Seikanji-ke Series 05: Yogoto Mitsu wa Shitatarite 2 Disc 1 – Translation

Seikanji-ke Series 05 (1)

Title: Seikanji-ke Series 05: Yogoto Mitsu wa Shitatarite 2 (夜ごと蜜は滴りて2) Disc 1 (drama review)
Cast: Konishi Katsuyuki x Nojima Kenji (小西克幸 × 野島健児)
Related drama(s): Seikanji-ke Series
Contents: Disc 1

1. 虚勢と不安
2. 鳥籠のふたり
3. 過重な愛
4. 裏腹な幸福
5. Track 5
6. Track 6
7. 救出
8. 愛執

Disc 2

1. 至上の一対
2. 一族の昏い血
3. もがく心
4. 『清澗寺』
5. はじめての手ほどき
6. その血を継ぐ者
7. 千鈞の想い

1. Bluff and Anxiety (虚勢と不安)

Kazutaka: It’s that dream again. My father is intertwined with uncle Fushimi in the detached room. Father’s sweet voice, that person is not human. He’s so beautiful and frightening, he’s a devilish being.
Fushimi: Fuyuki… Fuyuki… Fuyuki…
Kazutaka: That’s not father… the one who is wrapping his legs around uncle’s waist and crying out in ecstasy… is me…
Fukazawa: Kazutaka-sama? Kazutaka-sama!
Kazutaka: Fukazawa…
Fukazawa: You seem to be moaning in your sleep, are you all right?
Kazutaka: I had a bad dream.
Fukazawa: It seems like your fever has got down. You’re weak against the heat, shall we move you to the detached room?
Kazutaka: I don’t want to! Anywhere but that place! No way! Ah…
Fukazawa: In that case, I’ll think of another way. Now, please lie down. Good night, Kazutaka-sama.
Kazutaka: I can’t believe yet, but it was 3 days ago when Fukazawa told me that he loves me. But, even though I’m supposed to be happy, my heart hurts because of how insecure I feel. Won’t I drown in sexual pleasure like my father one day? If that happens, I’ll surely be separated from him.
Fukazawa: I’ll look after you till the day you die, for eternity.
Kazutaka: I’m not a naïve child who can innocently believe in the “eternity” he spoke of, because I know that everything will end one day.
— 蜜よりも夜は甘く – Nights sweeter than honey
Mariko: Naomi-san, thank you for spending time with me today!
Fukazawa: It was my pleasure too, to be able to see the Mariko-san who can turn heads everywhere she goes.
Kazutaka: On the twelfth year of the Taisho era, summer. The elder brother Kunitaka had taken flight, I have become the next head of the Seikanji family, which has been on a road to recovery with the help of Fukazawa. I yearned for Fukazawa when we were working together, and brought him into the house by making him Mariko’s fiancé.
Fushimi: Kazutaka-kun, what are you looking at from the window?
Kazutaka: Nothing much.
Fushimi: Mari-chan and Fukazawa-kun, huh? Those two are really suited for each other.
Kazutaka: That’s right.
Fushimi: There are rumours going around that your beauty has been stained by a bitterness lately.
Kazutaka: Uncle.
Fushimi: You’ve become sensitive. I know just the reason why you’ve been bringing back men.
Kazutaka: That is because I don’t understand Fukazawa’s feelings. Fukazawa changed me. He took away the defence in my body and my heart and weakened me to this state. Because of that, it feels like I’m starting to lose myself, it’s frightening. I have to do something and start behaving like I used to.
Fushimi: Shall we go to the bed? I’ll fulfil your expectations.
Kazutaka: Uncle…
Fukazawa is looking at us from outside.
Please stop this.
Fushimi: How cute. You’re as awkward as usual, you don’t know how you should treat Fukazawa right? What are you hesitating for? If you want to bind Fukazawa to this family, then you should speed up his marriage to Mari-chan.
Kazutaka: I know that.
Mariko: Say, onii-sama, what will you do during this summer holidays? Michitaka said that he will be going with his friend to Shikoku.
Kazutaka: In that case, let’s make plans for our holiday too.
Mariko: Thank you, onii-sama! Naomi-san will be coming along with us too right?
Kazutaka: Fukazawa too?
Mariko: Since this doesn’t happen often, I want to enjoy it with everyone.
Kazutaka: I understand, I’ll talk about this with Fukazawa too.
Mariko: Thank you! Then, good night!
Kazutaka: Good night.
Since then, I haven’t slept with Fukazawa, not even once. I was so afraid of losing myself, that I reject even his touch. Even though I really want him to hold me. What should I do?
Kazutaka: Fukazawa.
Fukazawa: Please enter.
Kazutaka: Mariko wanted… it seems like she wants to go for a vacation, can you go with her?
Fukazawa: Are you going to make me accompany an unmarried lady?
Kazutaka: I’ll deal with that. I’ve been invited to Kubodera’s house, so I can’t go with you.
Fukazawa: I understand.
Kazutaka: Sorry for disturbing you.
Fukazawa: Kazutaka-sama.
Kazutaka: L-let me go.
Fukazawa: Don’t you have something you wish to say to me? Before I make you confess, it will be better for you to say it. Please don’t worry me.
Kazutaka: Fukazawa…
I can’t… to be captivated by a man, I’ll become the same as that person!
Fukazawa: Kazutaka-sama?
Kazutaka: I feel…
Fukazawa: Huh?
Kazutaka: I feel bad. I’ll be turning in for the day.
Fukazawa: I understand.
Kazutaka: I can never say something like “I want him”. Even Fukazawa didn’t yearn for my body. I’m sure he’s gotten bored with me already. I don’t want this! In order to hold Fukazawa back, I’ll do anything. Even if I depend on Mariko…

