Koushounin Series 02: Koushounin wa Utagawanai Disc 1 – Translation

Koushounin Series (2)

Title: Koushounin wa Utagawanai (交渉人は疑わない) Disc 1 (drama review)
Cast: Koyasu Takehito x Hirakawa Daisuke (子安武人×平川大輔)
Related drama(s): ① Koushounin wa Damaranai
Contents: Disc 1

1. ジュリクルボーイ
2. 依頼人 溝呂木
3. 前科
4. 一蓮托生
5. 交渉人 芽吹章

Disc 2

1. 切り札
2. 古傷
3. テイクアウト
4. 秘密<

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1. Jellicle Boy (ジュリクルボーイ)

Everyone: Cheers!
Kyou: You’re worked hard, Mayu! But you’re really something, wasn’t your father’s death memorial service just held recently?
Mayu: Goodness, Kyou you’re really too sensitive. I’m here for Akki today~
Mebuki: Huh? I’ll be really honoured to. But are you really all right with a newcomer like me, Mayu-chan?
Mayu: But it has to be Akki, I want to consult you about the inheritance.
Kyou: Huh, again? Why must we have a legal consultation in a host club?
Mayu: Akki, my mama has been really scared since papa died… that the inheritance will be taken away.
Mebuki: Inheritance might be taken away, but there are also cases where there is a certificate for the inheritance.
Mayu: Heh? Is that so?
Mebuki: The certificate on inheritance is needed for certain high sums. 50 million + 10 million x the legally allowed number of inheritors. This is the basic procedure for inheritance. In Mayu-chan’s case, how many inheritors are there?
Mayu: Hm… mama, me, my brother and my uncle, papa’s brother.
Mebuki: When the person has a wife and children, his brothers and sisters won’t be entitled to the inheritance. In other words, your uncle has no right to the inheritance. But it will be a different case if he was included in the will.
Kyou: Oi oi, don’t carelessly give your uncle your money. If you had that money, spend it here.
Mayu: Oh Kyou, you’re really… (Kyou pours drinks for everyone)
Mebuki: Ah, I’m sorry Mitsuo-san. I’ll do it myself…
Kyou: Ah, it’s fine. Just focus on advising Mayu-chan.
Damn, why am I pouring drinks for my junior? Damn, ever since this arrogant guy came, my state has been off.
Mayu: Akki, why are you working as something like a host?
Mebuki: It isn’t “something like a host” right? I think that every job has its own value.
Kyou: Heh? What a model answer. But aren’t you a little too old to be working as a host? You said that you’re 25, but you’re strangely too matured.
Mayu: But you’re amazing, you know so much! Say, are there anything else I need to be careful about?
Mebuki: That’s right. In the case where you don’t know if the debts are larger than the life insurance payout… ah…
Mayu: Huh? What’s wrong? Wow, a male customer. That’s rare.
Kyou: Hm… seems like he’s together with a girl. Must be a new customer…
Uwah… I can’t believe it, he is no small fry.
Ayaka: Ah, I found him! Hyoudou-san, he’s over there!
Hyoudou: Heh? I see. There’s really a host who resembles senpai a lot. Oi, you, what’s your name?
Mebuki: Ah….I… I’m Akki!
Hyoudou: Akki, come on, sit closer to me. Oi Ayaka, just order anything you like.
Ayaka: Sure… Hyoudou-san, you’re choosing Akki as your designated host right?
Hyoudou: Yea.
Mebuki: Ah… that is… there are a lot of other hosts around too.
Hyoudou: You’re fine, I liked you from the first time I set eyes on you, Akki. Don’t you have a pretty face, hm? How old are you?
Mebuki: I-I’m 25…
Hyoudou: I see… 25 huh?
Mebuki: Even I knew that it might seem impossible. What on earth did you come here for? Why is a yakuza in a host club?
Hyoudou: The problem is with my man selling off his body… You’re a heartless man, even though you have me, you started working in a job like a host.
Ayaka: Ah! So the two of you are really together!
Mebuki: No way!
Hyoudou: What’s wrong about that? Will you do something like that with any random guy?
Mebuki: Th-that is…
I wish that he would just let me off. I won’t say that there’s nothing going on between Hyoudou and me, but I’m still a virgin. Even though he always pesters me with “isn’t it about time?” but I’ve always firmly rejected him. My butt will be pulverised if I get penetrated by that intimidating bazooka of his. In the first place, I don’t even know why I got into this sort of relationship with Hyoudou.
Hyoudou: Goodness, this is so annoying. I would have locked you up in my bedroom if I knew you were going to have some unknown woman fawning and touching you all over.
Mebuki: Don’t make such a scary joke.
Hyoudou: I’m serious.
Ayaka: Ah! You’re so loved!
Mebuki: It’s fine! I don’t need such a frightening love! Listen well Hyoudou, this is a job. Don’t tell anyone, you got this? I got a request from the parents of this woman who got hooked onto the number two of this shop, to I’m trying to get her back on track.
Hyoudou: And so?
Mebuki: Without any form of proof, I won’t be persuasive enough. Because a person’s views tend to narrow when she falls in love.
Hyoudou: So you’re trying to get closer to that number two?
Mebuki: Yea, but he doesn’t seem like a good man.
Hyoudou: I see, how pitiful. So her dreams of love will be crushed by the negotiator.
Mebuki: It can’t be helped right? Right now, she’s even borrowing money from loan sharks for him, while the man in question is still calmly… Wa! What are you doing?
Ayaka: Ah! How nice, a princess hug!
Mebuki: I don’t give such service here!
Hyoudou: Don’t be so stiff, Akki. I’m a big customer, shouldn’t you take good care of me?
Mebuki: What are you talking… manager!
Manager: Customer, our shop does not entertain male customers who request for our male hosts…
Hyoudou: Richard! (Richard Henessy)
Manager: Yes?
Hyoudou: Don’t you have any?
Manager: Ah, yes… we have…
Hyoudou: Also, Dom Perignon Pink or Gold, give me two or three of those.
Manager: I understand! Akki, take good care of him from now on.
Mebuki: Huh? Oi!

Koushounin Series (16)

