Shiawase ni Dekiru 2 – Translation

Shiawase ni Dekiru Series (2)

Title: Shiawase ni Dekiru 2 (幸せにできる 2) (drama review)
Cast: Okiayu Ryoutarou x Morikawa Toshiyuki (置鮎龍太郎 x 森川智之)
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Contents: Scene 1
Scene 2
Scene 3
Scene 4
Scene 5
Scene 6
Scene 7
Scene 8
Scene 9
Scene 10

Scene 1

Honda: Kagami! Make a copy of this!
Kagami: Yes, I’ll get to it immediately.
Honda: Yes, this is Honda from Construction department. Yes, all right, if it’s about that case, there are no problems, the arrangements are in progress.
Even though it’s the recession, the construction department is as hectic as usual. But there has got to be a limit to how busy things can get. Ever since Kuonji Mikoto of the Projects department transferred over from New York, the word “peace” has disappeared from my life. On top of that, he has even intruded into my private life without any considerations.
Honda: I’ve said this many times before, but your room is the room beside! This is my room, go back to your own room!
Kuonji: Huh? Aren’t you sick of saying the same thing every single day?
Honda: That’s why, why do you come into someone else’s room to bum around?! It’s impossible for me to understand what you’re thinking! Also, you just made a spare key for yourself without asking me, return me the spare key!
Kuonji: Oh that’s right, about the Aoyama building case, tomorrow morning…
Honda: Don’t change the topic! (Honda sighs) Say, why do you keep coming to my room every single night?
Kuonji: Because it’s convenient.
Honda: Convenient?
Kuonji: Just like this, I can have work discussions with you. It’s easier to prepare food or the bath for two too right?
Honda: If it’s discussions about work, we can do that by phone.
Kuonji: Isn’t this fine? This room calms me down.
Honda: Wasn’t that a room you got from chasing out the previous tenant? You should at least spend some time there.
Kuonji: It’s not like I wanted to stay in the dorms, I just moved over because you are here. I thought that you might be uncomfortable about what others will think if we moved in together suddenly, so I’m actually being considerate about this.
Honda: Considerate, you say…?
No matter what I say, he doesn’t listen to me. I feel like getting angry all the time. Besides that, Kuonji isn’t just a normal colleague. Since we started to have a physical relationship due to unwanted circumstances, I can’t stand being in the same room alone with him. That’s why, I’m executing this plan right now while Kuonji is away on a business trip.
Locksmith: Did you get a thief in your house? That’s rather common nowadays. But with this, you’re quite safe now…
Honda: Two locks which are anti-lock-picking and a door guard. It costed quite a bit, but if this will stop him from intruding into my home, it’s a small price to pay.
(Honda starts laughing to himself)
Toyokawa: H-honda?! What’s wrong?
Kagami: He’s gone mad from all the stress…
Ochiai: No… Honda-san… please return to normal!
Honda: (Honda turns off TV) Now then, since tomorrow is going to be an early day, shall I go to sleep soon? (Door knob rattles) Huh? What’s that? (Honda laughs) Oh, so Kuonji is back? It’s useless, no matter what you do, the door will never open. You have my deepest condolences. To think that I can gain such peace with just a lock… it was definitely the right choice to change it. Huh? He gave up unexpectedly quickly. I thought he might press the doorbell or give me a call. Well, he’s an adult too, perhaps he got the message from my actions. Huh? What’s this sound? From the balcony…? Don’t tell me… A thief? I have to escape… (Sounds of glass breaking) Ah!
Kuonji: What was that?
Honda: This… this voice…
Kuonji: Can you explain what that was?
Honda: That should be my line! Do you know what you just did?! Tell me where you just came in from!
Kuonji: Balcony.
Honda: Are you spiderman?! We’re on the 5th floor! Ah… what should I do now? Isn’t the glass all broken now? I can’t believe this, what were you thinking?
Kuonji: Aren’t you at fault for changing the lock?
Honda: That was so that you can’t enter! And that’s because you kept coming over as you please so I was left with no choice… (Doorbell rings) At such a time, who’s that?
Kuonji: Aren’t you going to get it?
Honda: Listen to me, you have to keep quiet. (Honda picks up the intercom) Yes.
Kagami: Honda-san, are you all right?
Honda: Kagami? What is it?
Kagami: The guy on the 5th floor told me that he heard sounds of glass breaking from Honda-san’s room. He also heard people yelling so he thought that something might have happened… Everyone’s worried about you.
Honda: Ah… that is…
Damn! How should I explain this… W-what is it, Kuonji… don’t come closer to me. Also, that thing in his hands, aren’t those handcuffs?! D-don’t tell me… again?!
(Kuonji smirks and handcuffs Honda) Ah!
Kagami: Honda-san, is someone else there?
Honda: No, I’m sorry. It’s nothing, I’m sorry for causing… ah…
This Kuonji… he’s doing these knowing that I can’t retaliate under such circumstances. What a despicable guy… Ah… don’t lick my ear! Your hand… don’t touch such a place!
Kuonji: You’re reacting, this isn’t too bad, it’s arousing.
Kagami: That… Honda-san?
Honda: Kagami, I’m sorry! In any case, I’m fine so bye!
Kagami: Huh? Honda-san, wait… (Honda hangs up)
Honda: Kuonji!
Kuonji: He’s still there, is this fine?
Honda: Take this off now! In the first place, where did you get such a thing from?
Kuonji: Now, I wonder where. Rather than that, let’s continue.
Honda: Continue?! Don’t joke with me, I’m going to get angry for real!
Kuonji: I’m the one who’s getting angry. Try to put yourself in my shoes, I just returned from a business trip and was made to do a spiderman act.
Honda: I’ve been saying, this isn’t your room!
Kuonji: I have no intentions of letting you go.
Honda: Kuonji, stop this!
Kuonji: If you yell with such a loud voice, someone is bound to come again. I’m going to let you know properly right now, who you belong to.
Honda: Don’t joke around, release me!

