Amai Series 01: Fukigen de Amai Tsumeato

Amai Series 01 (1)

Title: Amai Series 01: Fukigen de Amai Tsumeato (不機嫌で甘い爪痕)
Original work by: Sakiya Haruhi (Novel)
Release date: 2010年06月28日
Length: 02:14:02
Cast: Takahashi Hiroki x Suzuki Tatsuhisa (高橋広樹 x 鈴木達央)
Related drama(s): ② Fujiyori de Amai Sasayaki
③ Fukinshin de Amai Zanzou
Shion’s enjoyment: ❤❤
Genres: Drama, Slice of Life
Drama translation: Disc 1, Disc 2

After Hamuro found out that his colleague, Mitsuhashi, is gay, he started to find himself getting increasingly interested in his colleague. This unhealthy obsession led him into a love hotel with Mitsuhashi one night after work, so how will their relationship develop from then on?


I started on this drama because of a recommendation and I gotta say that I didn’t really like it at first. Although I usually try to listen to the dramas once before I start translating, Fukigen de Amai Tsumeato could be the first which I didn’t finish before translating. I tried listening to it thrice but never finished it all 3 times. I think Sakiya sensei’s style doesn’t quite suite me and sometimes I feel that the drama in her stories are way too long for me to digest. Although I liked Aozora no Kimochi and a few of her other works, which had relatively less drama in them, this one was particularly hard to finish for some reason. But after finishing it, I felt glad that I pressed on. The good part comes at the last quarter and that was when I really started to appreciate Sakiya sensei then. The problems that the characters faced are so real (I think in this case it was just the relationship problems which felt real for me) and I couldn’t help but find that I could learn from Hamuro and Satsuki. Their characters started to develop and have more depth during the last quarter too and they became more than just your normal salarymen.

Amai Series revolves around a pair of salarymen working in the jewellery industry. Hamuro found himself falling in love with Satsuki, the designer he was working with for a project and he confesses those feelings in a rather jumbled up manner, causing some misunderstandings. After sorting things out at Satsuki’s apartment when he went over to collect the gundam robot models, they finally got together as an official couple.

Even after they got together as a couple, they were still rather reserved around each other. With Satsuki getting overloaded with his work, they didn’t even have enough time to meet up with each other, let alone sorting out their differences. I’m the kind who can’t stand unjust situations so while translating, I was rolling my eyes and screaming at Satsuki to “stop getting trampled all over and just yell at the president and quit already!” Argh. Just when I almost lost my temper while listening to the drama, Kouzu-san appeared and saved the day by resigning from the company and dragging Satsuki along with him. Good one old man.

After the work problems got solved, it was time for their relationship problems to take the spotlight. They didn’t have much of a relationship problem, to be more exact, their relationship was still in the development stage. I really fell in love with the characters at this point of the drama because they started to have more personality from here onwards. Before this, they were just really normal and nice people. But after their run in with Akechi, Hamuro started to look oh so cool and slightly dreamy when it comes to relationships while Satsuki became more honest with himself, a bit childish and just too cute.

The concluding H scene was one H scene where I’ve heard the most talking so far. Translating H scenes are usually break times for me but I couldn’t keep my hands off the keyboard for this one. I feel so shy for the seiyuus who had to say all those lines, especially Tattsun who had to say all those lines as Satsuki. But, that was also one of the hottest H scenes I’ve ever listened to *ahem*.

Characters & Seiyuu
Hamuro Ken-chan is the gentle and understanding seme who can’t help speaking his mind sometimes. He was so accommodating towards his lover that I wrote him off as someone with no personality at the start. But he isn’t always Mr Nice Guy, as we saw from the way he dealt with Akechi which totally bought me over. That was when I realised what a good boyfriend Ken-chan was, actually. See, he cooks for Satsuki, he understands when Satsuki has to work and can’t meet up, he is sensitive towards Satsuki’s feelings and tries to cheer him up, he concerns himself with what’s going on at Satsuki’s work and he isn’t bored when they talk about work, he actually wants Satsuki to complain and vent frustrations out on him, he didn’t get all mad with jealousy over Satsuki’s ex-boyfriend, he… *inexhaustible list*. He’s basically quite the ideal boyfriend for Satsuki.

Takahashi Hiroki did rather well as Ken-chan and he totally sounded like the nice guy whom he was supposed to. Although he didn’t manage to steal the limelight from his uke during this instalment of the Amai Series, I hope he gets more time to shine during the other two dramas.

Satsuki became so cute when he starting speaking more of his mind after Hamuro got him to open up. While his “cooler and more mature” side was rather colourless and boring, the more honest side of him got me kyaing away unconsciously. When he said that he avoided grumbling to Hamuro because he wanted to maintain the “positive and cool” image Hamuro had of him, and when he started sulking because Hamuro didn’t call him “Satsuki”, he just got more adorable as the story progressed.

Wow, I never knew that Suzuki Tatsuhisa could be so good at being cute? Although the image of a grown man trying cute grosses me out a little, Tattsun does wonders with his voice that actually makes it okay, and even kya-able. Just listening to his voice during the last quarter got me squealing to myself because he’s just *breathes* soooo gentle/sweet/cute.

I wasn’t not very familiar with their voices, so at some parts in the drama I would be wondering – wait who just spoke? Was it Takahashi or Tattsun? I know I know I’m going to get murdered by some people out there but they had generally the same feel in this drama, both characters spoke in a similar manner so if I didn’t pay enough attention, I would really lose track of whose turn it was to speak. If this lightens my sin, it only happened twice or thrice during this drama.

It was a little too long and unhappening for me during the first disc but I would encourage everyone to push through even if you get bored because the best is at the end *winks*. It was a nice slice of life styled drama which taught me a few things about life and relationships and I definitely felt slightly wiser after this drama.

(PS: I keep getting soooo hungry whenever I work on the Amai Series because they were talking about the Osaka Butaman. Just FYI, Butaman is sort of a food icon of Osaka and it’s a palm-sized white steamed bun – sort of like the Chinese buns but not really – which is only available in Osaka all year round. Unless during some special events, it won’t be available in other areas of Japan, not even Tokyo. Apparently the famous Butaman shop in Osaka is called 551 Horai so if any of you lucky ones out there are visiting Osaka soon, do remember to try it!)


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