Shitteru yo – Translation

Shitteru yo (1)

Title: Shitteru yo (知ってるよ。) (drama review)
Cast: Hatano Wataru x Murase Ayumu (羽多野渉×村瀬歩)
Toriumi Kousuke x Maeno Tomoaki (鳥海浩輔x前野智昭)
Related drama(s): None
Contents: Story 1

Track 1: 知ってるよ。
Track 2: 知れば知るほど

Story 2

Track 3: 兄ちゃんの恋愛革命

Bonus: Free Talk

Track 1: 知ってるよ。(I knew it)

Sawahata: Ah… It’s already 5pm. Even though we dragged it out for so long, nothing was accomplished in the end. What’s the point of having a meeting? (Sawahata enters classroom)
Hoshizaki: Ah!
Sawahata: Oh…
Hoshizaki: Hoshizaki? Someone whom I don’t want to get involved with stayed back… Ah… he’s glaring at me again. Even though we haven’t talked a lot before, why does he always glare at me?
Sawahata: I was so surprised! I didn’t think that there would be anyone who stayed behind. Then, see you.
He isn’t going to reply? I’m used to getting along with everyone, but if he glares at me like this, I really don’t feel good. If he has something to say, then say it.
Hoshizaki: Huh?
Sawahata: I won’t mind if you tell me honestly, but do you hate me?
Hoshizaki: Huh? I like you.
Sawahata: Har? In what way?
Hoshizaki: Eh… I’m sorry, I don’t know. (Sawahata laughs) Sawahata?
Sawahata: Hoshizaki you’re totally red. Even though you don’t know, saying that you like me with such a good atmosphere, even if we’re of the same gender, I’ll misunderstand.
Hoshizaki: I like that face.
Sawahata: Huh?
Hoshizaki: Sawahata always smiles in a gentle way right? You have this peaceful and kind atmosphere… I thought it’s good, so I’ve always been looking.
Sawahata: So he wasn’t glaring at me. To think that he likes my smiling face, that’s just something on the surface. But…
Hoshizaki: Huh? I’m sorry if I made things awkward. Because that was the first time Sawahata smiled at me, I was happy.
Sawahata: Hoshizaki smiled just now too.
Hoshizaki: Huh?
Sawahata: You were cute.
Hoshizaki: Cute…
Sawahata: Seems like it was a terrible misunderstanding that I was disliked. Once again, nice to meet you, Hoshizaki. Huh? I can’t?
Hoshizaki: Nice to meet you.
Sawahata: I see, he’s unexpectedly cute.
Friend 1: Say, Sawa, is this correct?
Sawahata: Uhm… I guess it is.
Friend 1: Wait, look properly! You’re so mean.
Friend 2: No matter how you look at it, it’s your fault for not doing your assignment.
Friend 1: Shut up, I forgot that I’ll be called up today.
Sawahata: Is Hoshizaki not here yet? (door opens) Oh, he’s here.
Good morning, Hoshizaki.
Friend 1: Eh?
Friend 2: Why are you greeting Hoshizaki suddenly?
Friend 1: Sawa, what happened?
(Hoshizaki ignored Sawahata)
Friend 2: You’re so lame, you got ignored.
Friend 1: Don’t frighten him.
Sawahata: Oi, Hoshizaki… oi. Was yesterday’s smile an illusion?
Sawahata: Hoshizaki.
Hoshizaki: Sawahata…
Sawahata: Say, did something happen this morning? Why did you ignore me?
Hoshizaki: Ah… I don’t think people have a very good impression of me.
Sawahata: Huh?
Hoshizaki: I don’t want Sawahata’s image to get ruined because of your involvement with me. Ah… of course, I don’t think that you’re someone whose reputation will get affected that easily though. I just don’t want to trouble Sawahata, but my attitude this morning was too direct. I’m sorry.
Sawahata: Hoshizaki, you’re too conscious of it. Didn’t I say it yesterday too? You’re cute when you smile, so just let something like that out.
Hoshizaki: Huh? Thank you…
Sawahata: I wonder if this is the feeling when an untamed wild animal gets attached to me. If everyone knew about how interesting Hoshizaki is, what expression would they have?
Friend 1: Ah, he’s there!
Friend 2: Sawa!
Sawahata: Ah, that’s right. Hoshizaki, we’re going to the canteen. Do you want to come along too?
Friend 2: Sawa?
Hoshizaki: Ah… I brought lunch.
Sawahata: Homemade?
Hoshizaki: My mum made it for me.
Friend 1: Ah your mum…
Friend 2: Stupid, what are you saying!
Friend 1: See, isn’t Hoshizaki glaring at us.
Friend 2: No, we’re not teasing you.
Hoshizaki: My mum is good at cooking.
Friend 1: Is that so…
Hoshizaki: Yea.
Friend 1: That’s nice, a homemade meal. I’m always eating convenience store bread.
Hoshizaki: Then, do you want to eat it?
Friend 1: Huh? Can I?
Sawahata: Then bring it to the canteen and share it with everyone.
Hoshizaki: Is that fine?
Sawahata: Of course.
Ah, he smiled. He’s happy.
Friend 1: He smiled…
Friend 2: Huh? It disappeared.
Sawahata: See, everyone noticed. He’s cute.
Friend 1: What’s this, why is he only attached to Sawa?
Hoshizaki: Huh? Sawahata…