Shiawase ni Dekiru 02 (3)
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Scene 2

Honda: After that outrageous thing Kuonji did, I think there’s a problem with my indecisive attitude. To avoid such a dispute like that day, in the end, I’m the one who has to submit. Or rather, I’ll break.
In the end, I’m the one who’s being influenced. (Honda sighs and picks up a call) Yes. Mayuri? Ah, it has been a while. I’m as busy as usual. Huh? You have something to talk to me about? I’m sorry, it seems to be impossible for the time being. Don’t blame me like that, I’ll try to free up my schedule as soon as possible, give me a break. Yea, yea.
Akira: Oh, isn’t it Yuki?
Honda: Akira-san! Ah… that’s right, it’s a coincidence. Then, I’ll talk to you another day. (Honda hangs up call)
Akira: What’s that, you didn’t have to hang up. Was that someone whom you didn’t want me to hear you talking to?
Honda: No, it’s just Mayuri.
Akira: What? Are you two still together?
Honda: It’s not like that.
Akira: Also, it’s rare for you to be in Akasaka at this time.
Honda: The meeting for my work dragged on and I’m just on my way home after that. It’s rare for Akira-san too, to be without Morita-san. Don’t tell me you ran away or something.
Akira: This is call taking a breather. Since this is a rare chance, shall we have a meal together?
Honda: Tokunaga-san, you forgot something. Ah, I’m sorry, were you in the midst of a conversation?
Akira: Oh, don’t worry about it.
Kazuya: Natsumi!
Natsumi: Eh? Ah… (Natsumi runs to meet Kazuya) What’s wrong, you even came all the way to the shop.
Honda: Seems like he’s her friend.
Kazuya: So is that the boss you were talking about?
Natsumi: That’s right.
Honda: He seems to be glaring at Akira-san.
Akira: I don’t know such a brat, I haven’t even seen him before.
Honda: But he’s really glaring at you so intensely.
Kazuya: I have something to talk to you about.
Honda: Huh? Could it be…
Natsumi: I’m sorry, I have to return to the shop soon.
Akira: What’s the matter?
Natsumi: Let’s talk about it another day…
Kazuya: I got it. (Kazuya runs off)
Natsumi: Ah… Kazuya-kun…
Honda: Kazuya?
Akira: What, do you know him?
Honda: Ah… yes, probably.
Akira: Hm… then who is he?
Honda: Akira should know him too.
Akira: Me?
Honda: My step-brother, Kikuchi Kazuya.
Akira: Brother… ah… The man whom Shizuka married…

Shiawase ni Dekiru 02 (4)

Akira: Come to think of it, the successor of Kikuchi is called Kazuya.
Honda: It has been a long time since I last saw him too. Since it has been 4 or 5 years since I last met him, I couldn’t recognise him at first.
Akira: 5 years makes a lot of difference for people at that age, how old is he now?
Honda: If I’m not wrong, he should be 17 or 18.
Akira: Then, why would the young master Kazuya glare at me?
Honda: It might have something to do what that girl called Natsumi. Akira-san, what is your relationship with that girl?
Akira: This is my second time talking to her today, I haven’t even laid hands on her.
Honda: Feels like you move fast.
Akira: Me? You got to be kidding. Tell your brother that I’m not involved with her. Rather than that, how have you been lately?
Honda: How? I’m as busy as usual.
Akira: Busy… huh?
Honda: Akira-san?
Akira: I heard that you’re living together with Mikoto.
Honda: Eh? Ah…
Why does Akira-san know about Kuonji and me? They did say that they knew each other…
Akira-san, what sort of acquaintance are you with Kuonji?
Akira: Wha, haven’t you heard from Mikoto? I knew him since we were born.
Honda: Huh? Since birth? What do you mean by that…
Akira: He is my younger brother.
Honda: Y-younger brother?! But isn’t Akira a Tokunaga?
Akira: I was adopted into my mother’s family, because they didn’t have a successor. How’s that, do you feel satisfied now?
Honda: You should say so right from the start! That’s too mean.
Akira: I was just unhappy.
Honda: Unhappy?
Akira: Mikoto got ahead of me in the queue, even though you were that cold towards me.
Honda: I knew it, he knows everything!
(Honda sighs) Did you hear everything from Kuonji?
Akira: I wonder, I’ve forgotten already. (Akira makes his way to Honda’s side)
Honda: Forgotten? There’s no way… (Akira sits down beside Honda) Wait, Akira-san, why are you sitting down beside me? (Honda tries to move away)
Akira: Wait a minute, don’t try to escape.
Honda: Excuse me, I’d like you to release my arm…
Akira: Say, Yuki… Was Mikoto your first man? Because he’s very capably of rashness, were you treated roughly?
Honda: Excuse me, about that… wait! What are you!
Akira: You don’t understand about how good I am… I’m definitely better than him, you should have just let me hold you.
Honda: Please stop this, even if this is a joke… Akira-san!
Akira: Isn’t it unfair for it to be just Mikoto? Let me hold you too.
Honda: What are you saying? I’m serious, please stop this! Someone will come!
Akira: Nobody will, I have someone keeping watch outside. Hm? Seems like you’ve been pampered, you’ve got hickeys all over.
Honda: That is…
Akira: I held myself back and gave up when Yuki said that you didn’t have those intentions. What’s this, you let Mikoto have all the fun with you.
Honda: That’s why I’m saying that it wasn’t my intention…
Akira: Intentions, whatever it is. It’s the truth that you are doing it right? With him…
Honda: S-stop this please!
Akira: That’s a request I can’t accede to.
Honda: I-if you don’t stop, I’ll tell Saki-san. I’ll tell Miyuki-chan too.
Akira: Yuki…
Honda: If they hear that you’ve laid hands on me, I’m sure they will be angry, both Saki-san and Miyuki-chan.
Akira: Are you trying to threaten me?
Honda: As expected of someone who is at the top of the business world, the president of Kyuutoku, the company of consumer financing. It feels like I’m going to get killed by his eyes. But, it will end up worse if I back up now.
I’m not trying to threaten you or anything, I just want you to stop this.
Akira: (Akira stops and Honda hurriedly buttons his shirt) Don’t escape from me in such an obvious manner. I’ll get hurt.
Honda: I’m not escaping.
Akira: Then, what do you intend to do?
Honda: About what?
Akira: Mikoto.
Honda: That is… I’m the one who needs answers to that question. Even though he says we are living together, he’s just entering my house at his own will and intruding. It’s really a bother! I wish he would get out soon…
Akira: Hm… I don’t know what Yuki thinks, but Mikoto is probably serious. This is the first time I’ve heard about him taking the initiative. On top of that, you say that he’s imposing on you? That’s impossible, at least for the Mikoto whom I know.
Honda: I don’t care if he’s serious or not, I’ll have him get out of my house.
Akira: Are you leaving?
Honda: Thank you for the meal.