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2. The Two in a Cage (鳥籠のふたり)

Kazutaka: Fukazawa and Mariko left for Karuizawa yesterday, Michitaka left for Shikoku, uncle Fushimi and father left for a vacation to somewhere. Saying that it was a good chance, Fukazawa let the servants take a rest and quietly, I’m left alone in this house. Something like Kubodera-san’s invitation, that was a lie.
It would be good if things go well between Mariko and Fukazawa on this trip. It sure is hot, I’m all sweaty. I have to change into something. Huh? Yukata?
Ever since I tailored it, I haven’t worn it even once. Because Japanese clothing remind me of that person, my father. But that day, Fukazawa said that we are different, that I am me. Not Seikanji Fuyuki, but Kazutaka. In that case, even if I wear this, I should be fine.
Kazutaka: Father!
No, I’m wrong, I’m the one who is reflected in the mirror.
Damn it! Damn! Damn… Fukazawa…
From the sheets or the futon, there is Fukazawa’s smell. My body is trembling, how disgraceful, I’m always the only one yearning for Fukazawa, to starve and thirst…
Fukazawa… Fukazawa…
This can’t do, it isn’t enough… the perfume bottle from back then. With this…
Why… can’t it enter?
Fukazawa: What a wonderful view.
Kazutaka: Fukazawa!
Fukazawa: When you’re alone, is this how you’ve always comforted yourself? Or are you preparing yourself for a date?
Kazutaka: No!
Fukazawa: The bed is getting all wet, hand that over, I’ll unplug it for you. Change into this.
Kazutaka: This is father’s yellow under-kimono… Are you intending to make me wear something like this?
Fukazawa: Hurry up, wear this.
Kazutaka: No… no! Let me go! It’s fine like this.
Fukazawa: Now, stand. We’re going to the detached room.
Kazutaka: N-no… Fukazawa!
Fukazawa: What a helpless person. As usual, you really like being tied up.
Kazutaka: Stop it! Untie me!
Fukazawa: I shall hold you.
Kazutaka: Didn’t I say that I don’t want this? No, no!
Kazutaka: Stop doing something so stupid, untie my hands!
Fukazawa: What you need is a drastic treatment. It will be a week before everyone returns, that’s enough time to re-train you.
Kazutaka: What did you do to Mariko?
Fukazawa: Seems like she will be resting for a while at the resort.
Kazutaka: Don’t tell me… from the start, was this your motive?
Fukazawa: Yes. Was it bad?
Kazutaka: Such a method is one that cowards use!
Fukazawa: Coward? That should be my line.
Kazutaka: What?
Fukazawa: You didn’t just make use of me, but also Mariko-san. You wanted us to start becoming conscious of each other as marriage partners right?
Kazutaka: What’s wrong with that? You two are engaged.
Fukazawa: Are you serious?
Kazutaka: If I’m not serious, I won’t be able to hand my precious sister over to you.
Fukazawa: It seems like you enjoy cornering yourself. Then, if I marry Mariko-san, I’ll have children with her too.
Kazutaka: That’s expected if you become a family.
Fukazawa: Then, what will happen to you? You want to be with me so badly, to the extent of making use of Mariko-san right? In that case, do you want to become my substitute? For a lustful person like you, it’s probably impossible to become a lover.
Kazutaka: Something like that, I can do it!
Fukazawa: Is that so? Then, try to suck me off. You’re terrible at this. It seems like there is a need to re-teach you from the ways of how to please a man. With this level, you can’t even become a toy, not to mention lover.
Kazutaka: I knew it, I can’t free myself. On top of being tied up, I’m been tied to the pillar and left in the detached room. I wonder how much time has passed since then.
Fukazawa: Take this time to cool your head down.
Kazutaka: Wait, Fukazawa! Fukazawa, I don’t like this place! (Fukazawa leaves the room) Fukazawa… Fukazawa…
Fukazawa: I made some rice gruel. Open your mouth.
Kazutaka: If you untie me, I can eat it myself.
Fukazawa: Dogs can eat their food without using hands right? It’s up to you to consume it, at the very least, I have no intentions of letting you out from this place within this week.
Kazutaka: What on earth are your intentions?
Fukazawa: I just want to domesticate you.
Kazutaka: Don’t joke with me!
Fukazawa: I’ve forgotten that you don’t know how to love. For Kazutaka-sama, there is a need for you to get used to being loved by me first.
Kazutaka: Are you saying that this way of doing things is love?
Fukazawa: Right now, you’re like a newborn baby. I’ll have to teach you everything from the start. Please eat your food. How’s the taste?
Kazutaka: It’s delicious.

