Shiawase ni Dekiru 3 – Translation

Shiawase ni Dekiru Series (3)

Title: Shiawase ni Dekiru 3 (幸せにできる 3) (drama review)
Cast: Okiayu Ryoutarou x Morikawa Toshiyuki (置鮎龍太郎 x 森川智之)
Related drama(s): Shiawase ni Dekiru Series
Contents: Scene 1
Scene 2
Scene 3
Scene 4
Scene 5
Scene 6
Scene 7
Scene 8
Scene 9
Scene 10

Scene 1

Honda: You gotta be kidding me…
Kuonji: Ah, about today’s payments…
Honda: Oi, is it November already?
Kuonji: You didn’t realise it?
Honda: I didn’t want to… (Honda sighs)
Usually, I will say a thing or two about Kuonji who has been living in my room forever. But I just realised that the month has become November and my mind went blank. Even though I know that I’m too busy with work to be bothered by troublesome things, during these two weeks, I couldn’t explain myself for getting involved with Kazuya’s matter besides pinning it on my kindness. If I look at it properly, my room is all messed up. I’m only left with just one last shirt which has been cleaned.
Kuonji: Are you going to send all these to cleaning?
Honda: If I don’t get them cleaned today, I won’t have a shirt to wear tomorrow. Ah, what do you do about laundry?
Kuonji: It’s a secret.
Honda: Secret?
Kagami: Ah! Good morning.
Kuonji: Good morning.
Honda: Good morning. Kagami?
Kagami: Y-yes.
Honda: What’s wrong? Did something happen?
Kagami: Me? No, it’s nothing. Rather than me, is Honda-san all right?
Honda: All right?
Ah, come to think of it, last Friday I was taken away by Kuonji and forcefully repatriated from the office. Back then, I was running around looking for Kazuya and was all worn out.
I’m sorry for worrying you.
Kagami: It’s fine, don’t think too much into things.
Honda: Think too much into things? About what? That Kagami… I hope he isn’t making some major misunderstanding…
Kuonji: Honda, weren’t you going to stop at the laundry shop?
Honda: Ah.
Kagami: I’ll be going off first.
Honda: See you later.