Shiawase ni Dekiru 02 (5)
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Scene 3

Ochiai: (Honda sighs) Honda-san, you’ve got a fax.
Honda: All right, leave it there.
Also, to think that Kuonji and Akira-san are brothers. That Kuonji, he acknowledged it immediately and they even have another elder brother… If they weren’t hiding it, just tell me right from the start. Rather than that, I’m concerned about Kazuya. He must be going out with that hostess Natsumi, I knew it.
Kuonji: Even though you’re calling him your brother, isn’t he just a step-brother? I don’t know what you’re trying to do, but don’t get too involved.
Honda: Even though that’s what Kuonji says, I can’t leave him alone. Kazuya is the only son of the Kikuchi family and he’s in the position to affect the Kikuchi family. If it becomes known that he’s going out with a hostess, that will definitely affect his family. Especially mother…
Ochiai: Excuse me Honda-san, you have a call…
Honda: Who is it from?
Ochiai: That is… from a lady called Kikuchi-san. (Honda stops work immediately and picks up call) Honda-san?
Honda: Yes, Honda speaking. No it’s fine, is anything wrong? Eh?! Yea, yea. I understand, I’ll be there immediately. (Honda hangs up) I’ll be going out for a while.
Ochiai: Honda-san?
Waitress: I’m sorry, please wait here for a while.
Honda: I’m meeting someone. Oh there she is. Mother.
Mother: Yukihiko, I’m sorry for calling you out in the midst of your work.
Honda: You don’t have to worry about it.
Waitress: Welcome, may I have your order please.
Honda: Coffee.
Waitress: Yes, I understand.
Honda: So? What happened? For mother to come all the way here.
Mother: I know that this isn’t something I should consult you about, but I could only think of you…
Honda: Something mother wants to consult me about?
Waitress: I’m sorry to have let you wait.
Mother: Actually, it’s about Kazuya-san.
Honda: What about Kazuya?
Mother: That is, last week he suddenly said that he won’t be continuing his education at the university.
Honda: Won’t be continuing, what about that?
Mother: I have absolutely no idea about that. Even if I ask Kazuya-san about the reason, he just said that he would be working first instead of entering university.
Honda: Work? Why would he do that?
Mother: I asked him that several times, but he won’t answer me. Then, since he said that he would be heading to school on Friday morning, he hasn’t returned home… It seems like he switched off the power of his phone too.
Honda: I don’t think that’s the case, but I hope he isn’t involved in something bad. There’s also the possibility that he has been kidnapped too.
Mother: No, I think that’s not the case. Kazuya’s close friend contacted me and told me that he wanted me to know that he won’t be home for the time being. I think he doesn’t want to see me. I thought that things were going well… but since things ended up like this, perhaps I was the only one who felt that way.
Honda: Mother… Then, what about Kikuchi-san? What did he say?
Mother: I didn’t tell Kikuchi. He has been tired out from business trips so I didn’t want to worry him.
Honda: I got it, I’ll try to find him and talk with him. Do you have any idea where he might be?
Mother: Is this fine?
Honda: Mother?
Mother: No, I’m sorry to be causing you such trouble… You must be angry right? I’m just doing as I please, I can’t even do a single thing for you as your mother.
Honda: What are you saying? It’s fine to rely on me because we’re family. Also, mother can’t be the one who runs around searching for him right?
Mother: Yukihiko…
Honda: I’ll contact you once I find anything. If you want to keep this from Kikuchi-san, then it would be better if I contact you by cell phone right?
Mother: Yes. I know that I can’t avoid telling him if this drags on, but I’m hoping to do something about it before that happens. Kikuchi-san will be overseas, latest till this weekend.
Honda: I understand. Mother, you don’t have to worry. Huh? That is…
Mother: Yukihiko?
Female: You seldom see such a beauty right?
Male: At least, not within our firm.
Kagami: Then… she has to be…
Male: But Honda-san is acting so proper, isn’t she someone he met from a drinking party?
Female: He isn’t the chief right.
Honda: Those people…
Mother: Could they be from your department?
Honda: Huh? Yea.
Mother: I wonder if they are here to look for you. You were working right? I’m sorry.
Honda: It’s not something you have to worry about. Rather than that, shall we leave?
Waitress: Thank you so much. Will the both of you be paying together?
Honda: Yes.
Waitress: That will be 840 yen. I’ve received 1,000 yen. Here is your change of 160 yen. Thank you so much for your patronage.
Togawa: Honda!
Honda: Chief.
Togawa: About the Shinbashi case… oh! I’m so sorry, you have company? I’m Honda’s superior, Togawa…
Honda: He’s being so obvious! Is this what a 35-year-old man with wife and children, who works as a chief in a large corporation does?
Mother: I should be the one saying that we owe Honda-kun a lot for helping us.
Honda: Let’s go.
Mother: Is it fine?
Toyokawa: Ah… wait… Honda?
Honda: It’s fine. Rather than that, how did you come? (Honda leads mother away)
Ochiai: Chief, who was that just now? What her relationship with Honda-san?
Toyokawa: Well, I thought that she was a lady from some club and was hoping that he would introduce me to her, but she greeted me with “thank you for taking care of Yukihiko”…
Ochiai: I got it, that person is Honda-san’s sister!
Male: But, is it possible to have such a beautiful sister?
Kagami: If it’s Honda-san’s elder sister, she would be over 30 years old right?
Male: My sister is just 31 years old but it’s really terrible, women who are over 30 years of age…
Ochiai: With that beauty of hers, she can’t be an ordinary person right?
Female: But, she said “taking care of Yukihiko” right? Doesn’t that make her sound like family?
Male: You will never know, it might be a deep relationship which resembles that of a family.
Ochiai: No! I don’t want this! My Honda-san!
Toyokawa: Ah, Honda!
Everyone: Honda-san!
Ochiai: Honda-san, that was your family right? She’s a beauty because she’s Honda-san’s sister right?
Toyokawa: Oi, you… what’s the real story? Even if she’s your sister, how old is she?
Male: But, if you have such a beautiful sister, you must be looking forward to going home.
Female: She was wearing a kimono, what does she do? Tea or flower arrangements…
Toyokawa: What’s this, so she’s really your sister? I thought that she was some lady from a club…
Honda: Quiet!
Female: Wait, what are you going to do? You made him angry.
Ochiai: What should I do, Honda-san is angry!
Male: Kagami, you should go and apologise!
Kagami: Eh? I don’t want to!
Male: Just do it!
Honda: There will surely be an uproar if I told them the truth. But if I don’t say it now, the misunderstanding will just deepen and it’s clear that this will create more trouble.
Kagami: I’m sorry!
Honda: (Honda steps into elevator) It can’t be helped.
Kagami: Ho-honda-san?
Honda: That was my mother.
Everyone: Eh?! M-mother?! (Elevator door closes) You got to be lying!

Shiawase ni Dekiru 02 (6)
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Scene 4

