Sono Ude de Oboretai

Sono Ude de Oboretai

Title: Sono Ude de Oboretai (その腕で溺れたい)
Original work by: Kurosaki Atsushi (Novel)
Release date: 2004年11月27日
Length: 01:10:47
Cast: Koyasu Takehito x Fukuyama Jun (子安武人x 福山潤)
Related drama(s): None
Shion’s enjoyment: ❤❤
Genres: Drama, School life
Drama translation: None

Megumu lost his parents at an early age and ever since his brother has started working at a different prefecture, he has been living by himself. One day, Sahara, his brother’s good friend, appears at his apartment claiming to be sent over by his brother to take care of Megumu. All seems normal, except that Sahara always mistakes Megumu for another person in bed and kisses him.


I had rather high expectations for this drama and I was quite sorely disappointed. No, not even Koyasu or Junjun could save my impression of this drama. Other than the voice acting, hardly anything was right.

The story revolves around the relationship between Sahara, a famous and good-looking author, and Megumu, a middle school sophomore. One day when Megumu returns home, he finds someone sleeping in his brother’s bed and he happily crawled in, thinking that the person was his brother. However, it turned out to be Sahara, who claimed to be sent to keep Megumu company. Living with someone made the lonely Megumu happy, but slowly, he started to realise that Sahara wasn’t who he appeared to be. After a few encounters with Sahara’s work acquaintance and manager, we realise that Sahara was the famous author whose work is about to be made into a movie. That wasn’t all, he came to Megumu’s apartment to live with him, not because he was doing Nozumu a favour, but he just wanted to run away from work. In the end, all ends well because Megumu confessed his feelings for Sahara and they realise that the feelings are mutual.

It was quite a simple plot which could have been less shallow. I didn’t really like it. And I was also quite amused by the first H scene – I heard them kissing and the next moment, Megumu said that “we ended up going all the way last night”. Heh?! When? How? Did you two? Sorry for sounding like a perv here but when the story isn’t interesting, the next thing I’d look for is the H.

Characters & Seiyuu
is a middle school kid who has always been mistaken as a primary school kid because of his childish looks. How should I describe his personality, he’s the mature and cheerful sort who is nice to everyone because he doesn’t want to be disliked by anyone. But on the inside, he’s really lonely and hates to return to the apartment when it’s all dark. Even though Fukuyama Jun voiced Megumu, Megumu’s character was just too typical for me to like or dislike the acting.

I don’t really get what is going on in Sahara’s mind, for barging in to live with someone else’s brother and for falling in love with a middle school kid. I guess there is something admirable about a boy who has a sense of duty and responsibility towards his role at school, but I don’t think Megumu was being anything special. I was expecting a deeper Koyasu Takehito but since he had his brighter and more cheerful voice in here, the Koyasu effect was dispelled from this seme and Sahara became just another normal seme for me.

Music & SFX
I would imagine that BGM isn’t really one of the most important part of a drama cd, but in this case, the music was the major turn-off within the first few seconds. It reminded me of Onii-sama wa Seitokaichou-sama and I was very surprised when I saw that this drama was released in 2004. Didn’t we have better music available then? Why? Why opt for these urky synthesised music when there should have been better choices? The only times when my ears sighed in relief, was when there was no music being blared into my ears, and when the piano track was on.

This drama didn’t really make an impression on me because of the typical plot and under-developed characters. The only thing I will remember about it one week later, is probably that it was a Koyasu and Junjun drama which I didn’t like. I won’t really recommend wasting your time on this drama unless, like me, you’re a major fan of both veteran seiyuus and want to hear them together.


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