Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun: Episode 09

Do You Have Enough Excitement?「ドキドキ、たりてる?」

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It’s the return of the tanuki with this episode, but first, some Chiyo and Nozaki shenanigans.

Nozaki doesn’t have a romantic bone in his body and his level of obliviousness has reached new heights when he disappoints Chiyo of the hopeful possibility of walking her home in the rain. As usual, it’s always about the next plot for Nozaki’s manga and he literally takes mental notes of their walk home after Seo, in that debonair manner of hers, tosses Chiyo her own umbrella to use. Much to Nozaki’s irritation, though, Seo has once again managed to set herself as a standard of male heroism.

The walk home was hilarious, though, with a number of silly occurrences along the way, including Chiyo being too short to hold the umbrella, and getting Nozaki stuck underneath. Then there was the fact that he couldn’t hold the umbrella straight and ended up getting Chiyo soaked anyway. The next best part was the fact that while Nozaki attempted to act the chivalrous male lead by letting Chiyo walk on the inside, it didn’t quite stop a car from splashing water all over them. The funniest part, though, was when they finally arrived at Nozaki’s place and he bluntly told her to take of all her wet clothes, only to shove the unworn sailor outfit at her, in the hopes that he could snag a few shots. *sigh* How do they come up with these things?

The second half of the episode focused on Chiyo and Nozaki’s attempt to help Yukari stand up to Maeno’s ridiculous demands and stupid plots. Yukari is one of those characters you can’t help but feel sorry for in the face of all of Maeno’s ridiculousness and we really get to see their work relationship in this episode. He’s so absurdly demanding and manages to turn everything that goes wrong back onto her. She’s a bit of a doormat and kind of oblivious despite the stupid mistakes Maeno makes on her manga, but she’s also unfailingly sweet and I think both Chiyo and Nozaki just want her to be able to stand up for herself so she can write her manga her own way. Were this not a comedy I’d be exponentially offended and irritated on her behalf but I think we all manage to find the humour in the situation, especially with the sheer amount of tanuki being thrown our way. One of the funniest moments was when the three tried to go with a little bit of reverse psychology and incorporate far too many tanuki into her plot. It ended up backfiring, though, when Maeno seemed to think that it was a great idea. Poor, poor Yukari.

But the scene that took the cake was where Yukari was attempting to create her overdose of tanuki and put one of her characters in a tanuki suit, but Chiyo scolded her, saying that as a lover of her manga, this was the worst thing she could do to a character. That all changed, though, when Yukari tried to create a different, stoic kind of character dressed up as a tanuki and he ended up resembling Nozaki. Much to Nozaki’s horror, Chiyo exuberantly stated that this was her favourite character of all time. It was doubly hilarious when later, Chiyo’s excitedly raving about having gotten the picture signed by Yukari, while Nozaki watches on in jealousy. He attempts to regain her favour by drawing his characters dressed up as tanuki but she quickly shuts him down, telling him to treat his characters with more respect until he’s appropriately chastised.

I can’t get over how much I adore their dynamic; Chiyo has her moments of maturity and incredulity over Nozaki’s lapses in judgment and yet at other times she’s equally as oblivious and easily excitable when it comes to anything that has to do with him. The two of them are just too cute and I’m so sorry to see this show coming to an end!

A solid episode for me with a good dose of humour and the required level of silliness to make this a great Gekkan Shoujo episode.


3 thoughts on “Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun: Episode 09

  1. Other manga horrors Maeno would support:
    1) Tanuki Ghoul
    2) Tanuki Art Online
    3) Shingeki no Tanuki
    4)Zankyou no Tanuki
    5) Tanuki no Basuke

    • LOL I’ve just watched the last episode, and I’m gonna miss this funny anime! Hopefully there’ll be a season 2 in the future since Nozaki doesn’t know Chiyo’s feelings for him yet. XD

  2. komorebi-chan, hisashiburi~~ glad to have you back, we’ve missed you ^^ oh goodness i loved this episode, and all them tanukis… was in stitches the ENTIRE time. and LOL at zztop’s tanuki inspired series above haha. gosh the way maeno manages to turn the tables on yukari is absolutely absurd! the poor girl is such a push over. and nozaki while he’s advising her, you can totally feel his exasperation and frustration. heh

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