Sawahata: All right, let’s go to the canteen.
But it seems like this superiority only belongs to me.
Sawahata: That stupid chairman, he dragged the meeting again. I was going to ask him out to the fireworks festival too, I made him wait…
(Sawahata enters classroom) Hoshizaki, I’m sorry for making you wait…
Friend 1: That’s right, the bass was the best! Hoshizaki, did you hear it?
Hoshizaki: Yea.
Sawahata: What’s this, he seems totally fine with other guys too.
Hoshizaki: Ah, Sawahata. You’ve worked hard.
Sawahata: Ah… yea.
Friend 1: Then, let’s go together next time, Hoshizaki.
Hoshizaki: Ah… okay.
Sawahata: Hoshizaki, what’s this? Where are you going?
Friend 1: Ah, we were just talking about going to a live concert.
Sawahata: Heh…
What’s this? Even if I’m not the one who’s asking him out, he makes that sort of face too.
That sounds fun, Hoshizaki. Then, I’ll be going home.
Hoshizaki: Huh? Sawahata? (Sawahata leaves classroom) I… I’ll be going home too (Hoshizaki runs after Sawahata) Sawahata! I… did I do something to upset you?
Sawahata: If you don’t know, then you haven’t done anything right?
Hoshizaki: I-I’m sorry.
Sawahata: I don’t like someone who tries to be liked by everyone else. Hoshizaki likes me, but do you like everyone else too?
Hoshizaki: Huh?
Sawahata: Ah… I’m sorry. Please don’t follow me anymore.
Hoshizaki: Sawahata…
Sawahata: He said “huh”… I thought he would say that he likes me, just like he did that time. Did I want him to say it?
What’s that? Isn’t that being narcissistic? I just wanted to invite him to the fireworks festival. (Sawahata’s phone rings) Huh? A text? Who is it from? Hoshizaki!
Sawahata: I never thought that you would really be here.
Hoshizaki: I’m sorry.
Sawahata: How did you know my address? Why don’t you come in?
Hoshizaki: I’m sorry, Sawahata.
Sawahata: I heard you say that a few times already.
Hoshizaki: I was getting full of myself. I was able to be by Sawahata’s side and I also had more chances to talk with Sawahata’s friends… I knew Sawahata more than when I was looking at you from afar…
Sawahata: Then? Did you get sick of me and started to not bother?
Hoshizaki: That’s wrong!
Sawahata: I can be quite mean right? Isn’t this rather different from the first impression I gave? Hoshizaki said that you liked me. But I’m no longer the person with a gentle smile, I’m actually like this from the start. I’m sorry.
Hoshizaki: I knew it.
Sawahata: What?
Hoshizaki: Even if you smile, it’s probably not what you really feel. You can be quite obvious, Sawahata.
Sawahata: Eh?! He knew?! How? Where? I thought I was doing quite well… Rather than that…
I don’t want to be told that I’m being obvious by Hoshizaki!
Hoshizaki: You’re totally different from me. Sawahata is tactful and doesn’t ruin the atmosphere. The forced smile is also proof that Sawahata is kind. I… towards that part of Sawahata…
Sawahata: You said that you liked it right? Does this mean that you still like me even though I’m like this?
Hoshizaki: Eh…
Sawahata: You didn’t know what sort of like it was? Then, can I go out with some other girl? You don’t want it? So, why is that so?
Say it, Hoshizaki.
Hoshizaki: I don’t get it, but I really like you.
Sawahata: Fill me with that sense of superiority. (They kiss)
You don’t dislike this?
Hoshizaki: I want you to do this.
Sawahata: What’s with the “I don’t really get it”.
Can this be called a sense of superiority?
Hoshizaki: Sawahata.
Sawahata: Are you all right?
Hoshizaki: I’m already… let’s… together…
Sawahata: Hoshizaki… Say, Hoshizaki…
Hoshizaki: What is it?
Sawahata: Let’s become lovers. If not, I’ll always think “stop that” when Hoshizaki talks with my friends.
Hoshizaki: Wh-why?
Sawahata: Is this revenge? Are you going to make me say it?
Hoshizaki: Sawa… ha…ta…
Sawahata: Hoshizaki…
Hoshizaki is so cute, I want to treasure him. I’m sure he knows that already.
Sawahata: So, when did you get so friendly with him? Or rather, why are you going to a concert with him without my knowledge?
Hoshizaki: It just became that way with the flow of the conversation.
Sawahata: Hm? Well, to be honest, I want to say that you can’t because you’re my lover. But you can go, I’ll be going too. What? I can’t?
Hoshizaki: No. I’m happy.
Sawahata: Also, we’ll be going to the fireworks festival too. The two of us.
Hoshizaki: Huh? Fireworks?
Sawahata: It’s fine right?
Hoshizaki: Yea. I’ll go. Let’s go.
Sawahata: See? He smiled for me. No matter how you get along well with others, it’s fine. Because Hoshizaki’s cutest face belongs to only me.