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3. The Heavy Love (過重な愛)

Kazutaka: It has been 2 days since I was tied up and confined to the detached room. At first I tried to escape when I had the chance to, but it was a total failure and I received a punishment. Despite being punished and made to do embarrassing things, Fukazawa would never try to hold me. Goodness, I’ve had enough of this.
Fukazawa: How’s the temperature of the bath?
Kazutaka: Just right.
Fukazawa: I’m glad to hear that.
Kazutaka: Ah, stop! I’ll wash that myself.
Fukazawa: You don’t have to be polite with me.
Kazutaka: Isn’t it enough? I’ll do what you want me to, everything, so…
Fukazawa: So you want me to forgive you?
Kazutaka: Yea…
Fukazawa: That won’t do, Kazutaka-sama. You won’t break with something this level. It’s impossible for you to deceive me. Do you still not understand? You won’t be able to live without me.
Kazutaka: You’re wrong… wrong… there’s no such thing… I don’t want this… stop it…
Fukazawa: To get aroused just with my washing, seems like you haven’t gotten enough training. Let me wash the hole at the bottom too.
Kazutaka: The bath water… is hot…
Fukazawa: It’s twitching, isn’t it? If you get aroused with something like this, I’ll have to punish you again. Should I insert the perfume bottle? Or do you prefer your brother’s paper knife?
Kazutaka: I don’t want… brother’s…
Fukazawa: Then, behave yourself.
Kazutaka: No…
I want him to hold me, not with his fingers but with himself. I want Fukazawa to penetrate this body. But I can’t say it, that it has to be Fukazawa and nobody else… I can never acknowledge that I won’t be able to live without Fukazawa. If I acknowledge it, I won’t be able to withstand the pains of losing him. But, despite being embarrassed to this state, I’m still content… that I’m the one who is monopolising Fukazawa and not Mariko. If only we can continue being in a world where there is only the two of us. While being watched over by Fukazawa and being satisfied by him, during that, the one who is controlling Fukazawa is me.
Fukazawa… Fukazawa…
Kazutaka: Today is probably… the fourth day.
Fukazawa, water.
Fukazawa: Yes.
Kazutaka: If I don’t borrow Fukazawa’s hand, I can’t even drink water. Fukazawa gives me water and feeds me food, I live only in his embrace. If there is something I wanted, Fukazawa would prepare anything for me, with the exception of my freedom and one more thing.
More… more… Fukazawa…
Fukazawa: You mean, water?
Kazutaka: Kiss me… Fukazawa… do me…
Fukazawa: No.
Kazutaka: Please… I’ll do whatever you say…
Fukazawa: No I can’t, we’re in the midst of your training. For you, as long as you can get held, it doesn’t matter who you get held by right?
Kazutaka: You’re wrong, I want it…
Fukazawa: Shall I tell you the number of men you seduced in just this month? It’s against the rules to make such a face, Kazutaka-sama.
Kazutaka: Because it’s you, it’s good.
Fukazawa: That’s because you were stubborn and rejected me. You should have said this honestly right from the start.
Kazutaka: Because…
Fukazawa: Are you that concerned about Fuyuki-sama? I heard that this room was previously used by Fuyuki-sama. It’s because of your father that you hate yukata or kimono right?
Kazutaka: You did all these while knowing that, you’re a horrible man.
Fukazawa: Because you’re so fixated on it, I had to use force.
Kazutaka: I’m my father’s child!
Fukazawa: Then, are you going to continue rejecting me from now on?
Kazutaka: I didn’t reject you! I love you… I love you, but I don’t understand… what I should do for you to continue loving me, what I should do to make you stay by my side… You don’t have to love me, that’s why… don’t throw me away.
Fukazawa: Have you forgotten my promise to not throw you away?
Kazutaka: Even that person abandoned me, he left me alone twice. That’s why, there’s no reason why an unrelated person like you would stay with me.
Fukazawa: You’re talking about your elder brother right? Even now, you’re still the 14-year-old child whom your brother left behind. You’re more cowardly than anyone, and more easily frightened. You’re always afraid of being abandoned. As long as you shut your heart off to everyone, I can’t save you. You should make the resolve and accept me already. From now on, you belong to me for the rest of your life. I will only allow you to be cornered or hurt by me. Even you have no right to hurt yourself. Can you trust in me?
Kazutaka: Something like love, it will disappear one day.
Fukazawa: Then, I’ll prove it to you that it won’t disappear for eternity.
Kazutaka: You will discriminate against me, I’m sure you will come to hate me.
Fukazawa: Why?
Kazutaka: When you touch me, I always become like that. That is like father.
Fukazawa: So you don’t know that I find you cute because you get to aroused by me? If you get insecure over that, I’ll take the rest of my life to convince you, that you are a different person from Fuyuki-sama. That you are you. Despite all that, are you still afraid?
Kazutaka: If you abandon me, I will kill you. If you are longer around, I will probably be broken. I need you.
Fukazawa: Kazutaka-sama.
Kazutaka: Fukazawa…
Fukazawa: Just like how you need me, I need you too. It seems like you’ve misunderstood something, but you’re the one who’s tying me down and controlling me. If the end comes, that will be when you abandon me. Now, have you come to understand my love? If you want to escape, you have the right to do so. I don’t mind if you leave any time.
Kazutaka: I will never try to escape from you ever again. I only need you, if you aren’t around… I can’t live… That’s why, love me… always.
Fukazawa: Yes, I shall promise you that, Kazutaka-sama. There might be a day when you think that you’re better off being broken. You will surely find my love too heavy. So, no matter how much you complain about that suffering, I have no intentions of letting you go. Because whatever happiness or sadness you experience from now on, will be given by me.

