Seikanji-ke Series 05: Yogoto Mitsu wa Shitatarite 2 Disc 2 – Translation

Seikanji-ke Series 05 (1)

Title: Seikanji-ke Series 05: Yogoto Mitsu wa Shitatarite 2 (夜ごと蜜は滴りて2) Disc 2 (drama review)
Cast: Konishi Katsuyuki x Nojima Kenji (小西克幸 × 野島健児)
Related drama(s): Seikanji-ke Series
Contents: Disc 1

1. 虚勢と不安
2. 鳥籠のふたり
3. 過重な愛
4. 裏腹な幸福
5. Track 5
6. Track 6
7. 救出
8. 愛執

Disc 2

1. 至上の一対
2. 一族の昏い血
3. もがく心
4. 『清澗寺』
5. はじめての手ほどき
6. その血を継ぐ者
7. 千鈞の想い

1. The Supreme Pair (至上の一対)

Fukazawa: You’re so cute, they sure endured it well while looking at you. Before I embrace you, shall you show me the sight of you coming with just this?
Kazutaka: I don’t want to…
Fukazawa: Then shall I stop?
Kazutaka: My chest…
Fukazawa: “Chest” is too high class and doesn’t suit you.
Kazutaka: Tease my n-nipples and make me come… look at my indecency…
Fukazawa: You look like you’re about to come with me looking at you. You’re so wet, aren’t you embarrassed?
Kazutaka: Of course… I’m embarrassed…
Fukazawa: Don’t you like that embarrassment?
Kazutaka: No! Please forgive me… I want to come with you… please let me…
Fukazawa: I won’t allow something like that.
Kazutaka: How mean… even though I said that I wanted you…
Fukazawa: This is your punishment for worrying me. After the punishment is your reward, get onto my lap and do whatever you wish.
Kazutaka: I’m happy, can I put you in me?
Fukazawa: Yea.
Kazutaka: Ah… it went in.
Fukazawa: You did well, you can start moving.
Kazutaka: It’s hot.
Fukazawa: What sort of feeling is it?
Kazutaka: It’s big… it’s at the hilt… deep… good… good… good… I can’t… anymore… do whatever you like…
Fukazawa: I understand. Can you be satisfied by me?
Kazutaka: It feels good… extremely… good… how about you?
Fukazawa: It feels great… when I tease you here, you twitch and wrap yourself around me. Your nipples are also getting red, you’re getting cute.
Kazutaka: No, I don’t want to… don’t stop… harder…
Fukazawa: Like this? Or perhaps over here?
Kazutaka: There, you got it… I’m… coming… Let me come… Fukazawa…
Fukazawa: Which way do you want it by?
Kazutaka: Both ways…
Fukazawa: You’re greedy. I love you.
Kazutaka: Aren’t you going to continue?
Fukazawa: If we do any more, you won’t be able to get out of bed for 3 days.
Kazutaka: But, it was just me. Did you get to enjoy yourself?
Fukazawa: It was enough, I have to rest for a while. There is an investigation in the afternoon.
Kazutaka: There was this child called “Shinkichi” in the gang right? I want to do something to let him go to school. Also, I want to think about the labour union.
Fukazawa: I understand.
Kazutaka: This cute and foolish man can’t live without the suffocating love that I give him. Kazutaka’s love, hatred and despair… everything is mine. No matter how minor it is, I won’t let him spend it on another. Just like that, I had no intentions of taking everything from Kazutaka-sama until the end where he’s left with just me, Fukazawa Naomi as a person.
Fukazawa: I’ll get you some water.
Kazutaka: Fukazawa.
Fukazawa: Yes?
Kazutaka: Can you become an adopted son?
Fukazawa: Yours?
Kazutaka: I don’t mind that, but I mean father’s. In that way, I can bind you to this household.
Fukazawa: This time you’re intending to allocate Fuyuki-sama to me?
Kazutaka: I’m sure you’re not dissatisfied with that arrangement too.   A long time ago, you and father… that… weren’t you kissing?
Fukazawa: With Fuyuki-sama?
Kazutaka: At the greenhouse.
Fukazawa: Ah… that was just a compensation.
Kazutaka: Compensation?
Fukazawa: I asked if I could have you, if I could take you from the Seikanji family. Fuyuki-sama allowed that at a price of one kiss.
Kazutaka: I was pretty cheap.
Fukazawa: It’s unthinkable that you’re cheap.
Kazutaka: I’m not cheap, but I’m serious about the adoption. I have no intentions of letting you go. I want you to be by my side forever, regardless of what form it takes. That’s why…
Fukazawa: Then, that means that I’ll become your brother. Since it’s a rare chance, shall I call you this?
Kazutaka: Huh?
Fukazawa: Kazutaka.
Kazutaka: Ah…
Fukazawa: What’s wrong? You’re sitting down.
Kazutaka: Stupid… something like that is against the rules.
Fukazawa: Will you call me “Naomi” too?
Kazutaka: I can’t!
Fukazawa: Why?
Kazutaka: It’s embarrassing.
Fukazawa: Goodness, how cute can you get? Now, return to the bed.
My world has been sealed by the mere presence of Kazutaka-sama. At the same time, Kazutaka-sama’s everything has been sealed off with my presence. We can’t live without one another. When we lose each other, our world which has lost its support will crumble. That’s exactly why, that fear, trepidation of losing the things become the basis of our insecurity. It’s just a cycle of that. Even so, we can’t live without needing each other, without yearning for each other. To cause the downfall of the one I loved the most, to torture, to hurt him and finally to rescue him. Can there be happiness better than this somewhere else in this world?
The only genuine couple in this whole world. I don’t know any others who are more fortunate, more connected in spirit in than us. In this world where the both of us are shut in, this is a dream of happiness which we will never awaken from.
I love you.
Kazutaka: Me too, I love you.

