Mauri to Ryuu

Mauri to Ryuu (1)

Title: Mauri to Ryuu (マウリと竜)
Original work by: Moto Haruhira (Manga)
Release date: 2014年09月19日
Length: 02:14:02
Cast: Yusa Kouji x Toyonaga Toshiyuki (遊佐浩二x豊永利行)
Shingaki Tarusuke x Hino Satoshi (新垣樽助x日野聡)
Hino Satoshi + Hanae Natsuki (日野聡+花江夏樹)
Related drama(s): None (scanlated manga available)
Shion’s enjoyment: ❤❤❤
Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Magic
Drama translation: None
Synopsis: In the world where wandering gods roam the lands, bestowing happiness and fortune on people, a few humans find their lives entangled with that of the gods’. Mauri to Ryuu is a collection of short and sweet stories of love between humans and gods.


Mauri to Ryuu was one of the releases which I’ve been looking forward to hearing because I’ve read the first chapter of the manga and it was really cute. I won’t say that the drama cd was disappointing or anything, but if I had to choose, I would choose the manga over the drama any day. Somehow the drama cd wasn’t able to bring out the magical effects and certain aspects of the story as clearly as the manga did (visual is king sometimes), and that made listening to the drama cd a bit confusing at times. I guess the best thing to do is to listen to the drama while reading the manga? Yes yes.


Mauri and Dragon & Mauri, Dragon and the Hot Springs
This is the only story I’ve read before listening to the drama and it’s also the story which made most sense to me. The plot revolves around a child(?), Mauri, who was sacrificed to a wandering god in order to appease the huge dragon. Instead of eating him or ravaging his body, the god just wanted to have someone to talk to. After spending time together, the god developed feelings for Mauri and the next part came a bit too suddenly, but he saw some villagers trying to get Mauri to service them and lost his temper. Seeing the god get into a fit of rage, bellowing “Mauri, Mauri” made me go aww because it just proved how much Mauri meant to the god. We then find out that all the women in the village have been taken away to some landlord’s place and all the male villagers have had one of their eyes gorged out when they tried to rescue the women. The wandering god then punished the landlord and the women were released back to the village – and we have our happily ever after for Mauri and the god. Just in case you were wondering, the god can shapeshift into a human when he wants to mate and before long, we had a small dragon called chibi.

The God who Brings Rain
This is basically a short story about a boy, Kanbai Matsuri, who could see spirits. When he was young, he fell into a pond and was rescued by Shiramine, a fortune god. It was love at first sight for Matsuri. Fortune gods takes the form of the being they fall in love with when the feeling is mutual, so naturally the opposite happens as well. One day, Matsuri suddenly gets bothered by how Shiramine seems to be treating him like a kid and accidentally yells out “I hate you” at Shiramine, who then turned into a white snake immediately. It rained during the few days when the two of them didn’t speak to each other. When Matsuri finally realised that the feelings he had for Shiramine was mutual, he went to find Shiramine. Shiramine was collecting a lot of shiny stones(?) in order to get a PSP (the way he said PS nantoka was just so cute) for to get Matsuri to forgive him. At least, that’s what I think happened. It was so sweet of Shiramine as he was trying so hard to get Matsuri to forgive/return his feelings that he didn’t notice that he’s taken the form of a human. After they made up and got together, Shiramine’s happiness brought about a rainbow in the sky which stayed there for a week.

The Hunter of Everlasting Spring
In some ways, this is my favourite story. This is about a fortune god who had fallen in love with a hunter, Jin, while he was in the form of a little bird. One spring, he suddenly transformed into a human, but when he started singing just like he had done while he was a bird he was captured and made to perform for money. One day, Jin recognised him and rescued him from his captors and the two started to live together. Although they were attacked by those people who captured Kotori, Kotori managed to defeat them the two of them continued to live together happily, bringing spring with them wherever they went.

Since Mauri to Ryuu is a collection of short stories, don’t expect deep plot developments or anything too complicated. I really enjoyed all 3 stories as they were rather short and very sweet. Very good when you feel like sitting back and letting your brains take a break. On second thought, maybe your brain won’t get much a break unless you can visualise what’s going. I’m quite sure mine was working at full capacity trying to figure out what’s happening.

Characters & Seiyuu

『マウリと竜』- Yusa Kouji x Toyonaga Toshiyuki
I was taken aback by Toyonaga’s voice at first, but slowly grew used to it. I had more of Miyata Kouki or Murase Ayumu voice in mind when I read the manga so Toyonaga’s voice sounded rougher than I expected. However, he convinced me that he was the one for Mauri with his shaken voice when the god lost his temper at the villagers who tried to rape him. Although I’m still ambivalent about his voice, I gotta say that he’s got the skills. Yusa’s roaring as a dragon was amusing, but he proves himself to be THE seiyuu for gentleness once again with his gentle old man voice towards Mauri.

『雨降らしの神様』- Shingaki Tarusuke x Hino Satoshi
Lots of seiyuus whom I’m not familiar with here, Shingaki is another one whom I haven’t heard of before. But I really liked his character in here, especially when he was talking about collecting shiny stones and trying to get a “PS-something” for Matsuri. Meanwhile, Hino Satoshi did such a gentle boy in this story that I had to double and triple check to confirm he’s the person voicing Jin in the third story.

『常春の狩人』- Hino Satoshi + Hanae Natsuki
What I was really looking forward to, was Hanae’s performance in here. I’m not sure if this could be considered his virgin work, since he didn’t really lose it to Hino Satoshi, but his gentle voice was so soothing in here that it got me looking forward to his upcoming work with Ono Yuuki. Hino Satoshi was also good here, I loved his awkwardness as Jin and how he sounded when he was deciding on what to call Kotori. Since I’m not too familiar with his voice either, I still can’t believe that he’s the same person who voiced Matsuri in the previous story. He’s so versatile and I totally can’t recognise him at all?


The music throughout the drama is so gentle and magical that it makes the entire listening experience very calming and healing. I think there’s some room for improvement for the SFX, not that I know how it could have been done better though.


In general, it would have been a really weird drama cd if I had just listened to it without reading the manga so please listen to this after or when you read the manga. The manga’s really beautifully drawn so it would definitely be enjoyable.

(By the way, Hanae’s first work will be released on 24th October and it’s going to be with Ono Yuuki so I’m really looking forward to it ^^)

Mauri to Ryuu (3) Mauri to Ryuu (2)


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  1. Is there no chapter 5 because on the chapter 1 content page there are 6 chapter in total.. Is chapter 4 really is the end?

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