Shitteru yo (2)
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Track 2: 知れば知るほど (The more I know)

Sawahata: Yea, Hoshizaki? It seems like it will rain till tomorrow. It seems impossible to go to Mouseland. And I was looking forward to choosing an ear accessory for Hoshizaki too. Oh, Hoshizaki, are you listening?
Hoshizaki: I’m sorry, yes I’m listening.
Sawahata: What should we do tomorrow?
Hoshizaki: Sawahata?
Sawahata: What? Is there anywhere you want to go?
Hoshizaki: Do you want to come to my house?
Sawahata: That…
Hoshizaki: Ah, but my mum will be at home.
Sawahata: Wha-what were you expecting?
Hoshizaki: No, you’re wrong. But… I have a room… it will be fine…
Sawahata: Wha…
What is he saying?!
Sawahata: Uhm. Then, see you tomorrow.
I never thought that he would ask me to his house.
Hoshizaki’s room? Feels like it will look very simple. Ah, but seeing Hoshizaki fuss over the arrangement of plush toys is cute too. Ah! It would be too perfect if he has displays of my photographs.
That’s right, I shall listen to the CD that Hoshizaki lent me. I’m looking forward to tomorrow.
Sawahata: Is it here? It’s really close to the station. I feel bad for making you come to get me.
Hoshizaki: Uhm, it’s fine. (Hoshizaki opens door) I’m home.
Sawahata: Oh, he’s the type to say it immediately after he opens the door? I discovered something new.
Mother: Welcome home. Welcome! Nice to meet you, I’m Yuusei’s mother.
Sawahata: Ah, Nice to meet you. I’m Sawahata.
Mother: Ah… I’ve heard a lot from Yuusei. Just like what he said, you’re really kind and cool.
Hoshizaki: Ah…
Sawahata: Huh?
Mother: Please take your time here.
Sawahata: He’s all red. So Hoshizaki thought of me that way? I discovered another thing.
Hoshizaki: My room is on the second floor.
Sawahata: Uhm.
Ah, Hoshizaki has bed hair. He’s cute that way so I’m going to keep quiet about it. There seems to be a lot of unknown things about Hoshizaki at home, I’m going to make a lot of discoveries today.  
Hoshizaki: This is my room.
Sawahata: Uwah! Ah… yea…
There are posters all over his room… eh? Even on the ceilings?
Thi-this poster’s band, I heard them yesterday.
Hoshizaki: Ah… you heard the CD I lent you…
Sawahata: Hm, none here.
Hoshizaki: Huh?
Sawahata: No, I thought that there won’t be any photos of me. Relax, Narcissist.
Say, by the way, why is there a bunk bed… (Door opens) Eh?
Hoshizaki: Brother.
Sawahata: Brother? Doesn’t he resemble Hoshizaki too much?
Daiichi: I brought juice.
Hoshizaki: Thank you. Didn’t you say that you would be going out?
Daiichi: Because I was worried, I turned them down. Didn’t you say that your friend is coming over?
Sawahata: Nice to meet you, thank you for letting me get along with…
Daiichi: Suspicious…
Sawahata: Eh?!
Hoshizaki: Brother…
Daiichi: You… aren’t bullying Yuusei are you?
Sawahata: No-no way.
Hoshizaki: Brother, Sawahata won’t do something like that.
Daiichi: Yuusei, you can’t trust all the people in the world when they appear to be such nice guys like him.
Sawahata: Ah… even though they have the same face, their personalities are the exact opposite.
Daiichi: Yuusei, did you eat a proper breakfast?
Hoshizaki: Yea.
Daiichi: Then, eat this…
Sawahata: He isn’t leaving… on top of that, he sticks by Hoshizaki all the time…
Daiichi: So, what sort of friend is Sawahata?
Sawahata: What sort of?
Hoshizaki: Eh…
Daiichi: Is he the one who shares the same interest in music as you?
Hoshizaki: That is another friend.
Daiichi: What’s this, so he doesn’t even share your interest?
Sawahata: That’s unnecessary. So Hoshizaki doesn’t only talk about me, but also talks about them too?
Daiichi: What sparked this off?
Sawahata: Eh, I know that the second bed belongs to the brother’s, but why are there two pillows on the same bed?
Daiichi: Because we slept together.
Sawahata: Heh?
Hoshizaki: When he gets drunk, he would want to sleep together. He drank yesterday.
Sawahata: Do siblings work that way?
Daiichi: Yuusei, you’ve got bed hair. Didn’t you look at the mirror?
Hoshizaki: Sawahata, my hair is cut by my brother.
Daiichi: Aren’t I good at it?
Sawahata: Heh…
Sawahata: I noticed about his bed hair too. Or rather, I definitely want to know more, about Hoshizaki. But…
