Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi ~ Yoshino Chiaki no Baai – Translation

Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi Yoshino Chiaki no Baai 01

Title: Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi ~ Yoshino Chiaki no Baai
Cast: Nakamura Yuuichi x Tachibana Shinnosuke (中村悠一×立花慎之介)
Related drama(s): Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi Series
Contents: 世界一初恋 ~ 吉野千秋の場合

世界一初恋 ~ 吉野千秋の場合

Hatori: It was morning when I returned from my travelling, and I really find this part of him really… annoying.
Yoshino: (Alarm rings) ARGH! Huh? Tori… You… Can’t you read this post-it? Didn’t I write here to not wake me up?
Hatori: It’s not a problem of whether I can read it or not. You shouldn’t sleep as and when you like on another person’s bed.
Yoshino: Huh?
Hatori: For some reason, Yoshino has always liked sleeping in my bed.
Yoshino: That is… since the deadline is finally over, I can finally sleep. To sleep properly, it has to be on this bed.
Hatori: What’s that? Just wake up already. I’ll make coffee, do you want some?
Yoshino: Ah, yes! (Yoshino yawns) You too, coming back in the morning, you sure are taking things leisurely.
Hatori: Leisure? Because someone keeps being late with draft and I had to keep apologising to the people involved. You’re saying “leisure” towards me, when I’ve been working nonstop for 72 hours?
Yoshino: Ah… no… that is…
Hatori: Don’t run away!
Yoshino: Ah! I’m sorry…
Hatori: If you want to sleep, then sleep at your own house. Didn’t you just buy a king-sized bed the other day?
Yoshino: Well, it’s not like it’s bad, but somehow it just feels different. What’s so different about it? The springs? I wonder if the width suits me…
Hatori: There’s no hidden meaning behind Yoshino’s actions. He likes my bed, that’s why he’s sleeping on it.
Yoshino: Well, I don’t really get it, but for now, I can sleep well when I sleep in Tori’s bed.
Hatori: That’s why it’s troublesome.
Yoshino: Oh that’s right! Can I use your shower? Actually, I haven’t been in a shower for 5 days…
Hatori: You… do you normally jump into another person’s bed like that?
Yoshino: Also, I’m sorry, I’ll be fine with anything, so can you lend me some clothes too?
Hatori: (Hatori sighs) Yes yes. That’s right, the soap has run out so I’ll bring out a new one.
Yoshino: All right, I got it.
Hatori: Yoshino, you don’t get it at all.
Yoshino: Uwah… there’s dirt on my naval…
Hatori: Haven’t I always told you to not strip here?
Yoshino: Yes yes…
Hatori: Ignorance is a sin.
Yoshino: Uwah… drinking after a bath really tastes good!
Hatori: What’s with this mountain of empty cans?
Yoshino: Ah, those are presents. (Yoshino drinks up) Anyway what’s with this jersey, it’s too baggy. When did you get so big?
Hatori: Aren’t you just small?
Yoshino: I’m standard sized! It’s the most irritating when the trousers hem is too long. Just a while ago, I was the taller one.
Hatori: Was there ever a time like that?
Yoshino: There was!
Hatori: When was that?
Yoshino: Eh? Eh… Until the second year of primary school…?
Hatori: I’ve already forgotten about something so long ago. That’s right, since you’re here, do some work.
Yoshino: Huh?!
Hatori: Check the nickname summary and the colours of the drawings. After that, about the plot…
Yoshino: What’s that… can’t you let me rest from work just for today?
Hatori: If you want to rest then do some work you’re late already.
Yoshino: No…
Hatori: Do it!
Yoshino: Say, Tori…
Hatori: Just hurry and…
Yoshino: We only talk about work huh?
Hatori: Are you unhappy about that?
Yoshino: Not really. It’s just that when I realised it, it has already become like this.
Hatori: Since your life revolves 100% around work, it can’t be helped.
Yoshino: That’s right, but… I was just wondering about it.
Hatori: Here.
Yoshino: Huh? What’s that? A ticket? AH! This! Isn’t this the one I wanted to go to?! The international exhibition of The Count!
Hatori: After this work is done, I’ll let you go.
Yoshino: I’ll do it! I’ll do it! Heh… you actually got it… This one was totally sold out!
Hatori: It was a coincidence that someone from my company gave it to me, since he couldn’t make it.
Yoshino: Is that so! Tori knows me so well! I’m really happy! Thank you!
Hatori: Always by his side… In order to be always by Yoshino’s side, I chose this job as an editor. I know that it’s extremely impure. I pulled Yoshino from another company and fulfilled this wish by becoming his editor. Even though I thought that the distance between us will get closer…
Yoshino: We only talk about work huh?
Hatori: We only did it twice. It wasn’t that easy to change the concept of “childhood friends” with Yoshino after 28 years, and I know that it’s not something that simple. That’s why I can only wait. Because I don’t want to be hated by you. Before I knew it, we’ve become so distanced. Even though we’re so close by each other.