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Scene 2

Honda: Really? That would be a great help. Yes, yes. Then, at 3pm on the day after tomorrow. I’m sorry for always pushing you so much. Yes, I’ll be counting on you. Please excuse me. (Honda hangs up call) Anyway, that case is settled for now. I want some new coffee… Is anyone? Nobody is around… where did all the female employees go? (Honda gets up) Usually when I get up with my cup, Ochiai or someone will come rushing over…
Female 1: Isn’t today just like the usual? He’s as busy as usual. I knew it, did he reject it?
Female 2: There’s also a possibly of him giving an okay right? Aren’t you satisfied with that?
Ochiai: That’s impossible!
Honda: What, so they were here? Good timing. Coffee…
Female 2: But Honda-san is already 28 years old, I don’t think it’s too early.
Female 1: Also if you look at it, he’s such a workaholic. Perhaps he will just agree to it because it’s too troublesome, and he can focus on work after that.
Honda: Honda? They’re talking about me right? What on earth are they talking about? Come to think of it, Kagami said something in the morning too…
Female 2: Seems like Honda-san to do something like that…
Ochiai: Wait a minute! That’s not something simple!
Honda: He told me not to think too deeply about it…
Ochiai: It’s something which affects the rest of his life!
Female 2: But it seems like he was worrying a lot about it. Even though Honda-san is strict, he’s a kind person right? Perhaps he couldn’t refuse it…
Ochiai: You’re right, Honda-san is kind. But just because of that…
Female 1: But both his mother and brother came over to the office consecutively! Perhaps for their family, it was someone whom they couldn’t reject at all costs?
Female 2: You mean a political marriage?
Honda: Political marriage?
Female 1: Ah no… how pitiful!
Honda: Who? But in this case, it has to be me.
(Honda sighs and knocks on door) I’m sorry but can I have fresh coffee?
I’m working so earnestly every day, why do such challenging situations come consecutively? I can only think that it’s a fault in the stars.
Toyokawa: Ah Honda! You’ve got a call from Gotou-san of Takigawa Group, he said to return the call. (Females scream) Was that our girls?
Honda: So they finally understood the situation.
Ochiai: Honda-san… Honda-san… why didn’t you deny it? Could it be really a political marriage?
Toyokawa: What?! Honda is considering marriage?!
Ochiai: Please stop it, I don’t want this! Please reconsider!
Toyokawa: What is this, what’s happening? Tell me too!
Female 2: No way chief, didn’t you notice?
Toyokawa: Ah… I didn’t notice…
Female 2: The other day, didn’t Honda-san’s mother visit the office? She brought along the photos for the matchmaking then, that’s why Honda-san couldn’t reject her and was worrying about it.
Ochiai: Also, Honda-san was behaving really strangely lately right? Like going back home early, I’m sure that’s because he was meeting up with the other woman.
Female 2: Even his brother appeared, that’s because the marriage is something which has to happen for the family, because Honda-san is a kind man he couldn’t refuse them…
Toyokawa: So that’s why it became a political marriage…
Females: It seems so.
Honda: (Honda sighs) It’s all wrong.
Ochiai: Honda-san, it’s wrong right? Please say so, Honda-san!
Female 2: Calm down, Ochiai-san, it can’t be helped.
Female 1: We won’t be able to stop it, please bear with it.
Honda: I do admit that I was behaving strangely last week. I admit to it, but why did it develop into something like this?
Toyokawa: Ah… say… where is this lady from? Huh? Honda, what’s this? Which family is she from? Ladies are great…
Honda: Who’s getting married?
Everyone: Huh?
Females: H-honda-san?
Ochiai: I knew it, it’s not true!
Honda: Of course! If you have the time to speculate about someone else, then do something about yourselves! We’re into November already, do you understand? It’s the end of the year! I’m begging all of you, just do some work!
Toyokawa: Honda, is that rumour untrue? Didn’t you deny it because you didn’t want us to worry?
Honda: How many times do you want me to say that it’s untrue?
Toyokawa: Eh… Oh! I forgot that I have an important meeting, I’ll get going. Come on everyone, get to work!
Honda: The rumour-spreading abilities of the people in this company, along with their abilities to make up stories must have been developed under Chief Toyokawa’s influence! Didn’t I say that I wasn’t going for a matchmaking session? In the first place, if he’s the chief, doesn’t he have something else to do? Like work, work, or work!
Ochiai: I’m so relieved, I was wondering what I would do if Honda-san got married. I thought I won’t be able to continue with my work. I’m so glad!
Honda: Whatever, just give me my coffee.
Ochiai: Yes, I got it!
Female 1: Seems like we were wrong.
Female 2: Who was it? The one who said that it was a matchmaking session and a political marriage?
Female 1: It wasn’t me, wasn’t it Yumi-chan?
Female 2: Eh, me? You’re wrong.
Honda: You two, get to work already!
Females: Yes!
Toyokawa: That Honda, he didn’t have to glare at me with such a scary expression… goodness… Could he have panicked because we got it right? Ah, that is… oi! Kuonji-kun!
Kuonji: Good day.
Toyokawa: I heard that you got a new project? As expected of you, I know it must be tough on you but work hard!
Kuonji: Thank you.
Toyokawa: Oh that’s right, speaking of tough, things seem to be tough for Honda too.
Kuonji: More troubles from the main site?
Toyokawa: Ah, no, it has nothing to do with work. Actually it seems like the finances of his family isn’t going well and he was made to do a matchmaking session.
Kuonji: Matchmaking?
Toyokawa: Honda’s mother remarried and that stepfather’s company isn’t doing well, in order to save the finances, it seems like he was made to go for a matchmaking session with the daughter of one of the affiliated companies. Since it’s a rich lady, I’m sure she went to a famous girls’ school and is the kind who helps out with household chores… She’s about 23 years old and her age matches Honda’s too. He’s almost 30 and it’s a good time for him to settle down, right? Don’t you think that this sounds good? But he’s saying that he rejected it!
Kuonji: Is that so?
Toyokawa: But Honda is so mean, no he’s so stingy! (the chief actually said gasukusai first, then mizukusai. It’s a play on words for gas and water) If only he told me, his superior, about what really happened, I would have helped him however much I could…