Mebuki: Please don’t scold Rina-san too much okay? Fortunately, the debts aren’t too huge. Also, please don’t misunderstand that all hosts are like Amano Takuma, there are also many out there who are working properly as hosts. Yes. That’s right. I’m sure Rina-san will find her right man one day. Then. (Mebuki hangs up call)
Sayuri: Case closed?
Mebuki: Yea, it’s closed for now. For now, please send the detailed statement and bill to the other party.
Sayuri: You don’t look too happy even though it has been closed.
Mebuki: Is that so?
Sayuri: Even though she asked for it, that young lady was quite pitiful too.
Mebuki: The person I was talking to on the phone, was the father of the lady in question. His daughter’s name is Rina. It seems like 34-year-old led a serious life while working for a large company. The host whom she was involved with, Amano Takuma, had a mistress and a 2-year-old child. When I told her that, she started trembling and collapsed from crying.
Sayuri: But, I had wanted to see president’s host get up too. That’s right, I heard that the young boss of the Suou group went to the shop as well? (Mebuki spits out water) He was hugging you on his lap too, I heard all that from Ayaka-chan. She said happily that “Mebuki-san is super loved!”
Mebuki: Is… is that so…
After that, Hyoudou ordered expensive liquors one after another like an idiot and enjoyed himself thoroughly. Thanks to that, when I quit the shop…
Manager: What a shame, even though you had such a good customer…
Mebuki: Even so, there’s no meaning to being a host if the customer is a guy!
Mebuki: Ah, it’s so humid…
Kio: But it’s not as hot as before.
Mebuki: Well, it might have gotten a bit better.
Since the start of August, Tokyo became increasing warm; it might be because our air conditioner was old too. But, Kio and I have decided to go “eco” and we’ve been wearing aloha shirts at work.
Kio: That…
Mebuki: Huh?
Kio: That is… is that short kid doing well? The one who seems like he can be put in here. (Kio points to his shirt pocket)
Mebuki: Huh? Someone who is small enough to be put inside your front pocket… Ah! You mean Tomonori? I haven’t met him lately. Why?
Kio: Yea, somehow I’m just worried about him.
Mebuki: Worry?
Kio: He’s small.
Mebuki: What’s that?
Hashida Tomonori is 16-year-old high school student, the Suou group leader’s nephew. Somehow he seems to be interested in me and he even came here half a month ago.
Tomonori: Hm… this is shabby.
Mebuki: He said that with an annoying tone and left.
Isn’t he enjoying his summer holidays now? Come to think of it, his father is getting released soon.
Kio: Heh?
Mebuki: Tomonori’s father is one of the leaders in the Suou group and he’s serving his time in jail for the crime of threatening. It might be his reaction towards his father, but Tomonori hates yakuza.
Come to think of it, Hyoudou is also an ex-convict. Was it in Fuchu? If it’s your first time, you probably won’t go there.
Kio: Yea. He’s a B grade. But if you’re someone connected to yakuza, you’ll be treated like a B grade even if it’s your first time. Shall I research on that?
Mebuki: No.
I shouldn’t investigate on it secretively. If it bothers me, I should just ask Hyoudou in-person.
(Mebuki stretches) My shoulders are so stiff. It seems to have gotten cooler outside. Huh?
In that instant, I have this feeling that someone hid in the shadows of a building.
Kio: What’s wrong?
Mebuki: No, I got the feeling that someone is downstairs but… ah Kio, you can go home after that budgeting is done.
Kio: Yea.
Amano: What’s with that aloha shirt? It’s the worst.
Mebuki: Amano Takuma. This is bad, seems like my identity was revealed.
Amano: Are you a Hawaiian rent-a-car dealer?
Mebuki: Wow, that’s funny.
Amano: Don’t joke with me, you bastard! You sold me out didn’t you? Even revealing that I have a child, thanks to you, my sales have been dropping! Isn’t this an intrusion to my privacy? (Amano strangles Mebuki)
Mebuki: I thought I might get resented for what happened during this case, so I tried to keep things down, but seems like Rina-san couldn’t keep quiet about it.
When… there is a proper… reason behind it… it doesn’t become… an intrusion of… privacy.
Amano: What a lowly fellow, pretending to be a host and getting close to me…
Mebuki: Stop it… Let… go… (Hyoudou saves Mebuki)
Hyoudou: Oh, that’s dangerous, senpai. (Mebuki coughs) Hakataku-san, give that guy a light warning.
Mebuki: Hakutaku-san… (Mebuki coughs) Please don’t overdo it…
Hakutaku: Yes, don’t overdo it right?
Amano: What are you…
Hyoudou: Then I’ll be on your side. (Amano screams)
Mebuki: I… just heard some frightening sound…
Hyoudou: Ah, he might have kicked a wall or something. This place is rod-reinforced right? If that’s the case, then it should be fine.
Mebuki: What’s that? What sort of heavy duty machine is Hakutaku-san?
Hyoudou: See. If you don’t want this, it will become forced company, what will you do?
Mebuki: I will walk by myself, I will.
Mebuki: Oi, why the bedroom? Wait a bit.
Hyoudou: I’m just going to cool your neck down a bit. I’ll bring a towel, so lie there.
Mebuki: It has been a month since I did that sort of things with Hyoudou. It’s not like I’m avoiding him, but, how should I phrase this, I can’t get used to sleeping with him.
Hyoudou: What a lame aloha shirt.
Mebuki: It’s fine, even if I look lame, it’s cooling.
Hyoudou: Well, this is better than your cheap-looking suit when you were a host. Anyway, you’re probably being punished because you were letting those women fawn over you in that sort of shop. (Mebuki laughs) What are you laughing about? If I weren’t there, you would have gotten pushed down the stairs.
Mebuki: That’s right, you really saved me back there.
Hyoudou: It’s disgusting if you’re too honest.
Mebuki: What’s that, what should I do then?
Hyoudou: I’ll tell you what you should be doing, close your eyes.
Mebuki: Oi, Hyou…
Hyoudou: Keep quiet and close your eyes. Shouldn’t just kissing be fine? I haven’t held you in a month already, are you intending to starve me?
Mebuki: Stupid, that’s an exaggeration.
Hyoudou: This isn’t an exaggeration. Even if I devour someone other than senpai, I don’t get satisfied.
Mebuki: Hm… so you’ve eaten someone else…
Hyoudou: Will you get jealous?
Mebuki: Not really.
Hyoudou: It’s a lie, I haven’t eaten anyone else. Previously, I could get by with random people here and there, but right now if it isn’t you, I don’t even have the appetite for it. So, senpai, take responsibility for it.
Mebuki: As if I care. (They kiss) Wait…
Hyoudou: You’re too sexy.
Mebuki: Oi, wait, what are you doing, Hyoudou?
Hyoudou: Isn’t touching you fine?
Mebuki: Stop it…
Hyoudou: This isn’t even semi-hard…
Mebuki: Oi… let me go…
Hyoudou: The one who would be in trouble if I let go now is senpai. Or are you going to masturbate in front of me?
Mebuki: As if I would do that, you idiot.
Hyoudou: Then, behave yourself.

Koushounin Series (17)
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2. Client: Mizorogi Kou (依頼人 溝呂木)

