Yowamushi Pedal Grande Road: Episode 05

“The Three Kilometres to the Pharmacy”

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The obligatory episode where Onodera and Midosuji kind of have a heart-to-heart that’s not really a heart-to-heart.


It’s quite self-explanatory, really. Midosuji told his gobsmacked team that he wasn’t going to be in the race tomorrow and then proceeds to cycle his way to Kyoto, only to end up being followed by a chipper and excited Onodera, who drops the bombshell question on him. Does he like anime? I actually laughed out loud at this part because Midosuji, through all his brooding and shellshock, was actually struck dumb by the question, and you could just see the ellipses floating above his head as he stared this strange miniature creature down.

In the end, they have a little bit of a race to the pharmacy, during which Midosuji plans his escape back to Kyoto, but, as we knew, he ends up really surprised by the fact that Onodera manages to keep up with him, smiling all the way. He doesn’t understand how someone could be smiling during a race and still performing on top of their game, but when asked, Onodera tells him that it’s because he enjoyed it…and was also excited at the prospects of being able to talk anime with Midosuji. I think Midosuji found somewhat of a kindred spirit in Onodera, when he mentioned how he cycled to and from Akihabara every day during the summer, and he was reminded of his own determination to cycle to and from the hospital his mother was staying at.

The next day is the race, and, unsurprisingly, Midosuji turns up, having shorn his hair close to his scalp and looking every bit as sinister as his usual self. But it’s not just Kyoto Fushimi that people have to worry about anymore, as another team from Hiroshima – a bunch of sleezebags, from the look of them – have all managed to make it past the first and second day, despite almost having lost three members during the first day’s massive crash. They claim that they just always happen to luck out in every race and end up winning, and it doesn’t help the rest of the teams that the final day is what decides who the ultimate winner is.

And so the final day begins, this time with a red herring in the mix, and who will undoubtedly cause more trouble for the top three teams than they did to each other during the first two days. It doesn’t look like anyone’s safe anymore, now that we’ve added Hiroshima into the fray. I sense some serious drama up ahead!


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