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Scene 3

Honda: From now on, no matter how I’m being cornered, I should avoid creating a ruckus. If I’m involved in that sort of ruckus which doesn’t take the actual facts into consideration, it’s only stressful for me.
Oi, how many times must I tell you that your room is beside…
Kuonji: So you went for a matchmaking session?
Honda: What?
Kuonji: There are rumours going round about it.
Honda: Look here.
I’m not exactly pleased about this, but we live in the same room and we even work together, isn’t it unthinkable that he didn’t notice that it is a fake story?
Where do think I have the time to do that? Of all people, you would know best.
Kuonji: It was an extremely detailed story, your family’s company finances aren’t going too well and you’re being made to marry a daughter of an affiliated company.
Honda: What?
Kuonji: That’s right, I also heard that the other party went to a famous girls’ school and is a 23-year-old who helps out with household chores.
Honda: Who did you hear that from?
Kuonji: I can’t say that.
Honda: Can’t say? I’m sure his source of information is someone from the company.
Don’t believe such rumours blindly. In the first place, what’s with the “family’s company finances aren’t going too well”? You should be the only one who knows about my family situation.
Kuonji: You’re right, and I don’t hear any stories about Kikuchi Maker being in financial trouble.
Honda: Both mother and Kazuya come to the office recently right? With that, the people in our company speculated, made up some incomprehensible story and gossiped about it. I heard it today too and got angry at them. Goodness, if they had the time for this, do some work already.
Kuonji: Hm…
Honda: What is it?
Kuonji: I was just thinking, if a matchmaking session was brought up by the mother, it seems like it will get accepted.
Honda: By who?
Kuonji: You.
Honda: What? What are you talking about?
Kuonji: Because you’re kind, seems like you will get married when it becomes troublesome while you couldn’t reject it.
Honda: Don’t talk about such stupid things.
Kuonji: If you receive a matchmaking photo, tell me. I’ll reject it for you.
Honda: Why must I tell you?
Kuonji: Do you want to marry?
Honda: That’s…
Kuonji: What’s wrong?
Honda: If we continue this conversation at this pace, it feels like things will take a turn for the worst.
Kuonji: If you’re going to sleep, do so after you’ve dried your hair thoroughly. You’ll catch a cold.
Honda: I have my hands full with work already, give me a break.

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Scene 4

Honda: However, the reality I had in front me wasn’t that kind to let the rumour thrive. In the midst of the unprecedented hectic work we had, the uproar about the marriage died down eventually.
Kagami: I’ve been wondering about it, but why doesn’t everyone abide by the payment deadlines? Since it’s going to be the holidays soon, won’t it be left there during then?
Honda: Once the 25th passes, the impact during the start of the year would be the worst.
Kagami: You’re right too… how hasty…
Honda: You sure have it easy, you’re just pressurising others…
Kuonji: Shall we switch places? If you’re fine with attending all the year-end parties with our clients…
Honda: I’ll pass. That seems more like torture.
Imai: Well well, Honda-san and Kagami too, cheer up. Look! The Christmas tree at the shop opposite, it’s so pretty.
Kagami: Christmas huh? Even though we got to eat cake last year, it seems like we won’t be able to this year.
Honda: Not to mention cake, I’m not even sure about dinner.
Kagami: You’re right…
Imai: Ch-cheer up, Kagami. I’ll buy you some cake, and wait for you in the dorm.
Kagami: Imai! Thank you!
Kuonji: What about you? Don’t you have any plan for Christmas eve?
Honda: I can’t possibly have any right? Even though you should be the one who knows that best, don’t keep asking that.
Kuonji: What about Mayuri?
Honda: Why do you…!
Kagami: Honda-san?
Imai: What’s wrong? You suddenly talked so loudly…
Honda: Huh? Ah… no…
Why does Kuonji know about Mayuri? But I can’t ask him that in front of Kagami and the rest. Mayuri was a hostess in the shop I worked part-time at during my school days, we liked each other and we went out for some time too but… right now, we’re good friends and it’s not like there’s anything suspicious between us now. But, judging from Kuonji’s tone just now, it sounds like he knows everything about Mayuri and me… Who did he hear it from? Damn, it’s bothering me. But, I can’t ask him.
Imai: But I’ll get nervous when Christmas comes.
Kagami: Nervous? Why?
Imai: Because the school I went to was a Catholic school and when Christmas comes, we’ll be made to do a play. Just once, when I was a third year student, I was made to act as Jesus. It seems like my body still remembers the nervousness from back then.
Honda: Act?
Kagami: If you were acting as Jesus, then you must have been the main character. That must have been nerve-wrecking.
Imai: That’s right! My legs were trembling…
Honda: Come to think of it, didn’t you say that you were the horse’s legs during a school play?
Kagami: Eh?! Was Kuonji-san the legs of a horse?! Really?
Imai: Why? If it’s Kuonji-san, you should have been a more…
Kuonji: The two tallest guys in the class became the legs of the horse, with the reason that it won’t be good if they were small.
Kagami: Ah… I see.
Honda: You’re lying right? Because you remained expressionless no matter what, so they needed something to cover your face right?
Kuonji: I was better than you, at least I could move.
Honda: W-what?
Kuonji: Weren’t you acting as a turnip? You acted as a turnip during your kindergarten play right?
Honda: Turnip? During my kindergarten play?
Kuonji: You were a huge turnip.
Imai: Speaking of that, wasn’t that the huge turnip which the farmer couldn’t harvest and he had to get everyone’s help?
Kagami: But… was there a need for a turnip role?
Honda: That’s right… back then, perhaps it was due to my complicated family circumstances, I was a child who wasn’t able to talk to anyone. Since it seemed as though I won’t be able to deliver lines properly, I was given a role where I could just sit onstage all the time. A role where I had to dress in all white, wear something over my head, and just sit on the stage… Since it was something I didn’t want to remember, I’ve taken it out from my memory till now… But why does Kuonji know about a past which I don’t even remember?
Oi, why do you know that? Who told you?
Kuonji: I’m just saying that a turnip shouldn’t make fun of a horse.
Honda: Wha… what are you saying? It was considered a main role.
Kuonji: Well, if you insist.
Honda: Shut up!
Imai: Well, shall we go? We don’t have much time too.
Kagami: That’s right… ah, this is the time I have to make a call!
Imai: Oh, me too, I have something on…
Honda: Wait a minute! Oi, Kuonji!