Daiichi: I just thought that I should take care of my cute little brother’s outer appearances so that he doesn’t get looked down on.
Hoshizaki: Is that so? So that’s why you shaved my eyebrows too?
Daiichi: There weren’t much to begin with.
Sawahata: Whaaaat’s this? I came all the way here, is Hoshizaki fine with this?
Hoshizaki: Brother.
Daiichi: Huh?
Hoshizaki: I have something I want to talk about with Sawahata.
Daiichi: Can’t you say it with me around?
Hoshizaki: Uhm. I recorded the movie which was broadcasted yesterday.
Daiichi: Ah… really? Then it can’t be helped. Then, call me if anything happens. (Brother leaves room)
Hoshizaki: Sawa…
Sawahata: The two of you get along awfully well for brothers. Is this what they call “brother complex”?
Hoshizaki: Eh?
Sawahata: He’s too touchy with you, isn’t that strange? What’s with you two sleeping together? You aren’t kids anymore. That’s a bit unusual…
Hoshizaki: Sawahata, he’s my kind brother. So don’t speak of him that way.
Sawahata: Then it’s fine. (Sawahata gets up)
Hoshizaki: Huh? Wait! Did I hurt you again? I’m sorry, Sawahata.
Sawahata: I’ve said this before, if you don’t understand then don’t apologise!
Hoshizaki: This is the first time I’ve brought a friend to my house. I was happy to introduce you to my family. I wanted to introduce Sawahata properly…
Sawahata: “A friend”, huh?
Hoshizaki: Huh? Ah…
Sawahata: Come to think of it, the other day, I was the only one who said it right? “Become my lover”…
Hoshizaki: Sawahata, you’re wrong…
Sawahata: I’m going home, so move it.
Hoshizaki: I don’t want this. I don’t want you to go home and I’m not moving!
Sawahata: Don’t be stubborn!
Hoshizaki: But does Sawahata like me?
Sawahata: What?
Hoshizaki: I was happy when you said to become lovers, but I thought I might just be getting too full of myself and misunderstand again.
Sawahata: What?! When I said to become lovers, it has got to be that right?
Hoshizaki: Do you… like me?
Sawahata: Wha! In the first place, Hoshizaki said that you don’t really know how you liked me too. I didn’t get to hear it properly too, don’t make an insecure face by yourself. Wasn’t it a major thing that we did perverted things? What sort of like was Hoshizaki’s like?
Hoshizaki: I like you. The more I learn about Sawahata, the more I like you. It makes my heart pound. Compared to when we first met, you’re showing me a lot more expressions. You unhappy face and more often, your happy face, only to me. You’re so cute that it seems wasted for me to monopolise you.
Sawahata: What?!
Hoshizaki: That’s why, I wanted my family to like Sawahata too. For Sawahata too, I wanted you to like my family. I like you.
Sawahata: To be manly or to be cute, just choose one. It’s not like I forgave you for leaving me alone.
Hoshizaki: Huh?
Sawahata: I’m saying this because I haven’t forgiven you, that doesn’t count.
Hoshizaki: I’m sorry, this always happens. But, I’ll be careful.
Sawahata: You don’t kiss with you brother right?
Hoshizaki: Wha… we don’t…
Sawahata: I’m glad that it’s not to that extent. Huh? What is it?
Hoshizaki: Sawahata says really outrageous things sometimes.
Sawahata: Is that so? It’s really tiring to be jealous all the time when my lover is so cute.
Hoshizaki: Even Sawahata gets jealous too?
Sawahata: I get jealous because I like you.
Hoshizaki: When I’m with Hoshizaki, I start to hate myself and start to feel gentle. I can’t help getting so busy with all these feelings.
Sawahata: I’m sorry for imposing on you for such a long time.
Mother: You should have eaten dinner here.
Sawahata: Please excuse me, it seems like I have dinner at home already.
Daiichi: Yuusei, wrap a scarf around you because it seems cold outside.
Hoshizaki: Uhm, yea.
Sawahata: To be honest, this is the limit for today after seeing this. But, if this is their norm, then there’s this too. (Sawahata holds Hoshizaki’s hand)
Hoshizaki: Sa-Sawahata… hands…
Sawahata: Then, we’ll get going.
Mother: Come again soon. From now on, please take good care of Yuusei too.
Sawahata: I’ll take good care of him.
Daiichi: Har?!
Hoshizaki: Sawahata…
Sawahata: Brother, this is our norm.
Daiichi: Oi, isn’t that wrong? Yuusei! Don’t get deceived by him! There’s no such thing as holding hands right?