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2. The Dark Blood of the Family (一族の昏い血)

— 凍える蜜を蕩かす夜 — The night which melts the frozen nectar
Kazutaka: Wait up, nii-sama! I can’t climb all the way up there!
Kunitaka: It’ll be fine Kazutaka. Lend me your hand, I’ll pull you up.
Kazutaka: All right.
Kunitaka: See, you got up!
Kazutaka: What’s this, we can see more from the second storey than from this tree.
Kunitaka: But we can’t see what’s on the other side from that room.
Kazutaka: Yea. Ah, that’s father’s detached room right?
Kunitaka: That’s right, but we can’t go near there.
Kazutaka: I understand, but when nii-sama goes to school, I’ll be left all alone.
Kunitaka: I’ll play with you when I’m back from school.
Kazutaka: Really?
Kunitaka: Let’s play with Ryou, the three of us.
Kazutaka: Yea! I love you, nii-sama!
Kunitaka: So the both of you were here?
Both: Uncle Fushimi!
Fushimi: Oh, the both of you got quite heavy. I got some snacks, shall we have tea?
Both: Yes!
Fushimi: Then, shall we go?
Kazutaka: Uncle, hurry hurry!
Fushimi: I got it, I got it.
Kazutaka: Uncle who walked through the garden with both of us in his arms felt very warm. The world was full of light and everything looked beautiful.
Student 1: So you’re the Seikanji Kazutaka of the Middle East department huh? You’ve got a pretty face just like the rumours, you’re so pale and pretty like a woman’s. You’re totally different from your brother.
Kazutaka: Bringing me to the back of the school building, what matter do you have with me?
Student 1: Didn’t your brother commit suicide because of this guy’s father?
Student 2: That’s right.
Student 1: Goodness, despite being a fallen aristocrat, to be someone who seduces both men and women, how dirty.
Student 2: You should apologise in place of your father!
Kazutaka: Why should I?
Student 1: Wait a minute, perhaps he doesn’t know the meaning of what his father does?
Student 3: He knows, isn’t it in the lineage of the Seikanji?
Student 1: I heard that the reason why his brother went to Younen School, was because he didn’t want to see his brother’s face.
Kazutaka: You’re wrong, nii-san chose the path of the military in order to save the family.
Teacher: Over there! What are you doing?
Student 1: Let’s run.
Teacher: Are you all right? Seikanji, so it’s you.
Kazutaka: Yes.
Teacher: This is the school, please watch your behaviour. Goodness, your brother didn’t cause this sort of ruckus.
Kazutaka: I hate this learning environment which was full of family and aristocrats. There’s no place for me in this school. I have no friends who would look out for me or teachers who would ask after me. Everything is because I’m a member of the Seikanji family. The only one who would become the support of my heart, is my brother at the military school who is 2 years older than me.
Kazutaka: It’s the spring holidays from tomorrow onwards, nii-san will return to the house. Both of us stay at the dorms so we don’t usually meet. Oh! There’s a man in school uniform in front of the door. Don’t tell me…
What business do you have with this family?
Masayuki: Ah, I don’t have an appointment, but I’m here to see your father. I’m Chino Masayuki.
Kazutaka: Then, I’ll just tell him that you’re here.
Masayuki: Oh, you’re Kazutaka-kun right?
Kazutaka: Yea.
Masayuki: Ah, just like the rumours, you’re exactly like Fuyuki-san. My younger brother is in the same school as you, he’s called Chino Akiyuki.
Kazutaka: I wonder, can you please leave?
Masayuki: Ah, please wait! Since I’m here, can you let me just see him?
Kazutaka: Please let go of me.
Masayuki: I’m begging you!
Guard: Kazutaka-sama, is something wrong?
Kazutaka: It’s nothing.
If he mentions Chino Akiyuki, that’s my classmate. If that’s the brother, then I can’t let him meet father.
Naitou: Welcome home, Kazutaka-sama.
Kazutaka: I’m home, Naitou. Has Kunitaka-nii-sama returned?
Naitou: No.
Kazutaka: Any letters?
Naitou: There is nothing.