Shiawase ni Dekiru 03 (5)
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Scene 5

Honda: There’s only one place which could be Kuonji’s source of information, Mayuri’s information was probably from there too. When it comes down to that, it means that he knows everything about my relationship with Mayuri. If I leave this be, there’ no knowing what he will research on me. I’ll have to end it…
Morita: Yes.
Honda: This is Honda speaking.
Morita: Thank you for the other day.
Honda: Are you free to talk right now?
Morita: Yes.
Honda: I’ve troubled you with Kazuya’s matter the other day, thank you so much for your help. We brought him back to the house after that.
Morita: Is that so? Since he’s still young, he will have his issues.
Honda: Yes. Also, about Kuonji.
Morita: Mikoto-san?
Honda: I was wondering if he was making Morita-san research on various things about me…
Morita: Ah… about that?
Honda: Excuse me…
Morita: It was a very cute costume.
Honda: What?
Morita: Turnip.
Honda: I knew it… the source of information was here!
Morita-san, I’m begging you. From now on, if he asks you to, don’t research on anything for him.
Morita: If that’s Yukihiko-san’s wish.
Honda: Please.
Morita: I understand.
Honda: I’m really counting on you.
Morita: Yes.
Honda: I’m sorry for calling you while you are busy. Then, please excuse me.
Since I’ve said what I wanted to, I would like to think that things will be fine. But, I can’t feel at peace and it might be because Morita-san is too talented that it feels like I can’t tell what he’s thinking. In any case, I don’t want any more troubles.
Honda: Kagami! How are the documents for the Shiodome site?
Kagami: I’m doing it now.
Honda: Be quick about it.
Kagami: Yes!
Ochiai: Honda-san, this is for you.
Honda: Yea, can you leave it there? I’ll look at it later.
Ochiai: Yes. Shall I make tea for you?
Honda: No, it’s fine.
Ochiai: Is that so. By the way, Honda-san… (Honda’s phone rings and he picks it up)
Honda: Yes.
Akira: Yuki.
Honda: Wha…
Akira-san? Ah… I shouldn’t have picked up the call, we haven’t contacted each other since the meal we had last month. Since I was so busy, I’ve totally forgotten about Akira-san’s matter. What should I do?
Ochiai: Honda-san?
Honda: I’m sorry, please wait for a moment. Ochiai, if you’re done with your work you can leave.
Ochiai: Oh, Honda-san… (Honda leaves office)
Honda: Hello?
Akira: How about a meal the day after tomorrow?
Honda: T-the day after tomorrow… I’m sorry, I’m really very busy right now. It’s the end of the year after all…
Akira: I’d think that if it comes to work, I’m busier than Yuki.
Honda: That is… you’re right…
We’re talking about Akira-san. If I consent to having a meal with him, something bad will happen again. I’ll have to do all I can to refuse him…
Akira: I’m saying that I’ll free up my special day just for Yuki.
Honda: Eh? Special day? The day after tomorrow should the 24th but… What about…
Akira: It’s the eve. Goodness, it seems like you’re really panicking.
Honda: Oh, come to think of it, you’re right. But Akira-san, were you a Christian?
Akira: It doesn’t matter does it, for something like that. What do you want for your Christmas present? I’ll buy you anything.
Honda: No, there’s no need for that. That is…
Akira: Weren’t you busy? I’ll contact you again in the new year. This time, you have to go out with me no matter what.
Honda: Oh, no that will be a little…
Akira: Oh that’s right, I saw the photo. You were so cute…
Honda: Eh?
Akira: Turnip.
Honda: Eh?!
Akira: Bye. (Akira hangs up)
Honda: Wha?! Wait! Does even Akira-san know? Just because Kuonji asked Morita-san for a weird favour…
This became something troublesome, I don’t think that Akira-san will forget about the promised meal. I’ll definitely be made to go out with him. Shall I change my phone number? No, it will be useless even if I resort to such childish measures. He has me marked from my own home to my workplace.
Ochiai: Excuse me, Honda-san, do you have some time?
Honda: Ochiai, were you still around?
Ochiai: Ah, yes. About Christmas eve on the following day…
Honda: I’m busy!
Ochiai: I know that, but…
Kagami: Honda-san?
Honda: I’m sorry, what was it?
Ochiai: That is, Honda-san is probably going to work till midnight on the eve too right? In that case, I was thinking of getting a cake delivered to the office! At the very least, let’s eat some cake. So, I was just thinking of asking what Honda-san likes…
Honda: (Honda sighs) I see.
Kagami: Honda-san, aren’t you glad? With this, at least you get to eat cake on the eve. I wonder what sort of cake it is, I’m looking forward to it.
Honda: Kagami, if you want to go home today, move your hands instead of your mouth.
Kagami: Ah… yes.

