Doushitemo Furetakunai

Doushitemo Furetakunai 01

Title: Doushitemo Furekunai (どうしても触れたくない)
Original work by: Yoneda Kou (Manga)
Release date: 2009年03月27日
Length: 02:18:13
Cast: Ishikawa HideoNojima Kenji (石川英郎 x 野島健児)
Related drama(s): Soredemo Yasashii Koi wo Suru (それでも、やさしい恋をする)
Shion’s enjoyment: ❤❤❤❤
Genres: Drama
Drama translation: None (scanlated manga available)

On Shima’s first day at work, he met a stinky man in the elevator who was still slightly hung over and that man turned out to be his section chief, Togawa. Shima had the worst possible impression one could have of Chief Togawa and things weren’t going well at all between them. However, Togawa seems to be intent on befriending Shima and an impulsive kiss one night started their ambiguous relationship.


Doushitemo Furetakunai is a drama which really brings on the feels and turns on the waterworks. I vaguely remember reading the manga some time back and since the movie release, there has been this hype about the story which got me relistening to the drama. It’s a story with a rather simple concept: a man with an inferiority complex who doesn’t believe that he will be loved and an outgoing and kind man who goes for what he believes in. But somehow almost the whole BL community cried their hearts out for this sad but beautiful story. I don’t really know why, but after listening to it, I figured that it has to be the execution and the heartrending voice acting.


On Shima’s first day at work, he met a stinky man in the elevator who was still slightly hung over and that man turned out to be his department chief, Togawa. Shima had the worst possible impression one could have of Chief Togawa and things weren’t going well at all between them. The fact that Shima is a reserved guy who tends toward the anti-social side of the friendliness scale didn’t help either. Despite Togawa’s numerous attempts at getting Shima to lunch with him, the cold junior always managed to come up with an excuse to not lunch with his chief.

Unbeknownst to Togawa, Shima was still suffering from a bad breakup he had, which resulted in him leaving his previous company. Shima’s ex-boyfriend started spreading horrible rumours, blaming the entire thing and basically being very mean towards Shima when their relationship was exposed. Despite everything he was put through, Shima didn’t do anything in response to his ex-boyfriend’s treatment of him. Eventually, everyone realised that their relationship was a mutual one and Shima didn’t “force himself” on the ex-boyfriend like how the rumours described. However, what’s done was done and Shima chose to leave the horrible man he was once in love with behind, along with his position in the big and prestigious firm for the smaller company he’s currently employed in. Togawa was somewhat Shima’s type, but Shima had sworn that he won’t get involved with straight men after what happened in his previous firm, so he had been conscientiously avoiding Togawa.

As time passed, Togawa and Onoda noticed how conscientious Shima was of Togawa and that only made Togawa realise how cute Shima was. I really respected Togawa for being able to persevere through till he managed to convince Shima to have a meal with him. Shima and Togawa enjoyed a nice dinner out and even though Shima was rather unfriendly and curt towards Togawa, he wasn’t as hostile as I expected him to be. Just as they were about to go their separate ways, Togawa grabbed and kissed Shima, an impulsive action which led to them spending the night together in Togawa’s apartment and the start of their ambiguous relationship.

Onoda soon found out about the relationship between Togawa and Shima, well, to be precise, Togawa was the one who accidentally let slip the fact that he’s been sleeping with Shima and when Shima found out about this, he basically froze in terror. It had to be the traumatic experience he went through at his previous firm which is causing him to worry so much this time, and he wasted no time in talking to Onoda to ensure that his colleague doesn’t spread this around at work. It’s really sweet to see how much he cares for Togawa; while Shima usually avoids contact with people unnecessary, he would take the initiative when it comes to protecting the ones he cares for. What made this love so bittersweet at this point, was how Shima summarised their relationship with “this is just a temporary obsession, he will eventually get over it”.

Of course, Onoda told Togawa about Shima’s words, which only made Togawa fall deeper in love with cute Shima. Despite Shima’s pessimistic approach to their relationship, Togawa’s easygoing personality and gentleness towards Shima slowly strengthened Shima’s confidence in their relationship. But just when things were about to start going well, it was decided that Togawa would transfer (for good) to the headquarters in Kyoto and Shima took it as a death sentence for their relationship. Togawa had been extremely patient with Shima till now, but that was the last straw for him when Shima’s lack of belief in him and their relationship became apparent. The two broke up and returned to being normal co-workers, even till Togawa left for Kyoto.

