Amai Series 01: Fukigen de Amai Tsumeato Disc 2 – Translation

Amai Series 01 (1)

Title: Amai Series 01: Fukigen de Amai Tsumeato (不機嫌で甘い爪痕) Disc 2 (drama review)
Cast: Takahashi Hiroki x Suzuki Tatsuhisa (高橋広樹× 鈴木達央)
Related drama(s): ② Fujiyori de Amai Sasayaki (不条理で甘い囁き)
③ Fukinshin de Amai Zanzou (不謹慎で甘い残像)
Contents: Disc 1

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Disc 2

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Note: I changed Mitsuhashi’s name reference to first name basis because it felt so weird referring to him as “Mitsuhashi” when we’re hearing mostly “Satsuki”.

Track 1

Hamuro: I wasn’t able to give Satsuki-san the souvenirs I bought for him, and that’s because he hasn’t been able to take any time off at all. Finally, it has been one month since I returned from my business trip when I am able to pass the pork buns to him.
Satsuki: I’m so sorry for making you bring the souvenirs over specially.
Hamuro: Don’t worry about it, rather than that, Satsuki-san, haven’t you grown thinner?
Satsuki: Huh? Is that so? I won’t know it myself…
Hamuro: Yes, but really, you don’t look good. (Satsuki’s phone rings) Aren’t you going to pick it up?
Satsuki: Yes, Mitsuhashi speaking. Yea… yea… Ah is that so… another retake…
Hamuro: Uwah his mood is really low, is he all right?
Satsuki: Har? Insert gold into the interior of the hook? Why are we doing such stingy methods as though we’re selling mail order products? Yes… yes… I know that!
Hamuro: Doesn’t this seem worse than before? Is Satsuki-san all right?
Satsuki: I get it. Yes, goodbye. (Satsuki hangs up call) I’m sorry, for being so busy.
Hamuro: It’s fine with me but…
Satsuki-san, you don’t have to force yourself to smile. Or do you not want me to see you make that sort of face? This is just the norm, you can just vent your frustrations out on me. All right.
Satsuki: Huh? What?
Hamuro: Satsuki-san, can I borrow your kitchen?
Satsuki: Of course, but why? Are you going to prepare the pork buns?
Hamuro: Yea. It should be done in 15 minutes? Please wait for a while.
Satsuki: Ah! Wait a minute, Hamuro-san?
Hamuro: Don’t you feel like making out more? Come on, cling more to me.
Satsuki: What are you talking about… goodness…
Hamuro: I’m glad that he didn’t reject me, I want to do more of this. Even though he said that if we start to go out, he’ll be all over me and relying on me, Satsuki-san doesn’t even try to touch me.
Hamuro: Hm… Is it done?
Satsuki: Shall I bring the dishes out?
Hamuro: No, do you have any wastepaper? Newspapers are fine too.
Satsuki: Eh, newspapers? What are you going to do?
Hamuro: I’m going to wrap it.
Satsuki: Then, use this.
Hamuro: Mm, the preparations are all done. Then, Satsuki-san, shall we go?
Satsuki: Wha-what, where to?
Hamuro: It isn’t good to keep staying at home or in the office, there is a park nearby right? Let’s take a walk there. And we’ll eat the pork buns while eating, okay?
Satsuki: Ah… yes.

