Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji 01

Liar 自縄自縛

Ookami Shoujo 01 - 01 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 02 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 03 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 04 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 05 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 06 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 07 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 08 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 09 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 10 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 11 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 12 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 13 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 14 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 15 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 16 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 17 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 18 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 19 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 20 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 21 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 22 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 23 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 24 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 25 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 26 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 27 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 28 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 29 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 30 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 31 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 32 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 33 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 34 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 35 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 36 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 37 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 38 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 39 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 40 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 41 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 42 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 43 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 44 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 45 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 46 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 47 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 48 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 49 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 50 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 51 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 52 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 53 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 54 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 55 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 56 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 57 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 58 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 59 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 60 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 61 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 62 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 63 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 64 Ookami Shoujo 01 - 65

Darn it if crying wolf gets me Sakupyon an ikemen Prince of the entire school, I’d do it in a heartbeat!

OP “LOVE GOOD TIME” by SpecialThanks:

Ookami Shoujo OP - 01 Ookami Shoujo OP - 02 Ookami Shoujo OP - 03 Ookami Shoujo OP - 04 Ookami Shoujo OP - 05 Ookami Shoujo OP - 06 Ookami Shoujo OP - 07 Ookami Shoujo OP - 08 Ookami Shoujo OP - 09 Ookami Shoujo OP - 10

The Wolf Girl

Shinohara Erika (Itou Kanae) is the girl who cries wolf on the first day of her exciting, new high school life. All because she wants to no, she NEEDS to fit in. She was already late for school no thanks to some football playing brats so by the time she got to class 1-2, cliques had more or less been formed already. Not a good start to high school life. Panicking, she pounces on the very next student who arrives – Tachibana Marin (Ise Mariya), a yankee who comes to school with make-up, not your girl-next-door type basically. Add to that her friend Tezuka Aki (Komatsu Mikako) who joins them with her manicured fingers and the latest news about what she and her older university-going-boyfriend have been up to. There we have it, the Erika-Marin-Aki clique. Oh Erika, you just had such luck didn’t you? To be fair, school’s tough without friends or at least, people whom you can call friends while in school. So I can see why Erika forced herself to step up/down to the level of “delinquency” that is Marin and Aki. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Such as lying about having a boyfriend just to keep up with appearances that Erika’s one of them. Oh and why not add to the mix that said boyfriend is into S&M play lol.

Erika does have a best friend in Sanda Ayumi (Kayano Ai) but she’s not in the same class unfortunately (speaking from personal experience, it truly is unfortunate if a good friend from middle school isn’t there to support you in high school and vice versa). Also unfortunate for Ayumi is that her phone bill’s been racked up with fake calls she’s had to make to Erika, pretending to be Erika’s darling~ you’re such a good friend Ayumi!!! Unable to keep the lie going anymore, wolf girl Erika blatantly takes a photo of a gorgeous model-worthy guy on the street. Daring or sheer stupidity Erika… *face palm* (lol at the production staff for inserting subtitles warning viewers that Erika’s actions are actually illegal). As it turns out, said boy is Sanda’s classmate and the reknowned prince of their high school – Sata Kyouya (kyaa~!!!! it’s Sakurai Takahiro!!!! Banzai!!!)

He’s head-turning gorgeous, polite, friendly and probably the sweetest, nicest guy in school. The guy’s a Prince in every sense of the word damnit. So when Erika finds out he’s in her school, she obviously needs to get him on her side because hey, it’s 3 years of high school hell if she’s ever found out to have lied about EVERYTHING (high school love life more or less means everything to a high schooler doesn’t it?). Since Sata-kun’s such a nice guy, surely he’d help her and go along with this fake relationship right? Right?? Right?!?!?!

