Autumn 2014: First Impressions

First Impressions returns with Koekara’s subjective guide to what’s good for the hikkikomori life this Autumn 2014.

Autumn 2014 collage

Summer’s gone. It was phenomenal and we are very sad to see it go. However, the end of one season means the beginning of the next, and although this Autumn 2014 does not look as incredible as its predecessor, sometimes looks might be deceiving. And despite the seemingly sleepy season we are having, we have actually collectively started on sixteen series so far. Lol, we note that the number of shows we watch do not correspond with our series coverage this season… we might have stretched ourselves too thin with an overwhelming 17 shows covered during Summer 2014. Akatsuki personally wonders if anyone’s reading them posts at all in the first place lol. So yes, most of us are working on catching up with all them backlogged posts (Komorebi seriously needs to finish up her summer backlog but blames it on the fact that she was writing up a dissertation pretty much the entire summer). Plus we’ve got year-end exams coming up (including the Japanese proficiency tests aahhh!!!). But that does not mean we are neglecting this season; it is in fact very much the contrary *nods* And so, without further ado, here is our list of first impressions for Autumn 2014.

As always, please bear in mind that this is entirely, subjectively our opinion; so do not let reading this stop you from watching any shows. In fact, we strongly urge you to watch the shows and decide whether you like them or not.

Akatsuki no Yona

Akatsuki no Yona E01 (37) Akatsuki no Yona E03 (20)Akatsuki no Yona E02 (9) Akatsuki no Yona E02 (16) Akatsuki no Yona E01 OP (35)

akatsuki: I read the manga quite a while back and all I could remember was how irritated I was to read Korean names in a Japanese manga lol. Over that was a bit of an exaggeration. Oddly enough this anime adaptation does wonders to those Korean names but mainly, I love the fast pacing Akatsuki no Yona has employed thus far. It’s been a while since Maeno Tomoaki voiced a male lead so that’s refreshing too. His Son Hak is so far so good and I’m a satisfied viewer :) As a 2-cour anime and with this pacing, it’s likely that the adaptation will get to cover most of the manga. It IS reverse-harem however but unlike Bonjour Koiaji, it’s got an actual (sinister) plot so bring the bishies on in what might perhaps be this generation’s answer to Fushigi Yuugi.

kiseki: A princess’ life is turned upside after the one whom she thought she loved murders her father in his claim for the throne. She flees the palace with her loyal bodyguard and together, they go on a quest to protect the people of the country. The trailer reminded me of Fushigi Yuugi, but the first couple of episodes proved otherwise. That said, having not read the manga, I am a little confused as to where this series is really going because three episodes in and all we’ve had is the assassination and the flashbacks. I really hope that the characters voiced by Akira IshidaOkamoto NobuhikoSuwabe JunichiShimono Hiro and Yoshino Hiroyuki make their appearances soon. Due to the lack of progression so far (okay, I know.. ground work is very important. But patience really hasn’t ever been one of my virtues), I am pretty much hanging on just to hear them voices.

shion: I just read the manga right before Autumn season began, without knowing anything about the anime adaptation so it was a rather pleasant surprise for me to see Akatsuki no Yona amongst the Autumn lineups. So far I’ve loving how faithful the adaptation is, and how they spiced up the comedic scenes. Kunihiko Ryo’s music does wonders to the adaptation too, and the OP was really one of its kind; I never fail to watch it every episode so far. If you’ve read the manga, I think you’re going to be impressed with the anime. And if you haven’t, I think you’ll really the anime and start to look forward to every Tuesday.

