Orenchi no Furo Jijou: Episode 05

“The Halloween Circumstances of My Household”

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Another cute little episode and this time right on time for Halloween! Three pretty fish dudes wearing Halloween costumes they got from some mysterious place, and a bemused Tatsumi being confronted with these circumstances? Typical Orenchi episode, all right.


Tatsumi comes home from class one day to find Wakasa, Takasu and Mikuni in his bathtub, decked out in not-so-scary costumes, and shouting Trick or Treat at him. Wakasa’s dressed as a witch, Takasu a vampire and Mikuni a mummy – and a very cute one, if you ask me. Seriously I cannot get over how adorable Mikuni is! But anyways. It’s now three demanding fish dudes and they want candy, and Tatsumi, the doormat that he is, quickly heads on out for an hour and actually goes and carves a pumpkin to satisfy the rotten – but very good-looking – freeloaders. While I’d regale tales of Tatsumi’s incredible patience all day, the funniest part was where Takasu was so enamoured with the pumpkin and actually put it on and cuddled up to it, while Wakasa calmly informed a deadpan Tatsumi that Takasu liked dark and cramped places. Typical octopus, I suppose.

The three essentially end up bleeding Tatsumi dry of candy but insist that they want more and Tatsumi unsurprisingly indulges them, either having fallen for their bishounen exterior or just because he wants to shut them up. Their little candy-feeding frenzy in such a tiny bathtub should be impossible, but in their chibi forms it was too adorable for any semblance for logicality. They actually looked ridiculous and the excited noises they were making was hilariously cute.

The sweetest moment of all, though, was where they asked him where his candy was, but Tatsumi obliviously declared that he was the one giving out candy. The other three, though, decided to share, saying that since he was the youngest of them all and therefore a child, he needed to have the most sweets on Halloween. Oh the irony of him being the youngest when the other three can’t even look after themselves in the wild that they have to scrounge off a poor high school boy. Still, it was yet another cute episode and Wakasa, Takasu and Mikuni are obviously extremely grateful for their friendship with him.

The highlight of the episode, though? Where Tatsumi decides that it’s time to make dinner and promptly smashes the jack-o-lantern with his bare hands, much to the horror of the other three.

Waste not, want not! Pumpkin soup for dinner it is!


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