After Togawa’s transfer, Shima seemed to be holding up quite well, until he accidentally comes across a Togawa’s cigarette box in his drawer. Poor Shima broke down completely and luckily, the one who was with him was Onoda. Onoda brought him to the resting room and tactfully left while Shima continued to sob uncontrollably. That incident led Shima to his decision of visiting Togawa in Kyoto, to confront his love and his fear of losing a “normal” lover. Finally, the two settled down and would meet up weekly to spend time together.

Characters & Seiyuu

Shima is without a doubt one of my favourite ukes. He’s got severe inferiority complex and accepts almost any shit he receives. Despite being really reserved and unfriendly, he won’t hesitate to offer his help when someone needs it and he is an extremely honest and hardworking person. Although he is rather cowardly when it comes to love, hence the title “Doushitemo Furetakunai” (I don’t want to touch no matter what), that’s part of what endears him for me. Nojima Kenji is getting himself a reputation for playing reserved and cold characters on my drama list. Also, Nojima proves himself as the go to seiyuu for pitiful characters who can gain listeners’ sympathy with no effort. I first noticed how good Nojima was at crying in Synapse no Hitsugi, where his performance was absolutely stunning. In Doushitemo Furetakunai, I found myself sobbing along with him during his breakdown in the office after Togawa’s transfer to Kyoto. Such is the power of a skilful seiyuu. Nojima and Shima are the main reasons why I found this drama so setsunai and loved it so much.

Togawa-san is the easy-going, cheery and perverted chief who actually has a rather dark past. He knew that Shima was couldn’t forget about the past and was extra gentle and tactful about it, because he’s just head over heels in love with the quiet, shy but snappy man. I can’t really describe Togawa’s character well enough, but it just feels that he’s the sort who may look like he’s really carefree and doesn’t do much thinking most of the time, he’s actually someone who knows everything and takes actions after careful considerations. He’s the sort whom you will discount at first impression but realise that you’ve underestimated him after. I don’t get dramas with Ishikawa Hideo often but I really liked him as Togawa in here. Somehow his voice just suits the image of a chief perfectly and his execution of the role was perfect too. I enjoyed how he sounded just like a perverted middle-aged man sometimes while other times his voice was sweet and gentle enough to melt my heart.

Onoda-san, voiced by Morikawa Toshiyuki was such a great supporting character in here that I was rather glad when he became the star in Soredemo Yasashii Koi wo Suru, a story related to Doushitemo Furetakunai. Onoda is the typical supporting character in BL who doesn’t interfere with the main couple’s relationship, and whom nobody cares about really. But he’s such a comedic addition to the cast and in some sense, he’s also the one who helped the couple the most, that I couldn’t help liking him. As usual, Morikawa did a great job with his role, especially during the last few tracks where Onoda was pulling his hair out over Shima.


I love the dry humour which permeates the entire story, I love how the relationship between the two developed, I love how the story was executed, I just love this entire drama! After listening to the drama, I reread the manga and found that it wasn’t as emotional as the drama was for me. The drama had me crying nonstop during one of its tracks but the manga was more of a click-read-click thing. Having the voice actors really influenced the way I perceived this drama and I’m looking forward to watching the live-action movie ^^. IMO the actors were casted rather perfectly in terms of looks but I can’t say much for their acting since I haven’t watched it yet.



8 thoughts on “Doushitemo Furetakunai

  1. oh wow Shion-chan! I have to listen to this drama CD now… I read the manga way back too and remembered to get the drama CD but as you know how such things go, one distraction leads to another and I completely left it aside! I love Ishikawa Hideo in Bleach and Naruto and you’re right about Nojima Kenji doing spectacularly in cold, reserved roles. This generation’s uke queen (in my books at least) does it so well that I don’t recognise him in any other types of roles lol. Didn’t realise there’s a live action too so now I’ve got to find it cos the trailer looks quite promising~

    • Yes you have to!!! I don’t remember listening to the drama before, strangely, but I do remember reading the manga. The drama is 10000x better than the manga and any other adaptations imo *ahem*.

      • Lol if u say so!! Haha but I ought to catch up on my reviews first otherwise kiseki-chan might get upset hehehe so this weekend! I’ll get to this drama cd this weekend!

  2. one thing… how is it possible that the passion (read ecchi) is a thousand degrees high in japanese audio dramas but cold as effing north pole when they do it in live action?? ah well, i prefer my BL in manga + drama cd hehe.

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