Seikanji-ke Series 05: Yogoto Mitsu wa Shitatarite 2

Seikanji-ke Series 05 (1)

Title: Seikanji-ke Series 05: Yogoto Mitsu wa Shitatarite 2 (夜ごと蜜は滴りて2)
Original work by: Izumi Katsura (Novel)
Release date: 2009年09月18日
Length: 02:33:15
Cast: Konishi Katsuyuki x Nojima Kenji (小西克幸 × 野島健児)
Related drama(s): Seikanji-ke Series
Shion’s enjoyment: ❤❤❤
Genres: Drama, Historical
Drama translation: Disc 1, Disc 2

Even after Fukazawa’s confession of love, Kazutaka still doesn’t feel secure about their bond. How can he bind Fukazawa to him for eternity?


Frankly speaking, I didn’t think much of the storyline in the Seikanji-ke Series and it was just a journey of H, H and more H for me when I was listening to this back when I first got hold of it. I’ve come to appreciate the feels and the themes present in this drama after translating it, so I’m rather glad that I got the request for the translation.

Characters & Seiyuu

Seikanji Kazutaka is the second son of the Seikanji family and he’s been branded as a promiscuous man without any values in life right from the first drama. But all that changed when he met Fukazawa Naomi, who managed to see through his act and uncovered the inner, innocent and vulnerable Kazutaka. In this instalment, we saw more of Kazutaka’s “true self” as he agonised over how to interact with Fukazawa after the latter’s love confession. Even though Fukazawa confessed proper, Kazutaka didn’t know how “love” works and started to get insecure when Fukazawa didn’t attempt to touch him. For Kazutaka, love and lust were synonyms and he just couldn’t remain confident when Fukazawa didn’t try to touch him at all. I blame Fukazawa for not making things clearer to Kazutaka (you didn’t have to confine him to the detached room did you) and over time, Kazutaka got himself convinced that Fukazawa had lost interest in him.

After the first story of getting confined in the detached room and being kidnapped by the extremists, we’ve definitely learned more about Kazutaka. He’s someone who lacks confidence and gets insecure very easily. Although he’s really cowardly, he isn’t afraid to die at Fukazawa’s hands because (just my speculation) being killed by Fukazawa is probably better than living without Fukazawa’s love.

The flashback during disc 2 pretty much showed us how the Kazutaka we know came about, and we can say that the pressure from his surroundings shaped his twisted way of thinking. He was once a normal kid, as normal as he could be after being brought up in the Seikanji family, who was fighting against all the prejudices he had to deal with as a member of the notorious Seikanji family. It certainly didn’t help when he’s a split image of his licentious father, Seikanji Fuyuki, so unlike his elder brother, Kazutaka had always been in the center of unwanted attention. Despite that, Kazutaka was a normal kid who longed for a father’s affection and the presence of close friends, all of which he couldn’t obtain. After losing just about everything and everyone he treasured due to misunderstandings and unfortunate circumstances, Kazutaka started to hate himself intensely for resembling his father so much. Intent on beating the “curse” of the Seikanji family, he decided to devour men without falling prey to lust like his father and that was the birth of the Kazutaka we saw right at the start of this drama series. It’s seriously tragic stuff, but I’m glad he found Fukazawa so in some sense, he was fortunate. After listening to this drama, I just had to relisten to Yogoto Mitsu wa Shitatarite (the first) just to hear how Fukazawa broke through Kazutaka’s iron wall of defense.

I think I’ve established that Nojima Kenji is fast becoming the icon for arrogant, cold tsun ukes who are actually very vulnerable and cowardly on the inside. No one can be better than Nojima at this, no one! I think I’ve had my heart broken countless times with his crying voice because he just sounded so pitiful and pathetic that I couldn’t help empathising.

It might be just my feeling, but there seemed to be less focus on Fukazawa Naomi this drama and it felt like it was Kazutaka all the way. Although he came across as the forceful seme in the first drama, Fukazawa showed us his gentler side here and nothing is sweeter than a gentle Konishi.

Kamiya Hiroshi voices Seikanji Fuyuki, and since I haven’t heard the drama featuring both Fuyuki and Fushimi, I still dislike Fuyuki for being such a slut so far. I respect HiroC for pulling off his role so well, he really does give the impression of a debauched vixen who is inhumanly beautiful. Although he’s HiroC, I still can’t bring myself to even feel neutral about Fuyuki. What’s this guy thinking about all day long? He doesn’t seem to care about anything other than sexual pleasures, he doesn’t even care about death “if that’s what fate wants”. How? He was even fine when Fushimi slept with Kazutaka? All right, I should stop this.

Yusa Kouji actually sounds old as Fushimi Yoshiasu, am I the only who feels this way? He really has the ojisan feel in here and given his role as Kazutaka’s uncle, guardian and teacher of all sorts, I feel that Yusa used a very apt tone. I still don’t know much about Fushimi, other than the fact that he’s the one who slept with Fuyuki, but he did care for the Seikanji family in his own way.


This drama sort of showed us the ending and the beginning of Kazutaka’s story and it felt like we were listening to two dramas instead of one. I thought it was interesting that the second disc was structured in such a way that it was one long dream that Kazutaka had, with him waking up in the middle and at the end, to Fukazawa’s gentle touch.

The theme of blood ties was more evident in this drama than the previous, and Kazutaka’s fear of taking after his father couldn’t resonate more deeply with me. He described it as the curse of the Seikanji family and he’s always been afraid that he will grow up to become like his father. Although they are fundamentally different as two separate human beings, there’s no doubt that certain mannerisms of Fuyuki’s will rub off on Kazutaka. Also, the fact that Kazutaka is a split image of Fuyuki got people gossiping about how he will grow up to be like his father and this must have affected Kazutaka to a large extent. I’m glad he managed to overcome his fear of becoming like his father and got more confident about being his own person. Although he can’t exactly separate himself from his father and become someone who is a total opposite of Fuyuki, it’s true that Kazutaka is Kazutaka and he IS a different person from that Fuyuki. I’ll remember to keep this in mind whenever I get unsure of myself.


This drama touched on surprisingly deep issues, despite the abundant H. You definitely have to listen to Yogoto Mitsu wa Shitatarite before starting on this drama, but the other dramas in this series aren’t a must. This is one long drama with great voices, great acting, deliciously angsty atmosphere, thought-provoking ideas, and not forgetting intense H scenes. Best listen to this when you have enough time to sit through it disc by disc.


3 thoughts on “Seikanji-ke Series 05: Yogoto Mitsu wa Shitatarite 2

  1. i can’t wait for you to listen to fuyuki’s story–really heartbreaking stuff. and i agree with you, although i have great respect for yusa kouji as a seiyuu, i can’t seem to get used to his voice as fushimi. i can’t really place it, but there’s something off. BUT he did do justice to the character–the angst, the confusion, the desperation–i heard it all in his performance, but it’s just that the sound of his voice seemed unsuited at times because there are parts where his voice is supposed to be that of a teenager, a young man, it just didn’t change much. err, i hope i didn’t spoil anything for you. peace!!

    • Ahhhh! It took me a while to figure out that you’re talking about fuyuki’s story, i was like, huh teenager? But ahhhh heartbreaking stuff? ^^ I must listen to this tonight! Don’t worry you didn’t spoil it for me, I wouldn’t have thought of prioritising it if you didn’t say all that so thanks! I’ll let you know about how it goes later ~

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