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Track 2

Satsuki: Ah that… Hamuro-san? Can you let go of my hand?
Hamuro: Ah, I’m sorry! Did it hurt?
Satsuki: No, I’m fine, but we’re outside.
Hamuro: Ah…
Satsuki-san is rather bothered by what others think. Or I might be just too shameless. Did someone say something to him about this before?
Here! Be careful, it’s still hot.
Satsuki: Thank you… ah hot!
Hamuro: (Hamuro laughs) I told you. Ah, the ginko trees are turning yellow. Does Satsuki-san know? Apparently gingko trees have genders.
Satsuki: (Satsuki laughs) Now that you mention it, we learned about that in school. But I’ve forgotten about it.
Hamuro: The one that bears fruits is the female tree, but I guess there are only males around.
Satsuki: When we talk about school, I used to buy and eat it a lot, things like meat buns. How nostalgic… Should we have bought some drinks?
Hamuro: Ah, there’s a vending machine beside the bench over there. Shall we take a rest?
Satsuki: Thank you, Hamuro-san. Really.
Hamuro: Hm? About what?
Satsuki: Even though you came especially over, I was all irritated and pathetic.
Hamuro: Huh? No, not at all. I was the one who came over even though you were busy, I couldn’t think of anything else other than a walk. If I knew more about shops or places we could have fun at, I could have brought us there…
Satsuki: Huh? Why? I’m having a lot of fun right now.
Hamuro: Is this fun?
Satsuki: Uhm, yes. To be honest, I’m not very good at those frilly shops or noisy clubs. But, perhaps I look rather flashy, I’m always thought to be the type to play around… It’s like people to just create their own impression of me.
Hamuro: Satsuki-san, if you have anything on your mind, I think it’s fine if you say it out.
Satsuki: Hamuro-san?
Hamuro: Didn’t you say previously that you would listen to anything I have to say? Even though I look unreliable, if it is just your grumbling, I would like to hear it.
Satsuki: Uhm. I’m really sorry for worrying you.
Hamuro: It’s not like I wanted you to apologise…
Satsuki: (Satsuki laughs) No, I’m just exasperated over the branding project. I don’t think it’s appropriate to talk about it to Hamuro-san as my colleague.
Hamuro: Ah! I-I see. You have the duty to keep it a secret too.
Satsuki: Yea, about making you tiptoe around the subject. But I also understand that that’s also rude. Is grumbling fine?
Hamuro: Yes, by all means.
Satsuki: At the same time as they build up the new brand “Orca”, they want to set up a salon in Aoyama. To open a shop that is selling trial products at such a first-class place, won’t you think that it will cost a lot of money?
Hamuro: Yes, somehow I’ve heard that from Satsuki-san but…
Is it fine to tell him that it hasn’t been talked about much in the industry? That’s why I’m worrying but…
Satsuki: It’s fine, just say it straight out. This will just be between us.
Hamuro: Well to be honest, it isn’t being taken seriously by the jewellery industry.
Satsuki: Ah… I knew it.
Hamuro: Well, since they even got Kouzu-san, I thought they will be quite serious about this but how’s it?
Satsuki: Kouzu-san is the same as me, his suggestions are being rejected without properly being considered and he doesn’t know what he’s there for. Despite that, he’s being pressured into handing over the contacts of his business partners.
Hamuro: Har? In other words, they want him to hand over his personal connections?
Satsuki: That’s right, so he’s been entering addresses every day on the computer which he isn’t used to, with just one finger, every day.
Hamuro: Please wait, are they making that Kouzu-san do that?
Kouzu-san is the person who took a failing product line and doubled the sales in just one day, he’s a legendary salesperson. At his previous company, if there weren’t politics, they said that he would have become the president. To make such a person do such odd jobs, it can’t be.
In that case, can’t he just hand someone a copy of it and let someone else do it?
Satsuki: That’s what I said too, but since we’re at a stage full of setbacks, it seems like there isn’t anyone around to help with the odd jobs. When I said that I’d do it for him, I was told not to do useless things and to create some usable designs.
Hamuro: Has it come to this?
Satsuki: Also, even though they are creating a new brand in the high-end jewellery industry, there are only about 10 designs available. The main line is around 100,000 yen. What would you think if the most expensive product is 500,000 yen?
Hamuro: How do I think? That is hardly enough to create a brand… That is… don’t tell me they don’t distinguish between accessories and jewellery…
Satsuki: (Satsuki sighs) Seems like the problem is beyond just the distinction between that two. Or rather, instead of thinking about their classification as adult accessories, there is a more pressing issue. If they’re aiming for a more reasonable product line, then I can still understand. If office ladies push themselves, they can afford it, since the products are sort of like Italian jewellery.
Hamuro: If you think about it theoretically, yes. But if you don’t put it at a corner of a departmental store and develop worldwide, you won’t be able to make profit.
Satsuki: That’s right. At the shop too, without a huge and eye-catching display, it would be impossible. (Satsuki sighs) But president Sekino is narrowing the entrance, choosing his customers and wanting us to hand out the products respectfully… in other words, he wants to make it a shop for celebrities, or something like that.
Hamuro: What?! With accessory jewellery? What sort of joke is that?
Satsuki: What Sekino president is aiming for, is probably a high-class salon for celebrities. But the products that those sort of shops sell are probably 1,000,000 yen at the cheapest. The more expensive ones will go up to hundreds of millions and are luxury products, the real high-end jewellery.
Hamuro: The fitting type of products will decide the grade of the shop, in other words, they are trying to sell bargain clothes which should be sold in bulk, at a haute couture salon?
Satsuki: That’s right. The way they’re selling it is mismatched with the products they’re selling. That’s why Kouzu-san and I have been saying that it’s all messed up. They don’t even try to listen when we explain.
Hamuro: Uwah, I didn’t know that they’ve been cornered on all sides like that. You can’t blame Satsuki-san for feeling irritated and tired.
I’m sorry for being ignorant, but what were you talking about on the phone earlier, when you said about putting gold into the hook?
Satsuki: Oh, when we try to handle the platinum diamond, when the gem isn’t too good, the reflection can be strengthened by inserting gold into the hooks. Then, it will look nicer than its grade.
Hamuro: Heh? There’s such a trick?
Satsuki: Well, mail-order products or those of poor grade usually use this trick to dupe people. It’s a common trick but we’re already bringing it into the cheap product zone, if we’re even going to the extent of doing that, it’s going to be the worst.
Hamuro: I see. But, Satsuki-san should be able to give a design to make the gem look beautiful even without resorting to such measures.
Satsuki: Huh?
Hamuro: Even this case, it was supposed to be Kouzu-san who draws up a nice sales plan and Satsuki-san to just give a good design, right? You’re frustrated because you can’t do that right?
Satsuki: Uhm. That… thank you.
Hamuro: Huh? Why are you thanking me?
Satsuki: Ah… Hamuro-san, you’re really that… should I say straight-forward?
Hamuro: What is it? Did I say something weird?
Satsuki: No… you didn’t.
Hamuro: Somehow, he’s so cute. Even though he’s usually full of confidence, why does he get so shy? And somehow, I’ve gotten excited.
Say, Satsuki-san.
Satsuki: Yes?
Hamuro: Somehow, I feel really like kissing you now.
Satsuki: Huh? Ah… that… something like that… we’re outside…
Hamuro: Ah… I’m sorry. Shall we go back?
Satsuki: Uhm.
Hamuro: I hope that your job goes well.
Satsuki: Uhm. I’ll try to work harder.
Hamuro: I sneakily held onto Satsuki-san’s hand while we walked back, but I soon released it because he looked troubled. But, when we walked out of plain sight of others and I grabbed his fingers, he responded just a little. I feel so happy that I couldn’t help smiling. He’s hardworking and hates to lose, but he’s cute. I really love this person, a lot.
Satsuki: (Hamuro laughs) Huh? What?
Hamuro: It’s nothing.