Shitteru yo (3)
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Track 3: 兄ちゃんの恋愛革命 (The brother’s love revolution)

Daiichi: My brother got himself a boyfriend… I think.
Friend 1: What? Don’t you mean girlfriend?
Daiichi: Boyfriend. When I met him, he seems to look at Yuusei in that way. And Yuusei seems serious about it too.
Friend 2: Isn’t Daiichi thinking too much? You’ve got a strong brother complex. Also, what would you do if they were earnest?
Daiichi: That’s exactly what I’m worrying over.
Jun: Daiichi-kun! Good morning.
Daiichi: Jun. This is bad, I feel cured somehow.
Jun: What’s this? What happened?
Friend 1: He said that his brother got a boyfriend.
Jun: Huh?
Daiichi: You’re wrong, I still don’t know yet. It’s just my instinct.
Jun: But it might be the truth, Daiichi has got really good instincts when it comes to other people.
Daiichi: Ah stop talking about it, it’s useless anyway.
Jun: Ah, Daiichi’s lunchbox, the hamburger looks delicious! Let me have a bite!
Daiichi: Goodness, if you wanted it, then buy it yourself. Here you go.
Friend 2: I think you two aren’t in any position to about others.
Friend 1: Yea. Even though other party might be your cute little junior…
Daiichi: What?
Jun: You’re right… Hear me out Daiichi-kun, my homework was scribbled on by my little brother… I’m supposed to correct it and submit it by today but I don’t think I can finish it.
Daiichi: If it’s just copying, should I help you?
Jun: Eh? Will you? Please, Daiichi-kun! It’s just copying, it’s just copying!
Friend 1: What? Really? We were going to go drinking today…
Daiichi: Drinking huh… I’m in the mood to drink and forget about certain things too…
Jun: Huh? No you can’t! You said that you would help me out right? If you helped me, I’ll forget about your last minute cancellation the other day!
Daiichi: Oh you remembered it? I’m so sorry about that.
Jun: I don’t remember how many times that happened though! Every time the reason was your little brother right?
Daiichi: It can’t be helped right? I really love my little brother.
Friend 1: Daiichi, please go the other way. Then, we’ll be on our way.
Daiichi: Wait, you guys!
Jun: Daiichi-kun…
Daiichi: (Daiichi sighs) Even though he’s my junior, right now he seems more like my second little brother. This guy here is more troublesome than Yuusei.
Jun: Here you go, Daiichi-kun.
Daiichi: With just one cup of coffee, that’s really cheap thanks. At least treat me to some meal.
Jun: Are you saying that to your junior? (Jun grabs Daiichi’s cup and drinks from it) We just had an indirect kiss.
Daiichi: Are you an idiot? Give it back.
Jun: So your little brother does this with his boyfriend too… (Daiichi chokes on coffee) Are you all right?
Daiichi: Why would you say that?
Jun: It’s not like Daiichi-kun has any special interest in any girls either. I heard that you haven’t had a girlfriend since you entered university.
Daiichi: Who said that? I just don’t prioritise love right now, don’t compare me to Yuusei. In the first place, isn’t it weird between guys?
Jun: Th-that! If you don’t experience it for yourself, you won’t know!
Daiichi: Is that so? Then I need to experience it for myself first… Jun!
Jun: Yes!
Daiichi: We’re going on a group date, I’ll be counting on you for the girls!
Jun: Is that how you’re doing it?
Daiichi: Oi, Jun… you…
Jun: What is it?
Daiichi: The group date just now! What’s with that quality? Didn’t you have other choices?
Jun: So Daiichi only goes after physical appearances…
Daiichi: Why are you sulking?
Jun: It’s nothing.
Daiichi: Anyway, you kept sticking to my side…
Jun: Of course I would! If you got yourself a girlfriend, you won’t have time for me anymore right?
Daiichi: Are you a spoiled little brother?
Jun: Also, Daiichi-kun wasn’t that enthusiastic about it too right? You’re not the type to go group dating too, so I’m not going to help out anymore.
Daiichi: What a rebellious little brother.
Jun: I’m not your brother! (Daiichi laughs) Daiichi-kun…
Daiichi: Huh? You have me.
Jun: Thank you. But you’re different. You should get independent from your elder brother and go get a girlfriend too. See you tomorrow.
Daiichi: See you… tomorrow…
Jun: You have me…
Daiichi: To say something like that, he’s a cute guy. But, I don’t think that it’s possible to attain happiness when it’s between guys. If I can understand that it’s good between a guy and a girl, then I can tell Yuusei that he doesn’t have to go for a guy. In order for my cute brother to not go down the thorny path, I want to do what I can as his brother. This is my sense of duty.
Daiichi: That professor is easy on attendance.
Girl: Heh? Is that so?
Jun: Daiichi-kun!
Daiichi: Jun.
Jun: You weren’t around during lunch, where were you… who is that? Your girlfriend? Don’t tell me she’s one of your candidates?
Daiichi: Candidates… you!
