Zankyou no Terror 07

#7 Deuce

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WTF Five? Just WHAT the hell?

I’m so pissed at Five. Like seriously peeved. How the hell does she think she can just blow a commercial plane up like that? Even if it’s empty? And to actually want to blow it up at a passenger gate in a busy airport terminal! What were you thinking? And more importantly, WHO was the idiot who gave her the authority to do so in the first place? I mean Clarence looked visibly upset to see the plane blow up. Maybe he’s upset that Five’s literally crazy plan didn’t go accordingly or more likely, he’s upset that he’s following this crazy white-haired b*tch’s orders. Whatever it is, Five, you’re insane.

Don’t get me wrong. I love insane anime characters. They’re so crazy you won’t see them in any other media such as TV dramas or movies. Now the white-haired crazy ones are my favourite, courtesy of Psycho Pass’ Makishima Shougo. Oh and the soon-to-become Kaneki-kun in this season’s Tokyo Ghoul. What makes me weak for crazy characters are that they portray a personality so brought to the brink that their insanity somehow becomes a justified reality, testing the limits and boundaries no one else dares to. They often have an agenda against society and make intelligent, calculated, methodical and logical moves. Otherwise, they’re just so insane they strongly believe that everything they do is not wrong and have an accompanying outrageously over-the-top personality that’s so entertaining to watch (cue Kuroshitsuji‘s Grell) because again, their behaviour’s so beyond society’s acceptance level they test the limits within this viewer’s safe confines of an anime show.

But Five so does NOT make the cut. There’s no reason behind why she’d blow a plane up. It’s a game of chess that was left unfinished years ago that’s all. To be fair, maybe the production staff haven’t gone into Five’s backstory with Nine and Twelve as children from the facility. If we went to the root of this all, I can see how blowing up the plane at a passenger gate becomes a huge symbol of retaliation of the trained super kids against the society that put them there in the first place. But until then, director Watanabe and co. have done the right job of making almost all viewers focus on hating Five, maybe to let us understand what position Nine and Twelve are coming from.

I loved that Five got outwitted by 5 mins of delayed footage. Take THAT smarty manicured-hands Five. That look was priceless (and very well animated), to see her checked by Nine, only for her to make a move of Knight (Clarence) to Risa. Check to you Nine. I like Risa. Ok she’s slowly testing my patience but I am still forgiving of her seeming uselessness so far, bearing in mind the girl’s a victim of bullying both in school and at home. Sphinx 3 (since Twelve called her their third member) creates the fire alarm divergence needed for security guard Twelve to fix the footage. But HOW did Five realise Risa’s in on all this? Because the girl stumbles again and again, bumping into random people in the crowded departure lounge. Before you pick on Risa though, ask yourself if you can carry off what she did without shaky hands and sweaty palms. If I had nothing to lose like Nine and Twelve then yes, I probably can. Does Risa have nothing to lose? Nine was right in saying that nothing good comes to anyone associated with them and yes Risa knew what she was getting into though it will take her time to adjust. But that’s time that Nine and Twelve don’t have to freely invest emotionally into, though it’s too late. My favourite scene this week is the boys’ struggle to save Risa from the remotely-controlled plane. Nine had probably thought 55% no to saving Risa, until he saw the serious look on Twelve, one that suggests Nine had never before seen Twelve so sure of anything before when the boys were growing up together.As though in tribute to the first episode, Twelve catches Risa yet again. The boys will however realise after this incident that they really shouldn’t give into taking in anyone else ever again.

Shibazaki got so so close to Sphinx in a classic run-past-each-other scene. I hope the consequences of he and his lunch-at-Haneda group are offset by the aversion of yet another bomb disaster (after last episode’s Tokyo subway blast) and that the police backing Five had better have a concrete explanation to the Tokyo Metropolitan boys. It’s thanks to Shibazaki pointing a gun in the control tower that there were no casualties. But in a twist of irony, he now owes one to Sphinx #1.

Sorry for the late post. I procrastinated having found out that episode 08 would be delayed by a week and in a treat to watching 2 episodes back-to-back, procrastinated on reviewing ^^|


One thought on “Zankyou no Terror 07

  1. five is crazy. definitely agree with you on that. and she’s childish, very much so if her reason for going to such an extent with all that insanity was so that she could finish her chess game. that said, i LOVE her hair. it’s so big and poofy and voluminous and is a total cotton candy architectural structure!

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