Yoshino: Hm… isn’t this colour fine?
Hatori: Don’t say it so casually, should the colour of the flag be like this? Shouldn’t it resemble the actual thing more?
Yoshino: Is that so? I don’t mind it either way…
Hatori: You, it’s going to be your book.
Yoshino: Hm… but…
Hatori: I get it. For now, I’m going to pen in my corrections and return it. If there’s anything, check it during the second proofing.
Yoshino: Ah… yes thank you. Say, can I stay over today?
Hatori: Eh. Why?
Yoshino: Why? Aren’t we going to the exhibition? In that case, rather than meeting up again, won’t it be better if we just leave the house together?
Hatori: Are you going to sleep in my bed again?
Yoshino: Yea! Please sleep on the floor, Tori.
Hatori: (Hatori sighs) You are really…
Yoshino: I’m going to get another beer! Should I seriously get a pillow?
Hatori: Huh?
Yoshino: Tomorrow can I drop by the shop?
Hatori: This is it.
What are you going to do after you buy the pillow?
Yoshino: Then I can sleep here without any hesitation.
Hatori: Annoying.
Yoshino: Ah, the next time I’ll remember to send you a text before I come over.
Hatori: You definitely don’t get it.
Yoshino: Huh? What?
Hatori: I’ll just ask you, you haven’t forgotten about my confession have you?
Yoshino: Eh? Ah… no… that is… Of course I do…
Hatori: Think about it. If the one I love doesn’t just do it occasionally but many many many times, sometimes he even sleeps in my bed wearing nothing but an underwear. How will I feel about it?
Yoshino: Huh? What’s that? (Hatori glares at Yoshino) Why are you glaring at me? That… that’s right… eh… Huh? Wait, wait! What’s this, were you thinking about such stuff?! Ah! You’re such a pervert! (Hatori sighs)
Hatori: Yes, yes I understand. Then, on Monday. Me too, I’m sorry for disturbing you so late at night. Then I’ll excuse myself. (Hatori hangs up call) Huh? Why are you spacing out on the bed? Weren’t you supposed to be able to sleep well in my bed?
Yoshino: That… yes… Was it about work?
Hatori: Yea. Get to sleep soon, aren’t we leaving early tomorrow?
Yoshino: But…
Hatori: Don’t worry, I’ll sleep on the bed. You can have the bed to yourself. Good night.
Yoshino: To-tori! I’m sorry.
Hatori: For what?
Yoshino: That… For not knowing anything, or rather, I didn’t think I’m dense towards such things but when the other party is Tori, somehow… I’ll let my guard down… I never knew that you were thinking about such things, that’s why… If you don’t mind, please sleep by my side.
Hatori: You know…
Yoshino: Yes?
Hatori: In the first place, that’s my bed we’re talking about.
Yoshino: Huh?
Hatori: Two guys back to back, on a narrow bed together. I could obviously feel Yoshino’s nervousness from his back.
Have you set the alarm?
Yoshino: Ah, not yet. Where is it again? Huh?
Hatori: Shouldn’t it be by your side?
Yoshino: Huh? Where? It’s not here.
Hatori: It’s there.
Yoshino: It’s not.
Hatori: (Hatori stretches over) Look, isn’t it just here?
Yoshino: Wait, you’re heavy… Don’t press on me… Ah.
Hatori: Ah…
Yoshino: Ah… I have to set the alarm…
Hatori: Yoshino.
Yoshino: What are you… touching…
Hatori: From our joined bodies, and our joined hands, I can feel Yoshino’s warmth. I wonder how much of my rapid palpitation is conveyed to him.
Yoshino: Wha-what?
Hatori: You… put on some more weight.
Yoshino: Huh?
Hatori: If you get thinner after every deadline, I’ll be troubled.
Yoshino: Ah… Because I’ll be very focused during work. But I’ll gain it back soon, so it’s fine.
Hatori: I’m saying this because I don’t think it’s fine.
Yoshino: It will be fine, because I have Tori with me.
Hatori: See? Again.
Yoshino: Huh? What?
Hatori: (Hatori kisses Yoshino) Yoshino, it’s hard. I’m going to touch it more, all right?
Yoshino: Don’t ask me every single thing!
Hatori: I want to hear it from your mouth, because I don’t want to be hated by you.
Yoshino: Tori is unfair! I’m going to tell you this, if the one who’s doing this to me was someone other than Tori, I would have killed him!
Hatori: You’re the one who’s being unfair. (Hatori kisses Yoshino) With his words, he bounded me to him.
Yoshino: Tori?
Hatori: For tomorrow, let’s not talk a single thing about work. I want to talk about silly and funny things, just like in the past.
Yoshino: Uhm.
Hatori: It’s fine even if it’s bit by bit, I want to get closer to Chiaki. It’s fine even if it’s bit by bit, I want him to get closer to me.
Newscaster: Good evening, it’s the 6pm news.
Yoshino: Uwah! Ah! Why didn’t you wake up?! I even set the alarm! Isn’t it 6pm already?! The exhibition is over! Ah! And I really wanted to go too!
Hatori: Shall we work then?

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