Amai Series 01 (7)
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Track 3

Satsuki: After being comforted by Ken-chan on my day off, I managed to redo the design somehow. To be honest, even though I was merely fulfilling the requests, I didn’t feel like putting in the effort anymore.
Hamuro: Yeah! I’m done. Satsuki-san, do you want something sweet?
Satsuki: Huh? Did you make it? Whoa, I’m sorry!
Hamuro: People who use their brain would have to eat sugar and fruits. Here, fried Sata Andagi, it’s just round donuts though.
Satsuki: Ah, I’m really sorry. Even though I asked you to stay over, I didn’t pay any attention to you. In the end, you even had to cook for me.
Hamuro: It’s fine, something like that. But, you have to reward me too.
Satsuki: Huh? (Hamuro kisses Satsuki) Ah… Hamuro-san!
Hamuro: That was delicious, all the best with your work!
Satsuki: Ah… I’ll work hard.
Just like that, I did good work while being gently encouraged by Hamuro-san during the weekend. Because of that, even I thought that the design I drew wasn’t too bad.
Satsuki: Ah… I’m done!
Hamuro: Is it done?
Satsuki: Yea, Kouzu-san sent me a text just now… (Satsuki’s phone rings) Ah, I’m sorry. (Satsuki picks up call) Mitsuhashi speaking.
Kouzu: I just saw it, the ones you’ve handed in weren’t bad, but this is really good, Mitsuhashi-san.
Satsuki: I’m sorry for talking about work during your day off.
Kouzu: I don’t mind at all, this will definitely sell. I want to make it into a product and sell it soon!
Satsuki: Thank you. Then… yes… on Monday. Bye then. (Satsuki hangs up call) I was praised a lot.
Hamuro: Of course you would, it’s Satsuki-san.
Satsuki: (Satsuki laughs) You’re really…
Even I felt the satisfaction after working hard. After being praised by the Kouzu-san who has an eye for such things, I thought that this time round, it would really work out. But, it seems like this project is meant to not move according to my wishes.

