Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso: Episode 06

帰り道 – The Way Home

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Tsubaki’s spiraling, Kousei’s re-entry into the competitive classical music world, two vengeful rivals, Chopin etudes and even a pep rally… quite a bit went on this episode.

How do you play music that is alive? According to Kaori, you channel that suffering (or any other emotions you are struggling with) into producing notes. In a way I guess there is some truth to what she said. Expression is a very important part in any musical interpretation. Without the emotions, a piece is mechanical, lifeless. Kousei’s emotions are a mess at the moment; they have been for most part of his life, especially after his mother passed. And so, the best he can do to play music that is alive is to focus on turning that suffering into musical notes – notes which will resound with lots of feelings, because he has been living through that suffering and feeling all that pain and hurt. Kaori is trying to get Kousei to address his issues, and to do so with the piano because that is one of the root causes of his misery.

While Kousei is evidently still struggling, he does appreciate what Kaori is doing. Even though it doesn’t look like he knows exactly what she is trying to do, he is thankful to have met her. Other than getting to spend all that time with her (Kousei you playboy you lol), he now realises that she has changed his world – since their fateful encounter, his world has become colourful. It is lovely seeing this development, no matter how tiny, of his. He has come a long way since the first episode, from leading a monotone life and being afraid to face the music, to the character that he now is. Kaori, man handling Kousei aside, has gone out of her way to pull Kousei out of his comfort zone to enable him to live life again, and it is comforting to know that all her efforts have not been wasted.

But let’s leave the discussion about Kousei and Kaori to focus on the character that was very troubled this episode: Tsubaki. Last episode, she received a confession from her former baseball captain, and this episode she decided to go out with him. She was definitely avoiding the issue with Kousei, but as with most problems, you can’t just sweep them under the rug and pretend they do not exist. Tsubaki was greatly troubled, so much so that it cost her baseball team a match at Regionals. She is bothered by the budding relationship between Kousei and Kaori; bothered that she is not part of their circle. And even while she assures herself that she and Kousei have a long history as friends, she remains apprehensive and wishes that time would stand still while she is by his side. As if it wasn’t enough of an emotional rollercoaster ride already, I do think this spiraling is pretty much the start of all that mess and tears to come, so I am going to approach with much caution from here on out.

Before ending this review, I have to throw in an Oosaka Ryouta comment. His Watari was just hilarious! Lol, there were hints of Sawamura during his “I’m cool” speech that brought on the giggles, because those who watch Diamond no Ace are probably aware that Sawamura isn’t the cool type. And so, with the introduction of two piano rivals (played by Kaji Yuuki (kiseki comment: oh dear me thinks he’s playing yet another brat) and Hayami Saori respectively), it looks to be a very thrilling piano competition! And with Chopin, what’s not to be excited about? Can’t wait till the next episode~

Classical music heard. Chopin’s Etude Op. 25 No. 5 in E minor. Click ♪ ♫ to listen~ and Chopin’s Etude Op. 25 No. 11 in A Minor (often referred to as Winter Wind). Click ♪ ♫ to listen~

Note: I mentioned previously that the soundtrack would be released on 11 November 2014. However, based on the update of the KimiUso website, the KimiUso classical music soundtrack will now be released on 19 November 2014, while the original song & soundtrack will be released 21 January 2015. So it looks like we will still have to wait a bit.


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