Honda: How should I phrase this, we are totally out of place here. I was wondering what he was trying to do when Kuonji forced his way onto the taxi, but I’m glad that I didn’t force him to get off.
Kuonji: We’re looking for someone, he’s called Kikuchi Kazuya. Age… hey, how old is he?
Honda: He’s 18.
Kuonji: Do you know anything?
Bartender: I wonder.
Honda: I heard that he’s a regular here. Has he been around here recently?
Bartender: As you can see, there are so many regulars around here. I won’t be able to remember every single one of their names.
Kuonji: Even if you don’t, isn’t there someone here who would know him?
Bartender: There might be, but this has nothing to do with me. Please try somewhere else.
Man: (A man comes over and taps Honda on the shoulder) What do you two want with Kazuya?
Honda: You guys, Kazuya…
Kuonji: Do you know him? Where is he?
Man: I’m asking what do you want with him? Or rather, who are you guys?
Kuonji: He is Kazuya’s brother and I’m his friend. We’re searching for him on the parent’s request. If you know his whereabouts, say it.
Man: I don’t know, but shouldn’t you leave soon?
Kuonji: Tell us what you know while we are still being civil with you.
Honda: Civil? Which part of this is? I should have forced him to get off the taxi on the way here.
We’re going back.
Kuonji: Why? We haven’t gotten our answer.
Honda: Can’t you read the atmosphere? Let’s withdraw before we create a ruckus.
Kazuya: Yukihiko-san!
Honda: Kazuya…
Kazuya: It has been a while.
Honda: Ah, me too.
Kazuya: Shall we get out? It seems like we won’t be able to talk properly in here.
Honda: Yea, you’re right.
Kazuya: That… Yukihiko-san… who is this person?
Honda: He’s my colleague at work, he’s called Kuonji. Rather than that, I would like to ask about something.
Kazuya: Is it mother?
Honda: Eh? Yea… She was really worried. You said that you won’t be continuing your studies?
Kazuya: I never thought that she would find Yukihiko-san for help.
Honda: She said that she couldn’t think of anyone else.
Kazuya: That’s why you’re here to persuade me?
Honda: No, if you would get persuaded by me, you probably wouldn’t have done this in the first place. Because I’m sure you are fully aware of your position.
Kazuya: Position? Is Yukihiko-san going on about that too? “Do it properly because you’re the Kikuchi family’s only son”… that’s just annoying.
Kuonji: Are you serious?
Kazuya: Huh?
Honda: Kuonji?
Kuonji: You’re living at the Kikuchi family, isn’t this your duty which you should fulfil? If you’re really intending to rebel, then you shouldn’t be having fun with your friends at such a place. Try to live by yourself. Don’t trouble Honda with a kid’s childishness. Because of you, we weren’t able to have our meeting.
Honda: Kuonji… In any case, it’s better if we return and have a proper talk. I don’t think you will be rejected outright if you explain your reasons for not continuing your studies properly.
Kazuya: Yukihiko-san has it easy, because you left the house and you can live freely by yourself outside. I…
Kuonji: You should pull yourself together…
Honda: Kuonji, it’s fine. Kazuya, I’m aware that we might not see eye to eye on certain issues because we are in different positions. But, it will be better if you remember that it’s never easy to try to survive by yourself. I just came to tell you that you should try putting yourself in mother’s shoes, if you care for her the slightest bit. Do you understand? I just wanted to say that. Let’s go.
Kuonji: Yea.
Honda: Do you think that he will return home?
Kuonji: The rest is dependent on himself. Since you met him and talked with him, you shouldn’t get involved any further.
Honda: But…
Kuonji: In the first place, I won’t say anything if this was about your real brother whom you’re living with. I don’t think you have the time to come all the way to such a place for someone whom you haven’t met in a long time, and get honestly troubled over a kid’s selfishness. You’re too kind.
