FLESH & BLOOD 02 (1)

Title: FLESH & BLOOD 2
Original work by: Matsuoka Natsuki (Novel)
Release date: 2006年02月24日
Length: 01:15:10
Cast: Suwabe Junichi x Fukuyama Jun (諏訪部順一×福山潤)
Related drama(s): FLESH & BLOOD Series
Shion’s enjoyment: ❤❤❤❤
Genres: Adventure, History
Drama translation: Full
Synopsis: Kaito sets off on his first sea voyage on Gloria but a bad storm damages their ship. They had no choice but to make a stopover at La Rochelle, a Huguenot town, where they run into Vicente who is determined to bring Kaito back to Spain with him.


The second instalment of this epic adventure is relatively shorter than the first, but we still have a fair share of the action and quite a bit of development here.

Plot & Characters

What if I start to fall in love with Geoffrey after this…

Kaito visited La Rochelle with Geoffrey, where he realises that he might have feelings for Geoffrey. However, he wasn’t sure what sort of feelings those were and here’s just my two cents’ worth. I think it’s the suspension bridge effect; since Kaito has been dumped into 16th century England, Geoffrey has been the one who appeared before him and took care of him with a large degree of kindness. When he’s in such a tough environment with no one but Geoffrey to rely on, won’t you agree that his feelings are more or less attributable to the suspension bridge effect?

During this instalment, Kaito experiences his first sea voyage and got terribly seasick right at the start. He started to wonder if he really belongs on this ship as he wasn’t used to the new and rather hostile environment *coughNigelcough* and he lacked the confidence in himself. The storm which injured Jim changed everything. Kaito started taking care of the injured and those who were sick from drinking the contaminated water. Getting recognition from others is something very important for Kaito. After he got praised by the sailors for taking such great care of the patients, he started to gain a sense of belonging on Gloria and he really blossomed from then on.

Because you’re irreplaceable.

Meanwhile, Geoffrey starts to develop some feelings for Kaito too, when he realises that Kaito gains a lot of satisfaction from getting human approval and makes the decision to stay by Kaito’s side forever. Even though he had already sworn to protect Kaito with his life in the previous drama, it feels different here. It’s definitely different. He was swearing out of duty and responsibility in the previous drama but over here, he’s thinking it. It’s already clear that he loves seeing Kaito’s smile and that he treasures Kaito to a large extent. It’s going to be just a matter of time before they both realise that this feeling they have for each other goes beyond the norm.

We ended the previous drama with Nigel being extremely hostile towards Kaito. While he was still very suspicious of Kaito at the beginning of the voyage, things took a 180 when Geoffrey told him the truth about Kaito being a diviner. We could really see how much the two of them trust in each other as Nigel readily believed in such a far-fetched tale because Geoffrey was the one who told him. Nigel started being nicer towards Kaito, doing things that we would have never imagined him to such as getting excessively worried over Kaito’s safety and offering to carry him back to his cabin. Nigel might have developed some feelings for Kaito, but it might not necessarily be that of love in the romantic sense. There’s the possibility of him feeling brotherly love for Kaito because Nigel really comes across as someone who can’t help taking care of the people around him. He’s just such a tsun.

FLESH & BLOOD - Characters (7) FLESH & BLOOD - Characters (8)

Vicente makes his move at La Rochelle and ambushes Kaito and Geoffrey. He was originally on his way to England to bring Kaito back to Spain with him but he heard about Kaito from a spy in La Rochelle and decided to act fast. He proved to be as skilful and as clever as Drake had made him out to be, but he was still no match for Geoffrey. Even though Vicente is cut out to be the antagonist here, he’s one of those people who don’t mean harm, but just happen to be on the opposing side from our protagonists. We learned that he had a sister, Maria, who doesn’t seem to be around anymore. And he was very gentle towards Kaito; he did strangle Kaito when he lost his temper, but he meant to take care of Kaito afterwards. It was really unfortunate for him to be born Spanish, but till the end of this drama, we still haven’t gotten confirmation that he died. So…

One of the new characters introduced in this drama is Leonard, a child who seems to be rather fanatic about Vicente. Although he was nothing more than Vicente’s right-hand-man in this drama, I think we’ll be seeing more of him later, playing a more important role. Who knows, something might develop between Vicente and him?


Fukuyama Jun really stirs emotions up with his crying voice, hearing him choke on his words while denying Jim’s death almost brought tears to my eyes and this reminded me of why Junjun is forever on the top of my favourites list. Along with a few others of course, but isn’t Junjun just so skilful? This was back in 2006 too!

Suwabe Junichi is so gentle here! I’ve always been labelling him as the seducer that I’ve overlooked how great his gentle voice is. Well, he was being gentle on top of sounding seductive since that is his default. I went aww when Geoffrey/Suwabe was going through his inner monologue about how he wishes for Kaito to keep smiling and how he’s going to by Kaito’s side forever. Awwwww, Kaito can I take your place?

I seldom here Konishi Katsuyuki yell so much anywhere but he really shouted so much during the battle scenes. Konishi-san is one of my favourites too but I’ve always been listening to the gentler him so hearing as a tsun was a first for me. It’s always interesting to hear someone whom I thought I knew well enough play a totally new type of character. I liked his prickly attitude and assertive tone but my hearted just melted when he switched on gentle mode during the last part when he carried Kaito back to the captain’s cabin. Repeat: Awwwww, Kaito can I take your place?

Ookawa Tooru plays Vicente and other than remembering him as quite manly-sounding, I didn’t quite pay attention to him. I guess having so many other seiyuus to fangirl over was too much for me.


I’ve been impressed with the BGM since drama 1 and I found out that they actually included the tracks in the tokuten CD releases. Although it sounded impressive during the drama, I think the tracks aren’t suitable for direct-listening. It definitely has to go with voices and other SFX because it’s too midi-sounding. I’m rather spoiled when it comes to music and I can’t take midi. Nevertheless, I still like how the BGM amplifies the grandness of the drama.


This is another exciting addition to the F&B series. Although nothing happens between our main couple, be patient, they are getting there.

FLESH & BLOOD 02 (3) FLESH & BLOOD 02 (2)


2 thoughts on “FLESH & BLOOD 2

  1. you know what? there’s a song ringing in my head right now and it’s a tribute to the great work you’re doing!! tina turner’s “you’re simply the best!” thanks sooooo much for the hard work! ^_^

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