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Track 4

Satsuki: Once the week started, the regular brainstorming sessions begins. Kouzu-san and I were called to the president’s office and met up in the worst possible timing. My design wasn’t even looked at properly and it was suddenly rejected.
Sekino: There’s no way such a thing can be used.
Satsuki: Beside the president, a red-haired foreigner stood there in an arrogant manner. This foreigner who didn’t even introduce himself has finally arrived in Japan, seems like he is Jean Christopher.
What are you unsatisfied with? I don’t understand.
Sekino: According to Jean Christopher, the problem lies with that lack of understanding. How do you want me to explain it to you before you can understand? My my, what on earth have you been doing for the past few months? I don’t know what you’re misunderstanding by handing up such things, but the designer is him and not you.
Satsuki: Then, make that Frenchman draw out some proper designs! He can’t even do up a proper concept, does he think that it’s his job to hand out criticisms? Then…
Kouzu: Then, this is impossible.
Satsuki: Eh?
Kouzu: President, let’s have Mitsuhashi-san withdraw from this project.
Satsuki: That is… Kouzu-san…
Why? What is this? Wasn’t Kouzu-san on the same page as me?
Kouzu: In this case, shouldn’t we be fine with just a designer who can draw up diagrams?
Sekino: Oh… I see, that’s the way it should be. Rather than having extra things done, it’s better that way. Do you have anyone in mind?
Satsuki: It can’t be… (Satsuki collapses)
Kouzu: Oh… (Kouzu supports Satsuki) Something like that, do it yourself.
Satsuki: Eh?
Sekino: What did you…
Kouzu: President, no, Sekino-san, I just can’t sit back and watch a young talent get crushed from bullying.
Sekino: Ma-manager Kouzu?!
Kouzu: It’s not like I didn’t predict something like this happening, so I prepared this. (Kouzu hands up a letter)
Sekino: What are you… Resignation letter?!
Satsuki: Kouzu-san…
Kouzu: (Kouzu laughs) Also, let me say that I’ve gotten a very good understanding about the ignorance of you people and how you never gain any understanding no matter what we say. Along with Mitsuhashi-san, I will withdraw from this project too. I’m not stupid enough to waste my time on a project which has no hope.
Ookawa: What a…
Kouzu: Ah, I’ll give you just the data on entering the market. There’s a file saved on the laptop I’ve borrowed. If you know how to use it, the rest is up to you.
Sekino: H-how irresponsible! Do you intend on abandoning your work halfway?
Ookawa: Tha-that’s right, if you think you can just stop…
Kouzu: Saying that I’m irresponsible won’t work in this circumstance. I have a responsibility towards myself, my life, the work I’ve accomplished so far and my reputation. Also, I have a responsibility as a senior to protect the young Mitsuhashi-san who is going to be crushed if he continues working with people like you.
Sekino: What?
Kouzu: That’s why, I believe that the best way to fulfil my responsibilities is this. Seems like there’s no need to worry about the person taking over too, please get along well with the Frenchman standing over there. Then, we’ll get going. (Kouzu leaves the room)
(Chaos break out and Satsuki-san runs after Kouzu)
Satsuki: Wa-wait, Manager Kouzu, please wait!
Kouzu: I feel so refreshed, Mitsuhashi-san. Oh that’s right, I’m no longer a manager.
Satsuki: What happened just now, was it really fine? What are you going to do after this?
Kouzu: I wonder what I’d do? Anyway, maybe I should go on “Hello Work”? (Hello Work is the website of a Japanese recruitment agency)
Satsuki: Please stop joking during times like this.
Kouzu: Huh?
Satsuki: Things can’t end up like this just because of a design of mine. If Kouzu-san leaves, what will become of this project? Also, such impulsive behaviour isn’t like you at all!
Kouzu: Like me, or unlike me, who decided such things? I will only live like myself. Also, even if I stayed, I won’t be able to be of use to this company. That was a tough environment. Take a look around, Mitsuhashi-san.
Satsuki: What?
Kouzu: This world is too far from the world that I was in. Information gets transmitted within seconds and disappears, and new information appears immediately. This flow of time is exactly like how youngsters know it as, so they don’t really take care of me.
Satsuki: That is…
Kouzu: Jewellery is something passed down to children and grandchildren for many years. That’s what you call something which still sparkles after many centuries. I want to give birth to such a thing, create it and leave my name in this world. Isn’t something like that called a “brand”?
Satsuki: You’re right.
Kouzu: And to create something like that, Sekino-san and this company are both too young. More than anything. That design of Mitsuhashi-san’s was amazing. If I work with someone who doesn’t understand that, I can see the end in the future.
Satsuki: Something like that… I’m just…
Kouzu: (Kouzu laughs) Oh, but if Mitsuhashi-san wanted to stay by yourself in this company, then I’m sorry.
Satsuki: Ah, no. That won’t happen. But, I only have one regret.
Kouzu: What is it?
Satsuki: I wanted to work with Kouzu-san, so I’m just disappointed that we weren’t able to complete that project.
Kouzu: Ah… thank you. You’re right, that’s the only regret I have too. But, as long as we’re still in this industry, we will have our chance to work together.
Satsuki: Yes.
Kouzu: Then, I’ll be leaving first.
Satsuki: Please take care.
Kouzu: You too.
Satsuki: (Mitsuhashi laughs and they shake hands before parting) So my work for the past few months just went to waste, huh?
But I feel so refreshed. The rest is just like how I’ve been doing till now, it’s up to my skills. Just because of one failure, it’s not like I’ve lost everything.
Well, no bird will soil its own nest, should I tidy up my desk or something? Huh? Akechi…
Akechi: Move it, you! Goodness, both that old man and you, look at what you’ve done! Thanks to you, even I!
Satsuki: Huh? What are you talking about?
Akechi: Because of what you two did, the branding project of Orca has to start from square one! (Akechi storms off)
Satsuki: He really hasn’t changed…
Ah, but because of this, I won’t have to see him anymore and perhaps I’m actually the happiest about that. Oh, that’s right, I have to text Ken-chan. “I sorted out a few things, there are a lot of things I want to tell you so are you free to meet up today?”