Mebuki: Three days later, I received an apology letter from Amano Takuma. He was probably pressured by Hyoudou in some way. Just when I thought that I won’t get involved with hosts anymore, another host showed up but as a customer this time.
Mizorogi Kou-san, you work at Blue Stardust?
Mizorogi: Yes.
Mebuki: Mizorogi-san, I bet you’re popular.
Mizorogi: What are you saying? Well, I’ve become the top at our shop during the past 3 months, but popularity is something temporary.
Mebuki: He really had a face which looked like he would be very popular. He talks with a friendly tone and I get a good feeling from him. When I asked, it seems like he found out about my agency from Ayaka’s close friend.
As we’ve conversed over the phone, you were stalked by a female customer of yours?
Mizorogi: That’s right, I really wish that she would stop that. It would be scary if I provoke her unnecessarily too, and because we’re in the same industry, I don’t think it will be fine. She is a hostess too. How should I phrase it, she is very clingy.
Mebuki: If a third party intervenes, I think it won’t cause a ruckus. Perhaps I can persuade her directly, or we can get one of her close female friends to persuade her. And just in case her stalking gets too overboard, we will need you to keep texts or mails from her as evidence.
Mizorogi: Ah… yes, I understand.
Mebuki: After I officially accept this request, I might follow her around, or talk to the people around her.
Mizorogi: Oh… you’re like a detective.
Mebuki: That’s right, my main profession is in negotiating. But it will be difficult for me to negotiate if I don’t have a certain amount of information on the other party.
Mizorogi: You’re right. Actually, I would like for this to be resolved as soon as possible. I have someone whom I would like to marry and I really treasure that girl.
Mebuki: Congratulations. I’ll try my best for this to be resolved as soon as possible.
Mizorogi: I’ll be counting on you.
Mebuki: The lady who is stalking Mizorogi-san is called Ujiie Oriha. She is 25 years old and works at a high-class membership-based club in Roppongi. On Friday, 3 days after I received the request, I received news from Mizorogi that Oriha might be coming over on that day, I decided to lie in wait near her workplace. Just as I expected, after she spent some time in a midnight café with her friends, she entered Mizorogi’s shop.
Mizorogi: Mebuki-san, you’ve worked hard.
Mebuki: Isn’t she here?
Mizorogi: Yes. She even brought along pamphlets about weddings, I did hint at her that this sort of thing is troubling…
Mebuki: I also overheard her conversation with her friend at the café earlier, she seems to be rather wrapped up in her delusions about marriage.
What she told her friend earlier, was that Mizorogi will quit his job after marriage and get a proper salaried job. Everything she told her friend was just a series of delusions.
Mizorogi: Mebuki-san, what should I do?
Mebuki: First, don’t agitate the other party. Seems like we don’t have time to work with the people around her. At this rate, she might even make reservations for the wedding ceremony herself.
Mizorogi: That would be terrible… It’s always like this. No matter which shop I go to, even though I perform quite well, I’ll always have to quit because of troublesome customers like this. Over time, the rumours start to form, saying that it’s my fault. I’ve worked at Nagoya before, something similar happened over there too and I wasn’t able to stay there.
Mebuki: That’s really unfortunate. (Mizorogi’s phone rings)
Mizorogi: Oh no, it’s a text from the shop, I have to go back.
Mebuki: Then, I’ll contact you again.
Mizorogi: Yes, please do.
Ayaka: Akki~ What are you doing?
Mebuki: Come on, Ayaka-chan. I’m not a host anymore.
Ayaka: Yea, you can’t be one with that lame aloha shirt.
Mebuki: … Does it look that bad?
Ayaka: It doesn’t suit a handsome man with gentle features like Mebuki-san.
Mebuki: So? What happened, so early in the morning? Oh is that your friend?
Ayaka: That’s right. She’s Rani, she just entered our shop recently. Her specialty is “the little devil’s special jiggling shoot-out”. It’s really very famous.
Mebuki: What sort of little devil is it and how does it shoot-out specially?
Ah, is that so.
Ayaka: Rani was saying that she knows the man whom you were speaking with.
Rani: He is no good… super bad… Rani was at Nagoya before… I was deceived by yakuza and made to do working.
Mebuki: Nagoya? Is that where you met Mizorogi-san?
Rani: I don’t know his real name, his working name was Haruki. He was very popular, but he is a bad guy.
Mebuki: That bad?
Ayaka: Rani sank too.
Mebuki: Sank? Into the sex industry?
Ayaka: Uhm. He was probably teaming up with yakuza, deceiving girls and making them work in brothels to pay off their debts.
Mebuki: I totally didn’t feel that bad aura from him when I was talking with him.
Is that so… All right, thank you for your information, Rani.
Rani: Mebuki-san, please be careful.
Mebuki: Uwah… Her chest jiggled…
U-uhm. I’ll be careful.
Rani: I heard a lot about Mebuki-san from Ayaka, that you’re a gentle and kind person. Also, you’re handsome too! If you could come to our shop, Rani would have given you special, special service. It’s too bad, that Mebuki-san belongs to Hyoudou-san.
Mebuki: Wha…
Rani: Please make Hyoudou-san haapy.
Mebuki: “Haapy?”
Ayaka: Rani! It isn’t “haapy” but it is happy! (Rani said shiwaase instead of shiawase)
Mebuki: The next morning, I was so tired out that I overslept and only woke up near noon. Today, I wore white shirts and slacks with a tie.
Ayaka: Yea, you can’t be one with that lame aloha shirt.
Mebuki: Even an uncle will get hurt when a young girl calls him lame.
This is bad, Sayuri-san will get mad at me… (Mebuki opens door) Good mor… eh?!
Hyoudou: What’s with that greeting? If you were my underling I would have kicked you.
Mebuki: Is that so? I’m relieved because I will never become your underling. Oi, move. That’s the president’s seat.
Hyoudou: Yes yes. Sayuri-san went to the government office to get some documents and Kio won’t be in till evening because his main job isn’t over yet. Seems like he’s cleaning the room of a suicide today.
Mebuki: Thank you for the details. Then? What are you here for?
Hyoudou: I’m just here to see your face, did you give up on the aloha shirt?
Mebuki: It’s not like I gave it up.
Hyoudou: This is much better. I knew it, your sexiness goes up when you wear a tie. I’m itching to take it off. What is it?
Mebuki: I dreamed of you.
Hyoudou: That’s good news.
Mebuki: It was one of the top three worst nightmares of my life. You became a woman with gigantic boobs and chased after me, screaming “would you like to have the little devil’s special jiggling shoot-out”…
Hakutaku: That’s a really detailed dream, I made myself some coffee.
Mebuki: Thank you, Hakutaku-san. It was really bad for my heart.
Hyoudou: Why did I have gigantic boobs? Is that your wish for me?
Mebuki: That can’t possibly be.
Hyoudou: Also, that service, isn’t that on our summer special menu? Don’t tell me you’ve been to our shop while I wasn’t around?
Mebuki: No way. I just met Ayaka-chan coincidentally and heard about it. She was together with Rani-chan.
Hyoudou: Ah… Rani is in the midst of her popularity boom.
Mebuki: She is so cute…
Hyoudou: Heh… Senpai is interested in Rani?
Mebuki: N-no that’s not the case. She just helped me by offering some information.
