Shitteru yo

Shitteru yo (1)

Title: Shitteru yo (知ってるよ。)
Original work by: Hinako (Manga)
Release date: 2014年08月27日
Length: 00:55:51
Cast: Hatano Wataru x Murase Ayumu (羽多野渉x 村瀬歩)
Toriumi Kousuke x Maeno Tomoaki (鳥海浩輔x 前野智昭)
Related drama(s): None
Shion’s enjoyment: ❤❤❤
Genres: Comedy, School life, Slice of Life
Drama translation: Full

Sawahata has always been bothered by the way Hoshizaki stares at him in school. Is there some reason behind it?


I started listening to Shitteru yo without any expectations or whatsoever and it really surprised me. Even though the stories are short and felt a bit too hasty, it was a pleasant drama to listen to.

Again, the stories were short so there wasn’t much of a development. But it was still nice to hear school boys meet and fall in love with each other. The first story between Sawahata and Hoshizaki kicks off when Hoshizaki accidentally confesses his feelings to Sawahata, who happily accepts it as admiration. Happy that he’s the only one who was able to make Hoshizaki smile, Sawahata tried really hard to talk more to Hoshizaki. Over time, Hoshizaki started to get more familiar with Sawahata’s friend and that didn’t sit well with our seme-to-be. Isn’t Hoshizaki supposed to smile only at him? After some drama, Sawahata finally confesses his feelings to Hoshizaki and we had a few more moments of jealous Sawahata vs mature Hoshizaki before things finally settled down.

After he realised that his beloved little brother might have gotten himself a gay lover, Daiichi went into a slight bout of depression before deciding to get a girlfriend too, in order to understand more about love for his brother’s sake. What a devoted brother? His actions inevitably hurts Jun, a junior who’s in love with Daiichi, who responded by confessing his feelings for Daiichi. Unwilling to confront or accept Jun’s feelings for him, things soured between the two of them, until one day when Daiichi spots Jun with another girl and mistakes her for his girlfriend. Crying usually doesn’t solve anything but in this case, it worked wonders for the both of them. They realised that Jun’s feelings was mutual and finally got together officially.

It’s amazing that they managed to do so much in under an hour, but they really did it. For someone who dislikes watching couples fight and iron out the troublesome creases in their relationships, this drama was perfect and quite stress-free for my heart.

Shitteru yo (2) Shitteru yo (3)

Characters & Seiyuu
Hoshizaki Yuusei
is a shy and gentle boy who doesn’t have much confidence in himself, so he’s always been looking up to Sawahata, who has a lot of friends. Although he appeared to be meek and submissive at the start, he was the more mature and reliable one in their relationship; he was the one who ran after Sawahata when the latter left in a huff of jealousy, and he was also the one who stopped Sawahata from leaving the house and solved the problem between them. Hoshizaki is my favourite character out of the four, because of his admirable personality and also, his voice.

This is Murase Ayumu’s virgin work! Or, that’s what I deduced after wiki-ing him and I must say it was quite well done! His notable anime roles are Hinata in Haikyuu!! (where he’s apparently such a cute Chihuahua) and Isaku Heito in M3 (where’s he was total badass). Since I’ve never heard him anywhere else before, I was really surprised at how feminine Murase could sound and at certain points in the drama, I could almost swear that he’s a girl. There’s this gentleness about Murase’s voice which made me like him immediately after he said “shitteru yo” in the first track. I’ve always imagined the title to be said with a drop in tone at the end, sounding sad or even irritated, but Murase was so gentle and (I might be imagining/fangirling too much but) even loving. His performance during the H scene wasn’t a pain in the ear, or should I say, it was quite good. He opted for the safer choice by not making too much noise, but it was sufficient for me to conclude that he has the *cough * potential. Anyway, his next BL work will be Yandere Tengoku Black to be released in October; although yandere isn’t really my cup of tea, I’ll brave it for Murase!