The Black Prince

Of course he does! Except underneath that Prince-like exterior, is an ultra black-hearted sadist and boy, imagine all the fun you can have with a person who owes you big time! Muahahaha~ I loved how the first half of the show ended with Prince Sata and started the second half with Black Prince Sata. Come here Erika you little b*tch (not an expletive ok, that is the given term for a female dog). Who’s your new owner now? Fetch when I tell you to and come immediately when I call. High school’s about to get a helluva lot more interesting for Sata-kun than putting up a fake polished nice-guy exterior ^_^ He’s hot, he’s not short of money or girls and is probably very content with his life even if it’s a fake one hiding his true sadistic nature. However, the guy’s got his work cut out for him already in this first episode as Erika’s so-called friends loudly announce Sata-kun’s supposed S&M preference in bed to everyone in the cafeteria. What a comeback for Sata-kun though! Kyaa as he took Marin’s chin forcefully and let slip his sadistic side long enough to stun the pair of troublemakers. Kyaa even more when he takes Erika’s hand into his own and leads her away from any embarrassment~ kyaa~~~

Ookami Shoujo is HILARIOUS. I’ve read the manga and heard the drama cd but I’m most excited about it being animated. There’s just something about anime adaptations that either make an original work better or worse and I’m super glad to see that the Ookami anime just adds so much more to the black and white manga panels in delivering one of Autumn’s better shows. It’s directed by the same Kasai Kenichii who gave us the LOL BL manga adaptation of Love Stage!! My love for Sakurai Takahiro is no secret and I won’t ask for your forgiveness as I gush about his sadistic voice in Ookami this season. I do like my shoujo animes even though they are full of tropes and have more or less the same types of narratives – Ookami’s Marin + Aki remind me of Kimi ni Todoke‘s Ayane + Chizuru, it’s worth watching Ookami just for the humour alone. I mean, here’s a girl desperate to make the best of her 3 years in high school by willingly being someone’s masochistic dog!

But hey, if I can get a Kyouya-kun (that’s right, only the “girlfriend” can call him by his given name), why not?

ED “Ookami Heart” (オオカミハート Wolf Heart) by Oresama:

Ookami Shoujo ED - 01 Ookami Shoujo ED - 02 Ookami Shoujo ED - 03 Ookami Shoujo ED - 04 Ookami Shoujo ED - 05 Ookami Shoujo ED - 06 Ookami Shoujo ED - 07 Ookami Shoujo ED - 08 Ookami Shoujo ED - 09 Ookami Shoujo ED - 10


2 thoughts on “Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji 01

  1. yaaayy~~ been waiting for this review! i so so love this show so far! kyouya has such pretty hair. it looks so モフモフ and ふわふわ~ it’s definitely the hair.. if it weren’t for the pretty hair, i don’t think i’d be able to stomach his meanness. i hope they tell us why he is the way he is. and sighs erika, oh erika.. how in the world do such people get themselves into such situations?? i mean, at least tell lies which are not that extreme. gosh, she’s just so silly.. so silly. that said, i can’t wait for them to actually get together (i really hope they do) because one’s ドS and the other ドM, they’re perfect for each other!! and she’s quite prettily drawn as well, so in terms of looks she definitely isn’t lacking (yes, being completely superficial here). she’s just.. really really foolish.

    thank you for the many screenshots ^^ btw akatsuki, you kya-ed three times in that one ‘the black prince’ para.. lol, looking forward to more fangirly reviews :D

    • お待たせしました!sorry to keep you waiting! It was soooo difficult to narrow down the pics because I just want as many close-ups of Kyouya-kun and his pretty hair… He’s not that mean is he? I’m wilfully blind to it like Erika is haha. The manga does eventually disclose why he’s the way he is (sort of anyway) but otherwise just put it down to…. being a teenager? Haha. High school + teenager isn’t a great mix I mean that’s kinda why Erika’s so desperate she’d lie her way through just to be impressive~ We’ve seen such ppl in school too right?

      I’ll continue fangirling. Contemplating starting a Kyouka-screenshot-of-the-episode. This one’s just for you Kiseki-chan: https://flic.kr/p/oLsYvs

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