Hyoudou: What sort of information?
Mebuki: I can’t divulge the information to an outsider.
Hyoudou: Hm… Outsider huh?
Mebuki: What is it? You’re without a doubt an outsider. Coming to the office every now and then despite being an outsider…
Hyoudou: That’s because you would never go on a date with me…
Mebuki: Don’t say things like a “date”, I’m busy.
Hyoudou: I’m busy too.
Mebuki: Then don’t laze around here and get to work.
Hyoudou: You’re so cold… which is more important, work or me?
Mebuki: Work.
Hyoudou: What a heartless man.
Hakutaku: Young boss, you’re really henpecked.
Mebuki: What’s that? I have no intentions of letting Hyoudou peck my precious butt!
Hyoudou: Hakutaku-san, shall we go soon?
Hakutaku: Yes. Mebuki-san, it’s a customer.
Mebuki: Customer?
Mizorogi: Excuse me, I’m sorry for showing up suddenly.
Mebuki: Ah… Mizorogi-san. Don’t worry about it, please come in.
Mizorogi: Actually, I have something which I want to report to Mebuki-san…
Hyoudou: You bastard…
Mebuki: Oi, you’re being rude to our customer. You should just go home.
Hyoudou: Now that someone like this guy has showed up, I can’t just go home.
Mebuki: What are you talking about?
MIzorogi: Hyoudou…
Mebuki: Huh? Mizorogi-san? Do you know Hyoudou?
Mizorogi: Yes, of course I do. Why is a yakuza like him in this office?
Mebuki: That is… because of certain reasons…
Hyoudou: Mizorogi, why are you in this office?
Mebuki: Hyoudou, Mizorogi-san is a customer.
Hyoudou: Customer? I don’t know what sort of request he has, but you shouldn’t accept any requests from someone like him.
Mizorogi: I don’t want to hear this from you! Mebuki-san, this guy is a leader in a violent organisation.
Hyoudou: Shut up, you host conman.
Mizorogi: Shut up, you damned gangster!
Mebuki: Well, well.
Mizorogi: Mebuki-san, you shouldn’t get involved with yakuza.
Hyoudou: Senpai, this guy is the lowest scum on earth.
Mebuki: Both of you, calm down. Hyoudou, you should go back first. If you have something to say, I’ll hear you out later.
Hyoudou: I can’t! Listen well, senpai. There is no one as rotten as this guy, if you lend him money, he won’t return it. He will steal a card from someone’s wallet and started apologising and crying when yelled at. And three days later, he would be doing the same thing and laughing from the bottom of his heart. He can calmly deceive women and sell them off. Mizorogi Kou is a guy like that!
Mebuki: (Mebuki opens the front door) Go home. I won’t tolerate any humiliation of my clients in this office. Did you not hear me, Hyoudou. Hakutaku-san…
Hakutaku: Young boss, let’s go. This is an ordinary office, we can’t create a ruckus here.
Mizorogi: (Hyoudou starts leaving) You murderer.
Mebuki: Mizorogi-san, what you just said was too…
Mizorogi: He is a murderer. It isn’t a lie, you should be able to find out if you investigate on it.
Mebuki: Murderer?
Mizorogi: You don’t get surprised easily do you?
Mebuki: No, I am surprised.
Mizorogi: But you’re calm. Won’t you get frightened if someone close to you was a murderer?
Mebuki: I don’t get frightened, because I learned at my previous job that anyone can become a murderer in the right situation and with the right mind-set. Rather than that, how did you know that Hyoudou and I are close?
Mizorogi: Anyone would know from watching the two of you. Both of you were so unreserved around each other, and he called you “senpai” too.
Mebuki: Yea, he was my junior during high school. Then, Mizorogi-san, what is your relationship with Hyoudou?
Mizorogi: We were acquaintances a long time ago.
Mebuki: If you don’t mind, can I hear more about that?
Mizorogi: It’s fine. I had an elder brother who was 8 years older, he had a huge frame and looked very intimidating.
Mebuki: He was called Mizorogi Ren, he was a member of the Suou group and worked as the shop owner of an affiliated drinks stall. He was good with taking care of others and was very kind, but it also seemed that he was a little short-tempered and quick to pick a fight.
Mizorogi: My brother was also made the caretaker of some apartments and Hyoudou was living at those apartments then. The first time I set eyes on him, he probably just graduated from university and he had this hostile look in his eyes.
Mebuki: Ren took really good care of Hyoudou. And Ren’s mistress, Ayumi also liked Hyoudou.
During that time, what work was Hyoudou doing?
Mizorogi: It felt like he was doing anything and everything. He worked as a daily temporary staff, he also worked as a waiter in a host club. Brother said something like he’s being favoured by the group leader and is in the midst of training or something. He’s a really good person, that’s why he was deceived and got burdened by debts…
Mebuki: And that’s how he finally reached his limits and started dealing with drugs. I can imagine what happened after that. Most of the dealers would lay hands on their goods.
Mizorogi: It was too late when I realised it. When brother was conscious, he would swear to stop everything. But when the withdrawal symptoms arise, nothing works.
Mebuki: Did he consult an expert on that?
Mizorogi: He couldn’t do it. The Suou group leader forbade the use of drugs, so we couldn’t let him know that brother had laid hands on drugs. I’m sure that Hyoudou must have looked down on brother then.
Mebuki: “Must have” means that you didn’t hear it from him directly?
Mizorogi: I will know even if I don’t hear it from him.
Mebuki: Why are you so sure of that?
Mizorogi: Because everything was clear with the outcome. He killed my brother. When my brother went crazy after running out of drugs, Hyoudou pushed him out from the window of the second storey. Brother was impaled by the fencing of the mansion nearby and died.
Mebuki: It wasn’t an accident, was it?
Mizorogi: It wasn’t, he killed him. Hyoudou admitted to pushing him down.
Mebuki: How about the intention to kill?
Mizorogi: He didn’t admit to that, he said that it was in the spur of the moment when brother started getting violent and he tried to restrain him. But, no matter how much of a fight it was, will someone just fall out from a window?
Mebuki: That would depend on the situation.
He killed Mizorogi-san’s brother, that Hyoudou did?
Then, what was his sentence?
Mizorogi: The crime of inflicting bodily injury resulting in death and he got sentenced to 3 years in jail, but he got out after 2 years. Because he was yakuza, he must have been able to get some help. And after that, things went smoothly and now he’s the young boss.
Mebuki: I see, I understand the situation now. So, what will you do?
Mizorogi: What will I do?
Mebuki: I’m a close friend of Hyoudou and I’m also doing business with him. Will you cancel your request with me?
Mizorogi: I have no such intentions, I trust Mebuki-san. I would like to continue this business with you. That is… if it doesn’t get troublesome for Mebuki-san.
Mebuki: Please be rest assured. I’m a professional negotiator. No matter what Hyoudou says, I’ll proceed with my work.
Mizorogi: Ah that’s right, I came here because I had something to report about Oriha.
Mebuki: Oh, yes. What’s it about?
Mizorogi: Because her father collapsed due to illness, it seems like she took leave from her shop and went back to her hometown.
Mebuki: It will be good if this distance will cool her head.
Mizorogi: I’m hoping for that too. I’m sorry for talking about such strange things with you today.
Mebuki: Don’t worry about it.
Mizorogi: Then, bye.

