Happiness Disc 2 – Translation


Title: Happiness (ハピネス) Disc 2 (drama review)
Cast: Hatano Wataru x Hirakawa Daisuke (羽多野 渉x 平川 大輔)
Related drama(s): None
Contents: Disc 1

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Disc 2

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Track 1

Harano: The day after I arranged for Nagami to meet with Yuuta, Nagami came to work with a pale face which shocked everyone. I don’t know what happened between the two of them, but I can imagine that the worst possible scenario happened.
Female: Harano-san.
Harano: Har?
Female: Is Nagami-san all right? He got gastric pains just now but…
Harano: Yea, it doesn’t seem like something serious though…
Nagami isn’t looking good. At this rate, I have the feeling that he would collapse from anxiety or mess up big time at work but I haven’t been able to do anything and three days have gone by already.
(Phone rings and Harano picks up) This is Okutobasei Agency.
Kasai: I’m Kasai, I’m sorry for disturbing during a busy time but is Nagami-san there?
Harano: Kasai Akemi, she’s Yuuta’s temporary owner and I’ve seen them exchange a passionate kiss before. She jokingly called Yuuta a half-stray and it seems like she doesn’t hold any serious affections for him.
Why are you making a call to his office?
Kasai: Oh Harano-san? Good day to you. I have something to say to Nagami-san, pass the phone over to him.
Harano: That’s what I’m asking, what do you have with him?
Kasai: Didn’t I say that I’ll talk with him in person? It’s not like I’m picking a fight here.
Harano: I wondered for a split second if I should pass Akemi’s call to Nagami.
He’s in a slump, so don’t bully him.
Kasai: You’re so naggy, that’s why you got dumped by your girlfriend.
Harano: That was unnecessary. Nagami, a call for you… (Harano forwards the call) from Yuuta’s woman.
Nagami: (Nagami gets a shock but picks up the call) Hello, your call has been forwarded. This is Nagami speaking.
Harano: I regretted saying that to Nagami. This woman might be the key to resolving this stalemate between the two of them.
Nagami: Yes I understand. I will deliver it. I’ll excuse myself for now.
Harano: Huh? Oi, what are you going to deliver?
Nagami: Oh, she told me to bring Yuuta’s textbooks over. Seems like Yuuta left them behind.
Harano: What are you doing?! Come here for a while. (Harano drags Nagami off)
Nagami: It hurts, Harano…
Harano: You and Yuuta, what are the two of you thinking? He made his roommate call you to deliver his study materials to him?! I can’t believe it… is he that stupid?
Nagami: Because I’m not his parent… it can’t be helped. He said that he never regarded me as family.
Harano: Huh? Did I do something uncalled for?
Nagami: No, rather than that, I feel sorry for involving you in our family matters. Thank you. I’m sure it was rather impossible.
Harano: Did you want to make Nagami look like this, Yuuta? Didn’t you treasure him that much?
Nagami: Don’t we have to work? Let’s go, Harano.
Harano: I get it.
I liked seeing Nagami and Yuuta support each other. Something got in between their hearts even though they’ve always been thinking for each other. I intended to watch over them, but really, there seems to be nothing for me to do.