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Scene 6

Honda: Because I was flooded with work at the beginning of the year so honestly I panicked, I’m sorry. Kazuya, listen well, don’t just believe everything Kuonji said. That’s why… I’ll explain to you about that another day, yea. Say hi to mother for me, bye.
Kuonji: What were you doing? Some trouble? Oi!
Honda: It was Kazuya.
Kuonji: What did he want?
Honda: He’s organising a Christmas party so he asked if I could go. Of course, I rejected him because I’m too busy. Rather than that, you… explain things properly to Kazuya!
Kuonji: Didn’t I already?
Honda: That is… I’m telling you to explain that it was wrong! Kazuya believes in the outrageous lie you told him. (Phone rings and Honda picks it up) Mayuri…
Kuonji: Is it all right if you don’t pick up that call?
Honda: I’m going to pick it up. Yes.
Mayuri: Yukihiko, are you free to talk right now?
Honda: What’s wrong?
Mayuri: Are you free tomorrow?
Honda: Tomorrow… This year is the year when I keep getting asked about my schedule.
Mayuri: Yukihiko?
Honda: I have work. I’m sorry but I’m so busy that it doesn’t seem like I can get away from it.
Mayuri: I see, that’s too bad.
Honda: Why?
Mayuri: I’ve quit my current job and started up my own shop.
Honda: Is that so? Congratulations.
Mayuri: That’s why, we invite our regulars during Christmas and have a party. I was wondering if you could come over instead of having a meal.
Honda: I’m sorry, let’s go for a meal together next time.
Mayuri: When is this “next time”? I’m free any day, Yukihiko is the one who is busy.
Honda: I’m sorry, I’ll definitely give you a call before your shop opening.
Mayuri: It doesn’t sound convincing when you say that though, well it’s fine. I’ll call you again, don’t refuse me the next time all right?
Honda: Yes. (Honda hangs up call)
Kuonji: So it’s Mayuri this time?
Honda: What is it?
Kuonji: You’re so popular.
Honda: It has nothing to do with you.
He has such a serious face, saying something unlike himself, what’s with the “you’re so popular”? I don’t even have a second of time to accept your trivial feelings. I’m really in trouble here, I feel like yelling at the whole world.

