Title: YES IT’S ME
Original work by: Yamashita Tomoko (Manga)
Release date: 2010年06月24日
Length: 00:53:54
Cast: Hatano Wataru x Hirakawa Daisuke
Tachibana Shinnosuke x Hiyama Nobuyuki
Related drama(s): None
Shion’s enjoyment: ❤❤❤
Genres: Comedy, Slice of Life
Drama translation: None (scanlated manga available)

Yes It’s Me
Toma is so in love with himself that he finds his world perfect, with the exception of one person’s existence – Enoki. Enoki has always been together with Toma from the age of three, does Enoki have feelings for Toma?

Love Dancing Beneath My Eyelids
Numakami is irritated by how obvious Mahara’s feelings towards him are, but he can’t do anything when Mahara hasn’t even confessed yet. One rainy day changes everything between them.


When I first listened to this, I had absolutely no idea how funny this drama would be. Hirakawa was the star here, and I kept grinning to myself while listening to his narcissistic comments and self-absorbed thoughts. I’m so glad I chose to listen to this in the safety of my own room.


Yes It’s Me
This revolves around two childhood friends (besties since the age of 3, wow) who are working together right now. Toma’s life has always been perfect, perhaps because he’s always been in his own world of himself. According to him, he’s always been perfect in every sense, with the exception of one guy – Enoki. It’s really endearing to hear him calling Enoki Kinoko. Things start to go a little crazy in Toma’s world of himself, when Kinoko tells him “you’re in love with me” Wait, the funny part is, nothing changed between the two of them even after that. Then again, it was great fun listening to Toma go crazy worrying over how normal everything was, even after Enoki confessed Toma’s feelings for himself.

Love Dancing Beneath My Eyelids
This is more like a side story and it talks about two classmates falling in love with each other. Numakami has always known that Mahara likes him, and he’s very annoyed by it. However, he fails to realise that he’s been falling for Mahara too and one rainy day, various events saw him confessing his feelings for Mahara.

Characters & Seiyuu

I started on this drama purely because I wanted to hear a Hatano and Hirakawa drama after listening to Happiness. This was the different setting I was looking for. In Happiness, Hatano was the slightly rebellious and assertive high schooler while Hirakawa did a docile and submissive salaryman in his late twenties. It’s really interesting to hear a totally different Hirakawa here – narcissistic, overconfident and slightly unhinged when he gets too wrapped up in his delusions. Hatano does the cool Enoki who always seem in control of the situation. It was a treat to hear a shaken Hatano when Enoki loses it during the scene where Toma begs him “not to go” too. I really enjoyed listening to their play on words and how the two of them interact with each other; that was probably the highlight of this entire drama.

Erm, I didn’t really think of Hiyama Nobuyuki as an uke before, but apparently he can pull it off. Not too sure about what’s gonna happen during the H scenes, but I was quite glad when they didn’t go to that stage in this drama – not sure if my ears could take it if they did. Tachibana Shinnosuke was so smooth and elegant in here that I think I’m going to start hunting down all his dramas just to hear more of that smooth and seductive(?) voice. Anyway, he sounds so much prettier than how Numakami looks like in the manga that I think Tachibana just upped the character’s level with just his voice.

The stories are really short and absolutely hilarious (for the main story) so I’ll really recommend this for anyone. Listening to this will be a great way to unwind after a tiring day at work or school.


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