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Track 2

Nagami: So it’s… here. Yuuta’s woman… huh.
My stomach is hurting from my nervousness. But if Yuuta is living with her, then I’d have to at least talk with her.
(Nagami takes a deep breath) All right. (Nagami enters shop)
Waiter: Welcome!
Kasai: Oh over here! (Nagami walks over) Hello, Nagami-san?
Nagami: Ah, yes.
Kasai: Hello, I’m Kasai. Well, have a seat.
Nagami: The lady who was waiting there is a refreshing beauty who left a strong impression on me and I have a good feeling about her. She doesn’t look like someone who would live together with a high school boy. (Nagami brings out the textbooks)
These are the textbooks he requested. I did check once so I think these are the ones he requested. Excuse me…
Kasai: I’m sorry, but this was actually an excuse so he won’t really need them.
Nagami: Huh?
Kasai: It would be weird if I suddenly ask to meet you so I was wondering about what I could do… I’m sorry, are you angry? Oh, shall we order something?
Nagami: Ah… no thanks. Then, coffee…
Kasai: Is café au lait all right? Excuse me, two café au lait!
Nagami: Ah, but…
Kasai: I’m sorry for doing things my way, did you get angry?
Nagami: Not really, I was surprised, but I didn’t feel angry.
Kasai: That’s good. Nagami-san is such a good person. I thought you might do something to our shop kid…
Nagami: Well to be honest, I did have thoughts of that. But when I saw you, somehow I lost the motivation to.
Kasai: (Kasai laughs) What, I heard that you were a rigid person from Harano-san and Yuuta. Onii-san, you’re really interesting!
Nagami: Onii-san?
Kasai: Because, aren’t you barely considered to be still in your twenties? I’m 3 years younger.
Nagami: Huh? So… Oh I’m sorry.
Kasai: It’s fine, I’m happy that I look young.
Waiter: I’m sorry to have let you wait. Here is your café au lait.
Nagami: Is Yuuta doing well?
Kasai: Oh, I called you up for that. I’m no good, because you were such a good man I got carried away by my excitement.
Nagami: Huh?
Kasai: Really, is it fine if I throw your pampered boy out?
Nagami: Well, that’s up to Yuuta… wait… yes?
Kasai: Because, it’s not like Nagami-san wants Yuuta to move out right? Judging from how you’re so excessively protective.
Nagami: Excuse me… I don’t get what you’re getting at but…
Kasai: You see, I might be a woman but… do you feel something like the danger of losing your virginity?
Nagami: Vir…ginity?
Kasai: Oh you don’t have to hide it, because I know it. Doesn’t Yuuta love you? Not just in the normal sense but in the romantic sense.
Nagami: Huh? That…?!
Kasai: And also including sex.
Nagami: Ah, something like that! I don’t…
Kasai: Ah, I’m sorry. Because this would make him seem untrustworthy so I’ll have to say this first, but he didn’t tell me anything.
Nagami: Then, how did you know it?
Kasai: Because he would always say it.
Nagami: What?
Kasai: Whenever he comes, he would always say it in a small voice, “Nagami-san”. (Nagami gasps)
Nagami: I turned white at the explicitness of the content. I didn’t notice the red mark at her collar and I felt like something deep within my heart snap and break. Did Yuuta do that?
Kasai: Whoa I’m sorry! Was I too blunt with it? Are you okay?
Nagami: Ah, I’m fine.
Isn’t her relationship with Yuuta exactly what I’ve imagined it to be? Why am I being shocked at this point? (Nagami sighs)
Kasai: (Kasai sighs) This might come across as an excuse, but I didn’t know Yuuta’s age at first. But something seemed off. When I dug into it, he told me that he was still a high school student and I was shocked.
Nagami: Is… that so?
Kasai: Because I was curious about who this “Nagami-san” was and when I asked, I found out that he’s Yuuta’s guardian and I thought, that’s why he can’t return home.
Nagami: Weren’t you displeased?
Kasai: Displeased about?
Nagami: That’s… that your own lover is in love with another…
Kasai: Lover?!
Nagami: On top of that, with a man.
Kasai: Ah… wait wait. How should I phrase this? I’m not like that with Yuuta!
Nagami: But… that… weren’t you doing that sort of things with him?
Kasai: For me, I don’t a specific partner. I knew that Yuuta already had someone he loves and it was just convenient for the both of us. I wonder if I’m sounding selfish?
Nagami: No, if anyone would do, why was it Yuuta? In that case, Yuuta… my Yuuta…
Kasai: I’m sorry.
Nagami: There’s nothing for you to apologise about. This isn’t something I should interfere with. It’s just that, if you would keep in mind that that boy is still a minor, I won’t mind.
Kasai: Huh? You won’t mind?
Nagami: I’ll be leaving Yuuta in your care.
Kasai: Wait a minute, what do you mean by “leaving him in my care”? Weren’t you worried enough to visit me? Is that fine?
Nagami: I don’t mind, or rather, I was glad that Yuuta’s with someone like you.
Kasai: Wait, I’m trying to say that he is annoying so please take him back.
Nagami: Yuuta… I think he will never come back.
Even if she tells me to take him back, there’s already no guarantee that my beloved boy is going to return to my arms.
He will never come back anymore. That’s why I think it might be better for him to stay at your place. This might be selfish of me but I’ll be counting on you.
Kasai: Wait what are you saying?
Nagami: I’ll pay for the bill here.
Kasai: Wait! Nagami-san! Wait a minute! (Nagami leaves the shop)

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Track 3

Nagami: I’ve been cleaning Yuuta’s room dutifully ever since he left the house, but somehow it still feels dusty. Perhaps it’s because nothing has been touched in this room in a long time. (Nagami flops down on Yuuta’s bed) Did he sleep… with that person? Even though he did that, even though I’m feeling so terrible… that person…
Kasai: Whenever he comes, he would always say in a small voice, “Nagami-san”.
Nagami: Yuuta… Why? Why did you?
Yuuta: You’re not family, I want to do something like kissing or having sex with Nagami-san.
Nagami: After having that said to me, worrying to death over it… I’m such an idiot. To realise it only now.
I want Yuuta, I can only be satisfied if I had him all to myself. If I get hugged by him again like that day, I’m sure I would be the one who would cry and yearn for him. Even so, when I finally realised it, Yuuta is no longer here.
Yuuta: I didn’t want to stay as Nagami-san’s child!
Nagami: Me too, even though I wasn’t a parent.
I don’t want to remember it, the worse day of my life. I clung onto what I have left of Yuuta and fell into deep dreamless sleep.