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Amagi Brilliant Park

Amagi 01 Amagi 02 Amagi 03 Amagi 04 Amagi 05

akatsuki: KyoAni’s offering for this season has been surprisingly pleasant to watch. This light novel adaptation features Uchiyama Kouki who as Kanie Seiya, is the male lead threatened at gun point by busty Isuzu (Kakuma Ai) to, of all things, come run Amagi Brilliant Park, a very decrepit amusement park. But this run-down pathetic excuse of an amusement park isn’t just an ordinarily bad one, it’s actually inhabited by fairies and magical creatures (those aren’t costumes fyi) who need customers to ensure their own physical survival. So can Seiya do the job over and above his own arrogant ego (he was a former child actor so he’s overflowing with pride)? Can he save the lives of the magical fairies? So far he’s doing a great job running the place but it’s a very very steep hill he has left to climb. Most of the humour stems from just how ridiculous these fairies have been managing things but the show does have drama too. Lives are at stake here and given Seiya’s narcissistic nature, KyoAni’s surely going to bring out the drama(queen) in him. AmaBuri isn’t a must-see but it’s got KyoAni’s signature character designs and beautiful animation so watch it for something to get you through the mid-week lull of Autumn 2014. 

shion: I’ve always been curious about Amagi Brilliant Park after seeing its beautiful poster on anichart and it certainly hasn’t disappointed me in terms of beauty – beautiful characters, beautiful animations and backgrounds. The harem genre was one of the turn-offs for me, but so far, it hasn’t gotten to the point of being irritating yet. A harem anime with actual fairies who look like they’re always in animal costumes didn’t look very promising at first, especially with the sooner-than-expected obligatory bikini scene. However, I’m surprisingly interested to see how Seiya manages to turn this failure of an amusement park into a major success which can attract 250,000 customers in 3 months. Although I have a feeling that that might not be the focus of the future episodes to come, I’ll be watching this Amagi just because I’m curious about how this will turn out to be.

Bonjour♪ Koiaji Pâtisserie

Bonjour Patisserie 01 Bonjour Patisserie 02 Bonjour Patisserie 03 Bonjour Patisserie 04 Bonjour Patisserie 05

akatsuki: I tried. I really tried. All of 1 episode and 5 mins I tried. Not going to continue even though it’s just 5 mins because the whole reverse-harem thing’s really not my thing. And this time around the allure of Kimura Ryohei (whom I can get my fill of in Psycho Pass 2), Ishikawa Kaito (whom I’ve had my fill with last season’s Haikyuu! and Zankyou no Terror) and Kakki (he’s still in Fairy Tail plus this season’s Log Horizon 2 and cycling in Yowamushi 2) just isn’t enough to make me watch reverse-harem… 

kiseki: A girl attends an elite confectionary school on a scholarship to pursue her dream of becoming a pastry chef. There, she meets several charming young men. That’s… such a convenient storyline. This is 5 minutes per episode, but even then it was too long for me. Even the likes of Kakihara TetsuyaKimura Ryohei and Ishikawa Kaito could not keep me from rolling my eyes. One episode was more than enough.

Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken

Danna ga Nani 01 Danna ga Nani 02 Danna ga Nani 03 Danna ga Nani 04 Danna ga Nani 05

kiseki: Yet another of Autumn 2014’s shorts, this follows the daily life of Kaoru and her otaku husband, Hajime. How Hajime managed to land a catch like Kaoru is beyond my comprehension. She is just so so understanding, many viewers have commented that she is the perfect wife. And seriously, watching the way she supports her husband, I can’t help but agree.. It is silly, it is entertaining, hilarious (okay admittedly, the humour might be a tad crass) and just completely brainless, but that’s what I enjoy about this series. Also, with Tamura Yukari and Suzuken playing our main couple, how can I not watch this? Lol~

Denki-gai no Honya-san

Denki ga 01 Denki ga 02 Denki ga 03 Denki ga 04 Denki ga 05

kiseki: A show about a bunch of people who work in a book shop. It is soo weird, but just absolutely hilarious. The overall atmosphere of this show reminds me of Working!!, just that this series kind of has more risky(?) humour. But hey, as long as it’s entertaining, me thinks that’s plenty fine~ I went into this with no expectations at all, and was pleasantly surprised to hear Oosaka Ryouta and Matsuoka Yoshitsugu (who’s back in another LOL-inducing role). This show plays on lots of the stereotypes in anime culture, and I just find that really refreshing. Plus, the characters, all of whom have the funniest nicknames, are such an interesting bunch and they just make for the funniest of interactions. If you would like 24 minutes of brainless humour, then you might like to consider picking this up.