Koushounin Series (18)
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3. Criminal Record (前科)

Mebuki: The next day, I stopped mulling over it and decided to confront the problem head on. According to my research, what Mizorogi said was entirely the truth. But, Mizorogi didn’t tell me that Hyoudou turned himself in to the police after the incident. I decided to ask Hyoudou in-person about it after my work. Come to think of it, it’s a strange thing. I know almost nothing about Hyoudou, despite being very close to him. Somehow I thought that only Hyoudou was special to me.
Oh we have a guest. Kio, please get that.
Kio: Uhm.
Tomonori: You’re blocking.
Kio: Uhm.
Tomonori: Don’t just go “uhm”, move it. Ah… goodness, do something about this uselessly huge part-timer, Mebuki-san.
Mebuki: Hey, Kio is my right hand.
Tomonori: Say, I’m thirsty. What’s this, orange juice? Don’t you have a fizzy drink?
Kio: Sayuri-san said that fizzy drinks aren’t good for growth.
Tomonori: What? What’s with you?
Kio: I’m not “you”, I’m Kio. You can call me Kio.
Mebuki: Heh? This is the first time I’ve heard it, Kio’s self-introduction. What’s this, do you want to befriend Tomonori-kun? (Kio nods) Aren’t you 22 years old? Hm… this guy is 6 years younger than you.
Tomonori: I’ll turn 17 this autumn! Or rather, I don’t want to become friends with this huge block.
Mebuki: Come on, Kio is a good guy, even though he’s quiet and emotionless.
Tomonori: I hate idiots.
Mebuki: Kio isn’t stupid.
Tomonori: Then, I’ll think of a question.
Mebuki: Tomonori gave a quiz immediately. The quiz is a logical one which is just to test the smartness of the brain.
Tomonori: Then, we’ll use this chocolate. I love chocolate, I want to eat it every day, that’s why I want a chocolate which will never be finished. Actually, this is the eternal chocolate. But there’s one rule which I have to abide by in order to continue eating it for eternity, what rule is that?
Kio: To always leave half of it.
Mebuki: Wow, an immediate reply. It seems like Kio knows about Zeno’s paradox. First, eat half of it. The next time, eat half of the remaining half. If this continues, mathematically, the chocolate will never be finished. Of course, that’s just theoryl.
Tomonori: Tsk, well that was a simple question. Fine then, I’ll exchange numbers with you. Come on, take your phone out. What’s with that antique? When did you get this phone? What’s your number?
Mebuki: While he continued to grumble, he exchanged numbers with Kio, who returned to his desk happily.
Tomonori: What a strange guy, where is he from?
Mebuki: On the records, he’s Japanese. Seems like he has Russian blood in him. Now, I’ll start explaining the details of your part-time work.
I’m making use of cheap labour because Tomonori complained about being bored during his summer holidays.
Tomonori: What’s that? Why am I doing such work?
Mebuki: If I’m the one doing it, they might find me suspicious, but if you’re doing it, they might lower their guards.
Tomonori: I told you that I’m bad at dealing with the elderly.
Mebuki: Tomonori, life isn’t that naïve that you get to avoid things which you aren’t good at. Even I’m enduring it and going out with my archenemy the yakuza.
Tomonori: Does “going out with” mean doing perverted stuff together? Ouch!
Mebuki: I don’t exactly need to have an extra part-timer around you know.
Tomonori: Wait a minute, I’ll do it. I’m free anyway. Ah, look at the time, I have to get going.
Mebuki: I’ll contact you again regarding the details.
Tomonori: I got it. Oi, what are you doing? You’re blocking me. (Kio stares at Tomonori) Wh-what is it?
Kio: You’re cute.
Tomonori: Wh-what are you talking…
Mebuki: Kio…
He really said it, to Tomonori’s face.
Kio: You’re small… and cute.
Mebuki: Uh… oh no! “Small” is a landmine word…
Wait, calm down Tomonori. (Tomonori kicks Kio and storms off) Are you all right Kio? Are your balls still there? (Kio winces in pain)
Mebuki: That night, I arranged to meet up with Hyoudou at the Chanko restaurant in front of the station. Having Chanko during summer is quite a strange thing.
That Hyoudou sure is late. Ah, Hakutaku-san. Huh? Where is Hyoudou?
Hakutaku: I’m very sorry, the young boss can’t leave his post at the moment. I was told to come and take his place, but of course that’s if Mebuki-san is all right with that.
Mebuki: His place?
Hakutaku: Yes, he said that you would have questions to ask him.
Mebuki: That Hyoudou, did he purposely not come? Don’t tell me, he thought it might be difficult for me ask him about the incident directly?
Hakutaku-san knows the answers to the incident I’m interested in right?
Hakutaku: Yes. I know all the facts regarding the incident, the only answers I won’t be able to provide would be how young boss feels about it. Please ask him in-person about that someday.
Mebuki: Yes, I’ll do that.
Mebuki: Hyoudou has a criminal record right?
Hakutaku: Yes. He has two, the first record was when he was 24 years old, he got a suspended sentence of 3 years for the crime of inflicting bodily injury. During those 3 years, he committed the crime of inflicting bodily injury resulting in death, which gave him an actual sentence of 3 years in jail.
Mebuki: What was his first crime?
Hakutaku: At one of our bars, a drunk man was harassing a woman. Young boss who was a dishwasher then stepped in. In front of everyone, he broke the man’s two front teeth and his left eardrum, then he just beat up that man. He was a troublesome boy. About the next crime, I’m sure you’ve researched about it to a certain level.
Mebuki: Yes. A man who looked after Hyoudou, Mizorogi Ren, passed away right? The victim was 29 years old then, he was a drug dealer and he was hooked onto drugs too. During the midst of his withdrawal symptoms, he got into a fight with the then 26-year-old Hyoudou and fell down from the window of a second storey. His internal organs were injured by the fencing of the neighbouring house and he died. Hyoudou denied having the intention to kill.
Hakutaku: Yes, it’s a pathetic scene when a drug addict gets violent during the withdrawal symptoms, according to what the eye-witness said.
Mebuki: Eye-witness?
Hakutaku: It was his mistress, Mitani Ayumi. She was then 33 years old, she saw everything from the start. It seems like young boss tried his best to contain Mizorogi, who got agitated over something and fell down from the window which happened to be opened.
Mebuki: I heard about it from his brother, Mizorogi Kou, but I didn’t know that there was an eye-witness.
Hakutaku: Oh, Anchor’s Haruki.
Mebuki: Anchor?
Hakutaku: The one attached to ships. It’s a nickname which people gave him because of his reputation for making his customers sink into the sex industry. But I heard that he hasn’t been doing anything bad since he came over here. Oh, it should be done soon.
Mebuki: That’s right. Hyoudou got out of jail in 2 years right? After that, the period of supervision passed and he became the young boss at 30 years old. That’s fast, his promotion.
Hakutaku: It was unprecedented. But, the young boss had his achievements too.
Mebuki: According to Hakutaku-san’s explanation, Mizorogi Ren had the drug routes in hand. The Suou group leader despised drugs, but there were still people in the Suou group who were secretly dirtying their hands and there were quite a few of them in the upper ranks. If they were exposed, the Suou group would fall to a dangerous position.
Hakutaku: Back then, the narcotics team was investigating on drugs and they investigated young boss thoroughly.
Mebuki: But Hyoudou didn’t say anything.
Hakutaku: Yes, not a word. Since Hyoudou became our young boss, the number of drug users within our group has really decreased. In exchange for drugs, the young boss started other businesses within the group, but there are also upper ranking people who don’t like that. It hasn’t been easy since then, if only there is someone who would become the young boss’ emotional support… ah, my tongue slipped. Please overlook that unnecessary thing.
Mebuki: I’ll say this first, please don’t look to me to fulfil that role. This might be hard to say this with Hakutaku-san in front of me, but I hate violent organisations.
Hakutaku: Mebuki-san, not all yakuza are like that.
Mebuki: I understand, not every single one of them are bad. They went astray because they were bullied when young, or because their family environment was bad, deep inside they are kind people. When such people enter an organisation, they start to break laws casually. Rather than the law, they start to go for money and power. The group and the group leader become the most important things. It is really frightening when weak people enter a powerful organisation.
Hakutaku: I see, but it’s not just the yakuza where weak people enter powerful organisations.
Mebuki: Yes, you’re right.
Hakutaku: So you don’t hate Hyoudou Juuetsu personally.
Mebuki: If I hated him, I won’t hang out with him.
Hakutaku: Then, why don’t you think of it this way? How about supporting him as Hyoudou Juuetsu personally instead of his position as the young boss?
Mebuki: No… that is…
Hakutaku: Even yakuza will have their off days, when that time comes, can you be by the young boss’ side? I’m sure you will be able to clean his heart.
Mebuki: I’m not his cleaning machine, I’m neither the double-deck type nor the fully automated type, I’m not the diagonal drum type either (Mebuki is listing out the different type of laundry machines)
Hakutaku: But it seems like your bodies are compatible.
Mebuki: What is he saying so suddenly… no wait, if I’m not wrong, that night when I did it with Hyoudou, Hakutaku might have been in the room next door… Then, back then…
Di-did you hear… us?
Hakutaku: Indeed, when humans get too focused on what they’re doing, in the midst of doing that you will tend to say things like “I can’t anymore…” or “it feels good there”…
Mebuki: Ah! It’s fine already! L-le-let’s get a refill for our beer! (Hakutaku laughs)
Mebuki: You’ve worked hard, how was the investigation at Nagoya?
Kio: I heard a lot at the red light district. Anchor’s Haruki, his reputation is quite bad. I also met a host who was working in the shop where Mizorogi was working at.
Man: I wondered about that too, I think he’s really talented. Even so, why did he do all that to crush his own customers? Hm… does he actually hate women?
Mebuki: It seems like the man who was his ex-colleague murmured that at the end.
Say, you said that the women aren’t treated very well at Uzawa’s place too right?
Kio: Mizorogi-san and Uzawa-san aren’t related? Perhaps he came to Mebuki-san on Uzawa-san’s orders, that guy…
Mebuki: Come on, Kio, you can’t refer to our customers as “that guy”.
Kio: I’m sorry. Will you continue this job?
Mebuki: I will, even if he might have been a bad host, his way of thinking might have changed because he found someone whom he wants to marry.
Kio: That might be a lie too.
Mebuki: We’ve confirmed the party whom he wishes to marry and there weren’t any evidence suggesting that it was a lie. That’s why, I will believe in our customer.
Kio: Why can you believe in him?
Mebuki: Perhaps it’s because I want to believe in him, I want to believe that humans can change. It might be difficult to.
I don’t want to be left with the thought of “why didn’t I believe in him” afterwards.
Kio: But, that person will get angry right?
Mebuki: Hyoudou isn’t involved in this.
Kio: Regardless of that, he will get angry.
Mebuki: That… that is… (Phone rings and Mebuki picks it up) Hello, this is Mebuki’s Negotiator office. Ah, Shimeno! I’ve been waiting for your call.
Shimeno: You weren’t waiting for my call, but my information right? Akira, this isn’t something to laugh about. I don’t approve of work that is related to the yakuza.
Mebuki: Don’t say things like that, I’m just an insignificant negotiator, I’m not in a position to choose my jobs.
Shimeno: Then, you should just return to being a lawyer, it’s not like your license has been revoked. You should just return…
Mebuki: Shimeno, enough about that already.
Shimeno: I don’t think you can develop your true potential just by being a civilian negotiator.
Mebuki: Don’t say something like that!
Shimeno: I’m worried about you.
Mebuki: I’m fine, that won’t happen anymore.
Shimeno: I heard that that were yakuza hanging out around you.
Mebuki: Hm? Oh, that’s my junior from high school. Rather than that, how about the documents?
Shimeno: I got them, I’ll send it over by courier. The sender will be a dummy.
Mebuki: All right, thanks for your help.
Shimeno: Akira, this time you can say this because things were easy… (Phone rings)
Mebuki: I’m sorry Shimeno, I’ve got another call. I’ll contact you again.
Shimeno: (Shimeno sighs) I got it (Shimeno hangs up)
Sayuri: Good morning president!
Mebuki: Good morning, Sayuri-san.
Sayuri: I thought I should tell you this as early as possible. I met Ayaka-chan recently and it seems like Hyoudou is looking for Mizorogi-san.
Mebuki: Huh?
Sayuri: A girl who’s working at Ayaka’s place seems to keep going to Mizorogi’s host club. She seems have some money problems as a result of that and Mizorogi-san told her “I’ll introduce you to a trustable place”. He introduced her to one of the shops under Uzawa group.
Mebuki: Uwah… Hyoudou would sure go mad over that. This is bad, I have to tell Mizorogi-san.
Sayuri-san, thank you.