Happiness (6)

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Track 4

Yuuta: I’ll be leaving first.
Coworker: You’ve worked hard.
Yuuta: A few days has passed since I quarrelled with Nagami-san. I was leading a shut-in lifestyle of going to my part-time work, school and returning to Akemi-san’s house.
Nagami: I just treasured Yuuta, only you, I’ve been treasuring you all along.
Yuuta: I didn’t mean to do something like that. I wasn’t denying him as my parent either. But I was just frustrated that he was only viewing me as his son or younger brother, and I did something violent.
I’m really an idiot… huh? What are these belongings? Eh, aren’t they mine? Wait… (Yuuta presses on doorbell) Akemi-san? (Yuuta bangs on door) Akemi-san, what is this?
Kasai: You’re noisy. Isn’t it in the middle of the night now? Don’t yell so loudly.
Yuuta: You shouldn’t be telling me that it’s in the middle of the night right? What is this? What does this mean?
Kasai: Shouldn’t you understand by looking at it? Hurry and go back home.
Yuuta: Go back? Why are you saying this suddenly…
Kasai: Because I thought that it was weird when you said that you couldn’t get along with your real father, I did a check today.
Yuuta: A check… what? Wait, don’t tell me…
Kasai: Isn’t it fine already? Just go back to Nagami-san’s place.
Yuuta: Wait! Why do you even know his name?
Kasai: (Kasai sighs) You were really unaware of it huh. When you come, “Nagami-san…”
Yuuta: What?!
Kasai: Is what you always say!
Yuuta: Seriously?!
Kasai: I don’t really mind, but if I were another woman and if you were unlucky, you might have been stabbed.
Yuuta: I’m sorry…
Kasai: Don’t be so fickle here, hurry go home.
Yuuta: But… Nagami-san is already…
Kasai: Stop being so whiny, that’s annoying. (Kasai punches Yuuta)
Yuuta: Don’t punch me!
Kasai: I lied to him saying that Yuuta needed textbooks and got him to bring them over. That person wrapped everything carefully in a bag and brought it over. That’s when I told him everything. Even after that, he still asked me to take good care of you with red-rimmed eyes. He was really holding back on telling me to return Yuuta immediately.
Yuuta: Holding back… Nagami-san was?
Kasai: Well, doesn’t matter, it’s time anyway. You’re forbidden from working or coming back to this place until you go back home. I’ll tell that to the shop owner too.
Yuuta: Wait!
Kasai: I won’t wait. This would be the end of your running away from home. It was fun, then bye! (Kasai closes door)
Yuuta: Akemi…! (Yuuta sighs) All these belongings, how am I going to deal with everything at once? I’ve imposed on you (Yuuta leaves)
It was a narrow room which felt comfortable, when I think of never coming back to this place, I got a little sentimental. But I didn’t feel the pain and sadness which assaulted me on the night I left Nagami-san’s place.

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Track 5

Nagami: I’m so tired. My dinner can be anything, right? (Nagami gets some random food and starts eating)
Yuuta: Nagami-san? You didn’t dry your hair properly again? Won’t you catch a cold again? And you’re on the sofa too, you’ll leave a stain! Also, energy snacks aren’t proper meals!
Nagami: (Nagami laughs) Yuuta is going to get angry, but there’s no way he’s going to come back anymore.
Nights that I spend alone feel very long. Even though I had a lot of work to be done and wanted to work overtime today, I was glared at by a monster-like Harano.
Harano: Work comes after your health, get home immediately!
Nagami: I didn’t want to return to a house without Yuuta. But, I can’t continue to be stuck at that. I could only return home like what Harano ordered me to.
I wonder if my laundry is done. (Nagami gets his laundry from the washing machine and brings it to the window) Huh?
I leaned out from the railings frantically, focusing my tired eye on a familiar silhouette carrying a huge load of baggage and walking towards the apartment.
Yuuta? Did he come back? (Nagami pulls the curtains and hides, he runs towards the door as Yuuta opens it)
Yuuta: Nagami-san.