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Track 5

Hamuro: Ah, Satsuki-san!
Satsuki: Sorry to have let you wait.
Hamuro: Oh, he’s wearing a suit, that’s rare.
Satsuki: Then, where shall we have our meal?
Hamuro: Oh that’s right, even if we want to eat somewhere nearby, this area is the office area…
Satsuki: Shall we go over to Shibuya? Or do you want to come over to my house?
Hamuro: Eh? Your house…
At this time, I’ll most definitely be staying over. I’m having a long leave after a special event so I don’t have work today or tomorrow but…
Ah, Satsuki-san, do you have work tomorrow?
Satsuki: It became all right for me to not go.
Hamuro: Eh?
Satsuki: I’ve been relieved of a lot of things. I asked you out because I wanted to talk to you about that.
Hamuro: It became all right for you to not go… Are you okay?
Satsuki: It’s really good that I don’t have to see the face of someone I dislike, I don’t have to redo my designs for no reason… Mm, I feel like I’ve been reborn.
Hamuro: Then, shall we go over to Satsuki-san’s place?
Satsuki: Then instead of make you come over, I should have gone over to your place. Even though this is a bit too late, I’m sorry for calling you out so suddenly.
Hamuro: No it’s fine, I was free anyway.
Satsuki: Ah… is that so… Then, shall we go over to a bistro near my house? They open late.
Hamuro: Ah, that sounds good. Then, let’s do that. (Two of them starts walking) what a crowd. Ah Satsuki-san, this way. We might get separated, so… (Hamuro holds Satsuki’s hand)
Satsuki: Ah… yes.
Hamuro: I made an excuse and held Satsuki-san’s thin hand and for a moment, that hand stiffened. I pretended not to notice and continued walking, and he didn’t struggle.
It gets really cold at night.
Satsuki: Yea… Ah…
Hamuro: Huh? Satsuki-san? What happened?
Akechi: You’ve got guts, Satsuki. After failing at your work, you’re flirting around with a guy at such a place.
Hamuro: Huh? Who is that?
Satsuki: It’s not like I’m flirting around, he’s a former colleague at work. Don’t say such rude things.
Akechi: Don’t try to deceive me, weren’t you getting along so well just now and even holding hands? Hmph, what daring things you do. You won’t have been able to pull that off without your impertinence.
Satsuki: About that…
Akechi: You really got us. Thanks to you, my work has been totally wasted.
Hamuro: Daring things? Totally wasted? What is he talking about?
Akechi: Abandoning the work you’ve done for a few months, and on top of that, the stupid president said to forgo the site planning… I have been trying to persuade him till just now. (Akechi grabs Satsuki’s collar) And everything is because of you and that Kouzu old man…
Hamuro: Wait a minute, what’s with you? Don’t do such rough things… You don’t have to grab him suddenly right? Please let go of him.
Akechi: Are you Satsuki’s current man?
Satsuki: Akechi! What are you saying!
Akechi: Hmph, you seem to be talking without knowing anything, do you know what this guy has done?
Hamuro: What do you mean by what he has done?
Akechi: Earlier today, this guy has abandoned the in-progress project along with the old man. Thanks to that, the president went on a rage and everything at the company is in a mess. It’s a terrible annoyance!
Hamuro: What has that got to do with your question?
Akechi: Don’t you understand? I’m just warning you, Satsuki is always doing such irresponsible things. I don’t know if he’s being immature or that he’s just acting on impulse…
Hamuro: What’s with this guy? Annoying… so this is the guy whom he doesn’t like? But why isn’t Satsuki-san defending himself? I’ve never seen such a helpless expression before.
I’m not stupid enough to listen to someone whom I’ve just met.
Akechi: Someone whom you’ve just met? I see. Then, it means that you know Satsuki very well.
Satsuki: Wha… Hamuro-san, you can just ignore him.
Hamuro: But, Satsuki-san…
Satsuki: It’s fine, let’s go.
Akechi: Ah is that so? It will be bad if your boyfriend hears something bad about you. It’s smarter for you to run away, Satsuki.
Hamuro: What?!
Satsuki: Hamuro-san…
Akechi: Well, isn’t it fine? He seems younger than you, someone who looks like he’s ignorant is just right for you.
Hamuro: You are really a rude person.
Akechi: To call me rude is really… Haven’t I been saying since just now? I’m just giving you a warning.
Hamuro: What right do you have to say that? Aren’t you uninvolved?
Akechi: Well I guess I can be considered an old close friend? Ah… it’s not like we went out or that I was his boyfriend, it was more of an adult relationship…
Satsuki: Akechi!
Akechi: Then? Have you slept with him already?
Hamuro: There’s no need for me to answer that.
Akechi: There’s no need, but if you haven’t, let me tell you this. This guy lacks the idea of servicing someone else, you’ll definitely find him boring. He isn’t sensitive and he’s bad at sex too…
Hamuro: Wha?! This bastard…
Could you possibly be a type AB?
Satsuki: Huh?
Akechi: Ah… how did you know?
Hamuro: (Hamuro sighs) I knew it. Was it him?
I have no interest in whatever sort of adult relationship you had with Satsuki-san.
Akechi: Heh? You’re sure taking it easy.
Hamuro: I also have no interest in someone like you. But, I’ve come to understand very well that you’re a rude and vulgar person.
Akechi: You, you… what did you just say?
Hamuro: You keep talking about being an “adult”, but won’t being an adult mean reading the atmosphere and taking a step back in a smart manner? Or does being mature mean venting out your frustrations on an ex-lover whom you bump into on the streets?
Akechi: This… what?!
Satsuki: Ken-chan?
Hamuro: Huh? He should have called me that usually.
In the first place, what does work have to do with the relationship between me and Satsuki-san? Don’t mix that up. Also, Satsuki-san isn’t irresponsible, he takes his work more seriously than anyone else.
I’m sure Satsuki-san has a proper reason for dropping his work halfway through. On top of that, since Kouzu-san quit at the same time, I’m absolutely sure that the other party is at fault.
Hmph, in any case, I find you rather unpleasant for putting down someone whom you used to go out with. Then, since I don’t even want to talk to someone like that, please excuse us.
Akechi: Wha… wha?!
Hamuro: Huh? How boring, he can’t even rebut me? Even though he was so arrogant, he was unexpectedly weak when attacked. Well it’s fine, I don’t care.
Then, shall we go, Satsuki-san?
Akechi: Oi!
Hamuro: Ah that’s right, were you Akechi-san? Please allow me to say another thing.
Akechi: Wha-what is it?
Hamuro: Satsuki-san isn’t bad at sex and his service is really good too. He’s so sensitive that it’s really cute. Since it seems like you know nothing about that, I’m feeling really happy right now.
Akechi: What?!
Satsuki: Ken-chan! What are you talking abo…
Hamuro: Then, please excuse us! (The two of them walks off)

