Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso: Episode 05

どんてんもよう – Grey Skies

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Hanae was right, this episode was quite different.

While each and every episode of KimiUso so far has had that same bittersweet undertone of sadness, this episode, as the title reads, was just downright dreary. The mood was depressive and the atmosphere chilling – both of which were further accentuated by the grey skies that the weather this episode was experiencing. I do believe that the weather in this episode was a reflection of everyone’s moods. So while I was not all too excited about the gloominess, I have to admit it was very well done.

Starting with Kaori, she collapsed. And again at that. The illness flag was raised two episodes back, and this episode definitely confirms that there is something very worrying about her health (kiseki rant time: she is totally dying. The way she keeps saying that she wants to be remembered and that she will never forget. She’s totally dying argh).

Next up, we have Tsubaki. Little miss sunshine was full of uneasiness and anxiety this episode. While she was not sure why, I am pretty sure us viewers know exactly what’s going on in the little missy’s mind. She saw something between Kousei and Kaori while they were performing. And as much as she does not want to admit, that little something made her feel uncomfortable. The girl is obviously in denial about her feelings for Kousei and that’s what’s bothering her, because she can’t figure out why she’s so anxious. Ohwells, it’s like she keeps telling her self, 大丈夫、大丈夫 (daijoubu, daijoubu) – it’s all right, it’s all right”.

Then there’s Watari. He was still all sparkle and shine, but there was something a little darker than before. Maybe I am reading too much into his words and expression, but I think he might know that Kousei’s got a little crush on Kaori. And I really can’t help but wonder how he feels about it, because while he seems to be cheering Kousei on, there is also this side of him that he seems to be keeping hidden. Is he jealous? Is he going to go all raging scorned boyfriend on Kousei? There’s all that, but then again, he has got so many other girls at his beck and call… there really is so much to speculate about. On a separate note, fun fact: Watari called himself “Ryochin” during one of his phone calls. Incidentally, “Ryochin” is a nickname that Watari’s seiyuu, Oosaka Ryouta shares. I guess, seeing as they share the same name it isn’t that much of a surprise. And Oosaka did mention being excited and honoured to be voicing his namesake of a character.

And finally there’s Kousei, who is beating himself up for the mishap after mishap of what was their disastrous performance outing. Oh boy.. he really is the very definition of obsessive. It’s no wonder Kaori and Tsubaki man handle him the way they do. While I do not appreciate their ill treatment of him, I can’t help but think that Kousei really needs that forceful push so that he may escape from his harsh solitary confinement.

This episode may have been bleak, but seeing as the skies finally cleared towards the end, I doubt the dreary atmosphere will continue to the next. Kaori really is Kousei’s silver lining. And with her help, Kousei found it in himself to take that (literal) leap of faith. And with her encouragement, he might even taking a step towards playing the piano once again. He can’t possibly ever forget about playing the piano – he is a musician after all.


2 thoughts on “Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso: Episode 05

  1. oh man, you know that bit when his younger self said that he kept playing the piano hoping his mother would get better, I immediately thought of how Kousei might end up playing the piano hoping Kaori gets better >.< I liked the whole grey clouds dreariness actually, kinda reflects the weather here at the moment too so it's lovely to stay indoors and watch bittersweet middle school romance Kimiuso (unlike the other shoujo offering Ookami which ain't as chaste and pure). Told you it's not a straight line between Tsubaki – Watari – Kaori – Kousei~ really looking forward to things getting more complicated! Did Tsubaki turn senpai down?! Anyhow, on a separate note, I really really really like A-1 Pictures' animation. The hair's so soft and flowy! I mean they did great with Nagi no Asukara but Kimiuso and all its facial expressions really just put them above KyoAni in my books now!

    • aye.. he’ll probably end up hating the piano even more after she dies (i really do think she’s going to die so..). yes i did think of the weather here when i watched this episode. i did like the grey clouds dreariness as well, but i wasn’t a fan of the dreary mood the characters were displaying. darn this show is depressing. and we’re only on episode six. nah, tsubaki left him hanging. and at the mention of shoujo, these children are like 14! again with the bitter rambling, but love to them is like ice cream! goodness.. (trying so hard to keep myself from rolling my eyes now). and yes, the animation is gorgeous~

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