Koushounin Series 02: Koushounin wa Utagawanai Disc 2 – Translation

Koushounin Series (2)

Title: Koushounin wa Utagawanai (交渉人は疑わない) Disc 2 (drama review)
Cast: Koyasu Takehito x Hirakawa Daisuke (子安武人×平川大輔)
Related drama(s): ① Koushounin wa Damaranai
Contents: Disc 1

1. ジュリクルボーイ
2. 依頼人 溝呂木
3. 前科
4. 一蓮托生
5. 交渉人 芽吹章

Disc 2

1. 切り札
2. 古傷
3. テイクアウト
4. 秘密<

Bonus: Booklet except: Strawberry Flavor

1. 切り札

Hyoudou: Hmph, you were only able to say those words because our Hakutaku-san was there.
Mebuki: That might be true too. But it’s because of you that I had to meet Uzawa again and get into that mess.
Hyoudou: I’ll protect you.
Mebuki: I’m fine, rather than me, this! I want to leave Mizorogi-san with you.
Hyoudou: Why do I have to look after this guy?
Mebuki: After that incident, we were at the Suou office. After saying all those cool words, we came together with Hakutaku-san to take refuge here.
Isn’t it fine to help others once in a while? Protect Mizorogi-san and Marisa-chan here.
Hyoudou: So, why? Don’t you know that I hate this man?
Mebuki: Can’t you treat those two as different issues?
Hyoudou: As if I can, there must be something wrong with you. This useless bastard even tried to lay his hands on our girls.
Mebuki: He’s sorry for that, he’s really apologetic from the bottom of his heart, right Mizorogi-san?
MIzorogi: I’m sorry.
Mebuki: Ah, that can’t do! I’m really sorry, I will never do anything to your girls anymore. Just like this!
Underling 1: Mebuki-san!
Underling 2: Mebuki-san, what are you…!
Underling 3: Sister!
Underling 1: Mebuki-san, you can’t do this!
Mebuki: Did someone say something weird just now?
I’m begging you!
Underling 1: Mizorogi, you bastard!
Underling 2: You bastard!
Underling 3: This host!
Underling 4: You’re making Mebuki-san go to such lengths!
Mizorogi: I’m sorry! To be honest, I still hate you even now. When I remember what happened to my brother, I can’t let it go. But, that doesn’t justify my actions of sinking the girls at your place in debts. Money… I just needed the money to escape. I’m really sorry.
Hyoudou: Cheap.
Mebuki: Huh?
Hyoudou: I’m saying that it’s a cheap bow. Senpai, you don’t think much before you kneel on the floor, do you?
Mebuki: No, that’s not….
I’ll be lying if I say that it’s not the case. Lowering one’s head doesn’t cost anything, it doesn’t bother me at all.
Hyoudou: Just by lowering your head, I won’t be convinced.
Mebuki: Then what do you want? Money?
Hyoudou: I don’t need money.
Mebuki: Then what do you need?
Hyoudou: I wonder. I don’t know what it is, but I need it. I don’t feel right.
Underling: Isn’t it love?
Underlings: Oh! Love!
Mebuki: What’s with this guys, are they a comedy group?
Hyoudou: I see, is it love? That might be the case.
Mebuki: Look here Hyoudou, love is something to be given out. It isn’t something you demand from others.
Hyoudou: I’ve had enough of your twisted logic, I don’t have enough love from you.
Mebuki: What are you talking about? There isn’t anyone out there who is as benevolent as I am.
Hyoudou: Senpai, if you let me do you, I shall place that guy and his woman under my protection.
Mebuki: (Mebuki laughs awkwardly) Why isn’t anyone laughing with me?
Excuse me… by letting you “do” me…
Hyoudou: Anal sex.
Mebuki: A-anal… huh?
Hyoudou: That’s right, aren’t you always against it?
Mebuki: That’s because that is…
Hyoudou: It won’t hurt anymore, since I’ve fingered you so much.
Mebuki: Don’t say things like that here!
(Mizorogi coughs)
Hyoudou: If you don’t want to, then you’re welcomed to leave that guy here and go home.
Mebuki: I understand, then I’ll do according to what you said.
Hyoudou: That’s a smart choice. Then, you can leave him here. And are you going to take the cake which I bought specially for you?
Mebuki: No, I’ll eat the cake, but I won’t leave Mizorogi-san here. That’s another of my decision.
Hyoudou: What did you say? Are you saying that you don’t mind being held by me?
Mebuki: It’s fine. (Mebuki eats cake)
Ah, somehow I feel so calm.
Oh, this is delicious.
Hyoudou: Are you serious? How kind can you get?
Mebuki: At least say that I’m passionate about work.
Hyoudou: Do you get it? It’s your butt!
Mebuki: You’re so annoying, it’s my freedom to choose what I want to do to my butt. If my butt can save a person, no it’s two people… if it can save people, then it’s no big deal!
Underling 1: (Underlings clap) Wow that’s a man.
Underling 2: You’re such a man, Mebuki-san.
Underling 3: I won’t be able to have such resolve!
Underling 4: As expected of someone young bo… our president set his eyes on!
Underling 5: What high calibre!
Hyoudou: All right! If senpai will go to such lengths, then I shall protect this guy and that Marisa woman. Oi! Where is that woman?
Mizorogi: At a business hotel… in Ueno.
Hyoudou: Oi!
Underling 1: Yes!
Hyoudou: Ask this guy about the exact location and go.
Underling 1: I understand. Oi, we’ll be going there.
Mizorogi: Mebuki-san.
Mebuki: Huh?
Mizorogi: Thank you so much. Also, I’m sorry.
Mebuki: What are you saying? There’s no need to apologise. Just hang in there until this is settled.
Mizorogi: I understand. That is… I really… want to believe in you.
Mebuki: Ah well, well…

