Barakamon 09

Almost got badly hurt 「おけがまくっちした(訳:大怪我しそうになった)」

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Yup, Akki’s the most mature out of the entire Barakamon bunch.

After last episode’s feels, we get back to some normal semblance of Barakamon with sensei going about his usual business of hanging out with the kids. Until that post-credit ending O.O! Is Handa going back to Tokyo? Will he go back for good? I shan’t spoiler it :) He has a week left to submit his entry for the calligraphy competition and while he’s waiting for that calligraphy-god-given-hand-trembling moment, can he really just keep waiting for inspiration to come? Thankfully for Handa Seishuu, the time he thinks is wasted away while playing with the children, is exactly the moments they bring him into that inspires the best out of him – just look at that reverse Hoshi/Star calligraphy! I thought the fish one was great a couple episodes back but this one’s really topped the list and still continues to do so in the manga too IMO. If he wins, then based on the chain of events, he really has Naru to thank because this all started when the gutsy tomboy was picked on by boys from the neighbouring village. Hell, we even got a Shingeki no Kyojin parody where it’s probably the closest we’d ever get to hearing Commander Erwin (also voiced by Handa seiyuu Ono Daisuke) get eaten up by a kyojin.

I adore Naru with all my affection as much as the next fan of Barakamon but I can’t say enough just how much I adore Hina too. Hina has few scenes, even fewer lines and with plenty of tears, just steals the limelight in these tiny moments she’s on! It’s so endearing to see how she and Naru have but each another as the only girls among the 5 children and so to see Naru run to Hina for a much needed comforting hug was just so so awww……. Hina’s such a girl that it’s a lovely contrast to Naru. So to see 2 seemingly opposite ends come together was really sweet. She’s got your back Naru! The girl seiyuus behind Naru and Hina are really close friends too in real life. They meet at work and auditions, prompting OnoD (Handa) to ask how they can stay as friends when they’re competing for roles? You just have to stir things up don’t you Handa (OnoD)… the girls laugh it off – the innocence of being 8 year olds~

While Tama’s fujoshi wild imaginations were threatening to spill into mine this episode, I refrain to the best of my abilities in wondering just why Handa felt compelled to cover up in front of Hiro. A touch of yaoi domesticities over lunch turned into a battle of the over 1.2 metre (4 feet) tall vs the chibi nasty motley crew from the neighbouring village. The 3 boys are only here because Tama and Miwa have taken over their playground so it’s come full circle for them to take over Naru and friends’ turf. We have here 1 adult, 3 teenagers and 5 children. And how does the 23 year old and 18 year old handle the bullying situation? Like adults? Ha! Of course not. They use threats, pretend to call the police and ultimately, “play” dodgeball. How petty can the 2 of them get?! I was going to say boys will be boys but then Akki came along and totally owned the situation, dissolving the conflict calmly and maturely. Luckily this village has you Akki because the addition of one Handa Seishuu has so far not brought out the best in these children…

If something’s dangerous, it’s dangerous. Don’t tempt things by winding your writing hand around the vine Handa *facepalm*. You saw it was a bad idea and yet you challenged THESE kids to prove you wrong? You either really want to finally have that childhood you never got because of your devotion to calligraphy as a kid yourself or don’t play much with other children to know how they think and do exactly what you tell them NOT to. To be fair, who’d have known that a game of tarzan is so different out in the countryside compared to the safe confines of an artificially created playground in the city? Or that if you hurt yourself, natural plant remedies are readily available instead of a lab-created antiseptic lotion haha. Will Handa have had it with the great outdoors that inspire him, because he can’t deal with rabbits and worms? Will he stay or will he go home?


One thought on “Barakamon 09

  1. hinaaaaaa~~ she is sooooo adorable!! her character is so endearingly cute. and her voice is soo candy syrup sweet! the way she and naru hugged after naru was released from captivity was really so awwww indeed. lol i loved that dodge ball scene, handa and hiro are SUCH children, more so than the other children! the cucumber making scene was hilarious too. gonna try making that miso cucumber thing some time. and lol so that really was an SnK reference? haha it was quite funny thinking that this is the same dude who voices swoon worthy commander erwin. also.. random but, maaaann being at his age.. and dying alone. that really hit home.. le sigh. LOL anw, great episode as always. loved his crazy inspiration at the end. the 星 was beautiful. that said, props to him for lasting in the village as long as he has. being a city boy and all~

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