Barakamon 10

“Let’s go together” 「だっちいこで (訳:みんなで行こう)」

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Handa-kun don’t go back!!! Sensei!! No!!!!!

I read the manga so I’ve braced myself for this episode but I remember just how much feels I had reading the manga chapter too. But then in this so far superb anime adaptation, the ED rolls in showing us such in such warm, fuzzy water-colour art, the interactions of Handa and Naru. And that just compounds them feels!!! How can you just abandon Naru like that Handa-kun?! When the girl hasn’t even used her coupon (one-time use only Naru lol) yet?! Didn’t you say the island and Mother Nature has been inspiring you so much? Even more than when you were in Tokyo? So much so that you’ve been only writing good works so far?! How can you leave without saying goodbye? Naru would be upset but surely you would too Handa-kun! If you were in Tokyo, you’d be stressed out given your disposition to anxiety so instead of going to a summer festival you’d be fretting over your make or break submission. That’s why you need Naru to pull you out of your self-imposed despair to tell you to do what truly matters – have fun. I loved how Handa just gives in to Naru’s whims of a child and yet values her opinion enough to ask her for advice!

Ok breathe. Now remember why Handa-kun’s on this island in the first place? Yup, because he’s in banishment of sorts for having hit the director of the previous calligraphy competition. Said director reveals in this episode that if all it takes is for him to forgive Handa in order for him to return to Tokyo, then it’s about time he lets the boy return. That’s probably what Kawafuji said over the phone to sensei prompting Sei-san to pack his bags and go. On the island and in these past 10 episodes, it’s been the summer vacation holiday (I love animes that time with real-time) which is why the kids Miwa, Tama, Hiro, Naru, Hina and the boys, were constantly hanging out with sensei. They’ve got nothing else to do! Sensei’s presence must’ve brought some relief to the other adults in the village since he’s there to help babysit the bunch – he’s taught Miwa and Tama calligraphy (now you feel sensei’s stress don’t you girls?) and even tied Hina’s yukata ribbon! Those antics in a way make up for Sei-san’s lack of a proper childhood which is probably why he enjoys their company so much even if he complains about it so often (tsun tsun Handa tsun tsun). The poor 23 year old grown up man has NEVER tried cotton candy, visited a summer festival or tried catching goldfish ever before. But hey, the man-child can throw hoops because he’s at least READ BASKETBALL MANGA before! Hahahaha! Oh Handa Seishun sensei, all because you were solely focused on calligraphy. His dad said no when his mom suggested they visit a festival, then his mom said no when Kawafuji asked him and finally of course the money-tree shaking Kawafuji rejected their university female friends who wanted Handa~kyun to go with them. So see what happens when you stay on this island Handa? You get to actually live a life! Which is important especially for people in the creative arts circle!

It’s not just the kids that sensei’s had an impact on though. He’s helped yakuza Miwa’s dad and Naru’s grandpa for example – who knew sensei had a knack for stone puzzle stacking? Lol. He’s a part of the village and we got a glimpse of that earlier on during Obon. This episode though, that part of belonging’s sealed when Naru’s grandpa asks sensei to re-write the shrine donations board and include Handa’s name right at the end. It’s a great honour no doubt but I wonder if sensei realises the implications himself, because almost everyone in the village contributed to the shrine. It’s a board with almost the entire villagers’ names. Did sensei write his name before returning to Tokyo? Did he at least get a chance to tell the older children just what he had to say before the fireworks started? How’s Naru going to take things? It was more or less from the Obon part of the manga onwards where the feels tap just turned bigger and stronger in Barakamon. Not tear-inducing as yet but that fuzzy, warm feeling is good isn’t it, coming from an anime? But all good things come to an end – summer vacation’s ending, sensei’s returning to Tokyo and Hiro’s next steps which’ll take him out of the islands in time to come. We’ve had so much fun and laughs along with these fuzzy warm feels it’ll really be sad to see Barakamon go at the end of this season!

Akatsuki’s had a bit of a summer vacation myself and hence the late postings. Promise I’ll have them up asap before Autumn 2014 season drifts in~


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