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Track 6

Yuuta: I’m back!
Nagami: Welcome home. Eh, Yuuta… that… what’s with those belongings?
Yuuta: Well, yea. I brought them back.
Nagami: So you’ve returned.
Yuuta: Yea. I’m sorry for making you worry so much. Will you forgive me?
Nagami: Yes, of course. As long as you’re coming back, I’m glad. Oh, are you feeling hot? You’re sweating.
Yuuta: I was walking with a lot of baggage, that’s why. Since I’m smelly from all that sweat, can I take a bath?
Nagami: Yea, you can take one now. I haven’t drained the water yet.
Yuuta: Nagami-san, dry your hair properly. It’s no good if you leave it like this.
Nagami: Huh? Y-yea…
Yuuta: What sort of smile is he giving me, it’s bad enough that he just finished his bath. It will be bad if I talk with him for long. (Yuuta walks off)
Nagami: Ah, wait Yuuta, (Nagami catches Yuuta’s arm) how about dinner? Are you hungry?
Yuuta: I wonder why he still holds my arm even though I’ve done something like that to him. It’s bad if he touches me.
I haven’t had dinner, how about Nagami-san?
Nagami: Ah… well… that is… I ate…
Yuuta: Really? (Yuuta walks over to the kitchen and sighs) Wait a minute, did you eat these again? Also, the air conditioning is too strong (Yuuta turns down the air-con) didn’t I tell you that you would catch a cold like this?
Nagami: I’m sorry.
Yuuta: (Yuuta opens fridge) So the fridge is empty too? This is too expected. I have to get some food for him.
I’m going out for a while.
Nagami: You’re going out? Where? For what?
Yuuta: I’m just going out to buy some things, don’t worry I’ll come back soon. (Nagami grabs Yuuta) Eh? What’s wrong, Nagami-san?
Nagami: Don’t go… don’t go anywhere!
Yuuta: What are you talking about? I’m just going to the convenience store.
Nagami: I don’t want you to!
Yuuta: You don’t want me to? I’m really coming back soon. You’ve gotten so thin already, eat dinner with me. So, I’ll go out and be back soon okay?
Nagami: Is it over? I knew it, do you prefer women now?
Yuuta: Wait… what are you talking about? Calm down, Nagami-san. Let’s talk it over, all right? Okay?
Nagami: It can’t be helped it Yuuta hates me…
Yuuta: Wait! I’m really going to the convenience store, it’s not like I hate you or anything…
Nagami: But didn’t you say that you hated it? You also said that it was annoying when I looked at you worriedly. You said that you hated me!
Yuuta: I’m sorry, I said something terrible didn’t I? I’m sorry.
Nagami: That’s not…
Yuuta: Let go of me already, Nagami-san. I get it, I’ll stay here.
Nagami: Why?
Yuuta: This is bad! You haven’t forgotten what happened the other day have you?
Nagami: I haven’t… forgotten. I understand, everything.
Yuuta: Wha? If you say something like that, I’m going to interpret it conveniently in my way.
Nagami: (Nagami nods) I’m doing this because I understand.
Yuuta: (Yuuta kisses Nagami) Is it okay, even if I kiss you?
Nagami: Didn’t I do it before?
Yuuta: I love you, I don’t want to stay just as your family anymore.
Nagami: (Nagami nods) It’s the same for me too. That’s why… that…
Yuuta: Nagami-san!
Nagami: Wait a minute, so suddenly! Please wait…
Where is he touching?
Yuuta: I’m sorry. Nagami-san, were you frightened? I’m sorry.
Nagami: I’m sorry, Yuuta isn’t scary…
Yuuta: Yea, it’s fine. I was in too much of a rush. I’ll endure it for today.
Nagami: Huh?
Yuuta: I don’t want to frighten you. Anyway, I didn’t have any plans to do this today, it seems like you aren’t feeling well. You haven’t slept properly in ages, right?
Nagami: Yuuta?
Yuuta: If you push yourself during such times, your body will really break. I probably won’t be able to hold back anyway.
I made him endure it? I’m so pathetic even though I’m the older one here. Ah but, I’m not mentally prepared yet.
Yuuta: I’m sure Nagami-san needs some time too right? If you wish for it, I think I can wait.
Nagami: I’m not afraid of what’s coming, I’m afraid of myself. If Yuuta has a change of heart after I offer him everything, if he tells me that it was his misunderstanding, I will definitely… be broken. But I don’t want to give Yuuta to anyone else. I’m selfish.
Yuuta… I’m sorry.
Yuuta: It’s fine, but don’t make me wait for too long all right? Then, good night.
My head is going to explode, I did well to endure it. I really wanted to hold him, but I had this feeling that if I carelessly went ahead with what I wanted to do, it will end badly. Also, I said that I will wait with a cool face but honestly, I was afraid too. I’m happy but Nagami-san, it won’t do if you’re allowing me to do it just because “Yuuta wants to do it”. Even if I don’t wish for it, he will try to give me everything. I don’t want him to deceive himself by twisting the feeling of love he has for me. That’s why I was relieved when he was frightened by the kiss. I’d have to proceed with caution, I have to wait properly until that person wants me.
I wonder if I can wait…