Koushounin Series (22)

Hyoudou: We can’t protect them forever. Uzawa is a persistent guy, he will cast his sights on us and start bothering us soon.
Mebuki: I’ll settle that too.
Hyoudou: Huh? Even though you were nearly raped by Uzawa?
Mebuki: That’s right, I still owe him something. I’ll sue him for injuring me and I can also tell the police about the drugs case, but I didn’t do that.
Hyoudou: Aren’t you afraid of the repercussions?
Mebuki: If I were afraid of that, I won’t be able to work as a negotiator.
Hyoudou: What convenient words. Uzawa isn’t the type to be affected by something like that.
Mebuki: I understand that! I’ve prepared other triumph cards.
Hyoudou: What sort of?
Mebuki: That’s an industry secret.
Hyoudou: So are you going to march into Uzawa’s place relying on that sort of industry secret? Do you think I will allow that? Even now, whenever I see Uzawa, I feel like sticking a bomb into him and send him flying.
Mebuki: Looks like he will fly far…
Hyoudou: Don’t joke.
Mebuki: Hyoudou, let me handle this my way. You can do me after that, so isn’t that enough?
Hyoudou: What if you are full of holes before I get to do you?
Mebuki: Talking about me as if I’m a lotus root…Both sides of the argument were equally strong. When we finally came to reconciliation, we agreed that Hyoudou will go along with me to Uzawa’s place. But he won’t be able to say a single word to interfere with my negotiations.
This feels so bad… Really, I thought I would try my best to not get involved with yakuza.
Hyoudou: (Hyoudou sighs) What are you saying now.
Mebuki: So? Did you get him to talk?
Tomonori: He talked too much, I can even write a biography on the Mizorogi brothers right now.
Mebuki: What I asked Tomonori to do, is the investigation on Mizorogi Kou and Ren’s past. He visited the Boso Peninsular, where Mizorogi’s grandmother lives in a rural village. I got Tomonori to act as a high school student travelling alone in the area, who knocks on the door of a resident’s house after losing his way.
Tomonori: This is the report.
Mebuki: This is amazing, it’s just like an investigator’s report.
Tomonori: Isn’t it perfect? To explain things simply, the Mizorogi brothers didn’t have a good family background. Their father died early from illness and their mother kept bringing different men back to the house. But, the elder brother had it better because he was taken in by his grandmother during the third year of primary school. But when Kou was 17, his mother eloped with a young man. That means that he had the foundation to become a man who hates women. On the grandmother’s side, the elder brother got into fights often and was even placed in protective custody before but he’s a kind child on the inside. Seems like he even went back every year to participate in the year-end festivals. She said that he brought along a trustworthy-looking woman and child. That is…
Mebuki: Ayumi-san, his mistress.
Tomonori: That’s right, that’s the person. Apparently, the grandmother talked a lot to Ayumi-san. They lost touch briefly after the elder brother died, during the previous New Year, she got a New Year’s card. She said that she got a shock after seeing the photo of her grandchild.
Mebuki: Huh? Grandchild? Whose?
Tomonori: Ah… I mean great-grandchild.
Mebuki: The child of Mizorogi Ren and Ayumi-san?
Tomonori: You didn’t know right? When the elder brother died, Ayumi-san was pregnant. It’s a 5-year-old child. I took a photo of the card.
Mebuki: On the photo that Tomonori took, I could clearly see a woman who was carrying a child and the return address.
Tomonori, send that to my phone.
Tomonori: After that, I returned to my office and received the courier package from Shimeno. It’s the information that I’ve been waiting for. I confirmed the documents and gave Hyoudou a call. Now, all the preparations are done. All that’s left is to go to the enemy’s lairs.
Hyoudou: So you’ve suited up today?
Mebuki: The other party is someone huge in a violent organisation. He’ll get angry at me if I met him in an aloha shirt right?
The negotiation today isn’t with Uzawa Mario, but with his father, Uzawa Shigehisa. In other words, the group leader. According to Hyoudou, he should be easier to talk to than the son.
