Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso: Episode 04

旅立ち – Departure

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Kousei, you’re her accompanist. You’re supposed to accompany her, not play so forcefully and go all out against her violin. Now look what you did, Kaori literally played till she dropped. That’s right folks, it was a wild episode. So if you haven’t already seen it, brace yourself…

Okay, it really was not his fault she ended up losing consciousness, but that performance certainly did take a toll on her. It was no normal performance. After all, with a free spirit like Kaori, when will it ever be? Sure, Kousei the human metronome was her accompanist and maybe he of all people could tone her down a little.. Nope, not going happen with Kaori. In true Kaori fashion, theirs was an extremely outrageous performance – a clash of the soloists. Yes, Kousei, like Kaori, is a soloist. While he may be synthetic and she all natural and they make for such a mismatched couple from all angles, they are still two soloists performing together. And don’t these combinations just make for the most entertaining ones? We heard it this episode with Kousei’s forceful bordering on violent playing (as he struggled to hear himself) and Kaori’s ever unrestrained playing. It was a brawl like no other, and the audience was completely spellbound.

音が聞こえないなら、イメージしろう!(oto ga kikoenai nara, imeeji shirou) – if you can’t hear the sound, then imagine it! He might have ruined her competition chances (not like she had much what with her reckless playing lol. Then again with Kaori, it’s not about the competition, or winning…), but Kousei really went out of his comfort zone to pull through for Kaori. And partially what helped him was his mother’s teaching. There is so much talk about Kousei hating his mother and resenting the way she forced the piano on him, but he really doesn’t. At the beginning of the episode, he said that he was the only one on her side. And again during the middle when he was in a flustered state, he remembered his mother’s teachings (draw out what mother left in me) and somehow miraculously finished the performance. I was initially confused as to where his self-professed ‘hatred’ was directed at, and this episode pretty much confirms that he does not at all hate his mother. In fact, he is so messed up because he loves her so much and just can’t deal with her death. It is the piano that he hates, because he feels betrayed by the piano. Ah well, enough over-thinking. Analysing adjourned…

乾いた冷房、埃の匂い、僕は、旅に出る (kawaita reibou, hokori no nioi, boku wa, tabi ni deru) – the dry air-conditioning, the scent of dust, I am going on a journey.

High praise has to be given to the sound director this episode. The way the sounds came filtering in and bubbling out were flawless. It was as if Kousei really had sunk to the bottom of the deep dark ocean. From the sound effects of the notes eerily disappearing from the scores, to the distorted sounds of the violin and piano (playing a very warped Saint-Saëns), everything just added to the effect of confusion and panic that Kousei was feeling. Seriously, no words. Just, sound and brilliance. And while on the subject of praise. Once again Hanae delivers the most moving performance. There was frustration, there was panic, there was loneliness, there was apprehension, there was nervousness and even a tinge of delirium – he encompassed all those emotions this episode, and then some! I really could go on and on about how much I enjoy hearing him <3

Classical music heard. Saint-Saëns’ Introduction et Rondo Cappricioso in A Minor (violin with piano accompaniment). Click ♪ ♫ to listen.

君は自由そのままだ。違うよ、音楽が自由なんだよ (kimi wa jiyuu no mama da. chigau yo, ongaku ga jiyuu nanda yo) – You are freedom itself. No I’m not, music is freedomAm sorry if this review was kind of all over the place. I am evidently having a very difficult time sorting my thoughts out, so it’s kind of like words everywhere. Forgive me.


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