Donten ni Warau

Donten ni Warau 01 Donten ni Warau 02 Donten ni Warau 03 Donten ni Warau 04 Donten ni Warau 05

akatsuki: I read the manga and frickin’ CRIED. A manga man… so when I found out that this was getting adapted, you can imagine my ecstasy. On top of that, finding out that the beautiful trio of Nakamura Yuuichi, Kaji Yuuki and Sakurai Takahiro were voicing the key characters = swoon~ It’s been so far an accurate adaptation. I can’t be as objective about it because I know the plot but I’ve got no complaints so that’s good right?

kiseki: This series seemingly revolves around the three Kumo brothers, who transport criminals to this sinister prison. But surely there is more to the story than that. While I am not entirely sure what it is (there has been some talk about a vessel), I guess it is this very mystery that has piqued my interest and has me faithfully following this series each week. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the cast list consists such a lovely lineup of seiyuus – Nakamura YuuichiKaji YuukiYonaga TsubasaSuzukenToriumi KousukeMikiShinYusa KoujiSakurai TakahiroNoto MamikoOohara Sayaka. And many more~

Gugure! Kokkuri-san

Gugure Kokkuri-san OP - image 08 Gugure Kokkuri-san ep 1 - image 13 Gugure Kokkuri-san ep 2 - image 07 Gugure Kokkuri-san ep 2 - image 18 Gugure Kokkuri-san ep 2 - image 25

akatsuki: The sleeper black comedy of this season takes the form of baka-OnoD and baka-Sakupyon as baka-fox and baka-dog spirits. Baka-OnoD is really a continuation of last season’s Barakamon‘s tsunbaka-OnoD. Ono Daisuke really should do more of such roles cos he’s perfect at sounding just outright silly~ As for Sakurai Takahiro, I have mentioned to the other Koekara writers that he could voice a dog and I’d still love him. Well, here’s his second time voicing an inu and yes, I still adore him and his stalker/obsession with poor little thing Kohina. It’s not LOL but it’s just so *facepalm* inducing hence funny. The OP is highly addictive and every time I watch Gugure, I end up wanting to just squeeze them tails and dance, dance, dance~~~

kiseki: OnoD is back in another baka role as the very bishie fox spirit, Kokkuri-san. I can never resist a baka OnoD, so of course I was going to pick this up! Add to that a baka Sakurai (haven’t heard him this silly since Senyuu) and Nakata Jouji (who just does the most hilarious narrations ever – again, Senyuu), it’s a gathering of stalker spirits as they fuss over little Kohina. It is amusing watching the fox and dog vie for her attention, and the fact that she is so emotionally detached just makes for even more entertaining interactions. This is Autumn 2014’s token モフモフ comedy, so if you’re in for something mindless and silly to unwind to, then consider giving this a go.

komorebi: What would a season be without a little bit of beautiful characters with beautiful voices being silly? The highlight of this show is quite standardly the baka voices of OnoD and Sakurai, as a couple of fox and dog spirits who are, for their own wild reasons, intent on haunting – ahem, stalking – a lonely little girl who’s convinced she’s actually a doll. Does the plot get any further left field than this? Possibly, as the weeks go by. Like Akatsuki said, it’s not completely LOL, and I admit that the first episode was kind of hit and miss, but subsequent episodes seemed to flow a little better, or maybe it’s just because it’s hilarious to have OnoD and Sakurai playing ridiculous characters and interacting with each other. Either way, I’d probably watch it just for the brainless silliness and the really catchy *groovy* OP~

shion: What really got me watching this series was it’s highly addictive and happifying OP. While Gugure definitely is no replacement for the weekly Gekkan and Barakamon I enjoyed during summer, it’s very silly and can get quite amusing at times. This is of course a must-watch for anyone who likes OnoD or Sakurai, the highlight of Gugure has to be hearing the two canines fight over silly things in silly ways all the time.

