t makishima also acting out because he felt bitter that he was different? i guess makishima’s isn’t as extreme, since sibyl at least acknowledged makishima’s existence. but hmm.. now that i’ve typed that out, wouldn’t that make kamui less of a brat than makishima? hahaha

    • I know I was so confused about the Kase = Togane Mama part too. I mean…I thought her name was actually Sybil, lol. I don’t even know anymore…Unless as Mama Togane she was one of those neutral psycho pass people and then her brain got used and she took over the Sybil System? I DON’T KNOW. Yeah, I miss Kagari too. :(

      When you put it that way yeah, Makishima does seem more of a brat than Kamui. But I guess maybe because Makishima ‘felt’ older and more mature and his reasonings were complex and interesting that Kamui feels more bratty? I don’t know, haha! I’m just a bit disappointed that Kamui wasn’t…cooler than what they’re making him out to be, maybe….lol, the first Psycho Pass gave me a lot of high standards. XD

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