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4. The Ironic Happiness (裏腹な幸福)

Kazutaka: Fukazawa… my chest… stop it…
Fukazawa: Seems like you’re able to come just by this. I’ll relieve you soon.
Kazutaka: I can’t… anymore…
Fukazawa: It’s too soon for you to give in .
Kazutaka: Whatever… quickly…
Fukazawa: I’d have to prepare you thoroughly, the one who suffers would be you.
Kazutaka: I want you… faster…
Fukazawa: Have you forgotten how to ask properly?
Kazutaka: Why are you doing such mean… things?
Fukazawa: This is your punishment for rejecting me.
Kazutaka: Please… hold me… with you…
Fukazawa: I’m sure you didn’t know, how much I’ve longed for you… Don’t be so tense… I won’t be able to enter.
Kazutaka: Because… I can’t…
Fukazawa: You don’t like it?
Kazutaka: It’s good… it’s so good… Fukazawa… more…
Fukazawa: Where did you learn such ways of seduction?
Kazutaka: More… deeper… do me more…
Fukazawa: Is that fine with you?
Kazutaka: No… no… take it out, tease me… a lot…
Fukazawa: You’re full of requests, you’re really so greedy, why do you want so much?
Kazutaka: Because… I love…
Fukazawa: Being done like this?
Kazutaka: No! I love… you… love… I love you…
Fukazawa: If you keep saying such cute things, I won’t be able to hold myself back from trying to close up your mouth.
Kazutaka: Your mouth too… I love it… love… love… Say that you love me…
Fukazawa: I love you.
Fukazawa: Is my lap-pillow too hard?
Kazutaka: It’s just right. Rather than that, I did something bad towards Mariko.
Fukazawa: Mariko-san knew everything.
Kazutaka: What did you say?
Fukazawa: Do you think you could fool her after coming to my room every night? Regarding the vacation, she was also worried about Kazutaka-sama.
Kazutaka: I have to apologise to Mariko.
Fukazawa: What have I done, I was careless.
Kazutaka: About what?
Fukazawa: Your weakness is Mariko-san right? I could have bullied you for some time by saying “if you want me to keep it from her”.
Kazutaka: Wha… why are you always so sadistic?
Fukazawa: Because you’re the cutest when you cry.
Kazutaka: What do you intend to do if I suffer a breakdown?
Fukazawa: Don’t worry, I know my limits. The precarious balance you have when you desperately try to hold your ground before a breakdown is the most beautiful. You can’t possibly break that easily.
Kazutaka: You sound as though you really want me to be broken.
Fukazawa: As long as you bear the burden of the household, you will become broken sooner or later. You should just abandon this house like your brother.
Kazutaka: I can’t. My father, Michitaka and Mariko are here. I can’t gain freedom all by myself.
Fukazawa: Then, pass that burden to me.
Kazutaka: If… you want this household, I can make you the guardian or anything. But if that’s not the case, then I can’t pass on a burden which I should carry.
Fukazawa: So are you telling me to keep quiet and watch while you shoulder the burden of this house?
Kazutaka: No, that’s not what I’m saying.
Fukazawa: I won’t be defeated by something like that. The only thing which can break me, is you. Isn’t that right?
Kazutaka: I will allow everything of Fukazawa, give him anything, and let him take anything from me. That’s the only love I can give. For Fukazawa, that’s the only way he knows how to love too. We are a pair who are consumed by the love for each other.
There is only you for me. As long as you are there, I don’t mind anything.
Fukazawa: I love you, Kazutaka-sama.
Kazutaka: Until the moment when the weekend approaches, I’m under Fukazawa’s spell. The spell called love is being created now. That incomparable, hopeless and absolute submission.