Amai Series 01 (8)
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Track 6

Satsuki: I was surprised…
Hamuro: Ah, I’m sorry, was I rude? Did I say something bad?
Satsuki: Ah, no, it wasn’t like that but… Hamuro-san, I was just thinking that you say the most unexpected things. It was different from your image.
Hamuro: Ah, he reverted to “Hamuro-san”… too bad.
I like to speak what’s on my mind.
Satsuki: Well, somehow I knew that… but, I never thought that you would say it that way.
Hamuro: I can be quite foul-mouthed. Or rather, I don’t know what can be said and what can’t. Even so, I’ve gotten much better at it already.
Satsuki: Is that so?
Hamuro: Did you know, Satsuki-san, when I first started working, I was at Sendai right? Don’t you think it’s weird since it wasn’t even my hometown?
Satsuki: Huh? But wasn’t it because of a post assignment?
Hamuro: No, during the introduction course when I just joined, the manager back then was heavy with the sexual harassment during the newcomers’ welcoming ceremony. He, towards my female colleagues… that… I couldn’t stand watching him stick his hand into their skirts.
Hamuro: Manager, please stop it already!
Manager: What is this, you… are you lecturing me? (Manager kisses a female)
Female: No!
Hamuro: You… wait…
Manager: Shut up!
Hamuro: Pull yourself together! (The two of them struggles and the manager’s wig falls off)
Manager: Ah!
Female: What’s this… (Everyone laughs) Manager’s hair is… a wig?!
Hamuro: Then, the infuriated manager kept talking about demoting me, the blood rushed to my head and I just..
Satsuki: Just…?
Manager: You… you… I’ll send you to Sendai!
Hamuro: Ah that’s fine with me! I’ll be happy as long as I don’t have to see that face of yours!
I wanted to say “that wig” (in Japanese wig = tsura but Hamuro accidentally said zura) and because of that, I had to spend 5 years in Sendai. (Hamuro laughs)
Satsuki: Ah… could it be that Hamuro-san is actually rather short-tempered?
Hamuro: Or rather, I just don’t think? I’m usually taking things easy, but when I think that something isn’t right, I won’t be able to put up with it no matter what. That also applies when I really like something.
That’s why, I couldn’t stand it when he talked bad about Satsuki-san. That’s all. So, if Satsuki-san changes his opinion about me, it’s fine.
Then, when that happens, my mouth starts talking before I can think. That’s why, I thought I’ve matured after making countless mistakes and learning from them.
Satsuki: Hamuro-san is mature.
Hamuro: No I’m totally not, I still have a long way to go. At first when I became that with Satsuki-san, weren’t the words I said all messed up?
Satsuki: Ah… Well…
Hamuro: Anyway, let’s go.
Satsuki: Ah… hand…
Hamuro: Just like this. Let’s continue this talk at the house.
Satsuki: That’s right.
Hamuro: Isn’t it fine if we hold hands? Nobody is looking. It’s not something you should worry about.
Satsuki: Uhm.