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Scene 7

Kagami: It has gotten cold. At this rate, it really seems like we’re going to have a white Christmas.
Honda: I’ll be fine if it’s light snow, but I won’t forgive it if the snow piles up. If we get heavy snow, it will affect tomorrow’s work. What is it?
Kagami: Can’t you be more…
Honda: About what?
Kagami: Like saying “it’s wonderful” or “it’s so pretty”? Today is Christmas eve.
Honda: I don’t care if it’s the eve or anything, the only thing that matters to me is the fact that today is the 24th. We have till 29th to finish up our work, even though we still have a mountain of work to clear.
Kagami: That’s true, but I thought it would be good to have more atmosphere…
Honda: Aren’t you happy? We got to see the Christmas lights and we’re eating cake later… Ochiai and Imai are preparing it right? You can eat two slices right? Don’t get fat.
Kagami: That was unnecessary…
Ochiai: Honda-san, this is bad!
Honda: Did something go wrong? Which is it now, Shina Town? Or is it Katou-san’s place?
Ochiai: You’re wrong.
Honda: Wrong? Then what on earth…
Ochiai: It’s that.
Honda: That? Wha?!
Man: Wow, that’s amazing.
Kagami: That’s amazing, huh?
Ochiai: Right?
Woman: I want to be sent a bouquet like that too!
Honda: What is this… this bouquet…
Ochiai: The florist brought it over about 30 minutes ago, saying that it’s for Honda-sama from building and constructions department. Honda-san is the only “Honda-san” in our department? That’s why it was left on your table, and that is… there seems to be a card attached…
Honda: “Merry Christmas”? (Honda sighs) This is harassment, he knew that I would be troubled and he sent it to the office on purpose. The sender is probably… (Honda’s phone rings)
Akira: Did you get it?
Honda: Bingo.
Is this harassment?
Akira: No way, since you’re so busy I thought I could give you some flowers to heal you. Isn’t it mean to call it harassment, Yuki?
Honda: Thank you very much.
Akira: You’re welcome. Then, see you again. (Akira hangs up)
Ochiai: Honda-san?
Man: In spite of that, it’s amazing, that must have cost a lot.
Woman 1: From its looks, it should be about that much right?
Woman 2: But who is it from? Or perhaps Honda-san intends to send it to someone else?
Kagami: Honda-san? No way…
Woman 2: Don’t tell me, he intends to hand it over to a business client?
Woman 1: Is that why he got it delivered to the office? But Honda-san won’t do something that conspicuous…
Woman 2: But by the time Honda-san gets off work, florists are already closed right?
Honda: Those guys, they’re talking as they please again…
Ochiai: Honda-san, are you intending to give that bouquet to someone? Honda-san?
Honda: Isn’t it obvious that that’s not the case? Some things happened and this is just some harassment.
Ochiai: The bouquet is… harassment?
Honda: Because it’s obvious that I won’t like it.
Ochiai: I see…
Honda: You can even bring it home.
Ochiai: That’s out of the question!
Honda: In any case, just settle for that and get working. In the first place, we don’t have time for this right?
Ochiai: Ah, yes!
Woman 1: Seems like we were wrong.
Woman 2: But isn’t that bouquet too impressive for harassment?
Woman 1: Right?
Honda: Goodness, even as harassment, there should have been a limit. The profoundly heavy bouquet seemed to reflect Akira-san’s feelings and I felt a shiver run down my spine.
Kagami: What’s that? I’ve changed my opinion of you, you can be quite the romantic guy.
Honda: You don’t have to change your opinion, if you have the time to chat idly, then do this too.
Kagami: Eh?
Honda: Ah, this too, this and this!
Kagami: Please wait! This is impossible! Honda-san!

Shiawase ni Dekiru 03 (6)
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Scene 8