Kazutaka: I see.
Fushimi: Kazutaka-kun, so you’re back?
Kazutaka: Uncle.
Fushimi: What’s wrong? Were you bullied at school?
Kazutaka: I’m sorry, that’s not the case.
Fushimi: How is the dorm? If you’re at the same school as Kunitaka-kun, then I won’t worry.
Kazutaka: For nii-san, he has his path of progression.
Fushimi: I’m worried. You’re like a thornless rose, despite being so attractive, you have no means of protecting yourself.
Kazutaka: I’m fine, uncle because I’m hated by everyone else.
Fushimi: They’re just inexperienced and fearful of being addicted to your presence. They will come to understand it soon.
Kazutaka: Uncle? Rather than that, can you tell nii-sama to come home once in a while?
Fushimi: I’m hated by Kunitaka-kun.
Kazutaka: Nii-san, towards uncle?
Fushimi: Yea, I’m sorry for not being able to help.
Kazutaka: No, it’s fine. Uncle, can we have tea?
Fuyuki: Yoshiasu.
Fushimi: I’m coming now. I’m sorry, Kazutaka-kun.
Kazutaka: It’s fine.
I know what’s happening on the other side of this door. The day, almost ten years ago, I saw the passionate scene in the detached room. At that moment, the fear was implanted in me. Someday, will I become like father, a monster which is discriminated against, hated by everyone? I don’t want this! Nii-san… If it’s Kunitaka nii-san, I’m sure he will save me. I won’t be devoured by the influences of the Seikanji family, if it’s that pure person…
Akiyuki: Seikanji-kun.
Kazutaka: Oh, Chino-kun.
Akiyuki: I’m really glad that we’re classmates again this year.
Kazutaka: Someone like me…
Akiyuki: Because I’m an ordinary person, I can’t really mix in well with everyone else.
Kazutaka: Me too, when I’m with you, I have fun.
Akiyuki: Really?
Kazutaka: His father is a lecturer at the imperial university, Chino Akiyuki has a serious personality. Rather than the intolerable family, I can talk more with him, but I didn’t have any intentions of becoming something more, like good friends. Obviously, I didn’t tell him about meeting his brother at our family’s gates the day before spring holidays.
Akiyuki: That’s right, do you have plans for the next holiday?
Kazutaka: No.
Akiyuki: Shall we go somewhere together? Father said that he would bring us to his research centre.
Kazutaka: Sounds like fun.
Kazutaka: This is a dream, when Kunitaka nii-san and I were attending elementary school. It was the day of the parent’s meeting.
Woman 1: Oh? That child, he’s the Seikanji family’s…
Woman 2: The second child right? He’s really a split image of his father.
Woman 1: You can’t deny blood relations, it will be bad if my child gets involved with him.
Woman 2: I wonder if he’s going to become like his father and start attending evening parties?
Kazutaka: Huh?
Student 1: As expected of Kunitaka-kun.
Student 2: He’s amazing.
Kazutaka: It’s nii-sama.
Kunitaka: Kazutaka-kun, can’t you do it properly?
Kazutaka: That is…
Kunitaka: Straighten your back and walk properly.
Kazutaka: I’m sorry, nii-sama.
Kunitaka: Didn’t I tell you to stop with that way of addressing me at school?
Kazutaka: Yes, nii-san.
Why don’t the adults say anything when they look at Kunitaka nii-sama? Because nii-sama is different from me? Unlike me, he doesn’t look like father?
(Kazutaka wakes up)
What a horrible dream, I should drink some water.
Nii-san didn’t return to the house this holiday too. I was so lonely that I couldn’t stand it. Michitaka and Mariko are attached to me, but they are different from nii-san. Nii-san is the accomplice who witnessed father’s love affair on that day with me. Huh? The door is open. Father, he’s alone tonight. Wearing a woman’s clothing on his body, how annoying. As though he’s a beautiful corpse.
Fuyuki: You… Are you feeling lonely?
Kazutaka: I’m scared… (Kazutaka runs away) Within me, that person’s blood runs thicker than anything else. How disgustingly repulsive, the dark blood of the Seikanji family which I can never escape from.