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Track 7

Satsuki: At the end, we didn’t go to the bistro. I didn’t have much of an appetite. More than work, it was rather impossible to talk about Akechi in public.
Hamuro: Satsuki-san, go and get changed. Dinner will be ready soon.
Satsuki: But, again…
Hamuro: It’s fine. We bought hamburgers on our way home too. If it’s hamburger and omelette, I can do that in 10 minutes. Rather than that, if you don’t take your suit off soon, it is going to get creased.
Satsuki: Uhm.
Hamuro: It’s done, here you go.
Satsuki: Somehow, I’m sorry for always imposing on you.
Hamuro: Don’t worry about this, this is almost like a hobby for me.
Satsuki: You’re really good at things like this.
Hamuro: I’ve come to learn a lot of things after living alone at Sendai. After becoming a regular at one of the bars, I was taught cooking by someone there.
Satsuki: Ah… that’s why…
Hamuro: Say, Satsuki-san.
Satsuki: Yes?
Hamuro: That… when did you go out with that Akechi person?
Satsuki: It was quite some time ago. When I became 20 years old, around that age. Well… I was picked up at that sort of place.
Hamuro: I see…
Satsuki: I was young back then, so someone arrogant like that appeared cool… But, our way of thinking was too different.
While I was with Akechi, I was really pathetic. That’s why I didn’t want Ken-chan to know.
Hamuro: The AB type whom you spoke of before was him? The one who said that Satsuki-san was arrogant too?
Satsuki: That’s right. He always said that I was too headstrong and not cute. Isn’t it weird? To worry about such unimportant things.
Hamuro: Such unimportant things? What else did he say about you? Were there more?
Satsuki: I don’t want to say… we broke up in a rather bad way…
Hamuro: Bad way?
Satsuki: Uhm… He was a bisexual. It seems like he has decided that men were for playing around with. He said that it was stupid to get serious with guys, and that it’s annoying to cry after getting dumped… Complaining is somehow… lame he said.
Hamuro: That is nowhere near “unimportant”! It’s natural to get hurt!
Satsuki: Eh?
Hamuro: Well, that is, when it comes to breaking up, it has got to be a scene of carnage. I’m sure a lot of things will get said, but why is getting serious with a guy stupid? I don’t understand at all!
Satsuki: But that’s not my character, perhaps I’m not suitable?
Hamuro: Character? Are you talking about yours?
Satsuki: Somehow I’m rather strong-spirited, isn’t that arrogant? When someone like that is hesitating, won’t you think that it’s unlike him and weird?
It really hurts when he behaves so honestly and is convinced that is it is “wrong”. Because I’m afraid of being rejected, I can only pretend to be strong.
Hamuro: (Hamuro sighs) Let me ask, what on earth is “character”? We’re not in a manga. It’s impossible to stay optimistic and strong 24/7 no matter what others say to you.
Satsuki: Huh?
Hamuro: You know, I do think that it’s good to be tough and positive no matter what happens. But, it’s all right to take a breather sometimes. I prefer the type of people who know about their own weaknesses but still work hard to hide it.
Kouzu: Like me, or unlike me, who decided such things? I will only live like myself.
Hamuro: Satsuki-san broke up in a terrible manner with Akechi and got hurt. So it’s only natural to feel unhappy when you meet up with him after that. Even I will feel troubled it I see such a person’s face when I have a lot of work to deal with. There’s absolutely no need for you to be complained about.
Satsuki: I feel so relieved after his affirmation. It’s fine if I get hurt. I don’t mind if I get tired or sad. Those were the words of affirmation that I’ve always been waiting to hear from someone.
Hamuro: But, Satsuki-san has been taking it out too much on yourself. I feel unhappy that you’ve been keeping so much stress within you and not telling me anything.
Satsuki: I’m sorry, but isn’t something like that annoying? I’m older than you too.
Hamuro: What about you being older? My mother is older if you look at our age, but even now, she would complain to me if she’s unhappy and vent her frustrations out.
Satsuki: Ah, but… if I worsen your mood after complaining, or disappoint you, or make you think that we don’t match…
Hamuro: I think that might happen, but won’t that mean that we have to talk more?
Satsuki: Talk more?
Hamuro: I’m sure even Satsuki-san has problems with me. I think the opposite is true too. But when we really can’t stand it, we can solve it. If that’s not the case, then we can always compromise.
Satsuki: The opposite? Hamuro-san, I knew it, do you have something to say about me?
Hamuro: Ah… “you knew it”? Satsuki-san is really pessimistic. That’s right, then for starters, please stop calling me “Hamuro-san”. Didn’t you say that you would call me “Ken-chan”?
Satsuki: Uhm…
Hamuro: Also, why would you keep quiet and not grumble to me, it makes me think that I appear unreliable and I’m unhappy about that.
Satsuki: But, I thought that complaining would make me look lame…
Hamuro: Huh?
Satsuki: Because you said that I’m always optimistic and cool, that you liked it…
Hamuro: (Hamuro laughs) Satsuki-san, that part about you is really cute…
Satsuki: I’m not cute, at all, really.
Hamuro: This might be a bit late, but I like both the cute Satsuki-san and the cool Satsuki-san. Ah… this isn’t something I’m unhappy about. Hm… problems… problems… Then, I always wondered about “when will he stop using polite speech” and “When will he start to rely more on me” and “shall I drop more hints about staying over” and…
Satsuki: Ah… that’s enough…
Hamuro: “even though he’s busy I wish that he would pay more attention to me when we’re together, ah but I also like the Satsuki-san when he’s working so it’s fine that way”. And after that…
Satsuki: Ken-chan! That’s enough! (Satsuki covers Hamuro’s mouth)
Hamuro: Why?
Satsuki: Anyway that’s not something you’re unhappy about! It’s embarrassing me!
Hamuro: (Hamuro laughs) Because, didn’t we just start going out? Isn’t it fine to make merry? I’ve been ignorant all along, it’s been tedious and it has slackened. Isn’t that all right? Is it different for Satsuki-san? Do you want our relationship to be more cool and mature?
Satsuki: Hm… I’m sorry. Is it fine if I rely on you?
Hamuro: Totally okay. Didn’t I say? That I’d be happy… Satsuki-san is always working so hard, I’ve always thought that it’s fine to just slacken in front of me. It’s fine. I’ll always find Satsuki-san cute.
Satsuki: I can’t take it already, if he puts it this way, I can’t win. During the night when I felt that everyone else in this world has become my enemy, those words that I incidentally heard. The words that Ken-chan murmured always spoil me too much, just like his embrace.
Ken-chan, I have a favour to ask of you.
Hamuro: What is it, Satsuki-san?
Satsuki: Can you stop that?
Hamuro: Huh? That?
Satsuki: You don’t have to attach a “san”, call me by just my name. Call me “Satsuki”. I’ll stop my polite speech too.
Hamuro: Oh but Satsuki-san is older…
Satsuki: Weren’t you the one who said that age doesn’t matter? (Hamuro starts laughing) What is it?
Hamuro: It’s nothing. Then, Satsuki. Uhm, I think I got it. Would you like it if I’m more forceful?
Satsuki: Uhm.
Hamuro: (Hamuro laughs) Uwah he’s so cute.
Satsuki… (Hamuro kisses Satsuki) What’s wrong?
Satsuki: What should I do? I feel like doing it.
Hamuro: Does that mean that you want me in you?
Satsuki: Stupid! That’s not it, over here, I suddenly felt it here…
Hamuro: Uwah…
Satsuki: Say, I’ll lick it and make you hard, can you let me do it?
Hamuro: Wait, you don’t have to do that…
Satsuki: Do you hate something like that?
I’m happy that Ken-chan rebutted Akechi when he said that my service was bad. That’s why just tonight, I want to do everything for him.
Hamuro: It’s not that I don’t like it… but…
Satsuki: Huh?
Hamuro: So if it’s fine to go to Satsuki-san’s room and do whatever I like, then I want to.
Satsuki: Uhm.