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5. Track 5

— 禁じられた夜の蜜 — The forbidden nectar of the night
Woman: To think that that Senzaki-sensei would have an exhibition in Japan.
Man: Well, he’s the person who’s considered the blood and iron of this era where the military is of utmost importance.
Woman: Ah, take a look at that. Fukazawa-san is here too.
Man: Yes, if he becomes the president of the Seikanji family Heavy Industries, the military will be an important client for him. Even though Senzaki-sensei has retired, his influence is still strong. It’s given that they would want to be in his good grace.
Woman: Rather than that, look there! It’s Seikanji Kazutaka. Didn’t he become the president of the Seikanji yarn company in Fukazawa’s stead?
Fukazawa: Senzaki-sensei, congratulations on the opening of your personal exhibition.
Senzaki: Thank you.
Fukazawa: Aren’t you going to elaborate on the personal side?
Senzaki: No, beauty has to be appreciated otherwise. Look at this, he’s bewitchingly beautiful today. (They look towards Kazutaka)
Man: As expected of Seikanji-kun.
Fukazawa: Those hanging around Kazutaka-sama are the officers of the military. It was last year when Senzaki-sensei, who is the previous cabinet minister of the military, asked to meet Kazutaka-sama in private. There were rumours of sensei being interested in guys, but Kazutaka-sama didn’t look the least bit unwilling when he accepted the request to be sensei’s model. It has been 2 years since that summer we spent in the detached room. The era has become the Showa era. Michitaka-sama went over to China and Kazutaka-sama started becoming conscious of the fact that he has to take over the Seikanji Heavy Industries.
If that’s your wish, whenever you like.
Senzaki: Yes, I’ll be of help to you whenever you wish for it.
Fukazawa: Thank you so much.
Due to the influence of the recession, the criticisms towards the wealthy class are strong. The labour movement and the Communist movements have become more obvious. There are many who have started to blackmail or threaten. The Seikanji Industries has also caught the eye of this radical group called the Labourer Revival. In this period of unrest, it’s better to have the military in our debts.
Kazutaka: Asano-san, please stop this already. Please let go of my hand.
Asano: Despite what you say, your body doesn’t seem to be unwilling.
Fukazawa: Kazutaka-sama, so this is where you were.
Kazutaka: Fukazawa, you came at the right time, I wanted to introduce Asano-san to you.
Fukazawa: Even though his superior is around, to make such bold advances on Kazutaka-sama…
Asano: So you’re the reputed poignard of the Seikanji Household. I’m Asano Kaname of the Military Police.
Fukazawa: I’m Fukazawa Naomi, I’m honoured to be able to meet you.
Kazutaka: Asano-san was Kunitaka-nii-sama’s classmate.
Asano: To be able to monopolise the beautiful brother of the Seikanji family is something to be jealous of.
Fukazawa: Saying things which he doesn’t even mean.
Man: Oh, Seikanji-kun.
Kazutaka: Ah, please excuse me.
Fukazawa: I’ll get some drinks.
Asano: There’s a man called Andou at the Tokyo Military Police Headquarters. He’s outstanding but also a shrewd fellow. There are many who want to make the Seikanji family indebted to them. You have to be careful about not being made use of.
Fukazawa: Thank you very much for your warning, but were those words said out of kindness?
Asano: I just want to clear the debts between Seikanji family and the military. It will be more convenient for the both of us that way.
Fukazawa: It seems like your warning comes at a high price.
Since the first time I met Kazutaka-sama, I have always been in a dream from which I can’t awaken from. If I can avoid waking up from this dream, I’ll do anything.
Kazutaka: This time round, I learned something valuable at the plant. The plant which has high productivity was acknowledged publicly, bringing in the idea of a cash grant was a success. I want to report the results to Fukazawa quickly.
Turn right there.
Driver: Yes.
Kazutaka: I’m getting insecure and it’s because the number of times I get held by Fukazawa has decreased. It might be because of that, when he touches me, I start to lose myself more easily. With that, I’ll sure be abandoned by Fukazawa. Or could it be… already… No I should stop thinking. Even if it’s a little, I should be of use to him at work. If I don’t do that…
Huh? Mariko? Please stop here.
Kazutaka: Mariko!
Mariko: Onii-sama!
Kazutaka: What’s wrong? You’re not even holding an umbrella.
Mariko: I was followed by a strange person…
Kazutaka: Get on, our home is just there.
Naitou: Welcome back. Mariko-sama! I’ll bring a towel immediately.
Kazutaka: Are you all right, Mariko?
Naitou: I’ve brought it, please.
Mariko: Yea, thank you.
Kazutaka: Mariko who is usually very level-headed, she’s trembling so much now.
Mariko: I’m sorry, I’m all right now onii-sama.
Kazutaka: What happened?
Mariko: I got frightened after I felt that someone was following me. But, I might have imagined it.
Kazutaka: In any case, go take a bath. It won’t be good if you catch a cold.
Mariko: Yes.
Kazutaka: Naitou, where is Fukazawa?
Naitou: He went out to attend the wake of a trading partner.
Kazutaka: Wake?
Naitou: Seems like it’s the Togita Steel’s managing director.
Kazutaka: I see.
Kazutaka: Because I didn’t get to see Fukazawa last night, I wanted to talk to him this morning, but to think that he’s speaking with father before me.
(Someone knocks on door) Don’t enter!
Fushimi: Are you sulking?
Kazutaka: So it was uncle? I’m not really sulking. I’m sorry that Fuyuki has been hogging Fukazawa the first thing in the morning. The managing director who passed away was close to Fuyuki as well, they were talking about that. Because it might cause trouble for everyone if Fuyuki attends the wake. Come here. To think that it was a hit-and-run, how dangerous.
Fushimi: It’s unexpected that uncle will defend Fukazawa.
Kazutaka: I just don’t want to see a flower like you put on a troubled face.
Fushimi: You’re skilled.
Kazutaka: Good boy.
Fushimi: It’s better to attach a bodyguard to Mari-chan. To have someone following her around for 3 days, even I get worried.
Kazutaka: 3 days?
Fushimi: Didn’t you know? Earlier on, Fukazawa-kun too… (someone clears throat)
Kazutaka: Fukazawa…
Fukazawa: May I?
Fushimi: Then, I’ll excuse myself. (Fushimi leaves room)
Kazutaka: Have you reported Mariko’s case to the police?
Fukazawa: Not yet, making a fuss out of it might worsen it.
Kazutaka: The bandage around your wrist is…
Fukazawa: A drunkard picked a fight with me, it’s nothing big.
Kazutaka: Then, let me pick Mariko up…
Fukazawa: Please leave Mariko-san to me. From now on, I’ll hire a bodyguard for you too.
Kazutaka: Bodyguard?
Fukazawa: It’s an employee who went to Osaka with me.
Kazutaka: The ones who were attacked were you two, I don’t need a bodyguard!
Fukazawa: Don’t I have the right to worry for you? It would be enough if I could protect you with this hand. Stand up, we can’t continue like this. You’ll approve of the bodyguard right?
Kazutaka: That is…
Fukazawa: Kazutaka-sama.
Kazutaka: Stop it… let go of me…
Fukazawa: You’re rejecting me again. Who do you belong to?
Kazutaka: You…
Fukazawa: That’s right, I won’t hand you over to anyone else. To any other men… no, regardless of men or women, I won’t let anyone touch a single hair on you. You are mine.
Kazutaka: I’ll approve of it.
Fukazawa: That’s good.
Kazutaka: Huh?
Fukazawa: Our conversation ends here.
Kazutaka: Fukazawa…
Fukazawa: Aren’t we done? Or do you have some other matter?
Kazutaka: No, it’s fine.