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3. Struggling Heart (もがく心)

Akiyuki: You don’t look well.
Kazutaka: My brother hasn’t been returning from his dorms at all, even though I’m sure he has permission to leave during Sundays.
Akiyuki: Why doesn’t he visit you?
Kazutaka: I think he hates our family.
Akiyuki: Hm…
Kazutaka: I’m sorry for talking about weird things.
Akiyuki: In that case, then why don’t you go visit him?
Kazutaka: Me? You’re right, I’ll try visiting him the next weekend. Perhaps he will even agree to meet me. Thank you.
Akiyuki: But your brother looks like he’s really serious, unlike my brother.
Kazutaka: I-is that so?
Akiyuki: Seems like there’s someone he’s in love with recently, he’s been spacing out every day. Our parents are worried about him too.
Kazutaka: A normal father, a normal mother, and a normal brother. Those are the things which have gotten increasingly out of my reach since my mother’s death a few years ago. No, I shouldn’t be jealous of others. No matter how much I envy them, those are things which I will never be able to get. But, Chino-kun had all that right from the start.
Kunitaka: Kazutaka!
Kazutaka: Nii-san!
Nii-san was wearing the Younen school uniform and he looked dignified and manly.
Kunitaka: You’re at such a place, did something happen?
Kazutaka: I just wanted to see nii-san’s face…
Kunitaka: Did you come to my school just for something so insignificant?
Kazutaka: But…
Kunitaka: I can’t spare time to go back to the house, I have to study hard for the sake of the family, I have to bring progression to the Seikanji family.
Kazutaka: That is…
Kunitaka: This is for your sake! I’m sure you don’t want to be embarrassed for being a member of the Seikanji family too.
Kazutaka: What nii-san was shouldering was too heavy. But, I don’t want him to shoulder it by himself.
Kunitaka: But, I want to help nii-san too.
Kazutaka: There is no need for you to help.
Nii-san’s vision has gotten narrower because he has worked too hard. He doesn’t have any intentions of sharing the burden with me, and he doesn’t have any intentions of looking back.   For nii-san, I’m just something unneeded.
Kunitaka: I’m sorry, nii-san.
Kazutaka: It looks like it’s about to rain, you should return home soon.
Kunitaka: I’ve troubled you.
Kazutaka: I’ve been abandoned by my only accomplice who knows that secret. I’ve finally been abandoned. My voice can no longer reach nii-san.
Man: What’s wrong? Walking around in such heavy rain. Huh? You’re a beauty. At this rate, you’ll catch a cold, come over here.
Kazutaka: I’m fine.
Man: Just come over. What a fine gem.
Kazutaka: Stop this, let go of me!
This guy, is he a robber?
Man: Come over here, if you behave yourself, I’ll take good care of you.
Kazutaka: What are you…
Man: Heh… you have such beautiful skin.
Kazutaka: Was that his goal?
I don’t want this, please stop!
Man: I’ve seen you somewhere before, show me your face. I see, you look like a split image of Count Seikanji. Are you his son? In that case, seems like I’ll be able to enjoy myself.
Kazutaka: Let go of me!
Naitou: If you please, Kazutaka-sama. The preparation for the bath is done. Your change of clothing is in that cabinet.
Kazutaka: Thank you, Naitou.
Naitou: I think you should know this, but please be careful of your actions when you’re outside. I’m sure you know why Kunitaka-sama has been working hard at the Younen school.
Kazutaka: You’re wrong, even though I’m not at fault, why won’t you believe in me?
Naitou: Then.
Kazutaka: Father! No, that’s not. An entirely soaked body, and bleary eyes, this is my reflection in the mirror. What a lustrous expression.
Fushimi: They’re just inexperienced and fearful of drowning in your presence. They will come to understand it soon.
Kazutaka: Is that so? I finally understood what uncle Fushimi was talking about. I’m the same as father, this body has been decaying since the moment I was born. Despite that, both my classmates and I have failed to notice the smell. The only ones, who noticed the smell, are the adults.
Woman: You can’t deny blood relations, it will be bad if my child gets involved with him.
Man: If you behave yourself I’ll take good care of you.
Kazutaka: But they are the ones who got attracted to me, I haven’t been doing anything.
So dirty… so dirty… dirty!
Please save me, someone. Anyone will do… nii-sama… father… uncle… What should I do in order to avoid being the same as that devilish being? What should I do?
Kazutaka: The water is freezing, and at this rate, it’s going to overflow. Nii-sama, hold my hand just like you did that day. Please, someone pull me out from here. Huh? Whose hand is this? It’s very warm. I can’t leave this place, but it feels warm.