Hyoudou: He isn’t as idiotic as his son, but to make up for that, he’s rather stubborn. Don’t forget when you have to withdraw. If you get too stubborn with him, even being an ordinary man won’t save you from being crushed by him. On top of that, you’re in an ambiguous position where you not necessarily might be called an ordinary man.
Mebuki: I’m 100% non-yakuza.
Hyoudou: But the people around you don’t seem to think so.
Mebuki: I think that that is your fault though, right Hakutaku-san?
(Hakutaku laughs)
Hyoudou: It’s your thinking.
Mebuki: 30 minutes later, we reached the building where the Uzawa headquarters are located at. I was ushered to a meeting room along with Hyoudou and waited for the Uzawa group leader there.
Uzawa: I’m really sorry, my meeting dragged on. Pleased to meet you… right? I’m Uzawa. I’ve heard quite a fair bit of rumours about Mebuki-sensei.
Mebuki: Please don’t call me sensei, I’m not a lawyer. (lawyers are often called sensei)
Uzawa: Aren’t you almost like one? Now, please have a seat. I’ve heard about the basic details. So you want me to set a Thai girl free, along with the man who’s hiding her, is that the case Mebuki-sensei?
Mebuki: I’m not a sensei. But, what I’m here to talk about is that. I hope that you can return Marisa-san’s passport. Also, from now on, I would like you to refrain from involving yourselves with her and Mizorogi Kou.
Uzawa: It seems like my son has troubled Mebuki-sensei… I’m sorry, Mebuki-san. I would love to cooperate with you, but in our world, women are assets. I can’t hand her over that easily.
Mebuki: You sure say something interesting. Uzawa-san, humans can’t become assets. We often hear people say “employees are the assets of our firm” but that merely refers to the employees’ working capabilities and doesn’t refer to them as humans.
Uzawa: Hm… I’m referring to her working capabilities too.
Mebuki: Huh? Do you know that prostitution is illegal in Japan?
Uzawa: What are you talking about? What I’m letting her do is within lawful means, right Hyoudou?
Hyoudou: I am not familiar with sir’s work.
Mebuki: Oh that’s right, group leader doesn’t know. Perhaps your son is pushing himself too hard to make more profits for his father, also when Mario-san gets angry he’s really scary. Well, I’m the one who was almost gang-raped so I would know. He tried to record my rape scene with a video camera. It was really scary… I wonder what would have happened if Hyoudou didn’t come. Well, but it’s something of the past. I know very well that suing him now and bringing this matter to court is only troublesome.
Uzawa: Regarding that case, he really did something unforgivable. All right, I’ll promise you to make him give up on Mizorogi. But, it’s a no go for Marisa, I won’t be able to explain it to the other girls. If you would let the matter about the crime my son committed against you in exchange for us letting Mizorogi go, then the matter will be…
Mebuki: I don’t want to.
Uzawa: Huh?
Hyoudou: Wha…
Mebuki: It won’t do if I just let the matter go so easily, I want you to save Mizorogi-san and Marisa-san.
Uzawa: Isn’t that too easy-going? I thought I was giving in quite a lot for you, I don’t have any intentions of quarrelling with an ordinary man… in the first place, was I wrong to take you for an ordinary man?
Mebuki: No way, I’m totally an ordinary man. Also, it’s not like I came here to get you to compromise for me. I’m here to make a deal today.
Underling: He said a deal?
Hyoudou: Oi, what’s that?
Mebuki: A copy of the Tokyo Immigration Bureau’s list of planned roundups for foreigners who violate the Immigration law. The shops on this list will be targeted. I’m sure you have your ways of getting your information, but aren’t you still lacking this?
Hyoudou, Uzawa: Why are you able to get something like this?
Mebuki: Have you forgotten my previous job and the job I had before that? I’m rather proud that I have connections in various places…
Hyoudou: Oi, can you sell that to me?
Mebuki: You’re annoying. This is something I worked hard and got for Uzawa-san’s sake.
That’s right, for yakuza, you can’t talk down to them. Their pride is made of glass, no matter what it has to be from the bottom.
Please, will you accept this? I’m begging you, this is how it is.
Uzawa: Mebuki-san, please raise your head.
Mebuki: Negotiation successful.