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6. Track 6

Mariko: It was really fun, thank you for inviting me to this Kabuki performance, onii-sama.
Kazutaka: You’re welcome. I was also happy to get the rare chance to see you wearing kimono too.
Mariko: Does it suit me?
Kazutaka: Of course! But, for the ceremony, a dress would be good.
Mariko: Ceremony?
Kazutaka: The wedding ceremony, you can’t be engaged forever right?
Mariko: Say, onii-sama. I want to call off the engagement with Naomi-san.
Kazutaka: What did you?
Mariko: Can’t I?
Kazutaka: Of course, you can. What did Fukazawa say…
Mariko: It will be fine, the calling off of the engagement is also Naomi-san’s wish.
Kazutaka: Fukazawa’s?
Mariko: Onii-sama has been very focused on work lately. I’m also in favour of you taking more initiative in the business.
Kazutaka: Is that so? Then, I have no objections too. I have to compensate you too.
Mariko: That won’t be needed. Can you wait here for a while.
Kazutaka: Yea.
She says that it’s also Fukazawa’s will to dissolve the engagement? I knew it, I’ve been abandoned by Fukazawa.
Man: You’re Seikanji Kazutaka right?
Kazutaka: There’s something hard against my side, is it a gun?
Yes, that’s right.
Man: Shall you come with us?
Kazutaka: I’m sorry…
Man: You don’t want your cute sister to be scarred before she weds do you? Also, it won’t be good if the fiancé gets into a traffic accident like that managing director of somewhere right?
Kazutaka: Is there space for negotiation?
Man: Of course.
Mariko: For onii-sama to leave me alone there…
Fukazawa: He probably remembered that he has something to do, it seems like the people at the Kabuki theatre saw Kazutaka-sama leaving with a man.
Mariko: I told him about that matter, that’s probably the cause.
Fukazawa: That matter?
Mariko: The matter about dissolving the engagement. I’m sorry.
Fukazawa: I don’t mind.
There’s a possibility of abduction huh… If I think of how the groups had their sights set on Kazutaka-sama, it fits. With his family as the hostages, Kazutaka-sama will surely give in to their demands. Kazutaka-sama doesn’t understand a thing. In order to protect that person who gets insecure and frightened at being loved, the extent to which I’ve broken my heart…
Maid: Please excuse me.
Fukazawa: What is it?
Maid: The boy from the liquor store brought this…
Fukazawa: An envelope?
If you go to the police, Seikanji Kazutaka’s life will be taken. Wait for the next order.
Maid: Huh? Something fell from the envelope…
Mariko: That’s the scraps of the shirt which onii-sama was wearing!
Kazutaka: The smell of straw… is this a barn of a farm? It hurts… I’ve been forced to kneel and my hands are tied to a rope suspended from the ceiling.
Kouda: Have you woken up?
Kazutaka: What a rough welcome for your guest.
Kouda: I’m Kouda from the Labourer Revival group. To put it bluntly, our demand is for the formation of the labour union and the land speculation.
Kazutaka: His dressing is sloppy, rather than the communist, he looks more like a rogue.
I’ll promise to pay you in advance.
Kouda: Don’t joke with me! There’s no value to a verbal promise.
Kazutaka: What we need, is an official discussion.
Kouda: Unfortunate, that request had been rejected countless times.
Kazutaka: Is that why you kidnapped me?
Kouda: Hmph, this is our last resort. Since this is a rare chance, I’ll show you some hospitality. Oi, strip him of his pants.
Kazutaka: Yes.
Kouda: So in the end, it’s that?
Kazutaka: Don’t jump to conclusions. Unlike you, I have no interest in men. Oi, open the cap.
This is strange, even though I haven’t been satisfied by Fukazawa, to think that I fall so easily…
Kouda: It isn’t enough, pass me another one.
Kazutaka: Yes!
Is it an aphrodisiac?
Kouda: That was quick, you’re already feeling it?
Kazutaka: Aren’t you the same as yakuza like this? Have some shame!
Kouda: Say whatever you like. My younger sister who was overworked by the Seikanji industries died of tuberculosis. To you guys, the lives of others are like trash right? This time, it’s my turn to abuse you like a tool. If you write a pledge saying that you will obey whatever we say from now on, we’ll take our turns with you as you wish.
Kazutaka: So it will be killing two birds with one stone if he takes over my rights?
Such extortion will be a disgrace to the communists.
Kouda: You can say whatever you like, that drug is the type that will get to your head eventually. It will be fun to make you into a drug addict too.
Kazutaka: What should I do? I wanted to settle this with a negotiation and not worry Fukazawa.
Fukazawa: Kazutaka-sama!
Fushimi: I’m sorry that it’s just me. How about a drink? You should be tired too.
Fukazawa: Excuse me but thank you.
Fushimi: Have you made a decision?
Fukazawa: Huh?
Fushimi: About Kazutaka-kun. He has disappeared for almost a day, do you need help?
Fukazawa: It won’t sit well with me to be indebted to you.
Fushimi: I find him cute as well, because it’s not like there wasn’t anything between us. But, in that case, I’ll have you return Kazutaka-kun to me.
Fukazawa: That is a different issue.
Fushimi: Then, why aren’t you making a move?
Fukazawa: Because this isn’t a time to make careless moves, you can’t do anything too right?
Fushimi: Me?
Fukazawa: In the first place, it would be impossible for a common communist to research on Kazutaka-sama’s schedule and kidnap him. It’s obvious that they have the support of the army, but I don’t want to carelessly get indebted to the Military Police or the Special Higher Police.
The aforementioned second lieutenant Andou visited me before this abduction, that was the cause.
Fushimi: That’s why, you’ve arranged a meeting with Senzaki-san tomorrow morning?
Fukazawa: How did you…
Fushimi: I’m not the secretary of Count Seikanji for show. Oh, this was left in my care.
Fukazawa: Thank you.
Fushimi: But, that’s not an opponent you can defeat without any evidence. Now, let’s see what you’ve can do.
Fukazawa: There is a lock of Kazutaka-sama’s hair inside. Damn! I don’t intend to lose that person. I’ll definitely rescue him. But I still don’t have the triumph card. Just like what Fushimi-sama said, without any evidence… I was thinking of leaving the business to Kazutaka-sama and start supporting him from behind the scenes. But in the end, I brought him back to the battle field and placed him in danger. I made a wrong choice, it’s my mistake. If I lose that person, there will be no meaning to life.
If that time comes, I’ll die? (Phone rings)
Kazutaka: My body feels hot, the heat hasn’t been dissipated and I feel terrible. Even if I wanted to rest, the rope bites into my arms… save me, Fukazawa…
Shinkichi: Are you all right? Do you want to drink water?
Kazutaka: Yes. Thank you.
Kouda: Shinkichi, are you bothering yourself with that guy again? How is it? Do you feel like writing the pledge now?
Kazutaka: We can have a discussion, but I can’t write the pledge. In that case, you guys will be no more than rogues.
Kouda: Hmph, in that case there will be no difference between how lowly we both are. My dead sister worked herself to death for a meagre wage because she said she wanted to please the beautiful president.
Kazutaka: To think that the cash grant was embezzled by the factory manager… I didn’t know that. I innocently believed that the lives of the employees who worked themselves hard had been improved. But, I can’t give in to their demand. I knew it, they are criminals who have lost sight of their ideals.
I refuse.
Kouda: Despite the state you’re in, you’re very stubborn.
Kazutaka: Anyway, even if I returned, I’ll get abandoned by Fukazawa eventually. Before that, shall I bite my tongue and die here? Fukazawa… Why wasn’t I born in the same body as Fukazawa right from the start? I’m always thinking about Fukazawa, to the extent that I’m almost going crazy. Even though Fukazawa might have forgotten about me already. Or could it be, that I’ve already started going crazy?