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Track 7

Nagami: 2 weeks has passed since Yuuta returned. Life has returned to the norm, as though nothing has happened before.
Yuuta: Nagami-san, do you want your eggs half-boiled? How many can you eat?
Nagami: And if I think about our relationship…
Yea, half-boiled. I’d like just one.
There has been no progress.
Yuuta: You can eat it first, since it will grow cold soon.
Nagami: Rather than that, what happened seemed like a dream or an illusion, we haven’t touched each other at all since then.
(Nagami drinks soup) Huh? This… did you change the soup stock again?
Yuuta: Yea, do you dislike the taste?
Nagami: No, it’s delicious.
Delicious but… what’s this? Is it because of the stock? I have a feeling that the taste has changed… or has my sense of taste changed?
Yuuta: If you can, eat this too, it is ratatouille. Since we had a lot of summer vegetables, I put some spice in too. Nagami-san likes that right?
Nagami: Yea. It’s delicious.
Yuuta: Since it’s easier to get tired out during summer, take care of yourself. Eat properly.
Nagami: Yes, yes.
I wonder why? Something feels off. Yuuta has become gentler, he has ceased to hurl hurtful words at me or behave rebelliously. But because of that I’ve been feeling insecure, have I been thinking too much?
Yuuta: Say, Nagami-san, did you hear me?
Nagami: Huh? What?
Yuuta: Your suit, it has come back from the cleaner’s, but isn’t it too worn out?
Nagami: Oh, yea. Should I buy a new one? In that case, then…
Yuuta: That’s right, I think Harano-san knows a good shop. Why don’t we go during your next day off? Here, your tea. It’s hot.
Nagami: Oh, thank you… Yea, I’ll do that I guess.
Yuuta: Then, I’ll get going soon.
Nagami: Yea, take care.
Yuuta: I’m leaving!
Nagami: Hasn’t he changed since that night? Didn’t I become Yuuta’s… lover? Whenever I talk about plans for our future, Yuuta will avoid that topic. Even though I want to touch him so badly, what is Yuuta waiting for?
Yuuta, what should I do?

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Track 8

Harano: You’ve worked hard! Shall we go drinking today?
Nagami: That’s right, Yuuta isn’t home today too.
Harano: Huh? Is that so? Then, I’ll just pick where we’re going. Then? When do you think you can leave?
Nagami: I think I can leave by 8pm. Say, about where we’re going to drink at today…
Harano: Oh, do you have any request? I don’t mind anywhere.
Nagami: You know where Yuuta works at right? I’d like to go there.
Harano: Say, what happened between the two of you?
Nagami: What do you mean?
Harano: Somehow, since you said that he returned, I just conveniently… that… assumed that the two of you became what you were supposed to become… but…
Nagami: Nothing… changed…
Harano: Huh?
Nagami: Nothing has changed, it was as though nothing happened. Nothing at all.
Harano: Well, in any case, we’ll talk about it later. I’ll be waiting at the lobby downstairs at 8.
Nagami: Even though he reduced his full-time shift to 3 times a week, Yuuta didn’t stop working at the bar. Why didn’t he quit? What is at the bar? I want to ask, but couldn’t. That’s why I want to confirm it with my own eyes.