Akiyuki: Seikanji-kun, are you all right?
Kazutaka: Chino-kun.
Akiyuki: Your fever is finally subsiding.
Kazutaka: Fever?
Akiyuki: You collapsed after you returned to the dorm.
Kazutaka: Oh, thank you. You’ve been by my side all along.
Akiyuki: When we are feeling discouraged, we’ll have to be there for one another.
Kazutaka: Yea. I got disliked by nii-san, I made things difficult for him by going to visit him.
Akiyuki: Seikanji-kun… I am on your side.
Kazutaka: Eh?
Akiyuki: We are friends.
Kazutaka: Thank you.
Friends, that’s right, we’re friends. It will be fine as long as Chino-kun is here, I’m sure. I’ll just hang in there for a while more.
Kazutaka: Please enter.
Fushimi: Kazutaka-kun, I brought along the book you wanted.
Kazutaka: Thank you, uncle. I won’t be able to meet father right?
Fushimi: He’s in the midst of meeting guests.
Kazutaka: In that case, can you listen to my request?
Fushimi: Request? That depends what it is.
Kazutaka: It’s something simple. I want to be taught the basics.
Fushimi: Please stop teasing an adult.
Kazutaka: I’m serious, didn’t you teach father a long time ago?
Fushimi: Kazutaka-kun…
Kazutaka: I want to know if I would become a monster just like father. If I’m the same as father, then uncle’s existence should have the same meaning for me. For the sake of Chino-kun who believes in me, I want to confirm that I’m different from father. If I connect with this person in the same manner as father did, I’m sure I’ll come to understand everything.
I can only request such a thing from uncle.
Fushimi: You’re a bad child, you gave Fuyuki a man knowing that I’ll come here. Your intentions might destroy him.
Kazutaka: I don’t mind.
Father’s companion now, is Chino-kun’s brother. It was rather easy to make sure that he won’t be able to reject this.
Fushimi: You’re getting so desperate, what’s wrong? Are you that afraid of the Seikanji family blood?
Kazutaka: Of course.
Fushimi: It’s too early to give up hope, you do have half of Ayako-san’s blood.
Kazutaka: Are you going to run away?
Fushimi: I only taught Fuyuki one thing, that people can sleep with each other without feeling love. Of course, if there is love, that action will take on a different meaning. Just by sleeping with each other, we won’t come to love each other. We’re just playing around.
Kazutaka: Even so, that’s fine. I just want to know the way of sleeping with a man.
Fushimi: Do you understand the meaning of sleeping with a man? Those lovely lips of your will get dirtied by a male’s lust, and that delicate body of yours will be locked with chains. Once you get to know lust, I’m sure you will change.
Kazutaka: I’m already in enough despair, there’s no way anything can change any further.
Fushimi: Then, I’ll redo things with you.
Fushimi: The side dishes are not too bad. Has it grown?
Kazutaka: No…
Fushimi: The way I look at you will change too, I had thought of you as my own child, how ironic.
Kazutaka: Uncle, please don’t tease me.
Fushimi: I don’t intend to sleep with a child who can’t do anything. You’ll have to learn the way I do things.
Kazutaka: Yes.
Fushimi: First, kiss the tip of it. You can’t think of it as disgusting, lick it properly.
Kazutaka: I understand.
Fushimi: Next, take it into your mouth. What a helpless child, I’ll show you how it has to be done. Even if you’re feeling it, this is just a mere reaction of the body. Try to entrust yourself to me without fear.
Kazutaka: But… ah… wh-what? Uncle, I’m scared.
Fushimi: Everyone finds pleasure in this, you don’t have to be fearful.
Kazutaka: Uncle too?
Fushimi: Of course. At this moment, everyone is vulnerable. In face of pleasure, every human is merely a mass of flesh. When you come, you say?
Kazutaka: I’m letting it out.
Fushimi: To think that I have to teach the both of you.
Kazutaka: No… no…
Fushimi: Have you come to understand this? That was coming.
Kazutaka: Yes…
Fushimi: Then, next.
Kazutaka: No… something went in… finger?
Fushimi: Doesn’t it feel bad? Even so, Fuyuki’s insides wrapped around me right at the start, crying that it feels good.
Kazutaka: S-stop it, no I don’t want this, please stop.
Fushimi: It’s rather enticing too when you reject me.
Kazutaka: No… no… uncle, I don’t want that!
Fushimi: In that case, then let’s end it here for today.
Kazutaka: It’s over?
Fushimi: That’s right. Weren’t you scared?
Kazutaka: I’m fine!
Fushimi: I can’t embrace such a frightened kid.
Kazutaka: I’m not afraid, I’m serious.
Fushimi: I’ll give you a month, if your feelings don’t change by then, I’ll embrace you.
Kazutaka: Uncle?
Fushimi: Think well, what it means for me to hold another man.