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4. Sharing the Same Fate (一蓮托生)

Hakutaku: Oh Mebuki-san, it was a pleasure to eat with you the other day.
Mebuki: Just as I’ve expected.
Hakutaku-san, please let me through. If you don’t let me through, I’m afraid I would have to call the police.
Hakutaku: My my, that would be bad. Please wait a moment.
Mebuki: Oi!
Hyoudou: Senpai… This is a bad timing.
Mebuki: Behind Hyoudou, Mizorogi was kneeling down with his head facing downwards. Both of his hands are being restrained by Hyoudou’s underlings.
Mizorogi: Mebuki-san…
Mebuki: His face is swelling from being punched, I was too late!
Hyoudou, make them let go of Mizorogi-san. This is housebreaking and inflicting of bodily injury, do you want me to call the police?
Hyoudou: What a troublesome fellow, did I explain to you the other day about what sort of guy he is? He seduced our girl and even got her indebted to Uzawa’s side.
Mebuki: It hasn’t happened yet right?
Hyoudou: I’ll have to make him regret it while it hasn’t occurred. This guy only sees women as money machines.
Mebuki: I’ll admit that he has that tendency, but I’ll convince him to not do such things in future.
Hyoudou: What? Do you think that this guy will turn over a new leaf with senpai’s lecturing? You know, senpai, I’ve been trying hard to not interfere with senpai’s work, but why are you interfering with mine?
Mebuki: As a negotiator, I can’t leave my client alone with they are in danger.
Hyoudou: Are you still saying things like that? This guy is connected with the Uzawa group, have you forgotten what Uzawa did to you?
Mebuki: I didn’t forget it, but that is different from this.
Hyoudou: I feel so sick that I can’t even say anything.
Mebuki: Release my cus…. Ah… pain…
Hyoudou: You don’t even listen to my words, is it because I’m a murderer? (Mebuki pulls Hyoudou’s ear) Ah… pain… my ear…
Mebuki: You idiot, do you think I’m a man of that level?!
Hyoudou: Senpai, it hurts!
Mebuki: I know that that incident was an accident. Also, isn’t that in the past? Right now, I’m together with the current you! Listen well, Hyoudou, humans can change. They can turn over a new leaf however many times they want! I believe in that! That’s why I can’t hand Mizorogi-san over to you!
Hyoudou: Ah… that was painful… don’t you guys think that that was a crime of assault?
Underlings: Ah… huh?
Hyoudou: I understand, senpai.
Mebuki: So you understand now?
Hyoudou: Yes, that you’re head over heels in love with me.
Mebuki: Wait a bit, who said anything about that?
Hyoudou: “I’m together with the current you”, that was a confession which has reached the depths of my heart.
Mebuki: I didn’t, it’s not like I confessed to you!
Hyoudou: I feel happy, I didn’t know that senpai was so passionate.
Mebuki: Me too, I didn’t know that you were so prone to being wrapped in your own delusions! In any case, release Mizorogi-san. Please.
Hyoudou: I can’t do that, it’s my policy to segregate work and private life. I’ll be taking care of this guy because I still have a lot of things to ask him. Oi!
Underling: Yes. Mizorogi, give me your hands.
Mebuki: Handcuffs? This is bad!
Mizorogi: Me-mebuki-san!
Mebuki: Wait! (Mebuki rushes over and handcuffs himself to Mizorogi)
Everyone: Huh?
Mebuki: How’s that! With this, you won’t be able to just take Mizorogi-san away!
Mizorogi: Mebuki-san?
Mebuki: Please don’t worry, I won’t leave you alone.
Hyoudou: Senpai… goodness. I’m totally defeated by you.
Mebuki: Are you?
Hyoudou: Since a long time ago, I’ve always thought that you were someone with good brains, but looks like this isn’t the case.
Mebuki: Huh?
The keys to the handcuff. That’s right, since he is the one who owns the handcuffs, he would have the key to it too! Mebuki Akira, aren’t you an idiot?
That is…
Hyoudou: Isn’t this interesting? So senpai would go to such lengths to help this useless bastard. Oi! (Hyoudou throws the keys to his underling) Flush it down the toilet.
Underling: Yes.
Mebuki: Huh? That… Hyoudou? (Sounds of toilet flushing)
Hyoudou: Are you ready?
Mebuki: Yes? Ah! (Hyoudou drags Mebuki off)
Hyoudou: You guys just wait here.
Underlings: Yes!

