Psycho Pass 2: Episode 03

“The Devil’s Proof”

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Akane’s descent into obsession over Kamui Kirito begins, and more than one of the people under her command are attempting to distance her from this ghost who can’t be identified or picked up by the Sybil System. It’s so intriguing to see her composure in the face of such a personal case aimed directly at her and I really like watching the way her thinking evolves with every clue she discovers.


Mika, Ginoza and the other Enforcers are checking out the sign carved into Akane’s wall, but both of them wonder whether Akane’s sanity has been compromised and whether she’s just forgotten about writing it. They argue that none of the scanners or CCTV show anyone having entered her apartment, and with two impossible circumstances, as well as the fact that no one seems to believe that Kamui exists, the only answer could be that Akane’s somehow fallen off the deep end. Mika even goes so far as to scan her hue and crime coefficient, but we’re the only ones who know that she’s one of those rare individuals whose hue never clouds and whose crime coefficient never increases. It makes me wonder what Makishima would have thought of her had he realised she was one of his kind.

Jouji Saiga makes a guest appearance this episode when Akane goes to see him to ask him whether he thinks she’s still sane, as well as his thoughts on the case. He tells her, though, that she’s got the Devil’s Proof, where either scenario is impossible but one must be true, and I really think that leads her to trust more in herself and what she knows about herself.

Akane’s division is split into two groups when Akane keeps Ginoza and Togane working with her, while Mika volunteers to take Yayoi and Sho with her to check out a sudden hue change at a minister’s talk. Mika snidely tells Akane to keep chasing her ghosts while she goes and does some real work, but Akane really isn’t fazed by it and that’s something I love about her. She doesn’t second-guess herself on things she knows to be true, and she follows her gut the same way Kogami, Kagari and Masaoka did. That’s when she, Ginoza and Togane discover that one of the drones that had attacked them in the first episode appeared a long way away from the initial bomb site and had several parts missing.

Elsewhere, Inspector Shisui has been studied and prodded by Kamui, who has also somehow removed one of her eyes. Her crime coefficient is through the roof but Kamui promises her that her suffering and her fear will all vanish soon enough. He does something to her mouth; I’m not sure whether he puts something into her mouth or what, but her crime coefficient, monitored by her dominator, suddenly drops back to normal levels until she no longer registers as a subject of enforcement. Whatever he does seems to settle her nerves and makes her begin to trust him and I really think we see the faults in the Sybil System, which instills a very strong fear within its citizens in regards to their hue and the levels of their crime coefficient. And of course it makes people like Kamui easier to trust, if only to be declared sane and whole by the Sybil System.

Somehow Shisui manages to contact Aoyanagi, luring her into a trap and attacking her. When she tries to shoot the dominator she finds that it’s locked because his crime coefficient is within healthy parameters. He brutally attacks her, all the while shouting that Kamui Kirito has helped him stay clear. At the same time, Mika calls Akane, after having apprehended the minister with the clouded hue, only for the man to tell them to contact Kamui Kirito, who will help his hue clear up again and Mika is forced to accept that her supervisor isn’t as insane as she believes her to be.

I don’t know how this is all going to pan out but whoa there was a lot of drama in this episode. It’s really turning into something very personal for Akane and I’m really interested to seeing how Kamui knows her or of her and what possible connection they might have had. Perhaps a former classmate? But if he doesn’t register on the Sybil System, which Chief Kasei tells her is impossible, then he’s either changed his name and face or somehow managed to erase himself from the system itself.

I was also really interested in the relationship between Aoyanagi and Ginoza because I think that at one time they might have been quite close as colleagues, back when he was an Inspector. I’d be really interested to seeing their background history too because Aoyanagi seems like a really interesting character and I want to know more about her past, especially the unknown Enforcer she once shot. I personally thought he looked a little like Kamui, but as both their faces were shrouded in darkness it’s a little hard to be sure. Another thing to note is what the Chief told Akane; she said to keep a closer eye on Togane, because he had one of the highest crime coefficients, which seems to surprise Akane. Again, this leads me to thinking that he’s got his own game somewhere, and whether or not it has anything to do with Kamui remains to be seen. However, the fact that he seems to really believe in Akane, going so far as to tell Ginoza that there’s nothing wrong in her line of thought regarding Kamui, suggests that he’s really observing her and seeing how this all pans out. If he’s got any nefarious plans, though, I think Ginoza’s got her back because it looks like he’s already harbouring doubts about Togane’s presence on their team. That’s, right, Ginoza, protect your former underling!

Anyways, things are really heating up and I quite enjoyed this episode! It was very action-packed and while still very different from the intensity and mystery of the first season, is still pretty good in its own right. I have my doubts on whether it’s going to live up to its previous standard, but I guess if I look at this show as a standalone it’s still pretty interesting. It’s almost like an independent fanfiction based off the original show and I can appreciate that.


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