DRAMAtical Murder: Episode 12 – Final


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And so, it ended.

I watched this final episode of DRAMAtical Murder with rather mixed feelings. Even though it wasn’t one of the better animes during this season (and of all time), I still looked forward to watching it every week for some strange unknown reason – notice how I always reviewed it on Mondays whenever I wasn’t away. There were things that I liked and disliked about this show and I’ve decided not to let the poor handling of plot interfere with my enjoyment of other aspects of DRAMAtical Murder. With that said, I think I’m going to miss its colourful cast (literally) of characters the most.

A lot happened in this episode, Aoba used Scrap to “heal” Ren, he fought a Rhyme battle with Toue, he destroyed Sei and eliminated the threat to Midorijima. Yay.

I have this feeling that the battle with Toue should have been the climax of this episode, if not the entire show, but the battle scene was rushed through and hastily ended. So, all Aoba had to do to win, was to call for Sei. Toue meekly surrendered after he lost the Rhyme battle (I think it shouldn’t even be called a battle, pfft) and committed suicide. Seriously, do we even care about Aoba defeating Toue? No, not at all.

The highlight of this episode, for me, would be the revelation about Ren. Even though it was the highlight for me, I can’t say I understood what went on fully. After Ren bit Aoba in the previous episode, something flowed into Aoba and it was none other than Ren himself. To save Ren, Aoba used Scrap on himself. Aoba’s world was the next beautiful inner world I’ve seen, besides Clear’s. Ren reveals that he is actually a part of Aoba. There are 3 parts to every human, desire, reason and restraint. While these 3 parts coexist in harmony and balance in every other human, they exist separately in Aoba. I don’t really get what happened next, but apparently Ren (restraint) was being increasingly rejected by Aoba during the days when he was an active Rhyme player. In order to stay with Aoba, he synchronised himself with the Allmate that Aoba picked up and became the Ren we know. After the whole fiasco of fighting Toue and destroying Sei, Aoba found out that he had to accept Desire, who is the cooler version of Aoba we always see saying “destroy”. Aoba accepted Desire and all ends well, except that his Allmate had reverted to a normal dog Allmate. Where did Ren go? That scene where Aoba hugged Ren tightly wordlessly was probably the most powerful and impactful part in this episode. I can so feel his anguish, sadness and loneliness. This brings me to my next favourite scene, which was when Aoba reunites with his “brother”, Sei. I was so shocked when I heard Ren’s voice and what Aoba did next confirmed my suspicions. How did Ren end up in Sei’s body? I actually went back to re-watch Ren’s explanation of who he was (because I wasn’t exactly paying attention during the first time) and I still don’t get it. Did some high-tech thing happen? Nonetheless, I still liked the ending, with Aoba being reunited with Ren.

During the epilogue, we got a glimpse of everyone and it was nice to finally see Mizuki again – I’m glad he wasn’t forgotten and that he seems like he’s doing well. Noiz’s transformation was good eyecandy too and the style of DRAMAtical Murder’s ending just gives off this “happily ever after” feel which suited me. All in all, it was a good 12 episodes with the ups and downs. On hindsight, the plot wasn’t too bad, but it was just the execution of it which left much to be improved on. Although I was full of complaints throughout this season, the ending left me with such a good feeling that I’m just going to write those complaints off.

Ending off with a quote from the first episode:

何が正しくて 何が間違っているのか、
闇を知らずに 光だけを望むなんて、
What is right and what is wrong,
that is decided upon by the human heart.
But, in that case,
then what exactly is a “human heart”?
What someone considers “light”
might be “darkness” for someone else.
To yearn for the light without knowing darkness,
that is something impossible.

7 thoughts on “DRAMAtical Murder: Episode 12 – Final

  1. Otsukaresamadeshita!! Thank you for taking me along this journey with DMMR! I agree with you and that I enjoyed this anime for it’s sake (plot and characters), and we share the same complaints on the execution hehe. The ending was sooo touching for me, it’s exactly how Ren’s route ending played out. I think (and this is just pure speculation) that Sei loved Aoba so much that seeing how his “life” is ending he decided to let Ren’s consciousness take over his body (they sure make these things seem plausible in this make-believe world), hence being able to be with his twin in body and keeping Ren in a physical form for Aoba. I also think Aoba ended up with Ren, BL-wise hahaha (again I can’t help it!!) but I have to note that Noiz is the only one who got to kiss Aoba in the whole series ahahaha!!

    This is totally unrelated but I found an extremely funny thing elsewhere which goes like this (not verbatim):
    Mom: What sound does a bird make?
    Toddler: Tweet-tweet
    Mom: What sound does a cat make?
    Toddler: Meow-meow
    Mom: What sound does a dog make?
    Toddler: (deep voice) Aoba
    Had me LoL like crazy!!

    Again, thanks sooooo much for the reviews!! Looking forward to more BL fangirling with you soon!!!

    • So that was how Ren’s route ended? Aw, the Ren part of this episode was what made it so enjoyable for me too. It sounds rather plausible that Sei let Ren’s consciousness take over his body and perhaps Ren wanted somewhere to go to as well, but why couldn’t he stay in the Allmate? But *shrugs* you’re right, anything and everything is possible in DMMR and I’m no longer surprised at how things always get forced to work out in the end. I’m just happy that Ren is back at the end, I can still hear Aoba’s “Ren!” and see him hug Ren in my mind.

      Somehow it just feels that Ren is the most suitable one for Aoba no? He’s been with him through thick and thin, always by his side. And LOL when you said that it was unrelated, I totally wasn’t expecting the “Aoba” at the end! It was a good one that only DMMR viewers will get :) It just reminded me of how surprised I was when Ren’s cute Allmate spoke with such a manly voice in the first episode. Aw…

      Thank you for watching this whole season with me (it really felt like we watched it together) and yes! Only 1 BL anime next season but we have a neverending list of dramas to fangirl over together ^^

      • There is going to be another BL anime next season? Which one is it? Or are you talking about the DMMD OVA? I’ve been looking at anichart every now and then but didn’t see anything BL like.

      • Ooo, I didn’t know about that! The art looks promising, thanks for telling me ^^ Anyway I think I was referring to Hybrid Child OVA. By the way, I didn’t know this until Kiseki told me but Love Stage!! OVA is out as well ^^

      • Oh that one! I’ve already watched it hehe.
        This is completely random but, have you heard of Patalliro? If not, you should definitely give it a try. Anime & manga ver, there’s not that many that are translated anyway ;; It’s such a hidden gem! ^-^

      • Wow that sounds good. I haven’t heard of it before and it looks reeaaally intimidatingly long! But since you’re calling it a hidden gem, I’m going to give it a go. Thanks for recommending ^^

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