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7. Rescue (救出)

Fukazawa: Senzaki-sensei, I’m here for a business negotiation today.
Senzaki: This is out of the blue, what happened?
Fukazawa: I would like to sell Kazutaka-sama’s life.
Senzaki: What did you say?
Fukazawa: On the day before yesterday, Kazutaka-sama was kidnapped by the Labourer Revival group.
Senzaki: You fool! What were you doing to get the next head of the family kidnapped?!
Fukazawa: I’m very sorry.
Senzaki: I hope you have informed the police.
Fukazawa: No.
Senzaki: What were you doing? This has to be settled as soon as possible.
Fukazawa: I have mentioned before, that I want to sell Kazutaka-sama’s life.
I don’t understand, what does that have to do with me? In this case, the Military Police is involved.
Senzaki: What do you mean?
Fukazawa: Second lieutenant Andou from the Tokyo Military Police Headquarters has set his sights on the Seikanji family. Somehow the second lieutenant knew about the threats from the labour union and that he would lend us a hand if we’re ever in trouble.
Senzaki: What about that?
Fukazawa: By the way, yesterday, it seems like a journalist friend of mine witnessed a military police in plain clothes handing money over to a communist party member. There’s no way the Military Police would be supporting the communists, it seems like that party member is a spy for the Military Police. At the same time, won’t the Labourer Revival group have a spy in the army too? If they control their comrades to kidnap Kazutaka-sama, the Seikanji family will run to the army for help. As a result, the Seikanji family will be heavily indebted to the army, the uprising will be crushed at the same time, it’s killing two birds with one stone.
Senzaki: Hm…
Fukazawa: Lately, the citizens have been heavily criticising the movements of the communist part. If the Military Police has been making use of the spy to agitate the movement, the casualties in the army will increase. Whether this matter gets onto tomorrow morning’s new will depend on sensei’s answer.
Senzaki: I see, in exchange for Kazutaka-kun’s life, you’re trying to make the army pay its debts.
Fukazawa: I have no intentions of letting him die.
Senzaki: I’ll make my decision by this evening. Any other matter?
Fukazawa: Please allow me to be present during Kazutaka-sama’s rescue.
Guard 1: It’s going to be the time for his drugs soon.
Kazutaka: There are only 2 guards? Oh, I heard that there’s a meeting at the main building today. If I wanted to escape, now’s the time.
Guard 1: What a weirdly bewitching fellow.
Guard 2: Just hurry up with it already.
Guard 1: All right. Heh… as expected. He’s feeling the pleasure from just my fingers.
Kazutaka: Please… give me more.
Guard 1: More? Is this that good?
Guard 2: Hey…
Guard 1: Let’s do him, untie the rope.
Guard 2: All right.
Kazutaka: Faster… give it to me… faster…
Guard 2: Come on, rub me. You know how to use your hands right?
Kazutaka: Now’s the chance. In any case, my clothes.
Guard 1: He kicked me…
Kazutaka: There is light at the bottom of the hill, but the strength in my legs is waning… (Kazutaka trips and falls)
Kouda: You, where do you think you’re going?
Kazutaka: Kouda! Is that a Japanese sword in his hands?
Kouda: You are still my guest! No, should I say you were my guest?
Kazutaka: What… do you intend to do?
Kouda: If you have no intention to obey me, then you shall die.
Kazutaka: Die? Am I going to be… killed by such a man?
I have no intentions of bending to your will, or giving my life to you.
Kouda: What did you say?
Kazutaka: I’m sorry, but I’ve decided on the person whom I’ll give my life up for. It’s 10 years too early for you guys.
Kouda: Wha?
Fukazawa: That’s exactly the case. Please lower your sword.
Kazutaka: Fukazawa…
Kouda: What’s with you bastards? Why is the Military Police…
Fukazawa: I told you to lower your sword. Can’t you see the rifles in our hands?
Kouda: Aren’t you concerned about this guy’s life?
Fukazawa: Before you cut him, I’ll shoot Kazutaka-sama.
Kouda: What?
Fukazawa: I didn’t come to save this person, I just came to settle things. Is that fine with you, Kazutaka-sama?
Kazutaka: I’ll be imposing on you.
That’s right, there’s no happiness beyond this. Because I’ll be dying as Fukazawa’s.
Kouda: Damn it!
Police: Hurry! We’re going in!
Fukazawa: Did you wish to die?
Kazutaka: If you will kill me.
Fukazawa: You’re such an unfair person. You never think for what will happen to me after I lose you.
Kazutaka: Fukazawa…
Fukazawa: I’m sure I said that the one who controls me, is you. If you want me, you’d have to stretch out your hands. Welcome back, Kazutaka-sama.
Kazutaka: I’m back.