Koushounin Series (23)

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2. 古傷

Hyoudou: Didn’t senpai say that he hates yakuza?
Mebuki: I hate them.
Hyoudou: Even so, why are you making the yakuza happy? Your actions don’t match your words.
Mebuki: They don’t contradict. Somehow this place is crowded.
Underling: It’s the fireworks festival!
Mebuki: Girls wearing yukata… how nice… that nape of the neck…
Hyoudou: How much do you intend to drool? How disgraceful.
Mebuki: Why are you getting so irritated? If it’s about those documents, it won’t be of much use to you.
Hyoudou: What did you say? If you gave them fake documents, you won’t know what they will do to you afterwards…
Mebuki: No no, those are the real deal. Tokyo Immigration Bureau will take their actions according to that list, but only on a small scale.
Hyoudou: Was it a trap?
Mebuki: Yes, that was a trap, information which was leaked out on purpose. After the roundup, they will lower their guards and let the women return to their positions.
The real roundup will be carried out jointly by the Police and the Immigration Bureau, you should be careful too.
Hyoudou: Our girls have proper work permits.
Mebuki: If that’s the case, then you can be at ease.
Hyoudou: Even so, the Uzawa group will start to pay attention to you more.
Mebuki: That’s nothing new.
These days, even young man wear yukatas too. It looks like an indigo yukata will really suit Hyoudou…
Hyoudou: I really want to make senpai wear a yukata…
Mebuki: We were both thinking of the same thing…
Hyoudou: The kind which can be taken off by pulling the obi (the belt) and making you turn in circles? That’s surely every man’s dream.
Mebuki: Are you an idiot? It’s your freedom to imagine, make me wear yukata or maid costume or anything.
Hyoudou: I don’t have the fetish for making you cross dress, but it feels like a sailor uniform would suit you…
Mebuki: As if it would, you idiot!
Hyoudou: (Phone rings and Hyoudou picks it up) What? I’ll go over now. Listen up, don’t let them do anything. We have talked things through with the mister. (Hyoudou hangs up) Hakutaku-san, it’s at Mizorogi’s place.
Hakutaku: Yes.
Mebuki: What’s wrong?
Hyoudou: A punk from the Uzawa group recognised Mizorogi when they walked past each other.
Mebuki: What are you going to do about this?!
Hyoudou: Calm down. I’ll give sir a call now. (Hyoudou dials a number on his phone)
Mebuki: Hakutaku-san, where are the both of them now?
Hakutaku: They are at Kikugawa, in an apartment where there are a few of the youngsters of the Suou group living at.
Mebuki: What’s the address?
Hakutaku: It’s the Kyouwa apartment one block south from the cross junction of the Ni-chome. I’m sure there’s someone guarding that place, but… seems like they were defeated.
Mebuki: Damn, as if I can wait! (Mebuki opens the door and runs out)
Hakutaku: Mebuki-san!
Hyoudou: Oi!
Mebuki: I forced a young boy nearby to lend me his bicycle and rushed to the apartment at full speed. At that building, there were many punks guarding the second floor.
Punk: What the hell are you?
Mebuki: Ne…go…
Punk: What?! What’s with you! I’m the negotiator, Mebuki. Let me through!
Mebuki: Nego… lawyer?!
Punk 1: What’s with you? Don’t just come in as you please.
Mebuki: I’m the negotiator!
Mizorogi: Me…buki…san…
Punk 1: What?! What did you say?
Mebuki: I’m the negotiator Mebuki and I’ve been hired by Mizorogi. I’ve reached a settlement with the Uzawa group leader, let him go immediately.
Punk 1: (Punk laughs) What is this guy talking about?
Mebuki: I negotiated with Uzawa Shigehisa and got him to promise me the freedom of these two. If you think that it’s a lie, make a call to your group leader and ask him.