Honda: Kagami! How many hours do you intend to use for checking?
Kagami: “How many hours”… I’ve only used thirty min…
Honda: Finish it up within 5 minutes. You have until 7.30pm to finish the checks for the Shinjuku case, got it?
Kagami: Y-yes…
Woman 1: This is bad, everyone is as tense as it is, his mood seemed to have worsened with that bouquet…
Woman 2: But I wonder who that bouquet was from.
Woman 1: Rather than, we have a bigger problem in front of us. How are we going to convince Honda-san…
Woman 2: Last year was still better, on the day of Christmas eve, Honda-san was the one who opened his mouth first to tell us that “it’s fine to go off first”.
Ochiai: This year is abnormal right? Because of Kuonji-san, it has always felt like the end-of-years. When the real end-of-year came, it became worse!
Woman 1: Honda-san hasn’t taken an off day since the start of December, he sure can endure it.
Woman 2: When it comes to this, I really hate Kuonji-san…
Woman 1: What shall we do? Time is running out!
Woman 2: Ochiai-san, do something about this.
Ochiai: No! I will get hated by Honda-san!
Woman 1: Isn’t it fine? Ochiai-san doesn’t have any plans anyway.
Ochiai: I do! I’m going to eat cake with Honda-san.
Woman 1: Wait a minute!
Ochiai: What?
Toyokawa: Where is Honda-kun~ (Honda sighs) Honda!
Honda: What is it?
Toyokawa: Listen to me, I have a request…
Honda: Request? It’s probably nothing good right?
Toyokawa: Listen to me properly!
Honda: So what is it? If you have something to say, please say it. I have ears so I’ll be able to hear you.
Toyokawa: Can’t you see this?!
Honda: What about that package?
Toyokawa: You’re really a dense guy, I’m sure you haven’t forgotten what day it is today. Even though you have a bouquet lying there!
Honda: Ah, Christmas present? I don’t need a present.
Toyokawa: Wha… why must I buy you a Christmas present!
Honda: It sounds like you’re going to say that it’s to make up for what you do usually?
Toyokawa: Ah… I see…
Honda: If you’re done, please move. You’re obstructing.
Toyokawa: You… you shouldn’t be saying that your superior is “obstructing” right?
Kagami: Chief! Aren’t you running out of time?
Toyokawa: Ah, that’s right. Honda, I’m trying to say that this present isn’t for you…
Honda: It’s for the lady, right?
Toyokawa: Yes that’s right!
Honda: Ah.
Toyokawa: Honda! I’m begging you! Please let me go home! My daughters at home are waiting for this present, if I don’t go back, the party can’t start. My youngest child is still in kindergarten, she has to sleep early…
Honda: Then why don’t you go home as you please? I’m sure you leave early every day anyway.
Toyokawa: That’s not the way to put it right? I knew it, you’re angry right? How mean, Honda… I’m begging you already…
Honda: That’s why I’ve been telling you to do as you please.
Toyokawa: Ah it’s hard to leave because you’re making that scary face. At least say “you can go home”, and give me the permission to so that I can go home happily…
Honda: At this stage, is he asking for me to send him off with a smile? I understand that he feels guilty towards me, who is busier than anyone. Even so, he isn’t causing any trouble.
Please be on your way home, send my regards to your wife and children.
Toyokawa: Ah is that so? Well, I’m sorry… I do want to work but… Honda, thank you! Everyone, I’m sorry! I’m going… ah, it’s so late already, I have to rush! Hahaha!
Honda: With that, I can finally focus on my work.
Women: Excuse me, Honda-san… us too…
Honda: You can leave.
Women: Really? Thank you!
Woman 1: I’ll come tomorrow, all prepared to work till midnight!
Woman 2: I’ve already settled everything which I was asked to do.
Woman 1: I’m sorry, then I’ll be leaving first!
(Everyone leaves)
Honda: Aren’t you going to leave?
Kagami: You’re so mean.
Ochiai: I’ve let you guys wait!
Honda: Ochiai… didn’t you go home?
Ochiai: My plan is to have cake here with Honda-san.
Kagami: What an amazing cake!
OchiaiL: Isn’t it cute? When I first saw it, I thought that I had to eat it together with Honda-san! Ah, I chose a cream cake, is that fine?
Kagami: Ochiai-san, I want to eat that part with Santa Claus.
Ochiai: Wait, I’ll take in requests from Honda-san all right? For Kagami-san, can you bring the prepared coffee from the resting room?
Kagami: I got it!
Ochiai: Honda-san, which part would you like to eat?
Honda: (Honda sighs) I’ll work overtime by myself, so everyone just go home, I’m begging you.

Shiawase ni Dekiru 03 (7)
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Scene 9