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Track 9

Nagami: The bar in the basement is a place where adults hung out, and it is a tasteful shop.
Yuuta: Welcome.
Harano: Yo Yuuta!
Yuuta: Huh? Ah, Harano-san… you came…! Wait a minute, Harano-san, what’s the meaning of this?
Harano: I’m with your guardian today.
Nagami: Eh, Yuuta…
Harano: We’ll just be hanging around so don’t mind us. (the two of them get seated)
Nagami: Was a it a good choice?
Harano: About what?
Nagami: Somehow, Yuuta seemed troubled.
Harano: Rather than being troubled, he was just surprised because this was too sudden. Eh, is stout good for you too?
Nagami: I don’t really know, I’ll leave it to you.
Harano: Okay, then… what should we eat…
Yuuta: Please have this.
Nagami: Yuuta?
Harano: What is this? Your treat? It looks good!
Yuuta: This is for Nagami-san, it’s from Akemi-san in the kitchen.
Nagami: Huh?
Yuuta: Then, I’ll go back.
Nagami: Oh…
Harano: Wait a bit, Yuuta! I’ll have two of the usual.
Yuuta: I got it.
Nagami: Yuuta wearing the “Tabarre” black vest, he was like a stranger. Even so, my heart pounded at the sight of him but… at the corner of the shop, I spotted two silhouettes. It’s Yuuta who returned to the counter and Akemi-san. She laughed and hit Yuuta’s chest playfully. The warm atmosphere, their relaxed behaviour, it got to my heart. (Nagami gulps down beer)
Harano: Oi, you’ve been drinking nonstop. Aren’t you going to eat?
Nagami: Oh, yea.
Harano: This is really delicious, so try it. This ratatouille. I really like the food here.
Nagami: Okay. (Nagami tries the food)
This taste… (Nagami stops eating)
Harano: Huh? You don’t like things like this?
Nagami: I see, that was her taste… (Nagami gulps down more beer)
Excuse me, I’d like another.
Harano: Nagami? Aren’t you drinking too fast?
Nagami: No, this is the first time I’m drinking this but since it’s light, I’ll be fine.
Waiter: Sorry to have kept you waiting. (Waiter serves another stout and Nagami downs it)
Harano: Oi, Nagami, aren’t you drinking too much? You’re looking bad.
Nagami: It’s all right, I’m fine.
My face is burning up and I’m feeling dizzy. I don’t know if it’s because I’m drunk, even though I’m having difficulties hearing what Harano is saying beside me, I can hear the sounds from far away clearly strangely.
Kasai: Yuuta, come over for a bit.
Yuuta: Huh? What is it?
Nagami: The one standing there was a Yuuta I didn’t know. He was grown-up and smiling cynically at times, I felt sad that he seemed to be enjoying himself. (Nagami starts crying)
Harano: Oi, what’s wrong? Did the alcohol get to you suddenly?
Nagami: No that’s not it. I’m sorry. (Nagami gets up and gives Harano money) This is my share.
Harano: Oi Nagami! (Nagami leaves the shop) What’s the matter?
Nagami: What am I doing?
Yuuta: Nagami-san, wait! I heard from Harano-san, you drank too much and started feeling bad? Are you all right?
Nagami: It’s nothing, it might be the beer that I’m unused to so I’m feeling a bit unwell. Aren’t you in the middle of work? You shouldn’t leave suddenly.
Yuuta: Nagami-san.
Harano: Oi, Nagami! What’s with you so suddenly?
Kasai: Yuuta, is Nagami okay?
Nagami: See, if you don’t hurry and return. Didn’t she come to call you too?
Yuuta: No, Akemi-san just asked if her cooking didn’t suit your tastes.
Nagami: Say, Yuuta, are you having fun?
Yuuta: Huh? My part-time work? Yea, although I still get yelled at sometimes, it’s fun.
Nagami: I see. I’m glad. I’m sorry for dropping by so suddenly.
Yuuta: Don’t tell me, you came to check on me? I’m fine even without you worrying.
Nagami: Yea, I didn’t worry.
Yuuta looked like he was enjoying himself a lot. He was able to be more relaxed without me around, with Akemi-san. I must have been pushing him unnecessarily. If I weren’t around, he’s surely…
Yuuta: Nagami-san? (Nagami starts crying) Huh? What? What happened?
Nagami: Huh? What?
Harano: Oi, Nagami, what happened? What did you do, Yuuta!
Yuuta: I don’t know either!
Nagami: “What happened”? About what?
Harano: About what?
Nagami: What’s up with the two of you?
Harano: Why are you… crying…
Nagami: Cry…ing? Don’t look at me… Yuuta…
Yuuta: I’m sorry, Akemi-san, but I’m going home. Excuse me, please stop! (Yuuta flags a cab) Please drive off.
Kasai: Wait, Yuuta!
Harano: Oi, Nagami! (Cab drives off)

Happiness (7)