Punk 1: (Punk laughs) Is this guy joking?
Mebuki: There’s no way we can just give the group leader a call directly. Now, I’ve heard your name somewhere before. Mebuki…
Punk 1: Ah, isn’t he Mario-san’s flame? The one who escaped from his grasp…
Punk 2: Then this is just right, we’ve gotten ourselves a present for him.
Mebuki: You people can no longer do anything to these two. I handed over something of equal value to your leader.
Punk 1: Is that so? But we haven’t heard about anything like that. We’re an army which moves according to Mario-san’s orders. Even though the group leader is at the top of this group, but his views often differ from Mario-san’s. Since we haven’t heard anything, we’re going to carry out Mario-san’s orders and also, take you… What’s this? What a useless negotiator!
Mebuki: If-if you raise your hand against me, I’ll sue you on lawful means!
Punk 1: Is that so? Then, sue me.
Punk 2: The previous attempt to rape you was unsuccessful, but this time it might be a success. (Punk strangles Mebuki) I’ll have to make sure you can’t hurt me… Mario-san’s present… (Mizorogi punches punk)
Punk 1: What’s with him?!
Mizorogi: Mebuki-san! Please escape!
Punk 1: Mizorogi!
Marisa: You can’t!
Punk 1: Marisa, you bitch!
Mizorogi: Mebuki-san, hurry!
Punk: (Door opens) Brother! What on earth?
Marisa: Someone! Please help!
Punk 1: This bitch!
Hyoudou: This is as far as you can go!
Punk 1: H-hyoudou!
Mebuki: (Mebuki coughs) You’re… slow!
Hyoudou: Were you waiting for me? Oi, we’ve come to a settlement about this matter with your group leader. Get lost.
Punk 1: Shut up! That’s none of my business if I don’t hear a word from Mario-san’s mouth!
Hyoudou: Is that so? You want to get hurt? I hope you’ve been paying up for your national health insurance. If you’re going up against our Hakutaku-san, knowledge about financing for major medical expenses would be useful too.
Punk 1: Don’t make a fool out of us, Hyoudou!
Mebuki: Mizorogi-san, now quickly!
Punk 1: I won’t let you!
Mebuki: Hurry and go!
Mizorogi: But, Mebuki-san…
Mebuki: Just go! Bring Marisa to my office…
Mizorogi: I’m sorry!
Punk 1: You… bastard…
Hyoudou: What are you doing! Escape quickly!
Mebuki: I know that!
Punk 1: You! Capture that negotiator! He’s Hyoudou’s woman!
Punk 2: I got it!
Mebuki: This is bad, if I get tackled by that huge block, I’ll be gone. Is there any way for a breakthrough? Huh? The window… if the window next door is near enough, I can escape.
Punk 2: What are you doing? There’s no way for you to escape.
Mebuki: It’s 1.5m to the next window, if I jump with all my might, it’s not impossible to cross that distance.
Hyoudou: Senpai?
Punk 2: Bastard! As if I’d let you escape…
Mebuki: Oh no, the handrail is rusted…
Punk 2: Ah! I’m going to fall… (Punk falls)
Mebuki: Wait… Someone… please be there… I’m going to fall… Ah!
Hyoudou: Hold on tight…
Mebuki: I’m saved…
Hakutaku: My my, I was in a panic.
Mebuki: As expected of Hakutaku-san, he knocked out the rest of them. Ah, that’s right, the guy who fell down?
Hyoudou: Oi, where are you going!
Mebuki: He’s moving… he isn’t dead.
Hyoudou: Oi.
Mebuki: Huh?
Hyoudou: Damn it… Come over here.
Mebuki: There was a weariness about Hyoudou’s face. The hand that was stroking my hair felt like it trembled slightly. Damn, this is perplexing. Somehow, I feel like crying.
Hakutaku: Now then, we’ll have to clear these guys up. I’ll go call for the others. (Hakutaku leaves the room)
Hyoudou: Don’t scare me.
Mebuki: Yea.
The face you had when you rescued me from falling down, it was scary. Also, the face you had when you looked at me after, was sad.
I’m sorry.
I did something to open up the wounds in his heart.
Hyoudou: Don’t scare me, damn.

