Orenchi no Furo Jijou: Episode 02

“The Severe Circumstances Of My Household Budget”

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Seriously, how cute can Wakasa get? He’s so adorable and oblivious and amusingly self-centered and silly and how could one not adore him? Gotta say I’m quite impressed with Umehara Yuuichirou’s first seiyuu role because he does the whimsical diva really well!

Tatsumi was dealt a bit of a blow when he got his utilities bill this month and realised how much his water and heating usage came up to ever since he brought a merman into his bathtub. As a student, we all know the need to live frugally and clearly a merman is more high maintenance than one might have expected. Of course Tatsumi tried to instill some rules such as:

  1. filling the bathtub with full water bottles to raise the water level without actually having to use that much water – unfortunately Wakasa complained that they were just too heavy and irritating,
  2. conserving heat by putting a heating mat over the tub so less heat escaped – yet again, Wakasa complained, this time about not being able to find his rubber duck, and
  3. conserving heat by making Tatsumi sit next to him inside the bath which didn’t really solve matters at all, except to embarrass Tatsumi a little bit

Basically, Wakasa is a selfish and greedy merman diva but he’s too cute to deny him anything and Tatsumi falls for it so easily. I think my favourite thing was when he asked how Wakasa managed in the river in winter, and Wakasa earnestly told him how hard it was because he literally had to exercise his tail in order to generate heat. It was so funny seeing him swishing his tail around so dramatically, and counting, “One, two, one, two!”

It was really sweet, though, when Tatsumi told him that he’d just have to work a little longer every day to earn more money but Wakasa teared up, complaining that he wouldn’t be able to see him as much. In the end, Tatsumi decided to leave things the way they were because for one thing he’s got a huge soft spot for his resident diva merman and for another, it would cost way more to install anything remotely economical for Wakasa’s sake.

Yet another cute and wind-down-ish episode for a Monday night and I kind of wish it was more than just four minutes long. It’s sort of filled the hole that Love Stage left when it ended and I need my weekly dose of silly, pink, fluffy cuteness and Orenchi does manage to hit the spot.

We should be meeting another character next week, so I’ll be looking forward to more hilarious and fishy individuals joining the cast! Especially since we’ve got seiyuus like Suzuki Tatsuhisa, Hanae Natsuki and Tsuda Kenjiro joining us~


2 thoughts on “Orenchi no Furo Jijou: Episode 02

    • Ooooh, thanks for finding that out! :D Yayy, Ookami! \o/

      Lol, I just think he’s so cute and I’d be so irritated if he decided to freeload in my own home but he’s not my problem, lol! His chibi mermaid self is so kya~ O(≧∇≦)O

      And oh wow, you’re right! It does remind me a bit of Hirakawa’s! :O

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