Tokyo Ghoul: Episode 12 – Final

喰種 – Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 01 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 02 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 03 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 04 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 05 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 06 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 07 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 08 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 09 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 10 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 11 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 12 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 13 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 14 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 15 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 16 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 17 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 18 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 19 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 20 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 21 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 22 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 23 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 24 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 25 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 26 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 27 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 28 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 29 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 30 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 31 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 32 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 33 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 34 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 35 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 36 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 37 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 38 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 39 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 40

In a word, breathtaking.

This series was off to a beautiful start with the first episode, and it maintained its strong standing with the handful of episodes that followed. However, as the later episodes progressed, I felt that the series was slipping little by little. Then this episode comes along and mind trolls everyone, leaving such an impression that one can’t stop going ‘OMG‘. Yes, Tokyo Ghoul has had its ups and downs, but this final episode was by far the best episode of the season. And it just goes to show that with a strong start and stellar finish, a lot that goes on in between can be forgiven. Most of this episode focused on the behind the scenes of Kaneki’s transformation, exploring what went on in the deep depths of his mind while he suffered at the hands of Jason. Rarely are there episodes that centre around a conversation that would really grip and capture audiences, but this episode managed to do just that. Presenting us with the entire inner turmoil that Kaneki was going through was brilliant execution on the part of the production team. From the conversations between Rize and Kaneki, to how the scenes shifted from present time to flashbacks, to the use of the sound effects and music, the presentation was simply flawless. And although the conversations between Rize and Kaneki were seemingly calm, they exuded a chilling atmosphere and had me at the edge of my seat, mostly due to the eerie music that filtered in and out during the scenes. There was just something so extraordinarily and inexplicably powerful about all that quietness.

unravel. Instead of continuing from where the previous episode ended, this episode presented us with Kaneki’s transformation. We went deep into his psych and watched as the threads that held his state of mind together were slowly being picked apart. This episode, Jason pushed Kaneki, bit by bit, to the edge. And we saw just how much it took for Kaneki to finally go over that edge. It is better to be hurt than to hurt others (傷つける人より、傷つけられる人に – kizutsukeru hito yori, kizutsukerareru hito ni) – that is what Kaneki’s mother had taught him. But, how far can you go before you sustain so much hurt that you yourself break? We saw that with Kaneki’s mother; how she overworked herself till she died. She might have been the one taking in all the hurt while she was alive, but she did not realise that by doing so and finally dying and leaving Kaneki alone, she was hurting him the most. Kaneki might have accepted it initially, but having been pushed so far along the edge made him realise that by being hurt, he would only end up hurting others.

Ultimately though, Kaneki still held on to his mother’s belief – he refused to choose who to kill (or save, as Jason so cleverly twisted it around) and was pushed past his limit when Rize made him realise that those he holds dear would be in danger if he did not accept his ghoul self. Again, it is that kindness in Kaneki that brought out the ghoul in him, because he would rather get rid of the threat than have said threat hurt his friends. That said, now that Kaneki has undergone this massive personality metamorphosis, it remains to be told how he will end up. Will he be reduced to the uncouthness that was Jason? Or does he still retain some of his old self? Just how far lost is he? So many questions…

忘れないで – don’t forget. The series’ OP, unravel by TK from 凛として時雨, had a full feature in the final scenes of this last episode. And hearing the song being played, as well as those lyrics which just FIT the scene (Kaneki’s acceptance of his ghoul nature) to a tee, made watching the unfolding scenes all the more exhilarating. I was honestly awestruck by just how apt the lyrics were. There are quite a few tweets (from fans and cast members alike) that unravel was beautifully used in this episode, and I could not agree more. This episode really showcased just how exquisite the song really is. Using the OP in the ending scenes left viewers with a very impressionable impact of the song, as well as the series. I have had unravel playing over and over again in my head and every time it did, so did those final moments featuring the showdown between Kaneki and Jason. It was explosive and oh so stunning.

Flavour of the Summer 2014 season. Hanae Hanae Hanae (シ_ _)シ Hanae Natsuki was undeniably the star of this series, and with his performance as Kaneki Ken, the very rightfully crowned flavour of this season. He had done tremendously well during the previous episodes, but his performance in this final episode certainly takes the cake. From his screams of anguish, to his cries of desperation, to him finally letting out all that pent up frustration, followed by the numb and apathetic tone (yet with a tinge of cruelty) he delivered when his character finally unravelled, the emotions that he delivered were very raw and very real. His performance was so amazing, that he even garnered the praise of Tokyo Ghoul’s author, Ishida Sui.

Of course, Hanae was not the only seiyuu worth gushing over, because Tokyo Ghoul was made all the better by the stunning performances of all the other voice actors. Hanazawa Kana made her reappearance in this final episode, and her delivery of Rize was perfection. Also, Nishi Rintarou’s convincing performance as the very warped Jason definitely sent chills (of fear and loathing) down the spine.

The other characters that we have come to know and love might not have been featured in this episode, but notable mention goes to the many of their seiyuus who have made this series an all the more pleasurable watching experience – Amamiya Sora, Asanuma Shintarou, Kaji Yuuki, Konishi Katsuyuki, Kugimiya Rie, Miyano Mamoru, Nakamura Yuuichi, Ookawa Tooru and Toyonaga Toshiyuki. These seiyuus are all talented in their own right, but this was further amplified under the direction of acclaimed Morita Shuuhei. Tokyo Ghoul was voice acting at its very best, with each and every seiyuu giving flawless performances after the other.