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3. テイクアウト

Shimeno: When I tried my best to pass some information to you, why did you end up in this state, Akira?
Mebuki: Even if you ask me how…
Shimeno: There’s a wound on your cheek and there are clear finger marks on your neck… It’s more questionable for you to tell me not to worry.
Mebuki: Because I’m dealing with yakuza, I can’t help getting injured a little here and there.
This man who’s donning a proper suit which makes him look like the head of a bank, is Shimeno Tokio. He’s the lawyer who prepared the documents for me and is my close friend.
Shimeno: So, what happened to your clients?
Mebuki: Uhm, they left for Thailand yesterday.
Mizorogi and Marisa came to the office on the day before their departure to pay their fees and their respects. Even though they would be troubled with finances from now on, they paid the contract fee and the other expenses, along with a top up of 20,000 yen.
Mizorogi: Because Mebuki-san really worked hard for us, you were more worried than any of my friends for Marisa and me, even though I deceived you.
Marisa: Thank you so much, Mebuki-san. I love you!
Mebuki: Marisa hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. It was really soft and felt so good…
It’s all thanks to Shimeno, thank you.
Mebuki: You don’t have to thank me, just take better care of yourself. When I see a wound or a scar on your face, it feels like I’m hurting too. Let me take a look at it, does it hurt?
Shimeno: It’s fine, it’s nothing big.
Mebuki: That day, I was so tired out and I didn’t get brought back to Hyoudou’s place, but returned to my own place. It has been 5 days since then and I haven’t even gotten a text from him. I wonder what happened. No, it’s not like I wanted him to bring me back with him or anything…
Ouch! If you press it, it will hurt!
Shimeno: Ah, I’m sorry.
Mebuki: (Door opens) Goodness… if Hyoudou sees this, it will become something big. Huh? Kio is mouthing something.
Kio: It’s re-a-lly bad.
Mebuki: Bad… what is?
Hyoudou: Who are you?
Mebuki: Uwah… this is really bad.
Shimeno: You too, who are you? How about saying something before you enter someone else’s office?
Hakutaku: Good day to you, please excuse us.
Mebuki: Ah… Hakutaku-san…
Hyoudou: Senpai, who is this?
Mebuki: He’s my close friend and a lawyer, Shimeno.
Hyoudou: Hm… Then why are you having your cheeked caressed by your lawyer friend?
Mebuki: Ah no, this is…
Shimeno: What a rude man, I’m just taking a look at his wound because I heard that he was hurt.
Hyoudou: I didn’t ask you.
Shimeno: What? I see, so you’re Hyoudou Juuetsu.
Hyoudou: Even so, what about it?
Shimeno: Since this is a good chance, let me ask you. Akira is a kind man, I’m sure he’s kind towards a man from a violent organisation like you too. Even if that’s the case… What’s your problem?
Hyoudou: What did you just say?
Mebuki: Wha… that is… please calm down.
Shimeno: Aren’t you from the yakuza?
Hyoudou: Before that. What did you call senpai?
Shimeno: “Akira”. What’s wrong with calling Akira “Akira”?
Hyoudou: What an annoying guy, you bastard…
Mebuki: Okay okay, no fighting. Shimeno, thank you for today. I’ll contact you again…
Shimeno: A-akira, are you telling me to leave? I can’t, I haven’t even gotten to eat any snacks yet.
Hyoudou: No problem, you can stay here for as long as you want to. (Hyoudou holds Mebuki’s hand) Senpai, let’s go.
Shimeno: Oi, what are you planning to do you bastard!
Hakutaku: I’m really sorry, but please let us borrow your president.
Shimeno: What? (Door opens) Akira!
Sayuri: President, please be careful!
Kio: Take care.
Mebuki: Shimeno… I’ll text you again… (Door closes after them)

Koushounin Series (24)