Koushounin Series (20)

(Hyoudou drags them both into the bedroom and pushes Mebuki onto the bed)
Mebuki: Hyoudou?
Hyoudou: You’ll come to understand your own foolishness, senpai.
Mebuki: You’re kidding… right?
Hyoudou: I’m always serious. Senpai, let me hear your cute voice.
Mebuki: Ah! Hyoudou… Mizorogi-san is here…
Hyoudou: Well, that’s because both of you are handcuffed together. You know of the saying “you reap what you sow” right? Mizorogi! Don’t interfere, if you do, it won’t be settled with you losing one or two of your arms. Now, shall we take off this lame aloha shirt?
Mebuki: Stupid, stop this! Don’t… touch me…
Mizorogi: That… Mebuki-san…
Hyoudou: Mizorogi! Pull your right hand and contain this guy.
Mizorogi: But…
Hyoudou: Shut up! Do you want to be killed?
Mizorogi: I’m sorry, Mebuki-san.
Mebuki: Hyoudou, I’m begging you… this is in such bad taste… Hyou… please… stop this already…
Hyoudou: I can stop this, if you hand Mizorogi over.
Mebuki: You… that’s low!
Hyoudou: That’s because I’m a yakuza. Senpai, you said that humans can change. But there are those that never change, if you think that you can change people, that’s being very arrogant. Humans can’t change another human.
Mebuki: You’re wrong, Hyoudou, I’m not thinking of changing anyone. I just want to believe in the people who are trying to change.
Hyoudou: So you believe in everything this guy said about me too.
Mebuki: That’s a separate issue. What I believe in, is that Mizorogi-san is trying to change. That’s why, you can do what you like.
Hyoudou: Does that mean that it’s fine even if I do you? Goodness, how stubborn can you get? I won’t stop even if you regret.
Mebuki: Stop it… Hyou…dou…
Hyoudou: Senpai, what sort of voice are making?
Mebuki: Huh?
Hyoudou: You’re too sexy, damn it!
Mebuki: You are the one… ah…
Hyoudou: You bastard Mizorogi! What are you looking at?
Mizorogi: Ah… no… that is…
Hyoudou: This is mine, don’t look without my permission. Don’t even listen to his voice.
Mizorogi: Then give me some earplugs.
Hyoudou: Damn it, I’m through with this!
Mebuki: Huh?
Hyoudou: This bastard, don’t get hard over senpai.
Mizorogi: Ah… no…
Mebuki: Huh? Seriously?
Mizorogi: I’m not that kind.
Hyoudou: Why do I have to entertain you? As if I could do that! Senpai, I’ll leave this to you.
Mebuki: Huh? Then, you’ll let Mizorogi-san go scot free?
Hyoudou: Just this once, there will be no next time. (Hyoudou buttons Mebuki’s shirt) Don’t expose your nipples.
Mebuki: What? What’s this! Who was the one who exposed them?
Hyoudou: Tsk, it’s me! I’m the one who exposed them so I’m the one who is covering them now, you have no problems with that right?
Mebuki: Why are you turning this around on me? You don’t have to do anything about that, instead, this! If you would unlock this handcuff then I can do that myself! The key!
Hyoudou: Hmph, I don’t have something like that, it’s already in the sewers.
Mebuki: You should have a spare key right!
Hyoudou: That’s right! I might have it somewhere! We’re pulling out! Leave these idiots alone.
Underlings: Yes!
Mebuki: Oi, what are you going to do about this! Ah…
Mizorogi: Ah… Ouch… (Door slams)

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5. Negotiator: Mebuki Akira (交渉人 芽吹章)