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4. “The Seikanji Family” (『清澗寺』)

Kazutaka: Chino-kun’s house was extremely fun. His gentle mother welcomed me, I’m sure they know nothing about the rumours of my family.
Mother: I’m really happy that Akiyuki made such a good friend. Thank you, Seikanji-san.
Kazutaka: If I really have mother’s blood in me, just like what uncle said, I might be able to escape from my fate. Because Chino-kun and his mother accepted me as a normal human. That’s right, if I work hard, I’m sure my wishes can be fulfilled.
Michitaka: Welcome home, nii-sama.
Mariko: Welcome home, Kazutaka nii-sama.
Kazutaka: I’m home, Michitaka, Mariko. Where is Naitou?
Michitaka: He went out for today.
Mariko: Say, Kazutaka nii-sama, there are pretty butterflies flying around in the garden.
Michitaka: Let’s catch them!
Kazutaka: It’s pitiful if we catch them, let’s just watch them.
Michitaka: I got it.
Mariko: Yea!
Kazutaka: I’ll go get changed, so just wait here.
Father’s room is unusually quiet, doesn’t he have any guests today? (Sound of gunshot) What was that sound just now? Don’t tell me… a gunshot?
Michitaka! Mariko!
Michitaka: Nii-sama…
Mariko: Kazutaka nii-sama…
Kazutaka: Are the both of you all right?
Masayuki: Fuyuki-san!
Kazutaka: That is… Chino Masayuki! Why does he look so haggard? That thing in his hand… a gun?!
Masayuki: Fuyuki-san, it’s me! Fuyuki-san?
Kazutaka: Both of you, over here. Hide behind my back.
Masayuki: I rented a house where we can move into immediately, you don’t have to be shut in such an old house anymore! Fuyuki-san! Fuyuki-san?
Fuyuki: What a noisy fellow.
Masayuki: Didn’t I say? That if you refused to meet me, I’ll die? I’m serious! (Masayuki puts gun to his head) See? If I shoot my head with this, it’ll be instantaneous.
Fuyuki: Is that so? Is that all you’re going to say?
Masayuki: Aren’t you going to stop me?
Fuyuki: You want to die right? In that case, just die as you please. I don’t have the duty of watching you die.
Masayuki: That can’t be…
Fuyuki: I’m tired. If that’s your business, then just die already.
Masayuki: I’m not joking! In that case, then I’ll kill your children!
Fuyuki: Hmm?
Masayuki: This isn’t a prank, do you understand?
Fuyuki: The children didn’t asked to be given birth to, they will get born and die as they please. It’s probably their fate if they were to die here.
Masayuki: Then, you!
Fuyuki: If I get killed by you here, that’s also my fate.
Masayuki: Then I’ll kill that man! Fushimi Yoshiasu!
Fuyuki: Do whatever you like, kill if you want to, be it me, Yoshiasu, or the children… since you did let me enjoy myself with that flesh of yours, I should at least reward you with something. What’s wrong? Weren’t you going to die?
Guard 1: Now’s the chance, contain him!
Guard 2: Capture him!
Masayuki: Stop it! Let go of me! Fuyuki-san! Fuyuki-san!
Kazutaka: It will be fine, it’s all right already.
How dreadful, father… that person isn’t human. That’s the blood of Seikanji, can I really escape from it? No, I will escape from it. For the sake of Michitaka and Mariko, in order to answer to Chino-kun’s trust.
Kazutaka: Today is the day I promised with uncle. Of course, I have made the resolve to reject him. Chino-kun didn’t come to school today too.
Akiyuki: Seikanji-kun.
Kazutaka: Chino-kun.
Akiyuki: Can I have a moment of your time?
Kazutaka: I’ve been worried for you since you have been absent.
Akiyuki: You…
Kazutaka: What is it?
Akiyuki: No, I’m sorry that my brother caused trouble at your house.
Kazutaka: I don’t mind. Rather than that, is your brother all right?
Akiyuki: He was admitted into a hospital.
Kazutaka: I see.
Akiyuki: Did my brother visit your house often?
Kazutaka: I met him once in front of my house, he wasn’t that obsessed then.
Seems like it wasn’t exposed that I was the one who arranged it.
Akiyuki: Why didn’t you tell him to give it up then?
Kazutaka: I didn’t know that he’s your brother…
Akiyuki: Isn’t that irrelevant?
Kazutaka: I don’t have the right to tell him to give up.
Akiyuki: I misjudged you.
Kazutaka: Me?
Akiyuki: At least, I thought you were normal. But, in the end, you’re still a Seikanji at the very depths of your bone.
Kazutaka: Eh?
Akiyuki: If you’re in the right mind, you won’t even think of accepting the idea of a man who likes your father! How disgusting, I’m glad that you aren’t my friend.
Kazutaka: I thought that it was the usual thing for others to swarm around my father; that it’s natural for bees to gather around sweet nectar. Also, when I was a child, I thought that too.
Fuyuki: Yoshiasu… more… do me more…
Kazutaka: That father looked beautiful when he clung to uncle. Even though he’s scary, that person was so beautiful that anyone would be charmed. In the end, I’m still a Seikanji. As evidence of that, I didn’t even hesitate when I chose Chino-kun’s brother. I won’t mind if anyone gets destroyed. No, wrong. I chose him because I was jealous. I see, I finally understand, it’s not just my body which is decaying, my soul is as well. Of course I won’t be able to become like Kunitaka nii-san. But, I don’t intend on becoming a monster like my father. I won’t get tainted by lust, rather I will devour men and start eating them from their heads. I’ll use this method to gain salvation, because there’s no way anyone can save this decaying soul.

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5. Introduction to the Basics (はじめての手ほどき)