Mebuki: So I was finally being “take-out”.
Hyoudou: What’s with that lawyer guy? Having a name like Shimenawa (shimenawa is a Shinto rope used to cordon off areas as a talisman against evil), and fawning all over you. How disgusting.
Mebuki: Are you really saying that?
Hyoudou: I have the right to say that.
Mebuki: No one has such a right. Shimeno was my classmate when we were studying law. Well… he might be a rather stubborn fellow, but he’s very serious and is a good guy.
Hyoudou: If you praise him anymore, I’m going to go into a major depression.
Mebuki: What’s going to come out of that?
Hyoudou: You won’t be able to hold your hips up tomorrow.
Mebuki: I’ll stop praising him.
Hyoudou: That’s a wise choice.
Mebuki: That… I should take a shower right?
Hyoudou: Heh… seems like you haven’t forgotten your promise. As expected of senpai, you’re really courageous. Please use the bathroom first. Oh, I bought a bathrobe for senpai’s personal use. It’s in the dressing room so just use it.
Mebuki: So your preparations are all done, huh?
It was bad for them to have met each other. When I quit the police force, he was the one who earnestly asked me to join him. But, the policy of the company where he was working at differed from what I was aiming for.
Shimeno: Akira, you’re too kind. In order to get the result we want, there has to be things we sacrifice.
Mebuki: I thought that I wanted to become strong, to be of use to someone after I become stronger. But it was too hard, and I met a lot of setbacks, I’m sure that’s going to recur from now on.
Hyoudou: Senpai?
Mebuki: I’m a man too. During this time, I won’t keep avoiding this. Boil me or grill me, do whatever you want to.
Hyoudou: I don’t have a pot which can contain senpai here.
Mebuki: Oh, but were there preparation work to be done? Should I have washed the insides of my butt too?
Hyoudou: You know, senpai… don’t you have something called the emotions?
Mebuki: You’re being rude, of course I have something like that.
Hyoudou: Listen well, it’s not like I’m going to focus all my attention on that hole in your butt.
Mebuki: Is that so?
Hyoudou: Of course!
Mebuki: Ouch… don’t pinch my cheeks…
Hyoudou: If I just wanted a butt, I could have just offered money and gotten a cuter and younger one.
Mebuki: If that’s case, then go buy a cuter and younger one.
Hyoudou: (Hyoudou sighs) If it’s not senpai, then there’s no meaning to it. I only want this because it’s you, why can’t you understand this?
Mebuki: Uwah… sometimes you say really outrageous stuff.
Hyoudou: What?
Mebuki: Somehow, things you call a great confession of love or something…
Hyoudou: Are you joking with me? I won’t be happy at all if you’re going to drop your pants and say “here you go” just because of a promise.
Mebuki: That wasn’t my intention…
Hyoudou: Then what is your intention?
Mebuki: That is… how should I say this… it’s more of something like “sorry for making you wait”…
Hyoudou: What?
Mebuki: I thought that I might be rather stingy for withholding the last thing from you even though we’ve done so much already…
Hyoudou: Yes. You’re really stingy.
Mebuki: I’m sorry about that. But, isn’t it normal to hesitate? After that, we would have crossed a point of no return in many senses…
Hyoudou: So which is it? Until you’re really convinced that it’s fine to do that, I have no intentions of sticking it into you.
Mebuki: I don’t get it very well myself either!
Hyoudou: How irresponsible… Well it’s fine. If you don’t get it, then I’d just have to ask your body.
Mebuki: Huh? What? Oi, you pervert, take off your spectacles.
Hyoudou: I refuse, I won’t be able to see properly after.
Mebuki: Just take them off! Won’t it be difficult to kiss that way?
Hyoudou: Tsk, senpai has gotten good at saying such things too. (Hyoudou takes off his spectacles) It’s better with your spectacles. (They kiss) Hyoudou…
Mebuki: Aren’t you scared? I killed a man who was almost like my family. Aren’t you against the idea of being held by someone like that?
Hyoudou: If I said that I am against it, will you stop?
Mebuki: I don’t want to force you.
Hyoudou: Say, Hyoudou, if under some circumstances, I killed someone accidentally, will you refuse to hold me?
Mebuki: No… no… I’ll hold you.
Hyoudou: Right? In other words, it’s like that.
Mebuki: You really don’t know what’s going to happen in life. During one of the darkest moments, I was with him on a bed and smiling.
Hyoudou: Just like that, raise your hips.
Mebuki: Hyoudou… no…
Hyoudou: I’ll have to prep you thoroughly…
Mebuki: Hyoudou… what… is this…
Hyoudou: Ah… can you tell?
Mebuki: Hyou…dou… what did you do?
Hyoudou: I thought I wanted to let senpai enjoy too. Don’t worry, it’s just the kind which can arouse you a little.
Mebuki: Don’t joke with me… which part of this is “a little”…
Hyoudou: You’re moving your hips… amazing, you’re so sexy, senpai.
Mebuki: Stupid.
Hyoudou: If I’ve done so much, I think it should be fine.
Mebuki: Hyoudou…
Hyoudou: Senpai, don’t be that scared.
Mebuki: But…
Hyoudou: Don’t escape.
Mebuki: If it doesn’t hurt…
Hyoudou: It won’t. Aren’t you all wet? Can I go in?
Mebuki: Ah! Hey, I haven’t said that you can…
Hyoudou: Damn, it’s so tight. Senpai, relax. Amazing, you’re opening yourself and accepting me here. Damn… where is my phone? I can’t take a souvenir photo…
Mebuki: Stup… ah…
Hyoudou: Senpai, isn’t it tiring?
Mebuki: It is…
Hyoudou: But you haven’t gone limp. Why are you contracting?
Mebuki: I won’t know… about that…
Hyoudou: Don’t… if you do that… even I will…
Mebuki: Hyoudou…
Hyoudou: Senpai… “You’re already mine”, if I said that it feels like I’ll get punched so I’ll just keep it in my heart.
Mebuki: You’ve already said it…
Hyoudou: You’re amazing, your insides are great.
Mebuki: It feels rather ambivalent when I get praised about that. Urgh… Hyoudou… you didn’t use a condom?
Hyoudou: Ah, no… it was in the heat of the moment. I did intend to have safe sex.
Mebuki: What’s wrong? (Hyoudou runs to the toilet)
What’s with him, how rude… we’re in the midst of our pillow talk too. (Sounds of shower running) Huh? Why is he taking a shower suddenly… Ah come to think of it, the restlessness I got from the stimulant that Hyoudou rubbed in me is gone, it’s probably because he took thorough care of me. Huh? This drug which made me all hot and itchy inside, Hyoudou went in without any protection… I see.

