Futashika na Silhouette

Futashika na Silhouette 01

Title: Futashika na Silhouette (不確かなシルエット)
Original work by: Kitazawa Jinko (Novel)
Release date: 2009年09月25日
Length: 01:18:57
Cast: Morikawa Toshiyuki x Tachibana Shinnosuke (森川 智之 x 立花 慎之介)
Related drama(s): None
Shion’s enjoyment: ❤❤❤❤
Genres: Drama
Drama translation: None

Takuma was hired as designer Kousei’s personal secretary and things were going well until one day when Kousei suddenly proclaimed that he was under the effects of hypnotism and believes that he’s a 19-year-old. 19-year-old Kousei refused to see a doctor about his condition and asked for 3 weeks to overcome it by himself. Things further complicate when Kousei fell in love with Takuma, will the two be able to find their happiness even after Kousei regains his 29-year-old self?


Having heard Tachibana Shinnosuke in YES IT’S ME recently, I coincidentally came across this while tidying up my old files and thought I’ll give it a go because it’s the ultra-veteran Morikawa with Tachibana! It has to be good~

Characters & Seiyuu

Takuma was born to a single mother family and have been looked after by Reiji’s family since young. Due to that, he has always been rather reserved and polite towards Reiji, whom he feels that he owes a debt to. I don’t think Takuma was gay from the start, but he wasn’t adverse to the idea of going out with a man and after being confessed to by 19-year-old Kousei, he found himself slowly unable to fend off Kousei’s advances. I was wondering if Takuma is the kind of person who has been yearning to find a place where he belongs, since he hadn’t really had a proper family since young, and he didn’t exactly liked the idea of imposing on Reiji’s family. Kousei’s love might have been just what he was longing for, so you can imagine how devastating losing Kousei was for him.

I have a thing for characters like Takuma, calm and to a certain extent, prideful as well. Tachibana Shinnosuke’s voice is perfect for this sort of character because there’s this princely yet gentle quality about his voice which I really enjoy listening to.

Kousei is a rather complicated character who switched from a 29-year-old mind-set to that of a 19-year-old’s and back which the span of one drama, but I think Morikawa Toshiyuki did brilliant at it. While he sounded rather mature, curt and stern at the beginning, he sounded really lively and kiddish while he was under his own hypnotism. Towards the end, he even started sounding like a 29-year-old with the personality of a 19-year-old, if I’m making any sense here.


The drama revolves around Masumiya Takuma, who was hired as a secretary/maid/personal assistant of designer Takemura Kousei and how they fell in love with each other during a period of time when Kousei hypnotized himself to believe that he was still a 19-year-old. This reminded of Cold Series, because what happened here is almost like amnesia and when amnesia is involved, I can guarantee you some angst and maybe even a bit of crying while listening to the drama. However, I think this was milder than amnesia because they had some sort of control over when Kousei would regain his 10 years’ worth of memories. After he regained his memories, he cleanly forgot about what happened between him and Takuma, even the fact that he promised not to forget about their love. I thought that he would be smart enough to write down a reminder somewhere to his 29-year-old self, and he did. The problem was that he hid it so well that his 29-year-old didn’t notice it and Takuma was slightly depressed about that. I don’t think Takuma was really mad at Kousei for forgetting his promise, because he must have known that it was near impossible for Kousei to remember what happened during the time he was hypnotised. Nevertheless, it was still devastating to have reality thrust in his face, that someone he loved was so near yet so far from him. Well, to be fair, nobody will be on a lookout for clues to a note to yourself under normal circumstances, so until Reiji’s acquaintance told him that he was behaving intimately with Takuma, Kousei didn’t realise anything. It turned out that his 19-year-old self left a video for his 29-year-old self; if a picture is worth a thousand words, that video must be like a gazillion words. With that, things were mended between Kousei and Takuma.


I have this feeling that people will either love this type of story a lot, or hate it and I’m one of those who loved it. Although I’m not someone who believes in hypnotism and I was rather sceptical of the storyline at certain points, I enjoyed the overall atmosphere which was made sadder with the occasionally attention-grabbing bgm. I would recommend this drama for its beautiful story and voices, and fear not, you get a happy ending in here.


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