Honda: That’s why I’m being followed around by you.
Kuonji: What?
Honda: I said that I’m too kind, that’s why I’m being followed around by you.
Kuonji: That’s not called followed around right?
Honda: Isn’t that the truth?

Shiawase ni Dekiru 02 (7)
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Scene 5

Mother: I’m sorry for calling in the middle of your work.
Honda: Don’t worry about it, I’m sorry for not contacting you. I did find him yesterday…
Mother: Yes, I heard. Thank you.
Honda: You heard?
Mother: That child, he returned home last night, because you went to see him. It was rather late at night so we didn’t talk much, but he went to school this morning.
Honda: The day after I went to find Kazuya, I got a call from mother. I don’t know why he was convinced to return home with that sort of conversation, but at the end, I’m glad. But, somehow I’m not convinced. Is this what they call a generation gap?
Ochiai: Honda-san!
Honda: What is it?
Ochiai: Honda-san, Honda-san!
Honda: So what is it?
Ochiai: That is… there’s a customer at the entrance.
Honda: Customer? Ka… Kazuya!
Why is he at the office?
Ochiai: He asked “is Honda-san here?” and said that he’s your younger brother.
Kazuya: Yukihiko-san… that…
Honda: Over here.
Kazuya: I’m sorry, when I asked the people downstairs, they told me you were here, so I came up. I knew it, would it have been better if I made a call and got Yukihiko-san to go downstairs?
Honda: No, don’t worry about it. In any case, we shouldn’t be talking while standing so shall we sit? (they sit down) So I heard that you returned home?
Kazuya: About that, I’m really sorry for the other day. Somehow, I was also in the wrong, and said something selfish. I didn’t even have mother’s interests in mind…
Honda: No, me too, I just gave you a piece of my mind and left.
Kazuya: Just like what Yukihiko-san suggested, I returned home with the intentions to have a proper talk. But father was out, and since I caused Yukihiko-san trouble, I thought I should talk to you first.
Honda: The reason for you not continuing your studies and working instead?
Kazuya: Yes. Actually I have a woman whom I’m in love with.
Honda: What? A woman you’re in love with?
Kazuya: I want to live together with her, but I’m sure father and the rest will object to it. Yukihiko-san?
Honda: About that… the one in Akasaka?
Kazuya: Yes, but I was really surprised then. Yukihiko-san looked like you didn’t recognised me, but I recognised you immediately.
Honda: Ah… yes.
Kazuya: Also, she’s a university student. But since she’s working part time at such a place, I couldn’t tell mother. I want her to quit, but she’s saying that she can’t quit because of money problems. But, I think she will be able to quit if I start working, and I don’t want her to receive any support either.
Honda: Support?
Kazuya: That man who was with you that day, is he Yukihiko-san’s acquaintance? He’s some president of some company right? It seems like she’s getting support from him.
Honda: Is that why he was glaring at Akira-san? But Akira said clearly that he has no relations to that girl.
Kazuya: Even if she’s against it for now, I’m sure she will understand me one day. I’ll try not to cause more trouble for Yukihiko-san from now on.
Honda: Kazuya, think more. I’m sure there’s some way around this.
Kazuya: But! I’ve already made my decision.
Honda: Anyway, wait for a while more before telling her and Kikuchi-san. Shall we meet up again during weekend? Let’s think together, all right?
Kazuya: Yes.
Honda: In any case, I need to have a proper talk with Kazuya again. But, it was Sunday when I finally was able to make a call to the Kikuchi family because I was overwhelmed with the follow-up of Kuonji’s work while he was away on a business trip. From what mother told me, it seems like Kazuya hasn’t been home since Saturday. It was an shock.

