Orenchi no Furo Jijou: Episode 03

“The Circumstances of Wakasa’s Friends: Takasu Edition”

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And we finally meet Takasu (Suzuki Tatsuhisa), the brash, kind of silly and loud-mouthed octopus who has somehow managed to find his way into Tatsumi’s bathtub, along with Wakasa. His stay is much more short-lived, at the end of the day, though.


While initially Tatsumi isn’t pleased to now have two grown men – fish creatures, ahem – in his bathtub, he learns that Takasu, despite his laid-back nature and crass way of speech, has his uses when he quickly fixes the miniature television he accidentally sat on. Wakasa tells him that Takasu’s eight arms do lend themselves conductively sometimes and it sort of settles Tatsumi’s initial apprehensions regarding the matter. Unfortunately it still means that he’s got two grown fishy creatures in his bathtub, which means having to cook more food, use up more hot water and he ends up having to shower in front of two other people, both of whom have pretty much used up all the space in his bathtub. It’s a hard life, but hey, having two good-looking men sitting in your tub willingly can’t be all that bad, can it? Well…considering the utilities bills, I’d say it can! XD

I actually kind of love seeing Takasu and Wakasa interact because they’re just so silly but adorable at the same time and I love how the art switches between normal beautiful bishounen to adorable chibi sea creatures. It makes me very happy, especially Wakasa’s little chibi tail and Takasu’s chibi octopus arms. I don’t know, it’s just very sweet to see.

This episode actually had a couple of scandalous action, because with an octopus you can’t not sneak in that little stereotypical trope. I’m talking about allusions to tentacle action, which, for some reason, every non-anime watcher thinks every anime show is about. But the tentacle scene was hilarious because Tatsumi had innocently asked how long Takasu was going to be staying in his bathtub and Takasu was so dramatically hurt by it that he said he’d leave, but not without payback, at which point he proceeded to pick Tatsumi up with his tentacles and slip them under his clothes. It was actually kind of adorable to see Tatsumi so ruffled and blushy and embarrassed, and wind up with little sucker marks all over his body. When Takasu finally left, Wakasa explained that he’d actually called Takasu over to give him a full body “octopus massage” in thanks for letting him stay… Yeah, I don’t really understand either but it was still funny to see Tatsumi all damsel-y and affronted by it.

Just another very cute, random and silly episode for Orenchi no Furo Jijou and I was very excited to see Suzuki Tatsuhisa’s character make an appearance, because I love how childish yet boyish he is, and considering the fact that he and Wakasa are several centuries old, that’s quite an achievement. I think the bigger question, though, is how the heck Takasu managed to just slip out the window once he was done with violating Tatsumi’s delicate sensibilities, because how does a half-octopus manage to get back to whichever water source he came from without drawing attention?

I guess there are just some questions we don’t need the answer to…

In any case, I’m very much looking forward to more cuteness from next week’s episode and to see if any new characters make an appearance. This show just really makes me sigh in happiness every Monday night, probably because it doesn’t require any thinking and it’s just a bunch of beautiful boys being silly. What’s not to like?


4 thoughts on “Orenchi no Furo Jijou: Episode 03

  1. oh the tako… trust tattsun to play such a rowdy character and do it so well and entertainingly lol. the tako… octopus creatures gross my out to be honest. and that bit with the massage. ewwww it was so weird! and disturbing! poor tatsumi! although, the entire time, i was just so amused that it’s the captain-swishy duo from Free! haha.

    thanks for the lovely review. it made me giggle lots ^^

    • I know, right? Lol, I thought Takasu was really funny, especially with his little bandana and everything. Their chibi forms really just make me smile! I can’t help it, lol. Tatsumi…sigh, such a pushover, lol. At least he’s got friends, though, as weird and strange as they are! ^^

  2. OH this episode was absolutely hilarious, I love Takasu! I really enjoyed watching Takasu interact with Wakasa, all them cute chibi moments, and lastly, how the tako just couldn’t resist getting into the washing machine! Orenchi is such a cute show and otsukaresama for the review~

  3. just how big is that bathtub actually?! To fit a hippie bandana wearing octopus AND a merman?! Lol and is it just me or does the OP seem overly dramatic compared to the bathtub Takasu here?

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