Sequel? A few days earlier, the official Tokyo Ghoul anime Chinese website listed a second season (as afterwards reported by ANN), but there was then no word about a second season on the official Japanese website or the official anime twitter page. And just a couple of days ago, it was announced on crunchyroll that season two has been delisted. So whether we will be getting a second season or not, we shall just have to wait and see. But from the way things went this episode, there is most definitely room for a sequel. In fact, if there weren’t a season two, the team would have just been stabbing themselves in the gut for producing the conclusion that they did. So here’s hoping we do get a second season sometime in the near future.

Having been adapted from a very highly rated manga, this was one of the more anticipated series this season. Fans of the manga might have been disappointed with the anime missing out on quite a few details, or the over-excessive censorship. However, having not yet read the manga, I was therefore watching this from an anime only perspective. And I absolutely loved it. Tokyo Ghoul is a very beautiful, intense and impactful series, definitely one of Summer 2014’s highlights for me. Now, after all that has been watched and written about, there is only one thing left to do: read the manga. And so, in an effort to cope with the withdrawal symptoms, I shall now proceed to read the manga. But before that, here are more screencaps of the final episode (I must have screencapped practically the entire episode, goodness!!).

Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 41 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 42 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 43 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 44 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 45 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 46 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 47 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 48 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 49 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 50 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 51 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 52 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 53 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 54 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 55 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 56 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 57 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 58 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 59 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 60 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 61 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 62 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 63 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 64 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 65 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 66 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 67 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 68 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 69 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 70 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 71 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 72 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 73 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 74 Tokyo Ghoul ep 12 - image 75

Let the countdown begin: 千ひく七は… Till the next season comes around~


Update 12 October 2015: It’s official, season 2 of Tokyo Ghoul is set to air in January 2015. Watch the teaser trailer here~


6 thoughts on “Tokyo Ghoul: Episode 12 – Final

  1. Oh man, this episode was just… just… *takes deep breath and calms self down* too epic. But I also thought that they ended this season off too abruptly, why? Why! And although I’ve never watched/listened to the OP properly before, the ending scene really made me like the OP so much so that I had to loop it yesterday and today to keep myself sane, just like how Kaneki was counting down in sevens to keep himself conscious and sane. I loved the cool and badass Kaneki so much that I must have watched the ending scene about 15 times already, it was just such a 360 from the wimpy and useless Kaneki I thought I knew! Man, I need more Ghoul.

    Nonsensical ranting aside, I’m really glad I took your advice to watch this over the weekend and great review ^^

    • good golly, hear hear~ this episode was intensity to the extreme. it was an abrupt ending, more like the beginning of a new chapter if anything, but i very much appreciated the way the production team handled this last episode. instead of rushing to tie up lose ends with the aogiri, they gave us the ins and outs of the birth of white-haired kaneki. it was definitely a very clever move on their part. speaking of abrupt, it seems that the mangaka has ended the manga. and left a whole lot to be desired. on the other hand, MAL has relisted the manga as ‘ongoing’, so it all remains very unclear. we shall just have to wait and see. but yes, they have GOTS to give us a second season, they just have to.

      and the OP, oh gosh the OP… words can’t properly describe the love that i have for the OP. the lyrics are kaneki’s story and the entire song is so hauntingly beautiful. i was so very close to tearing when it played during the final scenes. so bloody outstanding, i thought i was going to implode <(。_。)>

      yay i’m glad that you enjoyed this series too. 千ひく七は indeed! till the next time we get more badass kaneki to gush over ^^

      • Aye, but it’s like, while gushing over cool badass Kaneki, we’re forgetting about the rest of Anteiku. What happened to them? I’ll be killing tanukis in my dream if they don’t give us a second season. No, I don’t want to 千ひく七 till they give more badass Kaneki, I want it now now now ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ

        Btw, I’m still looping unravel over and over again. When the track ends and the next song comes on, I press back!

  2. Man, accidentally watched the last episode first. Was confused thinking that the rest of the series would clarify the opening episode. Realize now hulu puts the last episode first, opposite of my crunches app. Was hoping than that there would be more episodes, since the episode I watched was amazing and looked like a great setup. Well done venting, going to watch the rest of the show from the start.

      • oh noes D: that is just really unfortunate. if i could, i would turn back the time so that you would have not seen the last episode. well, the first couple of episodes were in the same league as the last episode, if that is any consolation. and i guess it was probably evident from the OP that kaneki would transform.

        now that you know the ending, you’d be able to see kaneki in a different light, and maybe his transformation would be even more impactful? i take comfort in the fact that what happened this episode really was the end of old kaneki and the beginning of his next phase, so nothing’s final final!

        the only thing i can do as a fellow tokyo ghoul viewer is listen/read about your frustrations, so vent away more if you must~ it was a great series overall, so i hope you still manage to enjoy it, even if you know what happens in this last episode.

        also, you might want to try watching at other popular sites such as animeultima or chia-anime. they’re properly numbered from front to back, so that might lower the risk of watching the anime episodes out of order ^^

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