Girl: Candidate? What’s this about?
Daiichi: Ah… no…
Daiichi: You shouldn’t say things like that right? It was just about to start too.
Jun: It’s worse to let her have hope when you don’t even have feelings for her. Or do you really intend to get a girlfriend? For your brother’s sake?
Daiichi: If I don’t experience it for myself and know how love is such a wonderful thing, I won’t sound convincing no matter what I say. It’s not like I want a girlfriend though.
Jun: Then you don’t have to push yourself! Daiichi-kun is always with someone nowadays, aren’t you tired?
Daiichi: I’m not pushing myself. Don’t look so lonely. Even if I get a girlfriend, it’s not like my friendship with you will change, right?
Jun: So after Daiichi-kun dates girl after girl, how is your little brother going to change? What Daiichi-kun is doing now is meaningless… (Daiichi splashes coffee on Jun) Cold! (Daiichi runs off) Daiichi-kun!
Daiichi: That’s the phrase which I don’t want to hear the most. Stupid Jun.
Yuusei: Brother, it’s almost mealtime.
Daiichi: Yea.
Yuusei: Brother.
Daiichi: Huh?
Yuusei: Don’t you look very tired recently?
Daiichi: Ah, I’m fine.
Yuusei: Is that so? Ah Sawahata says that he’s coming over for a meal sometime soon.
Daiichi: Is… that so.
Jun: How is your little brother going to change?
Jun: Daiichi-kun!
Daiichi: Ah… you’re fast…
Jun: What did you want to tell me? Don’t tell me… you want to tell me about… your… new… girlfriend?
Daiichi: I didn’t get one.
Jun: Ah, I’m glad.
Daiichi: Even though I vented my frustrations on him and even splashed coffee on him, he just came running to me like that.
Let me apologise. I’m sorry for what happened the other day.
Jun: Don’t worry about it, I’m sorry for saying that too. Rather than that, I’m glad that you called me instead of some girl today.
Daiichi: What are you competing for?
Jun: Huh? Let me compete! We’re even alone in a small room.
Daiichi: What’s that?
Jun: Are you going to continue with it? The thing for your little brother.
Daiichi: No, I’m going to stop. I tried a lot of things, but it feels like I’m going offtrack. Just like what Jun had said, no matter what I gained, that’s only going to be my experience. Yuusei went to stayover today, at his house.
Jun: Will you hate it if your brother becomes a gay?
Daiichi: Hm… maybe I just dislike that sort of thing, because the image of two guys being together isn’t normal. But, when Yuusei talk about that guy, he doesn’t have a shred of shame or guilt, he looks really happy. Yuusei has found what I’ve been trying desperately to find, and I just thought that he’s found the way.
Jun: Daiichi-kun.
Daiichi: I realised that, and started wondering about what I was trying to achieve by myself. I wanted to talk about this with Jun.
Jun: Does that mean that you’ll acknowledge it even though it’s between two guys?
Daiichi: Yea. I don’t like him but thinking of whether Yuusei cries or whether he gets happiness. If Yuusei is happy then… wa! What’s wrong, Jun! (Jun kisses Daiichi)
Jun: Daiichi-kun… Even if I really like Daiichi-kun, will you say that too?
Daiichi: Let go of me!
Jun: Daiichi-kun!
Daiichi: Let go of me!
Jun: I don’t want to leave things like this, let’s talk properly.
Daiichi: About the kiss?
Jun: About that too…
Daiichi: I don’t understand why this is happening now. I’ve always looked after you like a little brother, but did I pay too much attention to you that you misunderstood?
Jun: This might come across as sudden, but I won’t kiss someone because of a misunderstanding. If you looked after me like your little brother, then why won’t you face my feelings?
(Daiichi runs off)
Daiichi: Just because I acknowledged Yuusei’s relationship, Isn’t this a total different issue? He isn’t someone to joke about that. But even so, I don’t know what I should do! Or rather, why so sudden?
Jun: I won’t help out anymore.
You don’t have to force yourself to get interested!
I’m glad that you called me instead of some girl today.
Daiichi: So this is what that was all about. Why didn’t I realise it? He was also against it when I started looking for a girlfriend too. How did he feel at that time?
Friend 1: All right! Shall we go for lunch? I feel so tired.
Friend 2: Come to think of it, Jun-kun didn’t come today either.
Daiichi: What’s with that look?
Friend 1: (Phone vibrates) Ah, it’s from Jun-kun.
Friend 2: Huh? He texted you? That’s rare.
Daiichi: What did he say?
Friend 1: “I’m going to pass on lunch because I’ll be busy these while.” Hm… Won’t he usually say things like this to Daiichi?
Friend 2: So Jun-kun hasn’t been coming here recently because of a fight?
Friend 1: Why don’t you settle it as the older one here? I don’t know what sort of fight you guys had though.
Friend 2: I thought that Jun-kun got a girlfriend or something.
Daiichi: What? Why?