Kazutaka: Uncle.
Fuyuki: Yoshiasu…
Fushimi: How unrefined, during times like this, you should call from the outside.
Kazutaka: I’m sorry, but I’ve got priority today.
Fushimi: It’s because you didn’t come back on time.
Kazutaka: I apologise for being late, but you should be holding me instead of father.
Fushimi: I’ll have to start teaching you from how to take your clothes off. I’ll be borrowing your bridal robe, Fuyuki.
Fuyuki: Leave some spare energy.
Fushimi: What a pair of father and son who knows how to work people hard.
Kazutaka: Uncle, please teach me the way you taught father.
Fushimi: Do I have to do that for you to catch on?
Kazutaka: Yes.
Fushimi: I understand. Then, let me cast a spell on you. But that is only something temporary, the magic will wear off some day.
Kazutaka: Magic? You don’t have to lie to me as though I’m a child.
Fushimi: You don’t have to force yourself, you’re different from Fuyuki.
Kazutaka: Different? From father? I want to hear more of such words. More…
That’s why, I want it to be uncle.
I want proof, from this person who took father and my brother from me.
I want to know men, I want to know myself. I want to know what I should do in order to live as myself.
Fushimi: Do you want to lead men by their noses?
Kazutaka: Yes.
Fushimi: One’s flesh is the fortress, once you invade that, you can pull out one’s true self. The price you pay, is your pureness. You won’t regret this?
Kazutaka: It’s exactly what I want.
Fushimi: That’s right, when I insert my tongue, you have to respond accordingly. Suck the other person’s tongue, entwine it from time to time, you can even tickle it. Can you do it? This time, try to take off my clothes. That’s right, when you touch my skin, do it lustily. What will you do next?
Kazutaka: That… can I do it… to lick uncle’s…
Fushimi: Refer to it as servicing, it’s more arousing that way.
Kazutaka: Please allow me to service you.
Fushimi: You’re quite smart. Try doing it. Did you practise servicing men?
Kazutaka: With my own fingers…
Fushimi: You’ve made quite a bit of progression, drink it. This is your reward for drinking it all.
Kazutaka: Uncle?
Fushimi: Have you comforted yourself?
Kazutaka: No I haven’t… uncle… no… I can’t…
Fushimi: You can’t… what? Try saying it like I’ve taught you.
Kazutaka: It’s coming out…
Fushimi: You should say “I’m coming”.
Kazutaka: I’m… coming…
Fushimi: Good boy. Then, shall I take your chastity?
Kazutaka: Your finger…
Fushimi: Please breathe, it’ll be better if you don’t look like you’re having a hard time.
Kazutaka: Having a hard time?
Fushimi: We’re going to get connected, here. Shall I make your wish come true?
Kazutaka: No… please… do me from the front… just like how you did to father a long time ago…
Fushimi: All right. Inhale and exhale, breathe slowly… only a third is in, please relax.
Kazutaka: I’m relaxing… like this?
Fushimi: Yes. Can you tell what I’m thinking of? (Kazutaka shakes head) At this moment, humans are at their most vulnerable state. I’m able to remain calm because I’m not drowned in you.
Kazutaka: It entered. How is it?
Fushimi: You are totally no good, you’re nowhere near Fuyuki.
Kazutaka: I’m different from that person, I’m happy.
Fushimi: Contract over there and make the other person feel it.
Kazutaka: Yes. Like this?
Fushimi: Good boy, you learned it fast.
Kazutaka: Am I like father?
Fushimi: Fuyuki knew it right from the start. If you want to become like Fuyuki, you will have to work hard, he is a magical creature with a special body. I’m going to start moving. You’re slowly getting used to it.
Kazutaka: Pleasure? What a thing. Despite doing this with a man, I feel nothing. There’s only humiliation. This body doesn’t feel pleasure. I won’t drown like father. I won the blood of Seikanji family.
Say, uncle… come closer, do it inside.
Fushimi: Where did you learn how to seduce like that?
Kazutaka: Can’t I?
Fushimi: No, you pass.
Kazutaka: Let it out at the deepest point, fill me to the brim with you.
I’ll be fine, I can remain so calm, I can even pretend to feel it. I want to know more, I want to get more confirmation, that I’m different from father, I won’t get drowned in pleasure. I snatched father’s lover. Right now, at this moment, this man belongs to me.
Kazutaka: Uncle? Uncle?
Fuyuki: Is that child satisfied?
Fushimi: Yea, I’m sorry for waking you up. Aren’t you going to ask me how it was?
Fuyuki: If you still have spare energy left, that’s the answer. Let’s do it.
Fushimi: Try getting onto my knees, can you do it yourself?
Fuyuki: Ah… Yoshiasu… today you are…
Fushimi: Hm?
Fuyuki: Harder than usual.
Fushimi: Yea, I wanted to enter you as soon as possible.
Kazutaka: Father noticed, that I’m watching them.
Fuyuki: Faster, deeper…
Fushimi: Fuyuki… you’re amazing…
Fuyuki: Does it feel good?
Fushimi: I can’t have enough, Fuyuki, can you move more?
Fuyuki: Amazing… Yoshiasu… faster, let it out.
Fushimi: I’ll fill you countless times, don’t get so impatient.
Fuyuki: Good… good… over there, Yoshiasu…
Kazutaka: I thought that if it’s uncle, he could become my accomplice, that since he could love that person, he would be able to love me as well. But, that wasn’t the case. Uncle belongs to father, and I’m all alone. Because my heart is decaying and my soul is tainted, there’s no way I can be loved by anyone. Because love is a special feeling, without love, I can’t even feel lust. In that case, I’ll use this body. I’ll destroy all the people who swarm around this body, and all the hateful people who are connected to this family. This family which Kunitaka nii-san has been protecting with his life. And I’ll just forget about it, that I have a heart. I don’t need such a fragile heart which longs for a father’s warmth and the presence of a close friend. I’ll just become a mere toy, like how everyone expected me to be. That’s right, I have no heart, I’m just a mass of flesh.