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Track 10

Yuuta: We’re here, come on.
Nagami: I don’t want this anymore.
Yuuta: What’s this?
Nagami: No more… I don’t want it… let me go!
Yuuta: I’m sorry.
Nagami: Why are you apologising?
Yuuta: I don’t understand, but because I think Nagami-san is crying because of me.
Nagami: If that’s the case, then let go of me!
Yuuta: I can’t, if I let go now, Nagami-san will escape. Or do you want to escape from me?
Nagami: Yuu…
Yuuta: Why are you crying? I tried to act as normal as I could, did you hate it too? I thought that wasn’t the case since you’re doing this.
Nagami: The wrong one… the one who hated it… wasn’t it you?
Yuuta: What’s this? What about me? What do you mean?
Nagami: Can’t you understand it if I don’t say it? In the first place, don’t do this to me when you have her smell lingering about you.
Yuuta: Smell? (Nagami pushes Yuuta away) Don’t tell me, are you still suspecting Akemi-san? But that is…
Nagami: I know that she isn’t your lover! But, you… after you kiss me, didn’t you… sleep with that person?
Yuuta: That is… I’m sorry.
Nagami: Why did you abandon me and go to her place? It’s still the same now, you keep working as though you’re running away from me, if you hate being together with me so much, you shouldn’t have done that in the first place!
Yuuta: Wait… that’s… are you serious?
Nagami: If you prefer Akemi-san, you should have said so!
Yuuta: When I chose to keep quiet and listen, you drunkard! I was trying so hard to control myself, are you ignoring all that?! Even my part-time work, I continued it so that I won’t become weird if I stayed around you all the time!
Nagami: What do you mean?! Nobody asked you to do that!
Yuuta: But weren’t you afraid? Nagami-san seemed like that kind who would think a lot, so I thought you might need some time.
Nagami: Something like time, I didn’t need that! Because I had too much time, I got afraid…
Yuuta: Huh?
Nagami: After that day, Yuuta was so normal and I was getting flustered all by myself, it was so painful that I thought it might be my misunderstanding… but…
Yuuta: Nagami-san…
Nagami: I didn’t want to know that your cooking has adopted her taste… Something like this, I don’t want this… I hate myself…
Yuuta: I love Nagami-san, that has never changed. But when I thought that I might hurt you again if I rush things, I was afraid too.
Nagami: Why?
Yuuta: I want to do a lot of perverted things and I want them to be done to me by Nagami-san too. But if you’re going to just give in to my selfishness, I don’t want that. I don’t want to be spoiled by you.
Nagami: My frozen heart is being melted by Yuuta’s words. But it also feels like he doesn’t trust me.
Weren’t you the one who said that family members wouldn’t think of doing those things? Regardless of anything, I won’t spoil you when it comes to something like that.
Yuuta: Nagami-san, do you really get it? If I hold you, I won’t hold back anymore. I’ll probably be very persistent.
Nagami: Y-yea… it’s fine.
Yuuta: I want to do it like this too, kissing too… (Yuuta kisses Nagami) I’m sorry for making you worry about a lot of things.
Nagami: Me too, I’m sorry for getting upset.
Yuuta: It can’t be helped right? Nagami-san is actually the type to panic easily. In the past too, when you get into the mood to cook and something doesn’t go according to plan, you will panic easily.
Nagami: That is… can’t you leave that aside for now? (The two of them laughs)
When I come to think of it, this is the first time we’ve fought like this since I brought Yuuta home. We have been keeping quiet and avoiding the reality, which has been reborn in the midst of our quarrelling. I was happy about that. But…
Yuuta: This is bad, I can’t hold it back anymore. Can I do it now?
Nagami: Huh?
Yuuta: Which room do you want to use? My bed is bigger so can we do it there?
Nagami: Wait, Yuuta? Ah! (Yuuta carries Nagami to his bed) Yuuta? Wait…
Yuuta: You don’t want to?
Nagami: It’s not that, but I’m sure I won’t be good at this, I might even disappoint you…
Yuuta: I don’t have confidence either…
Nagami: You’re lying! Aren’t you used to this? Was Akemi-san really the only one?
Yuuta: No way, Nagami-san, you shouldn’t talk about such things now…
Nagami: So what’s the answer?
Yuuta: If you’re going to get angry you shouldn’t have asked.
Nagami: I’ll get angry but… but I want to do it with you as many times as you have done with Akemi-san, no, more than.
Yuuta: Many times? Nagami-san, you’ll break.
Nagami: Did you do it that many times with her?
Yuuta: No! Wait, aren’t you still drunk? Since it has come to this, I’m going to take advantage of you. I won’t listen if you want to back out now.
Nagami: You can take advantage of me. So, what should I do? What should I do to make you mine?
Yuuta: I can’t take it anymore, this guy. Really, what is he saying? Damn it. (Yuuta starts fondling Nagami) Seriously, what about disappointing me? What an expression you have…
Nagami: Yuu… ah…
Yuuta: Anyway, haven’t I been yours all along? You don’t have to mind the pranks I pulled outside. See, it looks like it’s about to burst just by touching.
Nagami: Yuu…ta…
Yuuta: That’s because of love right?
Nagami: It’s not something like love…
Yuuta: Huh?
Nagami: Yuuta… it’s because I want Yuuta, I’ve always wanted Yuuta, I can’t find the right word. Love isn’t enough.
Yuuta: Nagami-san…
Nagami: So please don’t go anywhere else.
Yuuta: Yea. I won’t go anywhere else. (They kiss) I’ve always wanted to touch you, I’m happy. Nagami-san, you’re really beautiful.
Nagami: You’re lying.
Yuuta: I’m not lying, didn’t Nagami-san bring me up to be a kid who doesn’t lie?
Nagami: You were so cute back then…
Yuuta: I’m sorry, for not being as cute anymore. Well, I do hope that you would think of me as cool though. I’ll stop if it hurts, so it’s just the finger for now.
Nagami: Wait… Yuu… Yuuta… somewhere like there, please stop!
Yuuta: So you like being licked?
Nagami: No… that… Yuu… don’t suck it…
Yuuta: It has become soft. Is it fine alright? Can I enter already?
Nagami: I… don’t know… I’m getting weird. My insides… hurry… Yuuta… Yuuta…
Yuuta: What’s with his erotic voice? (Yuuta enters Nagami) Amazing, I’m inside Nagami-san. This is so unexpected, I thought it would be tight. This is really bad, it feels really good. I’m sorry.
Nagami: Please, don’t do… it so fast… this feels weird…
Yuuta: This isn’t weird… I’m glad, I didn’t want it to be just painful or tough. I’m glad you’re feeling it.
Nagami: Yuuta… Yuuta…. Please… I’m coming…
Yuuta: Wait, I’m coming soon too. Nagami-san! Nagami-san!
Nagami: “I want everything”. The words that spilled out unconsciously tempted both Yuuta and I, when we both got our wishes, I couldn’t find my voice anymore. But there is no need for words. As long as I can kiss Yuuta and touch him, it was enough.