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Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu

Kiseijuu 01 Kiseijuu 02 Kiseijuu 03 Kiseijuu 04 Kiseijuu 05

kiseki: A science-fiction horror series about a boy, Shinichi, whose right hand gets taken over by Migi (a species of what they call Parasytes) when the invasion process on Migi’s part doesn’t go exactly as planned. What’s fascinating, is how Shinichi and Migi interact, due to the vast difference in their perceptions. While Shinichi is human and clearly has morals and a conscience, Migi is an apathetic creature that thinks only of its survival. That said, survival is a very vital aspect of this series, because there are many other Parasytes out that that have taken over their human hosts and not only do they go around eating other humans, but they can also sense their own kind. Being like their kind but different, this therefore makes Shinichi a target for annihilation because the other Parasytes see him as a threat. So even though Migi’s control of Shinichi’s right hand does make it rather inconvenient for Shinichi, it is thanks to Migi that Shinichi hasn’t had his brain eaten up. And this therefore makes for a very interesting relationship between the two, because one can’t survive without the other. Shimazaki Nobunaga voices Shinichi, and he sounds exactly like how he does as his Free! and Orenchi characters. Then there is Migi’s seiyuu, Hirano Aya. To me, she’s only ever Lucy, so it is very refreshing hearing her in the role of Migi. This isn’t particularly a must watch, but it is compelling enough to keep me coming back each week.

Log Horizon 2

Log Horizon 2 01 - 2 Log Horizon 2 01 - 3 Log Horizon 2 01 - 4 Log Horizon 2 01 - 5 Log Horizon 2 01 - 6

akatsuki: I really enjoyed Log Horizon season 1 so with the same expectations, I went into season 2 which started more or less where things were left off. Thankfully there was a quick 2 mins recap of what happened 2 anime seasons ago because I definitely don’t remember. There’s a lot of gaming terms you see and for a non-gamer, it’s quick difficult to dive back into the scheme of things. Between SAO 2’s second cour and Log Horizon 2 though, I prefer LH2 because I’m a sucker for strategy and game plan more than actual action itself. Plus Kirito’s ever-growing harem’s starting to get on my nerves lol. Anyway, Shiroe (Terashima Takuma) and co. are still stuck in the game and are beautifully making the best of things. Big problem now is one that’s quite real – money. Akiba’s getting expensive to run but there aren’t banks to borrow money from. Can Shiroe and the adventurers succeed in a massive quest to collect massive money? I’m excited to see how they deal with the other big groups of players and hopefully get to find out more about Shiroe’s background and his old guild. 3 episodes in and though not as absorbing as season 1, things are still looking good :) 

Nanatsu no Taizai

Nanatsu no Taizai 01 Nanatsu no Taizai 02 Nanatsu no Taizai 03 Nanatsu no Taizai 04 Nanatsu no Taizai 05

akatsuki: I’m still doubtful about whether I like this show or not. On one hand it’s got Kaji Yuuki as a wimpy-looking but totally kick-ass male lead character. On the other though, there is A LOT of fanservice. Story-wise, a princess (Amamiya Sora, who’s again voicing a princess lol) wants to gather the 7 deadly sinners so she can enact revenge for her father and take back her kingdom from the royal guards who usurped the throne. It’s 2-cour and so unlike Akatsuki no Yona (yes it’s the same plot I know), this manga adaptation is taking its time in gathering everyone. If you like fanservice, definitely watch Nanatsu. If not, then give it a try if you’ve nothing else to watch. The design’s reminisce of the shows in the early 2000s but it’s got plenty of seiyuus to come – Miyano Mamoru, Fukuyama Jun, Konishi Katsuyuki, Okiayu Ryoutaro to name but a few so lull away at the ecchi pants humour and if not, the action that promises to come since the seven sinners should eventually have a showdown with the royal guards. 