Friend 2: Because he doesn’t come for lunch anymore and isn’t Daichi lonely too?
Daiichi: Shut up, that’s not it.
Friend 1: But getting a girlfriend doesn’t seem too impossible right? Look there.
Daiichi: What?
Jun: Really?
Girl: Yes, and then…
Daiichi: Jun… What’s that, he’s acting normal. He’s even laughing. Even you can have such a cute girl by your side too.
Jun: Ah… Daiichi-kun.
Daiichi: Y-yo.
Girl: Good day. Then, I’ll be going ahead first.
Jun: Ah… yea.
Friend 2: Then, we’ll get going too. See you.
Daiichi: O-oi…
What’s this, he’s making such an awkward face. He was still smiling like usual just now.
Oi, Jun.
Jun: Wh-what are you…
Daiichi: Why are you so cold?
Jun: Har?
Daiichi: If you got a girlfriend, you should have told me.
Jun: Huh?
Daiichi: Then, I can take what happened the other day as a joke too. I don’t want to hear it from someone else’s mouth…
Jun: Please stop it. You started talking to me because you thought I got a girlfriend, because you think that you’re inapplicable already?
Daiichi: No, that’s not what I…
Jun: Come to think of it, you said that I should get independent from my elder brother and get a girlfriend right? Shouldn’t I just do that? (Jun storms off)
Daiichi: He’s someone who could say embarrassing things with a straight face, I should have known that he was serious about everything.
“Take it as a joke”…
No matter how much rubbish I gave him, last minute cancellations, group dating or trying to get a girlfriend, he stayed by my side with a smile on his face. If Jun gets a girlfriend…
Girl 1: Say, is that seat free?
Daiichi: I’m sorry, it’s reserved.
Since that day, we haven’t contacted each other at all. But if I’m not wrong, Jun was supposed to come today.
Girl 2: (Phone rings) Ah, seems like Kureguma-kun and the rest are here.
Daiichi: Huh? Did he text that girl?
Ah, Jun!
Daiichi: Kureguma-kun! This seat is free!
Daiichi: Ah, I’m such an idiot. Why did I say something like “go get a girlfriend”? This is the punishment for being spoiled by Jun’s feelings and not wanting to face it properly. To think that I don’t want that… it’s too late even if I realised it now.
Jun: Daiichi-kun.
Daiichi: Jun…
Jun: Let me accompany you.
Daiichi: You should go back, Jun.
Jun: Why do you think I came especially to a deserted park? Why did you cry?
Daiichi: Don’t worry about it, it’s nothing…
Jun: Stop leaving that space in between us! Isn’t it my fault? Say that it is so… If you bluff me again, I won’t be able to recover from it. I’m really in love with you.
Daiichi: I can still make it. Jun still has feeling for me?
What’s your relationship with the girl just now?
Jun: She has a boyfriend! We’re just in the same research group. Then, I’ll answer any question you have until you believe in me!
Daiichi: It’s fine, that’s enough.
Jun: Huh? (Daiichi kisses Jun) Huh?
Daiichi: To be honest, I still don’t know if the feelings I have towards Jun are that of romantic love. But, it’s painful when you are not by my side. I’m sorry for not facing it properly. (Jun starts crying) Jun?
Jun: Actually, I wouldn’t have said it if Daiichi-kun didn’t start having an interest in women for your brother’s sake. It was enough as long as I could stay by your side. But… I definitely couldn’t stand having you taken away by someone else. (Daiichi laughs) Why are you laughing?!
Daiichi: No, I just got happy that you’re like your normal self. I don’t want you to be taken away too.
Jun: I’ll show you that your feelings are the same as mine!
Daiichi: Yea, I’ll be counting on you.
Daiichi: Stu…pid Jun…
Jun: I’m sorry. When I think that I’m in Daiichi-kun’s room, I just…
Daiichi: Goodness… didn’t you come over to do your assignment?
Jun: Daiichi-kun, can we do it once more? (They kiss)
Daiichi: Wa, wait, that’s dangerous! It’s the bunk bed, I’ll hit my head!
Jun: I want to hear your voice more, so keep that position all right?
Daiichi: Wait, Jun…
He’s going down so soon?
Wait, Jun, at this position, I won’t be able to let go…
Jun: Daiichi-kun, if you don’t reject me, I won’t be able to stop.
Daiichi: Were you going to stop if I said no? Continue…
Jun: Huh?
Daiichi: It’s not like I didn’t think of this either.
Jun: How’s it? Is it still very tight?
Daiichi: No, I’ve gotten used to it.
Jun: I’m glad. I’m putting it in. Ah I’m sorry, it hurts right?
Daiichi: Don’t… stop… a bit… more.
Jun: Are you all right? Could it be that it feels good?
Daiichi: The feeling of having you entering me, might be a little good…
Jun: Daiichi-kun!
Daiichi: What’s wrong?
Jun: I want to stay like this for a while.
Daiichi: Jun…
Jun: I’ll get really demanding. I’ll have to get used to the actual feeling slowly, if not, I might just become very selfish.
Daiichi: Stupid Jun.
Even though it’s between guys, if it’s with Jun, I might start to understand that love is a good thing really soon.