Amai Series 01 (9)
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Track 8

Hamuro: Amazing, it’s all wet.
Satsuki: Wha… wai-wait. Wait! That has to wait! It’s impossible!
Hamuro: What is impossible? I can’t do it?
Satsuki: You can’t!
Hamuro: Why? Hasn’t it become like this already, even though I haven’t touched it?
Satsuki: Ken-chan, don’t like it… your mouth…
Hamuro: Come on, doesn’t it feel good?
Satsuki: That is… till now… you haven’t done this before…
Hamuro: Because Satsuki-san always says that it’s fine for me to not do this. Because I felt really good when it was done to me, so I thought that I want to do this for you.
Satsuki: I thought I would service him, what is this?
Ken-chan… the behind…
Hamuro: What is it?
Satsuki: Do it there too.
Hamuro: Uhm. Wow, it’s so soft… it’s amazing. Say Satsuki-san, do you have any lubricant? Where is it?
Satsuki: Over there… the shelf there…
Hamuro: I can’t… anymore… it’s bad, it’s bad… Ken-chan, put it in…
Satsuki: Already?
Hamuro: Yes, hurry… hurry up…
Satsuki: Wait, I’m sorry…
Hamuro: It’s fine, but if you don’t want to do it unprotected…
Satsuki: What’s that? It’s amazing but…
Hamuro: That’s because you said to do it unprotected…
Satsuki: But…
Hamuro: It’s fine. Can I come inside?
Satsuki: Uhm, yes it’s fine.
Hamuro: I’m coming… all right? Satsuki-san?
Satsuki: More, do it more.
Hamuro: Ah… if you do it so hard, it’s bad…
Satsuki: What? Why? You don’t like it?
Hamuro: Ah… Goodness, I would want to gobble you up. Please stop it…
Satsuki: Even if I said that it’s fine?
Hamuro: Ah, no. I don’t want Satsuki-san to get hurt.
Satsuki: Then, even this?
Hamuro: What do you mean even this…
Satsuki: Even like this? Say, do you think this hurts? How do I feel?
Hamuro: You’re asking me how… that is… It feels very very good…
Satsuki: Really? Very good? Am I good?
Hamuro: It makes my heart pound… wait… Satsuki! I am already… I’m sorry, I can’t hold it in anymore.
Satsuki: Ken-chan… I’m coming… Wait… I’m coming…
Hamuro: Me-me too… It’s coming out… Are you all right?
Satsuki: Heaven…
Hamuro: Huh, what?
Satsuki: It felt so good that I felt like I went to heaven.

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Track 9

Hamuro: After that, Orphara’s new brand Orca was released in a flashy manner due to president Sekino’s connections in the mass media, but it didn’t cause an uproar. As expected, within the industry, they were talking about how far the brand would go. There wasn’t any talk about the shop which they opened in a first-class area too.
Then, you aren’t a proper employee but a contract staff at Kouzu-san’s?
Satsuki: Uhm. I thought that being a proper employee won’t be too bad either, but it was just nice that the work I got was contract-based.
Hamuro: Kouzu-san started his own jewellery company after resigning with Satsuki-san. On top of that, he wants to contract Satsuki-san as a designer. Thanks to that, Satsuki-san’s leisure retiree life didn’t last more than a month.
Satsuki: After that job is done, I was thinking of working on both sides. Huh? What? Is there any problem?
Hamuro: Not really, I just thought that you would become busy again. Will you be fine?
Satsuki: You don’t have to worry, work hasn’t changed for me.
Hamuro: But aren’t you holding two jobs concurrently? What if you push yourself too hard again…
Satsuki: I won’t, I won’t! It will be fine!
Hamuro: He’s lying. Well, even if I tell him not to do it, he’s still going to go ahead with it. There won’t be any use if I said it now. I shall keep an eye on him.
Well, if it’s fun then it’s all right.
Satsuki: I’m having fun. I’ve fulfilled my wish and am working with Kouzu-san. I’m really happy.
Hamuro: I see.
It would have been better if he had more free time. During the time when Satsuki-san didn’t have work, he spent a lot of time on me and it was so fun.
If you cling that much to me, the oil might splash on you and it’s dangerous.
Satsuki: Ah… yea.
Hamuro: Satsuki-san. It’s going to be done soon. Ah, after the fried chicken is done, you can start eating first.
Satsuki: Huh? Ah… yea.
Hamuro: Ah, damn… Satsuki-san, do you have old newspapers or something? I’ll drain the oil from the chicken.
Satsuki: Uhm… yea.
Hamuro: Why did you suddenly get into a bad mood? Ah… are you hungry?
Satsuki: No. If you don’t get it then it’s fine.
Hamuro: Ah… I’m sorry, Satsuki.
Satsuki: Uhm.
Hamuro: Even though he gets angry when I don’t call him properly, when I do, he gets embarrassed.
I’ll give you a hug. Satsuki, come here.
Satsuki: Ken-chan… you’re embarrassing! Anyway what sort of character is that?
Hamuro: Isn’t it fine? It’s not like anyone is watching, right?
Satsuki: Say, that… I’ll be starting to work a lot again…
Hamuro: Huh?
Satsuki: I’ll make time for you and I won’t push myself either, so can you come again?
Hamuro: Even if Satsuki doesn’t want me to, I’d still come. (They kiss)
Satsuki: Isn’t Ken-chan busy too? Are you all right?
Hamuro: It’s fine on my side. When the season of special events is here, I’ll be flying all over the place again. But I’ll manage somehow, I’ll make time and meet you.
Satsuki: Yea… we’ll meet.
Hamuro: Rather than me, the problem is with Satsuki right? Don’t get too busy.
Satsuki: Uhm.
Hamuro: I have the nature of getting obsessed with things and the things that are making my life seem like a dream now, are the increasing amount of food that I’m cooking and the beauty of a designer whom I have beside me. These two things which I’m currently obsessed with, I’m sure I’ll be hooked onto them for a long time.

Amai Series 01 (10)
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