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Scene 6

Female: Welcome.
Natsumi: I’m sorry to have made you wait, pleased to be meeting you for the first time, I’m Natsumi.
Honda: This isn’t the first time, it’s the second.
Natsumi: Huh?
Honda: When I heard that Kazuya wasn’t returning home, the first person I thought of was this Natsumi. I think he might be at her place, and I finished up my work quickly to come over to the shop.
Have you forgotten?
Natsumi: Oh, could you be the person who was with Tokunaga-san the other day?
Honda: I’m glad that you remembered. Then, this might come across as being sudden but I have something I would like to ask.
Natsumi: Something you would like to ask?
Honda: Yes, about the high school student who came to meet you…
Natsumi: Huh? Excuse me but why are you asking about that?
Honda: Ah, I haven’t introduced myself. I’m Honda Yukihiko, I’m Kazuya’s stepbrother.
Natsumi: Eh?! Are you Kazuya-kun’s brother? I thought you were someone related to Tokunaga-san’s work.
Honda: I’m actually an ordinary salaried worker. Rather than that, I want to ask if Kazuya is at your place now.
Natsumi: Kazuya-kun? He isn’t, but did something happen?
Honda: He disappeared, I thought he might be with you but…
Natsumi: Disappeared? When was that?
Honda: Since Saturday morning. Seems like he hasn’t returned home after leaving house that day. Could the reason be you?
Natsumi: I’m sorry. I think that might be the case.
Honda: Can we have a talk?
Natsumi: Yes. I met Kazuya-kun on Saturday, we sort of got into a quarrel then.
Honda: A quarrel?
Natsumi: That is… what did you hear about our relationship from Kazuya-kun?
Honda: He said that he wanted to live with you, that’s why he wanted to start working instead of continuing his studies.
Natsumi: Is… that so…
Honda: It seems like you don’t have that intentions.
Natsumi: I won’t say that I wasn’t happy about Kazuya-kun’s feelings.
Honda: Where did you meet him?
Natsumi: Towards the end of summer, Kazuya-kun saved me from a drunkard who was harassing me. We started to go out after that but… it seems like Kazuya-kun dislikes the fact that I’m working this part-time job, he’s told me to quit numerous times.
Honda: Yea, somehow I can visualise that.
Natsumi: But I’m working quite seriously. Even though it started off as a job to cover my living expenses, I‘ve come to understand that this suits me and I’m seriously thinking about continuing it. When I told him about this, Kazuya-kun got angry. He said that he will start to work so I don’t have to. I didn’t have any intentions of that at all.
Honda: Somehow, it seems like Kazuya was in it by himself.
Natsumi: Also, Kazuya-kun’s father is the president of Kikuchi Maker right?
Honda: Yea.
Natsumi: My friends are telling me to just take the easy ride, but I don’t think I’m suited for that sort of thing. Kazuya is a good man and I like him, but the worlds we live in and the way we think is too different.
Honda: So, you told Kazuya that?
Natsumi: Yes, on Saturday when we met. I told him directly that I wanted to break up because I wish to continue this job and my way of thinking is too different from Kazuya-kun’s. He seemed to have gotten a huge shock from that, I’m sorry but…
Honda: Then, about Akira-san… Tokunaga-san?
Natsumi: I’m sorry, I thought that Kazuya-kun will give up if I told him that I’m getting support from Tokunaga-san.
Honda: You’re not at fault.
Even if this continued, I’m sure she and the still immature Kazuya will break up eventually. I get the rough understanding of the circumstances now. Kazuya disappeared due to the shock he got from getting dumped by Natsumi. But with this, my hope that he’s at her place has been crushed. Shall I just ask Akira-san for help and get him to find Kazuya for me? No… anything but that, it’s too risky. There’s no helping it, since it has come to this, I can only search through the shops where Kazuya is likely to visit, one by one.  

Shiawase ni Dekiru 02 (8)
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Scene 7