kiseki: hmmm.. what to say? I still don’t really know what this show is about. It looks like a shounen mix of action, adventure and fantasy, but it really is just quite odd. And while I don’t particularly like this series, I still follow it every single week and I don’t know why, but I just do. Not a fan of the overt fanservice, because.. no, just not a fan. Not that much a fan of the old school art either, but again that’s just me. That said, episode four was a real treat because Suzuki Tatsuhisakyu~n. Am still waiting for Fukuyama Jun‘s character to appear~

Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji

Ookami Shoujo 01 - 01 Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji 03 - 36 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 56 Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji 02 - 40 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 65

akatsuki: What can I say? I’m a sucker for shoujo because they’re just too unreal for real life that they make such a wonderful romantic escape in just 24 mins each week. Couple that with my darling Sakurai Takahiro as male lead Sata Kyouya aka the Black sadistic Prince, I’m sold, twice thrice over. As someone who’s read the manga, I can vouch that although the story is compressed in the adaptation, it’s just so much nicer to see those shoujo romantic moments animated in colour~ Erika’s (Itou Kanae) masochistic poochie puts new meaning to a couple’s S&M relationship and it’s hilarious to watch her bend over backwards at the whims of Kyouya. This isn’t the type of shoujo rom-com we got in Summer 2014 with Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, which also saw the female lead high schooler do whatever it takes to chase after her crush. Ookami didn’t even begin with a crush. It all started with one not-so-tiny lie that just snowballed into the wolf girl relying on the black prince to play along, but the catch is, will their pretend relationship actually turn real? It’s doki-doki and funny so give it a go if you’re looking for something more light-hearted~

kiseki: The girl’s masochistic and the boy’s sadistic. They are perfect for each other! But because this is a shoujo series, we have to go through the agonising ‘do I like him? no I don’t! oh maybe I do. Yes, I like him. How does he feel about me? What can I do to make him like me? When will we be together?‘ route. Feelings will be all over the place, so be ready to be frustrated that they just don’t get together till.. goodness knows when! Le sigh~

komorebi: Having read the manga a while back – and then stopped partway through, oops – I was quite excited about this show because every season needs its resident shoujo series. It’s not quite a typical romantic comedy where the boy’s not what he seems because Kyouya is one sadistic guy, and the girl, as innocent as she might portray herself, is such a liar and I love it! Their dynamic is funny and I find the two quite a unique couple-not-couple in the long list of shoujo manga out there. It’s cute and funny and just a really fun show to watch~

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Orenchi no Furo Jijou

Orenchi 2 - 1 Orenchi 2 - 10 Orenchi 3 - 5 Orenchi 4 - 20 Orenchi 4 - 22

akatsuki: A merman in a bathtub. WTF? lol yeah that’s kind of what these short 4 min episodes are about. The survival of a merman in a bathtub and his daily life with the MAN who so generously put him up. It’s uncanny that Free!’s Haru seiyuu Shimazaki Nobunaga has the exact same laid-back voice here in another water-related anime. Maybe he needs to start branching out for more diverse roles because otherwise, it’ll really be like watching Haru everywhere Shimazaki is. Maybe some tips from Free!’s Makoto seiyuu Suzuki Tatsuhisa would go a long way? His octopus character is so different from Makoto it’s super funny! Can’t wait to hear Hanae Natsuki join the water fray~ the show’s short and sweet and part of the humour stems from the subversive BL undertones so why not? Just 4 mins anyway!

