Akatsuki no Yona: Episode 04

The Wind Tribe – 風の部族

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Hak and Yona seeks refuge in the capital of Fuuga, the home of the Wind Tribe. However, these actions, along with Mundok’s refusal to acknowledge Soo Won as the new king were seen as an act of rebellion and the Wind Tribe is in deep trouble.

That basically summed up everything of importance in this episode, I did say that this part was my least favourite of the entire story didn’t I?

After the snake incident in the previous episode, Yona regained some of the life in her and started to at least converse with Hak about their plans. According to Hak, the best place to seek refuge in was the capital of Fuuga, his hometown. Now, Hak, I would think that’s the last place I will choose if I were you. If Soo Won was serious about capturing the both of you, the home of the Wind Tribe would be the first place he clamps down on.

Nevertheless, in view of the current situation, their best bet had to be Fuuga, where Hak could find trustworthy people. They headed towards the Fuuga and were greeted by a warm welcome from Hak’s people. It was a nice change of scenery and for the first time since her father’s murder, Yona met people who welcomed her warmly. Despite his crass way of speaking, Hak also seemed to be a figure much loved and respected by everyone; of course, he’s the general of the Wind Tribe! I tend to forget that the young-looking Hak is actually the head now, as Mundok had stepped down from the role.

Mundok was currently summoned to castle and it was to discuss about Soo Won’s coronation as king. With King Il dead and Yona missing, the only one with royal blood left in the castle is Soo Won. I tend to forget this too, but Soo Won is the son of Yu Hong (who is King Il’s brother) so that makes him Yona’s cousin *gasps*. However, to ascend the throne, Soo Won needed all five generals of the five tribes to approve and Mundok wasn’t going to give his approval that easily; to approve of Soo Won’s coronation would be akin to acknowledging the suspicions that Hak murdered King Il. As the current sentiments about King Il’s death is that Hak murdered the king and escaped with Yona as hostage, things don’t look too good for Hak or the Wind Tribe. It all points towards a rebellion or uprising of the Wind Tribe as Hak is (again, I had to remind myself) the general of the Wind Tribe. As Soo Won couldn’t become king if the Wind Tribe doesn’t give its approval, he resorted to threatening Mundok with the people of Fuuga. Oh dear, Soo Won…

Bringing Yona to the friendly and warm Fuuga capital was the right choice. Before long, Yona started becoming more like her usual self.  However, Soo Won’s plans started moving and Mundok started to feel the pressure from the king-to-be. First, the village’s water supply was cut off by the Fire Tribe who dammed up the river. I thought it was quite funny since it looked like they just blocked the river and tada no more water supply for the Wind Tribe. Even though it’s just the Fire Tribe they’re dealing with on the surface, they know that the Fire Tribe is supported by the royal family, which is not to be trifled with. The blockage of the river and the attacks on any merchant who head for Fuuga saw that the people of Fuuga would have no access to any water. Water is one thing, but the most immediate concern of the family was the medicine for Hak’s little brother.

Something has GOT to be done and Hak decided to sacrifice himself by cutting ties with the Wind Tribe. That would save the people of the Wind Tribe from any implications King Il’s murder will have on them and I can’t think of a better plan too. Although they would have to eventually confront Soo Won and get the throne back, now’s probably not the time. Hak decided to leave Yona behind in Fuuga because she has finally started to smile. Without him around Yona wouldn’t have even gotten out of the castle or gotten to meet the people of Fuuga, doesn’t he know that he’s part of the reason why she’s smiling? Hak has always been the one who was able to cheer Yona up, remember how young Hak managed to cheer Yona up after her mother’s death?

Honestly, I’m liking the anime Hak so much more than manga Hak and I don’t really know why. It might be the voice actors, or they might bishi-fied him in the anime, but I’m enjoying the spotlight on Hak for now. Having decided that he will leave the Wind Tribe, Hak bid farewell to Mundokover a bottle of good sake. I found the farewell scene rather rushed and poorly done. Or perhaps it wasn’t meant to be emotional? Right after a comedic scene, Hak said his farewell and a single tear rolled down Mundok’s cheek. And that was it, I was just shocked when we cut to the ED after that.

Judging from the episode preview, looks like we’ll be bidding farewell to more than just Fuuga, but also to the wimpy side of Yona too~


2 thoughts on “Akatsuki no Yona: Episode 04

  1. i quite liked this episode, because at last we get more than flashbacks and what not. hmm.. i think hak probably suggested his hometown because even if soowon (seriously, these weird names throw me off) did target that place, hak would know that his people wouldn’t ever betray him. and we saw it with grandpa when he refused to approve of soowon ascending the throne. so i do think it was a wise decision on hak’s part.

    hak’s little brother is such a sweetheart. he’s so pretty and adorable, when he had that relapsed i gasped. i hope they get the medicine for him quick! anyway, yes hak is so silly for thinking of leaving yona behind because he’s one of the reasons she is smiling! goodness, all these hero types and the way they think lol.

    enjoyed hearing okamoto in this ep. he’s voicing two different characters in this show. and i didn’t realise that soowon’s assistant guy was voiced by yoshino hiroyuki!! but the clincher for me was hearing ishida akira <3 was a great episode. thanks for the review!

    • Flashbacks? Gosh I can’t remember what happened even though I just watched it yesterday! But yea you’re probably right, it’s just too bad that he didn’t have a trustable friend from another tribe. Yes I love Hak’s little brother’s eyes! So pretty~ Evidently I forgot his name, these names are really difficult to remember, I kept getting Soo Won’s name wrong at first and I called him Soo Woo I think. Lol.

      Oh right, Ishida Akira… didn’t know that you like his voice Kiseki ^^ Sorry I haven’t been making the effort to comment on the voice acting because I’m just so lazy~ And I’m glad you liked this episode!

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