Toyokawa: That Honda, he doesn’t look too good.
Female: I wonder what’s with Honda-san?
Kagami, Ochiai: Ah… Honda-san…
Honda: Huh?
Kagami: You don’t look too good, won’t it be better if you returned home and rest?
Honda: I’m fine.
Ochiai: You aren’t fine! Those dark circles beneath your eyes are so dark!
Honda: You’re noisy, get to work.
Kagami, Ochiai: Yes.
Honda: Working overtime till midnight, walking around in search of Kazuya till dawn after that, and going to work after that. Such days have been continuing, but I haven’t been able to find Kazuya. Should I report this to the police? But if I do that, this matter will be blown up and mother will be put in a bad position. What should I…
Kuonji: It’s up to him after this. Since you’ve met him and talked to him, you shouldn’t get involved any further.
Honda: That guy, when will he come back? It’s not like I’m waiting for his return, but the only one whom I can talk about this with is Kuonji. Even if his words are critical and harsh, perhaps I just wish to talk with him.
Kuonji: Oi.
Honda: Wh… Kuonji…
Why is he here? Wasn’t he on a business trip? Oh I see, his trip has ended and he has returned.
Kuonji: What are you doing?
Honda: What do you mean, work… (Kuonji pulls Honda up) Wha… what is this?
Kuonji: I’ll be bringing him home, tell this to the chief.
Ochiai: I understand.
Kagami: Take care.
Honda: Wait, I still have work… oi! Don’t pull me, oi!
Kuonji: Get on.
Honda: Don’t joke around, it’s still working hours.
Kuonji: Idiot.
Honda: Idiot? What do you mean by idiot?
Kuonji: Stupid, fool. I seldom scold people so I can’t think of any more words.
Honda: What are you saying?!
Kuonji: Take a look at your own face in the mirror. What were you doing for it to become like that? I won’t forgive you if you say that you got involved in your brother’s matter.
Honda: I don’t have to be forgiven by you… ah! (Kuonji forces Honda onto taxi)
Kuonji: To Mita.
Driver: Yes.
Kuonji: So?
Honda: Kazuya disappeared again, that’s why…
Kuonji: When was it?
Honda: Monday.
Kuonji: So you’ve been searching for him? You’re really so kind that you’re like an idiot.
Honda: Whatever you say.
Kuonji: I’ll do something about it, so just rest for now.
Honda: Something?
Kuonji: Just sleep. (Honda rests)
Honda: His tone is as no-nonsense as usual, but Kuonji is probably worrying about me more than I think he is. I couldn’t refuse him till the end, and it’s probably because I know this side of him.
Kuonji: Honda? (Honda is fast asleep and doesn’t reply)

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Scene 8

Man 1: Yes?
Kuonji: I’m the caretaker of this apartment building. We’ve received a complaint from the unit below you that water is leaking down so we would like to look into it.
Man 1: Huh? Please wait for a moment.
Honda: You can sure make up such a good lie on the spot, you’ll become a good actor.
Kuonji: Don’t tell me, I was the horse at the acting club.
Honda: Horse?
Kuonji: To be exact, I was the front legs of the horse.
Honda: What sort of face did you have then?
Perhaps it’s because I was forced to come back to sleep, I feel refreshed. And right now we’re at a multi-storey apartment block in Shibuya, it seems like Kazuya is here.
Kuonji: Kazuya has been found.
Honda: Found?! How? I’ve been searching him for ever, and I couldn’t find him at all.
Kuonji: I asked Morita to do it, he’s a pro at it and he found Kazuya very soon. You’re acquainted with Morita right? Why didn’t you ask him for help?
Honda: Because I can’t cause trouble for him because of personal reasons.
Kuonji: Personal, huh? I thought it was because you didn’t want to be in debt to Akira.
Honda: I wanted to tell him that it’s his fault, but I endured it and kept quiet because I thought he won’t be pleased about what happened with Akira-san. In any case, I was grateful that we found Kazuya’s whereabouts.
Man 1: Eh, who are you people… ah!
Kuonji: Is Kikuchi Kazuya here?
Man 1: What is with you people?
Honda: Please excuse us.
Man 1: Ah, wait!
Kazuya: Oh, Yukihiko-san…
Man 2: Who is this, your friend?
Honda: We’re going back.
Kazuya: Please let go of me…
Honda: How much did you think I’ve worried over you!
Kuonji: So he was here?
Man 1: You guys, coming into someone else’s house just as you please… What do you want?
Kuonji: I’m sorry, we know that person and we’re just bringing him back.
Kazuya: I’m not going back.
Honda: Kazuya! Wake up…
Kuonji: I’m sure I told you before, don’t make Honda run around because of a kid’s selfishness.
Honda: Kuonji!
Kuonji: Don’t you know how much this guy ran around searching for you? Our patience has its limits as well. Come!
Kazuya: Let go!
Man 1: Wait a minute, I don’t know who you are but isn’t he unwilling?
Kuonji: Don’t interfere when you don’t even know the situation.
Man 1: He doesn’t want to go back so just leave him be!
Kuonji: Don’t joke around, a brat who can’t even earn enough to feed himself should just keep quiet and listen to his parents!
Everyone: Ah!
Morita: I’m sorry to disturb you in the midst of your talk.
Honda: Morita-san!
Man 2: What is with these guys…
Man 1: You… don’t tell me you’re associated with something bad…
Morita: Mikoto-san, please leave the rest to us.
Kuonji: I’ll be counting on you.
Kazuya: Yukihiko-san, who are these people…
Morita: You shouldn’t be worrying your brother or your mother, your brother has been searching for you ever since you disappeared.
Honda: Huh? Morita-san…
Morita: I’m glad to be of help to you.
Honda: No, that is… I’m sorry for causing you trouble even though you must be very busy.
Morita: Not at all, since our president seemed to have imposed himself on you the other day, you can just think of this as an apology.
Honda: M-morita-san…
Morita: Please take care, as you know, he isn’t one to give up easily.
Honda: Ah…
Kuonji: Hm? Akira imposed on you?
Honda: Ah… Even though Kuonji was the last person I wanted to hear this…
Kazuya, we’re going back.
Kazuya: Yukihiko-san, I have yet to thank them for hiding me…
Kuonji: Just leave the rest to Morita-san, you should just go home first.