Shitteru yo (4)
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Free Talk

After Hatano Wataru and Murase Ayumu introduced themselves, they started talking about how this was Murase’s first work as a main character in such a work. Hatano said that before the recording, quite a few people in the industry were saying that, ah so Murase is going to be done by Hatano. At this point, Murase was all surprised and saying “no way! Is that true?”. Hatano then said that he was surprised too, but this is going to leave a mark in the industry history. He said, that he wants to start saying from now that “Murase’s first was me” and Murase was all “sure go ahead”. Murase then said that he was glad that Hatano was his first. LOL. They always like to say things like that, don’t they?

Murase then continued to talk about how he listened to 7-8 BLCDs while studying for this role. He actually tried making kissing noises before but couldn’t do it properly. According to Hatano, there are some things which just had to be learned during recording. Murase then confessed to peeking at Hatano during the recording to see how his senpai did it and this got Hatano really embarrassed that Murase was actually looking at him while he made all those kissing noises. Then, Murase said that he was really glad that it was Hatano because he led the H scenes really well; just when Murase was feeling a little worried about having to make a lot of noises by himself, Hatano would make his entrance and just guide Murase along. Both of them then had a very Japanese moment of thanking each other profusely for (insert something). And they just continued to talk about how Murase would get more jobs with this genre, and how BL is something which really tests one’s skills.

From Toriumi Kousuke and Maeno Tomoaki’s free talk, the only bits I thought was interesting was when Toriumi talked about his two little brothers. Maeno asked if they were cute and Toriumi said that they are all uncles by now, and that they’re both older than Maeno. Then Maeno said that he would be very protective and loving towards his little sister if he had one. And they talked more about how Daiichi and Yuusei’s relationship was really nice, how great Jun’s personality was and that’s about it.

Shitteru yo (5)
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