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4. 秘密

Sayuri: President, I heard that the client today will have a child with her?
Mebuki: That’s right, a 5-year-old child. Do we have any snacks?
Sayuri: We do have fried dough cakes… but I wonder if children like those?
Mebuki: I liked it when I was young, but I’m not sure about children these days. (Doorbell rings) Huh?
Sayuri: Seems like she’s here already.
Ayumi: I’m sorry, am I too early?
Mebuki: Don’t worry about it, please take a seat. Now, what is your name?
Renji: Uh…
Ayumi: You can say your name right?
Renji: Mutani… Renji.
Ayumi: It’s the “ren” (錬) in “tanren” (鍛錬) and tsukasa (司).
Mebuki: So he got his father’s name.
Ayumi: Yes. Even though that person died without knowing about this child’s presence, he’s still the father.
Mebuki: I heard from Kou-san that he was a friendly and kind person.
Ayumi: That’s right. But, kind people are weak.
Renji: Mum, I’m thirsty.
Mebuki: We have some barley tea…
Renji: Ah, I want juice. Grape would be good.
Kio: Do you want to go buy some?
Renji: Huh?
Kio: Grape juice, it’s selling around here. Let’s go buy it.
Renji: Uhm. (Renji leaves with Kio)
Ayumi: That’s rare, he’s a child who shies from strangers… for him to follow so obediently…
Mebuki: The huge big brother is someone who is rather shy too, perhaps they felt their similarity and clicked? Then, what request do you have for me?
Ayumi: It’s this.
Mebuki: Is that a bankbook?
Ayumi: Yes, please take a look at it.
Mebuki: Yes. Wow, this is…
Ayumi: The first one came in one month after his release. I’m not sure how he knew my account number… but from then on, it has been transferred in every 20 days without fail. The first time it was 50,000 yen. I think that was probably the maximum amount of money he was able to afford then. After that, it slowly increased, and this is the current amount.
Mebuki: This is unmistakably more than a normal salary-man’s pay.
Ayumi: To be honest, I felt grateful for it. I don’t know how much it has helped my mother and I. In the first place, there is no reason for him to pay us money. I caused him to waste time suffering. The one who was supposed to go into prison, was me. Because, he didn’t do anything, he just tried to stop the man who was being violent towards me. But, he didn’t punch anyone, because he treated that person like his brother. Even so, that person kicked him while sitting on the windowsill, and just continued kicking him while laughing. I couldn’t stand it! He was rather pitiful when he was being kicked, but more than anything, it was so torturous to watch that person fall to such a state. That’s why I…
Mebuki: Let’s stop this. There’s no need for you to tell me the truth.
Ayumi: But… but… if I don’t, he will… Hyoudou-san will…
Mebuki: He made that choice himself. He isn’t the sort of man to regret his decisions. He’s not a petty guy. (Mebuki offers her tissue) Please have some.
Ayumi: Aren’t you surprised? Could it be that Mebuki-san already knew?
Mebuki: No. This is the first time I’m hearing this.
Ayumi: Then, why?
Mebuki: Hm… I wonder why. When it comes to him, somehow I find it difficult to make a sound decision. Anyway Mitani-san, do you wish to stop this transfer of money?
Ayumi: Yes. Not just that, I want to return the untouched amount which has been transferred this year. I feel so sorry that I can’t face Hyoudou-san anymore. Because I heard that Mebuki-san is close with Hyoudou-san, I was wondering if you could accept the role of passing this message to him.
Mebuki: If that’s the request, I’m sorry but I can’t accept that.
Ayumi: You’re the only one whom I can ask this of.
Mebuki: I can’t do this.
Ayumi: That can’t be…
Mebuki: It’s pitiful.
Ayumi: Huh?
Mebuki: If you return this money, he will be too pitiful. This is just merely my speculations but he must have thought of the two of you as his family. Ren-san was his brother. Mitani-san, you were his sister and probably also the motherly figure. In that case, Renji is probably his younger brother or his nephew, someone like his family. That’s why he’s been transferring the funds over all along.
Ayumi: Family…
Mebuki: Right now, he’s the young boss of the Suou group. Because he is aware of his own position, he can’t appear before you two. That’s why, that money is the only bond between him and you. It’s impossible for me to sever that bond. I like him, so I can’t do that.
Ayumi: In that case, you’re saying that it’s fine this way…
Mebuki: I think it is fine. Don’t worry, he’s doing well. If you don’t want feel like using it, then just put it in the bank or donate it.
Ayumi: I understand. Please don’t tell Hyoudou-san about today…
Mebuki: I will protect the privacy of my clients. I won’t tell anyone anything. But, if you ever feel ready for it, please tell Kou-san the truth too. I think he has the right to know the truth about his brother.
Ayumi: Yes. Thank you.
Renji: (Door opens) Big brother bought this for me, this snack too!
Ayumi: Ah… I’m sorry, let me pay you…
Kio: No, it’s fine. I’ll eat half of it too.
Mebuki: How nice… can you let uncle have some too?
Renji: We’re supposed to share it between just the two of us.
Mebuki: But I want…
Renji: I won’t give you!
Mebuki: What?
Sayuri: My my, how lively. Also, doesn’t the president realise it? (Sayuri laughs) The true intentions of the heart will be revealed carelessly from time to time.
Mebuki: I like him, so I can’t do that.

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Booklet except: Strawberry Flavor

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