kiseki: A mermaid dude in a bathtub. Oh poor poor Tatsumi, Wakasa is such a self centred diva I don’t know how you manage to put up with him. But kudos to you for doing so! Well, I guess having a merman living in your bathtub does give rise to some fun times, especially when all his sea creature friends start visiting. So far, we’ve seen a tako and a jellyfish, and I am just excited to see more of his friends~ the series in itself is adorable, but what makes it even more of a treat are the seiyuus. Yes, kiseki keeps coming back for more Suzuki Tatsuhisa (darn Tattsun, how do you play gangster so well??), Hanae Natsuki (oh he’s such a darling, kyaaa~~) and Shimazaki Nobunaga (who sounds exactly like he does in Free! and Diamond no Ace, but I do love this voice of his, so am not complaining). The bathtub crowd is such a riot, and I absolutely love the hilarity that the gang get up to. It is cute, fun and light, and since this really is only 4 minutes per episode, do give it a go ^^

komorebi: A merman in a bathtub. What more could you ask for? It’s like Free! meets brainless fantasy and I’m loving it. Four minutes really isn’t enough with all these adorable characters and their shenanigans. We’ve got poor – like, literally high-school poor – Tatsumi who ends up saving Wakasa the dehydrated merman, who ends up living in Tatsumi’s bathtub and using all his hot water, food and really doing a number on his utilities bills. Then we’ve got a tako in the form of brash but very good-looking, bandana-wearing Takasu, who gives Tatsumi the required tentacle-massage – not actually as wrong as it sounds – and finally, my favourite, the most adorable see-through jellyfish, Mikuni, who’s just the cutest bundle of stinging love~ I just love how CUTE this show is; it’s so light and fluffy and silly with a bunch of crazy characters who somehow keep managing to climb into Tatsumi’s apartment through the window – I’m still trying to figure out how that magical window works – and it’s just a great way to wind down after a hectic Monday night. Seriously, it’s four minutes; everyone can give four minutes to check it out! ^^

shion: Urm, yes it’s about a mermaid (and his other fishy friends) in a bathtub and it does sound a little fishy at first because, what can this story be about? Well, there isn’t much of a story and I would be surprised if there was, but it was more than the shortness of it which kept me glued to the computer when I first started watching it. I don’t really know what about Orenchi which made me like it so much, but I definitely loved the characters. I love Takasu (oh, Tattsun), Wakasa, how the two of them get so dramatic over a small matter together, how they fight with each other over some beef thing, and basically the whole childhood friend thing they’ve got going on between the two of them. Just when I thought we couldn’t fit any more into that popular bathtub of Tatsumi’s, Mikuni (by Hanae, darling of kiseki) appears and his entrance was like the cherry on top. I’m very excited for the rest of this series and just like what my fellow writers are suggesting, I also think that you should give this a go because, come on, it’s just 4 minutes.

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Psycho-Pass 2

Psycho Pass 1 - 17 Psycho Pass 1 - 13 Psycho Pass 1 - 26 Psycho Pass 1 - 33 Psycho Pass 3 - 3

akatsuki: Put it this way. It’s not quite the same as Psycho-Pass season one. So whether or not you continue watching one of 2013’s BEST animes is really up to personal choice. “Urobutcher” Gen isn’t in-charge of the script this time although he does “supervise”… So far I’m not a fan of the tonality of season 2 but Tsunemori Akane (Hanazawa Kana) is very cool and more kick-ass as a matured inspector and Ginozo sans megane is now also more bad-boy cool too. I do miss the engaging storyline of season 1 and unfortunately, it seems to not be capitalised upon on this season 2 (remember the Chief Inspector and Akane’s showdown? yeah that’s still not utilised so far in spite of us being 3 episodes into a 1-cour season…) and with the scriptwriter of Hamatora at the helm here, things do not look good… New antagonist Kamui Kirito (Kimura Ryohei) is psycho though not as cool-psycho as Makishima (again, I’m biased towards Sakurai Takahiro’s roles). I do like the kanji reference for his name though – 鹿矛囲 Kamui roughly translates to the deer (鹿) attacking against/defying/contradicting (矛) the fence (囲). Maybe that’s a tribute to where the storyline is going no? 