Honda: I’ll give this to you.
Kagami: What are you talking about? It will be troubling, such a huge bouquet. Anyway I don’t have a vase either.
Honda: I don’t have one at my house either
Kagami: I don’t want it, anything but that. Then, good night!
Honda: Good night.
This is bad, it definitely looks suspicious. Oh, so he isn’t back? In the first place, such a bouquet doesn’t suit this messy room. Doesn’t it look more pitiful like this? Wha… he’s back. It’s too big for me to hide it…
Kuonji: Seems like you were earlier today… huh? What’s wrong?
Honda: Ah, this is…
Kuonji: Is it Akira?
Honda: How…
Kuonji: Out of the people around you, the only one who will send you flowers has to be that guy. Also, it’s full of flowers which Akira will like…
Honda: You even know something like that?
Kuonji: The flowers and things he does for women never changes, it’s always the same flow. Did he send it here?
Honda: No, to the office.
Kuonji: Hmph, that’s harassing you. Rather than that…
Honda: Something so expensive, what happened?
Kuonji: I got it.
Honda: This Dom Perignon? From where?
Kuonji: From the club where the business reception was held.
Honda: I can’t drink.
Kuonji: Since this is a rare occasion, just drink a bit. I brought this back for you. Also, you just came back right? Did you eat something?
Honda: For dinner, I bought something random to eat. After that, I ate cake.
Kuonji: Where?
Honda: In the office, Ochiai ordered delivery. It was sweet.
Kuonji: Here.
Honda: Just a bit.
Kuonji: Drink more.
Honda: I’ll pass, I have to work tomorrow too. You know that I’m weak against alcohol right? Thank you for the drink. Let go of me, I’m going to take a bath and sleep.
Kuonji: Do you know what day is today?
Honda: Huh?
Kuonji: It’s Christmas eve.
Honda: Isn’t the eve over? Anyway, what about Christmas?
Kuonji: You… don’t tell me you worked our office girls until late at night too…
Honda: It can’t be. Even though we are busy, I let them go off early today. Ochiai stayed behind though.
Kuonji: Despite saying things like “what about Christmas”?
Honda: That is… Because, I’m not a Christian or anything right? It has nothing to do with me.
Kuonji: Don’t you know? (Kuonji kisses Honda)
Honda: Wha…
Kuonji: In Japan, Christmas exists for lovers.
Honda: In that case, then it has less to do with the two of us. (Kuonji kisses Honda) Wait… Kuonji… Aren’t you drunk?
Kuonji: Somewhat…
Honda: How much did you drink?
Kuonji: I had another reception in the evening… I had to drink with some people… Do you hate that?
Honda: You’re going to spoil your body.
Kuonji: Yukihiko…
Honda: Oi, wait… Kuonji… Oi!
Don’t tell me this guy… on top of being a kissing monster, he also becomes excessively merry when drunk? He’s wearing a different smile, not the one as though he’s teasing others.
Ah… hey… wait! I don’t want this, stop!
Kuonji: Why?
Honda: Because…
Wait a minute, rather than repeating our usual argument, I should prioritise getting out of this situation. Since I already get influenced by him when he’s sober, I have a feeling when he’s drunk, my words will have less effect on him.
Listen, can’t you tell that I’m very tired? You should know how busy I am!
Kuonji: I’ll be gentle.
Honda: That’s not the problem… Kuonji!
Kuonji: Yukihiko…
Honda: Stop it…
Kuonji: Did you meet anyone?
Honda: Huh?
Kuonji: I’m asking if you met anyone besides the people at work.
Honda: What are you talking about? Didn’t I tell you that I just returned home?
Kuonji: Weren’t you invited to a lot of places?
Honda: Don’t tell me, was this guy jealous? Despite looking least like the kind who would get jealous.
Kuonji: Even Akira, I’m sure he asked you out right?
Honda: It’s irrelevant right?
Kuonji: It is relevant. I’ll let you understand that I’m the best.
Honda: Kuonji? Ah! (Kuonji carries Honda to the bed and starts undressing him) Oi… stop it… I’m saying that I don’t want this…
Kuonji: Although you get into the mood really quickly?
Honda: That’s not the point, anyway I’m tired. Also, I have to work tomorrow too…
Not just the champagne I was forced to drink, perhaps I was infected with Kuonji’s composure from the kiss. My body got hot all too quickly.
Kuonji: Ku… ah… stop it!
Honda: Even though you are all…
Kuonji: You can’t… I don’t want this…
Honda: You don’t really dislike this right?
Interlaced with a bare line, I could tell that the uncontrollable lust was invading at a frightening pace. I was stirred up at a go and I hate the vexing hotness, even though I’m getting hot myself.
Kuonji… I don’t want something like this…
Kuonji: Yukihiko… Can I put it in? I’m sorry, I can’t restrain myself. Does it hurt? Are you all right? Yukihiko…
Honda: Kuonji… Oi, move.
Kuonji: It was too quick, I’m sure it wasn’t enough right?
Honda: Oi…
Kuonji: I’ll make it longer this time.
Honda: Longer? Anyway, move! I have no intentions of doing it.
Kuonji: You’re reacting.
Honda: Anyone would, if you do this to them…
Kuonji: This is your Christmas present. (Kuonji kisses Honda)
Honda: Don’t joke with me!
What’s with the “Christmas present”? I’m already stressed out enough by work, why do such troublesome things creep into my head? Screw Christmas!

Shiawase ni Dekiru 03 (8)
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Scene 10

Kuonji: It’s already 8.30am. Are you still in bed? If you don’t wake up soon, you’re going to be late. You’re still far from finishing work right?
Honda: 8.30… late… finishing work…
Kuonji: Seems like you’re awake, I did pass Kagami the meeting documents, but seems like I’ll be going out on a business trip. I’ll be back on Sunday. If you have any urgent matters, contact me by phone.
Honda: Business trip? Wait a minute!
Kuonji: Oh that’s right, you’re going back to your family’s house during New Year right?
Honda: What?
Kuonji: I’m asking, are you going to the Kikuchi house during New Year?
Honda: There’s no way I can go right? I’ll sleep, I’ll be resting. So you should go somewhere too, I want to have some time for myself.
Kuonji: Oh, it’s time. Then, I’ll leave the work to you. (Kuonji hangs up)
Honda: Oi, Kuonji… oi! Damn, that guy! Ah, this is bad, I’m really going to be late! Damn, my clothes… No, I need to call the office first.
After this, I’ve come to understand something clearly. Be very wary of a drunk Kuonji. In any case, I’m just 5 days away from settling my work. After that, I’ll be able to rest. While hoping for that, I can only work hard right now.

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