Happiness (8)

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Track 11

Female: Harano-san.
Harano: Yes?
Female: You have an external call on line 5, it’s from someone on Nagami-san’s behalf.
Harano: Ah… yes, I’ll get it. You idiot Yuuta! What happened after that?
Yuuta: I’m sorry for causing trouble, Harano-san
Harano: It’s not just “I’m sorry”, since you involved me, you should at least report to me! What happened to Nagami? For that serious man to not show up at work…
Yuuta: Oh about that, Atsushi-san is resting today.
Harano: “Atsushi-san”…?
For that Yuuta, who insisted on calling Nagami “Nagami-san” for that many years, to call him “Atsushi-san” huh? Huh? Wait a minute…
I just want to confirm something, could it be that you…
Yuuta: Yea, I’m at home.
Harano: That, what about… is Nagami there too?
Yuuta: Yea, he can’t really speak now so I’m making the call for him.
Harano: Wha… well, in other words, you two patched things up… right?
Yuuta: Yea.
Harano: I get it, I’ll settle the administrative matters at the office for him.
Yuuta: Thank you, I’m sorry, I’ll be leaving it to you.
Harano: You shouldn’t be the one saying that to me though. (Harano hangs up the call)
Goodness, making me worry so much… But, for him to not be able to speak… “Atsushi-san” he says? Goodness.
Does he intend to take a day off and slack, that Nagami? I’m going to push the work for the next budgeting to him, you can cry all you want in front of your hated computer.

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Track 12

Yuuta: Harano-san must have realised that we did it. (Yuuta knocks door and enters room) Atsushi-san? What do you want for lunch? Are you still sleeping?
Nagami: Mmm… what time is it?
Yuuta: It’s going to be 1.30pm soon. If you are going to get up, I’ll make lunch, but if you want to sleep… (Nagami gets up) Does it hurt anywhere?
Nagami: My joints, they are creaking…
Yuuta: Eh?
Nagami: Am I really that old?
Yuuta: We’ll find out if we do it many times. Ah! No… I mean I’ll try not to do it so much.
Nagami: I don’t mean it in that way.
Nagami: Yuuta, do you really not want to become a Nagami?
Yuuta: Last night, the sweat-covered Atsushi-san murmured that softly. Till now, I couldn’t stand the idea of being father and son on papers so I’ve rejected him. But now that our relationship has changed, the meaning of having the same family name has changed relatively. That was actually something like a proposal.
Nagami: When the weather becomes cooler, shall we go visit Hioki-san’s grave?
Yuuta: Huh? Why suddenly?
Nagami: To report to him.
Yuuta: That’s right, after that, shall we go to the city council?
While I said that to him, Atsushi-san gave a dhy smile. Come to think of it, the money I’ve saved up to move out has been left untouched. Now that I don’t have to move out anymore, there’s no other use for it. I held Atsushi-san’s hands up and touched his left hand. It might be too much to get a ring right now huh?
Nagami: What is it?
Yuuta: Nothing, I was just revelling in my happiness.
Right now, I’m still being protected by this thin hand. Since a long time ago, there hasn’t been a single thing that I sought from him which wasn’t given to me.
I should have done this a long time ago.
Nagami: What?
Yuuta: It’s nothing. (Yuuta kisses Nagami)
The seventh summer since I took this hand. How will these feelings which finally materialised change the two of us from now on?
I love you.
(Nagami smiles)

Happiness (9)
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