kiseki: So I found out that Urobuchi Gen is now in charge of ‘planning’, and the scriptwriter of Hamatora is the one responsible for season two’s script. Well, let’s just say I lowered threw any expectations I had for this sequel out of the window upon that discovery. As I commented on Komorebi’s post – Ginoza’s hotness, Akane’s cool maturity, Kimura Ryohei‘s sexy/mysterious voice, Yuugo Kanno‘s OST, Ling Tosite‘s new OP, Sakurai‘s character’s plot twist and my unwavering love for the first season of Psycho-Pass are what brought me back to watch this season. So far, it is the same title, the same characters and the same concept, but everything else about the show is different. Can’t say I am too thrilled about that. But ohwells, shall watch on to see how it goes *shrugs*

komorebi: New writers lead to a different atmosphere and that’s definitely what’s happened in this season of Psycho-Pass. But but but, I’m actually quite enjoying the series so far. I think it’s because I’ve settled for the fact that it’s not going to be the same as the first season, and also because where the previous series was Kogami’s story, this one is very much about Akane, whom I love and who has just grown and evolved into something very dangerous and incredible. She’s changed in the sense that she’s really learnt to take the lead, but she’s still retained that warmth and kindness that made her such a wonderful character in the first season. This season’s big bad comes in the form of a very intriguing Kamui Kirito (Kimura Ryohei), who seems to know Akane on quite a personal level and that whole dynamic is going to be really interesting to see. Ginoza is back – YAY <3 – with a less strung, calmer feel to him, supporting Akane when she needs it, but also questioning her when the circumstances require it. I think they make a fabulous team, and the addition of newbie Inspector Mika, and two new Enforcers, really shakes up the dynamic an creates all these interesting little subplots. Whichever way this storyline is going to go, I’m really interested either way, and am quite excited to see how everything pans out. ^^

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Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

KimiUso ep 1 - image 37 KimiUso ep 2 - image 21 KimiUso ep 1 - image 16 KimiUso ep 1 - image 23 KimiUso ep 2 - image 33

akatsuki: I’ve not read the manga and from the promo videos I thought this’ll probably be similar to shoujo romcom Nodame Cantabile but set in high school. Then I saw the first episode and realised it’s waaaay deeper than Nodame and waay more shoujo romance than comedy, oh and that it’s set in middle school. Yup, puppy love’s younger and hence purer. The boy’s got a complex and conflicted chip on his shoulder, the girl’s got massive heart and carefree charm. She wants to pull him out of his darkness into her light yet maybe, she’s got her own demons too? There’s the boy’s best friend who’s a girl, which complicates things. Then there’s that girl’s good male friend who’s after carefree girl so again, that complicates things. It’s like Nagi no Asu Kara meets Sakurasou no Pet no Kanojou. About growing up, about believing in your talents for your own self, about learning to love someone else and chasing the sweet ending you hope you can believe in. Kimiuso is all of that and in just 3 episodes so why wouldn’t you watch all 24 of it? Why read the manga when in anime form you get very very good voice acting from the main 4 (incidentally Nagi co-stars Oosaka Ryouta and Hanae Natsuki voice the guys here) and more importantly, the element of music that is almost impossible to properly imagine in manga form? Tears of joy, tears of contentment and tears of sadness all in one in Kimiuso. Better get that tissue box ready! 

kiseki: From the PV, I thought this was just another one of those love quadrilateral shows with the main characters fussing over their feelings for one another, so I really was not too keen on this series at all despite the allure of classical music. However, curiosity got the better of me, and I thought it fair to at least watch the opening episode. And just… WOW ~ the first episode alone shattered any negative preconceptions I previously had – it was beyond mesmerising, and I thank the stars for that fateful moment when I decided to start watching this show. I fell in love with this right from the start and my love for this series continues to grow with each passing episode. Words simply can’t properly describe the love that I have for this show. It is breathtakingly beautiful, lush, serene, gorgeous, heart warming, heart wrenching and heart breaking all at the same time! It is no wonder the manga is an award winning one. Our child prodigy pianist MC is a wounded, complex and very conflicted character, and is such a fascination. Hanae Natsuki returns from his ‘Seiyuu of the Year’ worthy performance in Tokyo Ghoul to voice said MC, and he has just upped himself. Really, if you thought he was good in Ghoul, just wait till you hear him in KimiUso. His performance as Kousei so far has been utterly and unbelievably stunning, and I am certain it will only get better. Then there’s Oosaka Ryouta (whom I hereby dub the king of them love quadrilateral shows), Taneda Risa, Sakura Ayane, Kaji Yuuki and Hayami Saori. With these seiyuus, I really can’t bring myself stay away. That said, this series is so lovely in itself (and the music! the music really is exquisite), that I daresay I would love it even if not for the seiyuus. KimiUso is possibly my absolute favourite series of Autumn 2014 so far. If you haven’t already seen it, please please please do.

