Psycho Pass 2 – Episode 06

“Those Who Cast Stones”

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And the MWPSB’s problems continue and this series’ plot just gets a little more confusing.


Karanamori shows her tech prowess once again and determines the source of the drone’s erratic behavior to the Hungry Chicken game, and she, Yayoi and meek but intelligent little Hinakawa work on getting it to stop, one of their tactics being to show the players what they’re really doing. Mika is completely against this due to the inevitable fallout that’ll only procure that much more work for the MWSPB.

Meanwhile Akane, Ginoza, Togane and a bunch of other Enforcers are trying to destroy as many of the rogue drones as possible while looking out for Kamui’s location in all this. She has a sudden realisation, though, that as opposed to coming after Inspectors on purpose, the reason Kamui targeted them and then somehow killed their Enforcers, was because he was trying to steal Dominators and the easiest people to take them from were Enforcers due to their high crime coefficients. She tries to warn all Enforcers to keep near Inspectors, but because everyone’s scattered, Shisui, who has clearly gone over to Kamui’s side, gets to him first. The only reason Kamui is safe in all this chaos is because he mysteriously doesn’t register as an actual person to any of the drones.

Also, Kamui’s little stash of organs and removed faces finally make a modicum of sense when he thanks Shisui for her eye – like, her actual eye – which he’s used in order to operate her Dominator. I…actually didn’t actually realise that Inspectors’ eyes were linked to the Dominators through the Sybil System to that extent, but I guess it makes sense considering optic scanning and all that.

Back at HQ, Karanamori and Hinakawa realise that no drones are safe from getting hacked into, which results in a number of police drones attacking civilians, only leading to further chaos, this time within the city. They finally manage to hack into the drones and show the players what’s really going on, though, and, as Mika predicted, area stress levels increase dramatically all across the city, leaving Mika and Yayoi to take care of it all.

My favourite part of any Psycho Pass episode is when Akane is a badass – which happens more frequently as we go through the game – and so her plan with Togane and Ginoza, with the help of Enforcer Sugou Teppei – formerly from Aoyanagi’s division – manages to show off not only her insane badassery, but also her self-sacrificing nature, as she decides to put herself in harm’s way while keeping her Enforcers safe. She leads all the rogue drones into a single warehouse and climbs up on a stack of crates while their guns are all trained on her, and meanwhile, up in the rafters, Teppei, Ginoza and Togane get their hands on some drone firearms. At just the right moment, Akane leaps out of the way onto a pulley, while the boys gun down the drones from above and everything EXPLODES.

It isn’t over yet, though, when Karanamori tracks Shisui’s Dominator and Akane and Togane rush towards her. They make it to the pier just in time to see Kamui and Shisui in a getaway boat, but Akane quickly points a real gun at them, knowing that her Dominator is going to be useless against them. Kamui seems particularly intrigued with her, though, and in the end, he and Shisui manage to get away after Akane finds herself unable to shoot. This episode had one of the most poignant endings, though, when Togane grabbed the gun from her and aimed it at the fleeing boat. But before he could pull the trigger, Akane was reminded painfully of another Enforcer who was willing to get his hands dirty, and sees Kogami in Togane’s image, and prevents him from shooting.

It was such an interesting moment for me, probably because I was delighted to see just how much Kogami continues to affect her, not only in her actions, but most especially in her inactions. It’s also just awesome to see him again, considering how he was such a powerful character that Akane risked her career and her life for in the first series.

It was interesting to watch Akane liken Kogami with Togane, considering how different their characters are, but there’s a similar darkness and gung-ho attitude about them that probably made her compare them, if only briefly. But Togane is evidently out to get Akane somehow, if the contents of his room are evidence enough. Then there’s also the fact that he keeps pointing his Dominator at her, intrigued by the way her hue remains so clear, and he admits rather darkly how he’s going to enjoy painting her black. I’m not sure to what extent his aim coincides with Kamui’s, if at all, but I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

So, while it was an intensely confusing episode in some respects, it was also pretty good in other scenes, which seems to be the general trend for this second series.


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