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8. Attachment (愛執)

Fukazawa: Are you awake?
Kazutaka: Yea. What day is it today?
Fukazawa: It’s Saturday. You’ve slept for 3 days.
Kazutaka: Are you angry?
Fukazawa: Do you think that I’m such a gentle man that I won’t even get angry?
Kazutaka: I’m sorry. I won’t take such selfish actions anymore.
Fukazawa: I thought I would get angrier if you apologised, and it’s just as I’ve expected.
Kazutaka: What…
Fukazawa: It seems like you have forgotten about who you belong to. Did you like what they did to you?
Kazutaka: They didn’t do anything to me! Stop, what are you…
Fukazawa: You give such an obvious lie.
Kazutaka: It hurts… let go of my arms…
Fukazawa: This is just an examination, there is nothing suspicious right?
Kazutaka: Ah… stop it… I don’t want this…
Fukazawa: I’m just checking on your condition, stay still.
Kazutaka: But… you don’t usually force me…
Fukazawa: Please behave yourself. Are you still unaware that I’m really angry?
Kazutaka: But they didn’t even take any notice of me… I also know that you’re getting tired of me… that my body can’t do anymore…
Fukazawa: I see. Does it mean that you don’t have the value to be held?
Kazutaka: Do you intend to abandon me if I can’t satisfy you? If you’re going to abandon me anyway, why don’t you just use me one last time? I’ll entertain you.
Fukazawa: You really said “abandon”. Aren’t you the one who abandoned me? You are always trying to cut ties with me in order to make things easier for yourself.
Kazutaka: I didn’t do such things!
You don’t even try to find out how I’ve always been trying so hard to forge the bond between us.
Fukazawa: Huh?
Kazutaka: Ah! Fukazawa… my leg…
Fukazawa: I want to cut this leg off… so that you can never escape from me… If you’re going to look at someone other than me, I would also want to crush those eyes.
Kazutaka: If that’s what you wish for, then it’s fine. If that would make me yours till my death…
Fukazawa: If I did something like that, you will no longer be able to gaze at me.
Kazutaka: Fukazawa…
Fukazawa: If it’s possible, I want to have your life. There’s no torture worse than losing you, but sometimes, I feel like strangling and killing you. Just like this, if I kill you with my own hands, you’ll be forever mine.
Kazutaka: If that’s the case, then kill me now. Since you’ve already grown sick of me and won’t even hold me anymore.
Fukazawa: If I hold you over and over again, you’ll get sick of me. Also, if I don’t embrace you so passionately that you forget everything else, you won’t register the fact that I love you. Even though you’re very bashful about it, you get insecure when you don’t get pleasured. That feeling of hunger will transform into an aphrodisiac, that’s why I’m holding back. Isn’t Kazutaka-sama the one who always rejects being held by me?
Kazutaka: I’m scared.
Fukazawa: Of becoming lustful?
Kazutaka: Not just that. Everytime we touch each other, I feel like you’re stealing from me. Not just my house or my family, my feelings towards you, my love, bit by bit. After that, what will be left in this heart and body? It’s the same with Mariko and Michitaka. With Michitaka, honestly, I can’t care less about his lessons in China. You just want to take Michitaka from me right? If I no longer have anything for you to take, you will surely lose interest in me and say that you don’t need someone like me.
Fukazawa: For you, only I will remain. I’ll be the only one for you. Just like how there is only you for me. Or could it be, that you’re afraid of being taken?
Kazutaka: I don’t know. Love is something like hopelessness. The world is better off without such things. Despite that, I still love you. It’s more frightening when I don’t get to touch you.
Fukazawa: It’s only natural for humans to fear being broken. In that case, then break me completely. In that case, then I’m sure I won’t be afraid anymore.
Kazutaka: Even though I will lose my reason to live if you disappear.
Fukazawa: Even after I offered my past, my present and my future, Kazutaka-sama still says that it isn’t enough. Despite being the sole controller of me, he isn’t even aware of that fact. Whenever he suspects something, he will release my hand immediately, throw his own life away and try to escape from everything. Because I can’t forgive that, I’m trying to forge a bond to this person with humiliation.
Kazutaka: In that case, every time you break me, you can just recreate me and restart from the beginning.
Fukazawa: Kazutaka-sama?
Kazutaka: It’s fine to not think about anything. It’s scary, but if it’s you, it’s fine.
Fukazawa: You are really a cute person. But that will be far into the future.

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