komorebi: I initially went into this without having really read up or researched anything. I saw a pretty poster and so decided to give it a go. The first episode was…well, I guess it sort of set up the scene for one of those love quadrilaterals with a good dose of character background angst, potential romance and, oh hey, music too! Like Akatsuki and Kiseki said, Hanae Natsuki and Oosaka Ryouta from Nagi are the main male leads, and I’m wondering whether there’s going to be Nagi-type romantic drama on that front, because that would actually be kind of funny. It’s really a slice-of-life with a little something extra and the fact that one of the main female leads plays the violin made me a little more interested to watch it. I’ll keep up with the show and see how I feel about it over the course of the season. *nods*

shion: The description on MAL and the anime poster are deceptively cheery and painted such a rosy picture of Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso that I totally wasn’t expecting how this anime is turning out to be. I’m loving how pretty everything is in Kimiuso, both the artwork and the music, and how there is this melancholic undertone that gets drowned by the occasional comedy but is still ever-present. I’m really not good with this type of slice of life, romance-comedy sort of anime which promises angst and lots of tears so I was rather hesitant about starting on Kimiuso, because I wasn’t that ready to have my heart torn apart. But, I started on it. So, you should too, if you like classical music, if you’re ready for some emotional stuff.

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World Trigger

World Trigger 01 World Trigger 02 World Trigger 03 World Trigger 04 World Trigger 05

komorebi: Ummmm, yeah. This has all the makings of yet another M3: Sono Kuroki Hagane show and so while I did give it a shot, I’m going to need a lot of convincing to pick it up again. Basically this anomaly that spouts weird monsters suddenly sprouted up in an unsuspecting town and there’s a whole division in that town dedicated to destroying the creatures before they injure people. Also, I think these badass individuals from the other side of the gate somehow make their way into said town and basically it’s like two dudes from two different worlds as they become friends and battle monsters. That’s a real gloss-over, but I wasn’t TOO impressed at first glance. Maybe because Kaji Yuuki’s character is such a goodie goodie to the point of annoying and I’ve been rendered skeptical by M3. Who knows, though, it might get better?

Yowamushi Pedal: Grande Road

Yowapeda 1 - 7 Yowapeda 1 - 13 Yowapeda 2 - 8 Yowapeda 2 - 15 Yowapeda 2 - 21

kiseki: The second season of Yowapeda is back and the Inter-High continues! Hakone Academy and Souhoku are still in the race, but what about Kyoto Fushimi? Aaaannd looks as if another rival is about to make its appearance. This is cycling action at its most entertaining, so I am definitely staying tuned to find out which team wins the Inter-High.

komorebi: What Kiseki said! But seriously, this was such a surprise when I first started watching the first season and I loved it all the way through. Here’s hoping that the second season lives up to the hype! I’m expecting a bunch of new characters and even more sporting drama!

*Komorebi is covering YowaPeda 2 this season. Reviews here~

The Verdict. We have put it to a vote and our three favourites are:

Orenchi no Furo Jijou ☆ オレん家のフロ事情

Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji ☆ オオカミ少女と黒王子

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso ☆ 四月は君の嘘

Opening fortnight 万歳!We wish you happy watching~ *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・’\(*^。^)/‘・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*


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