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6. The Successor of the Blood (その血を継ぐ者)

Woman: Oh Kazutaka-san, will you be leaving already?
Kazutaka: I’ll visit again to play, till then.
Woman: Take care.
Kazutaka: I’m sorry for making you wait, uncle.
Man 1: Heh… so your partner for tonight is Fushimi Yoshiasu?
Man 2: To think that both father and son are in this together, how energetic.
Fushimi: Shall we go? I have a room at the Shinbashi area.
Kazutaka: Yes.
How many years have passed since then? I’ve slept with countless men, but till today, my body doesn’t feel pleasure at all. I can only get a little pleasure if it’s with uncle, but that’s due to the satisfaction of stealing father’s lover, it’s probably temporary. My body is cold as usual.
Kazutaka: Uncle, this is amazing. It’s delicious…
Fushimi: You don’t have to put on an act in front of me, just don’t attract troublesome men.
Kazutaka: Someone like you?
Fushimi: Oh? Am I attracted to you?
Kazutaka: Right now, I’m the one who only has eyes for you.
Fushimi: You’ve become good at lying, I’ll let you drink it.
Kazutaka: Do you think that that’s a lie? I can pleasure you with this.
Fushimi: But as usual, you won’t gain pleasure from it right?
Kazutaka: Yes, that’s why, please enjoy it.
Fushimi: It would be good if you can find someone important to you soon.
Kazutaka: I have no need for someone like that. I’m putting it in. Uncle… it’s going in…
Fushimi: Let me help you.
Kazutaka: So hard…
Uncle treats me slightly better than other men, but…
Does it feel good?
Fushimi: Yea… you’ve gotten good at this, it’s more than what I’ve expected at first. I understand why everyone gets fascinated with you. Try moving by yourself.
Kazutaka: Yes. Between me and father, which…
Fushimi: There is no meaning to comparing you and Fuyuki.
Kazutaka: I want him to cast an eternal spell on me, in order to reassure me that I’m always different from father. If the magic might wear off any time, I won’t be able to withstand it that way.
Uncle, it’s fine to drown.
Fushimi: You’re taking things easy. Let me fondle your front.
Kazutaka: You can’t… uncle… that, please stop it…
Fushimi: You’ve gotten good at it, can you feel this?
Kazutaka: A little…
Fushimi: You’re unusually honest. If it’s the insides, where do you prefer? I’m sure you have a favourite spot.
Kazutaka: I don’t know.
Fushimi: Then, we’ll leave this for the next time. It’s over here for today.
Kazutaka: S-stop it… Uncle… you’re so mean.
Fushimi: Is that so? If it’s Fuyuki, that’s when he gets really lusty.
Kazutaka: Then, uncle should do more…
Fushimi: Is it my fault? What a helpless child. Shall I bully you a little?
Kazutaka: No, don’t hold it there…
Fushimi: If I restrict this, you won’t be able to come right?
Kazutaka: You’re being unfair… Uncle… uncle…
Kunitaka nii-san who left the family behind and eloped, should be living purely while holding his one love close to his heart. I’m the one who’s more suited to take over the Seikanji family, being the one who takes in men like a prostitute. And while living, I’ll become a corpse and sink like this in the freezing waters.

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7. The Priceless Feelings (千鈞の想い)

Kazutaka: This hand which is pulling me so strongly… Uncle?
Ah, Fukazawa… did I just say something?
Fukazawa: Did you mistake me for that person while sleeping on my lap?
Kazutaka: I’m sorry, I was just dreaming about the past.
Fukazawa: Can you apologise?
Kazutaka: Apologise?
Fukazawa: With a kiss.
Kazutaka: I have always believed that my body can’t experience pleasure, but that is the magic, did uncle do that? In order for me to be able to control my body which is weak against pleasure just like father’s, that I have a different body from my father. He imprinted that on me over time. That is probably uncle’s form of love for me. But, Fukazawa is the one who freed me from that spell.
You can’t, I don’t want to.
Fukazawa: I can get you to apologise to me right?
Kazutaka: But…
Fukazawa: You’re getting so red, what do you find embarrassing?
Kazutaka: I’m getting aroused just by this…
Fukazawa: Even though you’re very sensitive, you’re very susceptible to shame.
Kazutaka: After I met Fukazawa, I finally learned that it’s fine to live as myself. Fukazawa is the only one in this world who could melt my body and heart.
I love you.
Fukazawa: Yea.
Kazutaka: I love you… I love you… Fukazawa… love…
Fukazawa: I got it already, so don’t make that face.
Kazutaka: What sort of face am I making?
Fukazawa: The face which is telling me to bully you incessantly.
Kazutaka: W-who is?
Fukazawa: It’s a joke, it’s a face which is telling me to take care of you.
Kazutaka: Do me until I break.
Fukazawa: No, Kazutaka-sama. Please stay by my side.
Kazutaka: As long as the Seikanji family still exists, my pain won’t disappear. That’s exactly why, I want to be hugging him till the end. I want to be taken apart by that love which is heavier than the spell of my family, or the curse of my blood. There’s no need to piece together this fragmented me to whom I was initially…
Fukazawa: I love you, I’ll always love the twisted and pitiful you. So you don’t have to be so fearful.
Kazutaka: Fukazawa…
Fukazawa: I’ll love that curse of yours too and till the end, I’ll break you with these hands.

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