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Scene 9

Honda: Oi, Kazuya are you all right? Come on, lie down here. Ah… I’m so tired.
Kuonji: Because drunkards are heavy.
Honda: Whose fault did you think it is? You let a minor drink that much…
Kuonji: It has to be alcohol when you get dumped right? Well, it seems like he knows the reason why he was dumped, wasn’t he quick to get over it?
Honda: If that’s the case, it will be good.
Kuonji: So, where will you sleep?
Honda: I’ll sleep on the sofa with a blanket. You should go back to your own room today too.
Kuonji: I have an extra mattress in room so you can come over to get it.
Honda: Huh?
Kuonji: It will be better than sleeping on the sofa right? Come over.
Honda: Kuonji? Oi, where are you? Kuonji? Kuonji! Wait, what are you doing, stop it!
Kuonji: (Kuonji pushes Honda down on the bed) What happened between you and Akira?
Honda: What?
Kuonji: Didn’t Morita mention, that Akira imposed himself on you?
Honda: It wasn’t much. In any case, let go of me! Was the mattress a lie?
Kuonji: It’s not a lie.
Honda: But it’s nowhere to be seen!
Kuonji: It’s right here.
Honda: Here… isn’t this the bed? Don’t joke around and let go of me! I’ll sleep on the sofa over there so you can sleep on this bed here! If possible, from now on…
Kuonji: Don’t you have any intentions of showing me some appreciation?
Honda: Appreciation? For what?
Kuonji: Didn’t I find Kazuya?
Honda: I never told you to find him.
Kuonji: You did.
Honda: When did I say so?
Kuonji: When you saw me in office, didn’t you wear a relieved expression?
Honda: Th-that is… (Kuonji kisses Honda)
Kuonji: Yukihiko…
Honda: What is it?
Kuonji: Let me call you Yukihiko.
Honda: Why? Rather than that, move! You’re heavy!
Kuonji: Isn’t it frustrating that Kazuya is the only one who calls you that?
Honda: What are you talking about? Kazuya is my brother! What is with this hand!
Kuonji: I’m a special existence too right?
Honda: When did that happen? Ku-kuonji… stop it… Kuonji!
Kuonji: Do you hate this? Yukihiko…
Honda: St-stop this…
Kuonji: Which?
Honda: Both…
Kuonji: Do you really want me to stop this? Yukihiko, don’t you feel like you should give me some service to show me your gratitude? Don’t you have any special moves or something? It was a joke.
Honda: Kuonji… Ku-kuonji…
Kuonji: What is it? What’s wrong?
Honda: This guy… he knows it but he’s doing it on purpose. How far does he intend to toy with me until he’s satisfied?
Kuonji: Don’t hold it in until you cry, Yukihiko.
Honda: Kuonji…
A gentle kiss, I knew that my heart was wavering because of it has been a while since I was enveloped in Kuonji’s smell and I was about to tear again. My relief when I saw Kuonji; somewhere along the way, my tolerance for him turned into reliance. Are we at a stage where I have to acknowledge this fact?
Kuonji: Yukihiko…

Shiawase ni Dekiru 02 (2)
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Scene 10

Kuonji: I’ll be waiting right here. Oi, don’t you trouble Honda again.
Kazuya: Yes. Kuonji-san too, thank you so much. (they go to the front door and press the doorbell)
Mother: Yes?
Kazuya: I’m back.
Mother: Kazuya-san? (mother puts down intercom receiver and opens gate)
Honda: Don’t make her worry anymore.
Kazuya: Yes, I’m sorry.
Honda: You’ll go to university too right?
Kazuya: Yes! I’ll go.
Mother: Kazuya-san! I’m so glad…
Kazuya: I’m sorry, mother.
Mother: It’s fine. Yukihiko, thank you. If you weren’t here, it would have created an uproar.
Honda: Don’t worry about me, you should rest more instead. Bye.
Kazuya: Yukihiko-san, come over for a meal next time.
Honda: Yea.
Kazuya: Also, about that… I’m fine with it.
Honda: Fine? About what?
Kazuya: Even if your relationship with Kuonji-san is that sort, I’m fine with it so you don’t have to hide it.
Honda: What?
Kazuya: Ah, but I’ll keep it from mother. People of that age might have some resistance towards that. I’ll visit you again, please send my regards to Kuonji-san. Bye! (Kazuya runs off)
Honda: That sort of relationship? Don’t have to hide it? Keep it from? Don’t tell me… Kuonji! (Honda runs over to Kuonji’s car) Kuonji, what did you tell him?!
Kuonji: What? About what?
Honda: You said something uncalled for towards Kazuya right! That we have… that sort of relationship… what are your intentions? There should be a limit to your jokes!
Kuonji: Ah, that?
Honda: Why did you say that to Kazuya! I don’t remember getting into that sort of relationship with you!
Kuonji: But it’s the truth that we have a relationship right? Also, Kazuya seemed to be unusually attached to you. He’s not connected to you by blood either and since it might become something troublesome, I told him that you are mine.
Honda: He really said it! Why, why? This guy doesn’t get why I’m angry! Has he ever felt like digging a hole and hiding his face? No, it’s probably impossible for this guy.
Kuonji: (Honda walks off and Kuonji drives after him) Oi, aren’t you getting on?
Honda: I’m not!
Kuonji: What are you angry about?
Honda: How on earth can I make this guy understand?
Don’t call my name!
Rather than that, how am I going to resolve Kazuya’s misunderstanding?

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