Sawahata is sort of the opposite of Hoshizaki. He’s bright, cheery, and sociable. On first sight, seems like he’s a perfect person but after his time with Hoshizaki, we realise that he can be very childish, rash and even possessive. Hatano Wataru did a brilliant job with Sawahata. It did come as a surprise for me to hear Hatano playing a school boy in Happiness but his performance in that drama has renewed my faith in his versatility so hearing him as the cheery but easily jealous Sawahata wasn’t too shocking. In fact, I think he did really well, especially when Sawahata was sulking from jealousy.

Hoshizaki Daiichi (voiced by Maeno Tomoaki) has always been heavy with the brotherly love so it really came as a shock to him when his brother became attached to another man. You can’t blame him for getting all depressed after having to let go of his little brother, but I couldn’t help feeling angry when he insensitively ignored Jun’s confession. Asking a gay man if he got a girlfriend? Unforgivable!

Jun has always been in love with his senior, Daiichi, and he would have continued loving him in secret if stupid Daiichi didn’t start to force-get a girlfriend. There’s nothing worse than unrequited love (at least, for a normal student) and my heart really goes out to Jun, when he had to deal with all sorts of nonsense from Daiichi. Despite everything, Jun would still care for Daiichi and be there for him. Awww… This is going to sound weird but I suddenly thought that Jun and Hoshizaki (Yuusei) would be more deserving of each other. But in any case, you would need a balance between the two parties in any relationship so I guess Jun would be good for Daiichi while Hoshizaki for Sawahata. Toriumi Kousuke voices Jun and wow, he can still do a young cheery student so well? It isn’t easy to act as someone less than half your age but Toriumi sure nailed it. It wasn’t painful for my ears the least bit when Jun was whining or sulking and it really showcases Toriumi’s talent as a seiyuu.

Shitteru yo (4) Shitteru yo (5)

Music & SFX
The guitar pieces were really good on the ears. I’m not a fan of guitar music but the tracks used in Shitteru yo were really fitting. I really appreciated the music during certain moments, like when Sawahata was fantasising about visiting Hoshizaki’s house, I think it was mostly the music which made me think “ah so cute, this is such pure love”. The track used when Jun talked about getting a girlfriend also amplifies the feeling of despair and this brings to mind the guitar track used in Junjou Romantica when Hiro-san was moping for Nowaki. Yes yes, some guitar tracks can get really sad.

It was rather light-hearted and a pleasant aural experience, a good break from all the heart-breaking dramas of backstabbing and adultery I’ve been listening to lately. Do listen to this if you’re interested in something light and healing, or if you’re interested in hearing Murase’s virgin role! (So, he gave it to Hatano? Haha)


8 thoughts on “Shitteru yo

  1. 知ってるよ。。that murase is a TRAP!

    anw after reading your review, i am very curious to hear toriumi’s young voice. but yeah.. all these really adult seiyuus and them passing their voices off as high school boys. another recent one is suzuken as momo in the second season of free.

    • Ah Suzuken is an exception, him and Junjun and a 50-year-old Murase can all pass their voices off as school boys. Don’t worry you’ll be able to hear this soon ^^

  2. i was first introduced to this as a manga (not translated) and i thought the art was great. i’m glad that you reviewed it so at least i have an idea what is going on hehe. i’m happy to listen to a new seiyuu and he does have great potential. i also listened in on the series you recommended and it was great listening to it (my basic understanding of the language helped me comprehend the story haha!). thanks thanks!!

    • Aww I’m glad you liked both Shitteru yo and the Shinzoulala ones that I recommended. I’m really looking forward to hear how Murase performs in his upcoming works. As you’ve said, he has potential and it’s good to hear new talents once in a while ^^ Btw, I tried to listen to the Hakushaku series but I haven’t gotten down to finishing it. I forgot how erotic Sugita could sound and hearing Koyasu’s voice was a pleasant surprise!

  3. hey hey! how’s stuff?? ^_^ i’m just wondering if you’re also going to do a translation of shitteru yo? (please, please, please, pleaaaaase! haha!) cheers!

    • LOL Just in case you’re wondering I haven’t finished Hakushaku-sama series yet, but about shitteru yo translation, I actually translated it and am left with the last bit of editing.

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