Mebuki: Eh, I think Hakutaku-san will come by later…
Mizorogi: I see… Is Hyoudou gay?
Mebuki: Huh? Didn’t you know?
Mizorogi: I didn’t know… because last time he… towards Nee-san…
Mebuki: You mean your brother’s mistress, Ayumi-san?
Mizorogi: That’s right. I knew that he was in love with Nee-san.
Mebuki: Then, does this mean that Hyoudou can go both ways?
Somehow, this pisses me off.
Mizorogi: Huh?
Mebuki: No, it’s nothing. It is a rather well-known that Hyoudou is gay. He isn’t hiding it either.
Mizorogi: Is that so. Then, Mebuki-san and Hyoudou is… that sort?
Mebuki: Well, somehow… that sort…
Mizorogi: So you’re lovers, huh?
Mebuki: No, that’s not the case.
Mizorogi: But you two do it right…
Mebuki: I won’t say that we aren’t but…
“We haven’t gone all the way” but saying that is rather embarrassing.
Mizorogi: Somehow, he seemed rather in love with Mebuki-san.
Mebuki: Yes.
Mizorogi: I hate him.
Mebuki: I hate him too, from time to time, especially when he does something like just now.
Mizorogi: You would. Why did you protect me?
Mebuki: Because Mizorogi-san is a client.
Mizorogi: You researched on that part of my history right?
Mebuki: Yes. Haruki from Nagoya, your reputation was bad and you have connections with the Uzawa group too. I’ll also ask this too, about the stalking case, wasn’t it arranged?
I researched further into Fujiie Oriha and found the proof that she won’t have delusions about marriage because of the influence from her mother who had re-married and divorced three times. On top of that, she was born in Toyohashi and worked at Nagoya for a period of time. At the same time, I found out that Mizorogi worked at the same shop as her as a staff member.
You arranged for Oriha to act as your stalker and told her about my plans to follow her that day. She was quite an actress, I was almost deceived by her.
Mizorogi: What’s this, so it was exposed?
Mebuki: I’m sorry but it’s not that easy to deceive me.
Mizorogi: Do you know why I deceived you too?
Mebuki: Uzawa Mario.
Mizorogi: That’s right. It was the plan to get closer to you, gain your trust and send you as a present to Uzawa’s place. Mebuki-san, you’re really popular with Yakuza.
Mebuki: I’d prefer to be popular with another type of people…
Mizorogi: (Mizorogi laughs) Mebuki-san, you’re unlucky. If you’ve come to understand that I’m just a good-for-nothing liar, then you should have handed me over to that guy.
Mebuki: I did think of withdrawing, I hate liars and everything you said were lies. But, there was just one truth in the words you said. You said that you want to marry the one whom you really love, right?
Mizorogi: You… don’t tell me…
Mebuki: I met Marisa-chan. You don’t have to be that surprised, negotiators have a lot of connections.
Mizorogi: Don’t tell me, Marisa’s location…
Mebuki: I didn’t tell anyone, not even my staff. Now, what will you do? Are you going to re-contract with me so that you can marry Marisa-chan safely, or do you want to end it all here? In that case, after these handcuffs get taken off, it’s good bye.
Mizorogi: I tried to sell you to Uzawa.
Mebuki: You had a reason to get close to Uzawa. Wasn’t my case something for you to gain his trust? But, there’s no longer the need to do that. I’ll let Marisa-chan escape, so you should believe in me instead of Uzawa.
Mizorogi: In you? But… how do I trust you? I don’t believe in anyone else, I can’t.
Mebuki: But you believe in Marisa-chan right?
Mizorogi: She’s special! Marisa is… idiotically honest, she doesn’t even know how to doubt others. I heard that she came out from a mountain in Thailand, so I thought that might be the reason. But no matter how much time passes, how many times she got deceived, she didn’t change. That’s probably her personality. It was too easy to deceive her and it was too easy…
Mebuki: He couldn’t bring himself to deceive her. Marisa was brought to Japan to sell her body, her passport was taken away by the Uzawa group and she was forced to sell herself. Even so, her heart wasn’t tainted. When I met her, she was smiling and playing with a stray cat in a dingy alley.
Mebuki: It looks pitiful, but I think that cat is sick so maybe you shouldn’t touch it so much.
Marisa: Marisa will touch it, it will calm the cat down. Marisa loves animals, humans too. Just now, the cleaner at the hotel even gave me a sweet!
Mebuki: I am Mizorogi-san’s good friend.
Marisa: Really! He is doing something dangerous for Marisa. I’m begging you, please save him!
Mizorogi: I want to return Marisa to Thailand.
Mebuki: Weren’t you going to marry her?
Mizorogi: I intend to go over there. I can live anywhere, but Marisa isn’t suited for Japan.
Mebuki: Whichever way it is, we have to get her passport back from Uzawa. Don’t you need my cooperation?
Mizorogi: Is there a way around this?
Mebuki: Even though I look like this, I’m a professional at solving problems. (Phone rings) Oh, it’s a text. It’s from Hakutaku-san, he says that he will bring the key over soon. My my, that really saves us. (Doorbell rings)
Mizorogi: That’s fast. (They get up to open the door)
Mebuki: He’s right, this is a little too quick…
Oi, shouldn’t you make sure of who it is before…
Mizorogi: Huh? (Mizorogi opens door) What’s this? You guys!
Uzawa: My my, senpai… why are you in such a place?
Mebuki: Uzawa…
The person who followed his two underlings in, was Uzawa Mario. He’s a leader of the Uzawa group, and the group leader’s son. In the past, he was definitely my junior. I really don’t have any good juniors.
Uzawa: Those handcuffs, what sort of play is that? Looks fun.
Mebuki: It’s just an accident.
Uzawa: Accident, huh? Well, it’s convenient that you’re together with this host. Mizorogi, shall you return Marisa?
Mizorogi: I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Uzawa: Let’s stop wasting time, you’ll start talking soon anyway. It’s not a pleasant thing to have your fingers broken one by one. Senpai, does this count as blackmailing?
Mebuki: It’s blackmailing. The threatening or blackmailing of one’s existence, one’s body, one’s freedom or one’s assets can result in 2 years of prison and a maximum fine of 300,000 yen.
Uzawa: As expected of a former lawyer. Then, let me ask you. There’s someone who took our employee away, doesn’t that result in the crime of abduction?
Mebuki: It won’t be abduction, it’s more of kidnapping. Since we’re on this topic, shall I explain the crime of human trafficking to you too?
Uzawa: As usual, you’re a weak person who tries to act tough. That’s why you’re so irresistible though. Oi, take the two of them away.
Mebuki: Don’t touch me! I’m not going anywhere!
I’ll try to make as much noise as I can and pray that Hakutaku-san will notice.
Underling: Shut up, keep quiet and walk. If you create trouble, you will get hurt.
Mebuki: There’s something at my back… a knife?
Voice: Suzuki-san, you have a package!
Uzawa: Is that your neighbour? It will be troublesome if we cause a ruckus. Wait for a while before leaving.
Mebuki: Eh… this door opens outwards and it isn’t locked right now… All right.
Oi, at least let us wear shoes. Won’t it look weird if we went out barefooted?
Uzawa: Hurry up and put them on.
Mebuki: I got it. But, my shoes are quite tough… Mizorogi-san, I’ll be using my hands.
Mizorogi: Y-yes.
Mebuki: All right…
Underling: Hurry up. (Hakutaku breaks into the room)
Uzawa: What happened…
Mebuki: We’re saved.
Uzawa: H-hakuta…
Hakutaku: Yes. Uzawa-san right? I’m sorry, I thought that Mebuki-san is in danger again. So, is there anything?
Uzawa: No, nothing, there’s nothing…
Hakutaku: If that’s the case, then I won’t worry. Afterall, Mebuki-san is our young boss’ important person. (Mebuki laughs awkwardly) I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. (Hakutaku unlocks handcuffs)
Uzawa: Senpai aside, hand Mizorogi over to us.
Mebuki: We can’t. Mizorogi is my client, I’ll be troubled if you brought him away.
Uzawa: Senpai, you were tricked by this guy. He pretended to be your client and got close to you because that was my orders.
Mebuki: I understand that! Mizorogi-san told me everything. Despite that, he signed a new contract with me.
Uzawa: New contract?
Mebuki: Isn’t that right, Mizorogi-san? I believe in you, your feelings of wanting to protect that girl. That’s why you should believe in me too. I will try my best as your negotiator.
Mizorogi: Mebuki-san.
Uzawa: Oi oi, wait a minute. Mizorogi is my… Ouch!
Hakutaku: I won’t let you lay a finger on Mebuki-san, I will get killed by the young boss.
Uzawa: That’s why, I want Mizorogi…
Mizorogi: I’ll believe… I’ll believe in you, Mebuki-san.
Mebuki: All right, I’ve been waiting for those words.
Hakutaku: Yes. (Hakutaku releases Uzawa)
Uzawa: What is it?
Mebuki: I’m the negotiator, Mebuki Akira. From now on, I’ll be representing Misorogi as his negotiator. I’m pleased to be working with you. I’ll be asking for your side to refrain from contacting Misorogi in all cases. In the case when your side tries to bring harm to Misorogi in unlawful manners, I’ll have to inform you that the police will be contacted and a lawyer will be arranged for to take the necessary actions.

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